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File: 0f3de86ee910bee⋯.jpg (586.28 KB, 1366x686, 683:343, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

5ba5cc  No.15975692

Hey guys, who here plays this game? Post your hours, and your favorite mouse friends. Any one know catower? nor

78a10e  No.15975697


I know that person, they upload youtube videos


904434  No.15975754




205673  No.15976120

>Hate walljumping

>TF goes full walljumping

205673  No.15976122




All mice are females in the game, though.

307f32  No.15988216

File: 81a35e73f1699f4⋯.png (148.35 KB, 1920x941, 1920:941, io browser.png)

File: f0730dbc2855f00⋯.png (227.04 KB, 700x526, 350:263, realm-of-the-mad-god-01-70….png)

File: d91db89109ff154⋯.jpg (7.05 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Team browser.jpg)

File: efaf79b0d3c6c5c⋯.png (231.55 KB, 693x360, 77:40, jelly browser.png)

i miss playing simple browser games with /v/

4048b2  No.15988220


we still play scribble io from time to time.

a47895  No.15988241


>the blob game

>see one called nigger

>avoid cause hes big

>see another called Anthony Burch cruise into site

>the Burch blob stop, does a 180 and cruised to the Nigger blob drops blob bit and finally feeds itself to it

>had a chuckle

Anons do make these games more fun

6af946  No.15988276


>Jelly battle

Is there any way to play that anymore? I loved that game.

e169ad  No.15988300



The fuck are you talking about?

e169ad  No.15988309


What the fuck happened to agar.io? I remember they used to have a bunch of skins, even an 8chan one, and then they started charging money?

12721c  No.15988355

Appears I have lost the webm that teaches you how to place Transformice.

6af946  No.15988362

File: 0ef9b4dba13f5f9⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, of mice and men.webm)


Here you go. Don't lose it next time.

6eb49f  No.15988515


lurk moar newfag

47a059  No.15988750

File: fb41042f0320ff2⋯.png (428.29 KB, 800x400, 2:1, asdasdasd.png)

Back in the day when I was first getting into flash games, me and my friend used to think that unreal flash tournament 2003 was online multiplayer. We would spend hours trying to get to "connect" to each other.

6e4af1  No.15988777

File: 4836dfbf94a9c52⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1701x8000, 1701:8000, 1424800780078.png)


protip: duckduckgo is a honeypot; stop using it

e7f02b  No.15988871

File: 6be5a45e596c7d7⋯.png (197.89 KB, 1026x1193, 1026:1193, dab.png)


Protip: you're a honeypot, suck my penis.

6eb49f  No.15989037


>search "what is my IP"

>it returns your IP

Next you'll be telling me that I have to download a webpage in order to view it!

6af946  No.15994557

Anyone want to rev up a serb?

508ea6  No.15994593


Holy christ whoever made this pic is a major brainlet. Every single time I see a anti-duckduckgo autist they provide evidence that only point towards them collecting data if you squint real hard and smack yourself in the balls repeatedly. How retarded this person is is even more cemented at those last three screenshots were he actually thinks that because the search engine can see his IP, location, and useragent it is collecting this information. I am just completely taken aback about how someone thought something that every browser communicates and things that are essential for your fucking internet connection to work in the first place point to some kind of wrongdoing.

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