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File: cc16d52437e8f88⋯.jpg (495.96 KB, 970x546, 485:273, MGO-1.jpg.1a2d0964bdec3a65….jpg)

e8752c  No.15979528

Hey /v/ I have a room up in MGO.

To find my room:

Start MGO > Automatch > Bounty Hunter

371723  No.15979592


e8752c  No.15979605


there are already 6 of us… c'mon anon

371723  No.15979616


Even if I felt like the combat was worth it, it'd be a couple of hours till I can redownload the game.

If you want a game night, you should really organize it better. An OP with less than 20 words generally doesn't catch interest.

cd5e00  No.15979633


I'm with this anon. If you do manage to make into a gamenight thread then I'm sure you'll get more people to play. I'm probably still going to download it anyways to see if I can play with you fags either tonight or some othertime

f96be8  No.15979638

>play enforcer

>get run up on by an infiltrator

>two shotgun blasts to the face


I love this game to pieces, but come on; shotgun, if it's as powerful as it always seems to be, should be owned by the tank of the game

e8752c  No.15980154


Hey the combat isn't perfect but it has fun little quirks. For example I just used the sleep gas grenade launcher to tranquilize 4 guys in a row on the opposite team. The 4th guy I gassed killed me, but my teammate was there to fulton all four of them and we won the match.


I'm not 100 percent sure but I think the riot shield might block shot gun blasts.

e1740f  No.15980201

Is tagging still a thing? I remember slinking through grass and some fag across the map sniped me because I had a big ass arrow over my head.

cd5e00  No.15980278


Perhaps we can trust each other not to tag :^)

b8289f  No.15980549

Will you fags be up later? I need to update the game

b8289f  No.15980796

you niggers better still be playing in 2 hours

df2d9c  No.15980802

File: f57e0b3b81d4aca⋯.jpg (104.67 KB, 603x452, 603:452, MGO1 2.jpg)

is this MGO1 or MGO3?

is anyone playing right now?

f96be8  No.15981056


Well it's a good thing they all have a cloak because they just run behind me and do it insufferably

Riot shield removes my ability to have a main arm, or it takes up an extra slot to have multiple main arms.

b8289f  No.15981196

File: 9db2bae547cb777⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mgsvmgo_2019_01_11_17_53_1….png)

>a team so abhorrent, I'm first with a score this horrible



>no chat

>probably nobody else in the server was from here

OP you're a big gay

e8752c  No.15981217


Fair enough, but my other main loadout besides my sleep gas enforcer is my riot shield enforcer w/ SMG (macht-37).

e8752c  No.15981231



You are always alerted via a certain sound effect when your character has been tagged, and its super easy to instantly remove. Just equip cardboard box, duck, and then do the "slide out" move (dive button). I have developed an instant instinctual reflex to box, duck, and dive immediately when I hear the tag sound.

f96be8  No.15981886


>sleep gas enforcer

you should have one enforcer loaded out like this at the very least

>flash bangs

>sleep launcher

>sleep pistol


For maximum enemy nullification.

264221  No.15982527

File: 5fa8279a5547942⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 652x743, 652:743, 14396631465550.jpg)

You guys playing at the moment? What are the tags for your room? Also, would be nice to play something other than Bounty Hunter if there are more than 2 people online.

e8752c  No.15983030


Yeah true I guess I could always set up a custom room next time with more game modes, I was just feeling lazy last night so that's why I did the automatch Bounty Hunter room. I hate fiddling with the menus sometimes what can I say.

264221  No.15983108


Well, feel free to post here when you're up for another match.

4617e2  No.15983215

File: b0a776f1bb89dc9⋯.webm (9.85 MB, 680x384, 85:48, mgs.webm)


i thought survive would be the game to play since you can get away with nobody playing

the game nobody wanted released at the worst possible time, the best co-op zombie wave game ever

1e9221  No.15983226


I love playing infiltrator but sprinting up to a dude and shotgunning him is easy as fuck. What's the fun in that? My favorite loadout is full CQC with a silenced 1911 and frag grenades. Now there's a fun loadout.

114b98  No.15983319


It does look pretty comfy but for now I'll resist the sirens call. Unless it goes on a 90% sale or some shit

4617e2  No.15983354


yea its definitely not worth the 60.

although i saw a key seller copy for 13 maplebux

e1740f  No.15983403


>its still a thing

Such a mechanic has no business being in a stealth based game.

df2d9c  No.15983623

anyone still playing? might try it out

df2d9c  No.15983647

File: 4395a529bb59614⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 320x177, 320:177, 1139798621404.gif)


>the best co-op zombie wave game ever

buyers remorse on another astral plane of existance. the game is complete dogshit and not fun, id rather play a balloon tower defence flash game on newgrounds than that shit.

How did konami make a coop game that died weeks after release?

>inb4 you didnt play it

100+ hours of easily defending some drill and searching for players, all the decent shit you need to even stand a chance is locked behind some wait wall you are forced to pay to skip, loot drops suck ass

5f4d48  No.15983736

File: 19c79f787d75812⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 357x303, 119:101, 1546192072432.jpg)


This looks like a shittier version of Warframe, which is pretty impressive given Warframe is already ass.

659429  No.15983756


4617e2  No.15983766


warframe already shit the bed when they took out forever sliding

cf94df  No.15985163


You're right there were no players, everyone listening to their precious youtube talking heads ensured that.

264221  No.15986627


MG Survive is boring, clunky, unimaginative trash. There are no ifs and buts regarding that.

b8289f  No.15986714

Will anyone join if I start a custom match right now? Which game mode do you fags want?

264221  No.15987270


I'm here. Anything but Bounty Hunter. Put "Serious business only" tag on your room so that we know it's you.

4617e2  No.15987275


yea but multiplayer was ace

b8289f  No.15987888

File: da1496adc9eb135⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mgsvmgo_2019_01_12_23_34_1….png)


b8289f  No.15987913


I only have 1 bounty hunter match, the rest are sabotage/com control and cloak

b8289f  No.15987930

I'll wait 15 more minutes. I want to play vidya gaem with anons

b30a1a  No.15987942


>all the decent shit you need to even stand a chance is locked behind some wait wall you are forced to pay to skip

Not really, highest quality drops are guaranteed on extreme, drop on hard, you might be confusing it with FOB autism in TPP where you need to wait days or weeks for your +1 weapon to finish development, at least the single player ones take no more than what, 6 hours?


>100+ hours searching for players.

It takes next to nothing on PS4 from what I've seen, on steam you can join games at any given time through steam chatroom for the game so you're either lying or a retard with an Xbone


TPP is literally worse in terms of story, mechanics, map design, and FUCKING AI OF ALL THINGS but fortunately had armies of shills and braindead "kojima is god" retards who ensured its success.

>when you program AI so fucking bad, headless zombies are smarter.

b8289f  No.15987948

File: 423cc9dd3267f78⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mgsvmgo_2019_01_12_23_48_3….jpg)

It sure is video games in here

c4b67a  No.15987950

File: 077df86f5ae8ca6⋯.jpg (57.05 KB, 317x800, 317:800, 1432585370635.jpg)




This entire sequence of posts makes me feel sad.

b8289f  No.15987957

File: 65fdebe00af4cac⋯.jpg (215.62 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 9651.jpg)


alone in life, alone in vidya

4d7806  No.15987960

File: 93729be21a20bf3⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1430x1602, 715:801, highlander 2 the quickenin….jpg)


Someone help this man.

063329  No.15987967

File: 5c76502786812d9⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Nietzsche187c.jpg)


Give up

b546f9  No.15987973


>the best co-op zombie wave game ever

Underage, that title belongs to Killing Floor

b8289f  No.15987981

File: 3d6ef713d4386af⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 876.jpg)

>not a single person is joining

cc457a  No.15987992

Anon stop, the game is shit, give up, go play something else, don't torture yourself like this, please.

063329  No.15987997

File: 04036670638b9fc⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 175x245, 5:7, 5c76502786812d9328eba1756c….jpg)


I said give up.

b546f9  No.15988000


Why would any sane person buy a denuvo game for the meme multiplayer?

b8289f  No.15988002


I'll wait for a few more minutes I guess

b8289f  No.15988011


I was gifted the game by some online friend 2 years ago, I join the multiplayer every once in a while because it can be fun

b8289f  No.15988033

still no one

ae38fe  No.15988048

File: 12ecc2bca6d0c71⋯.png (155.19 KB, 705x344, 705:344, WHOOOOOOOO.png)

>MGSV general was 4 years ago

b30a1a  No.15988053

File: aa446658eccba7d⋯.png (155.95 KB, 680x614, 340:307, 4ec.png)

b8289f  No.15988060


>MGSV general

In current year /v/, all MGS threads are derailed within 10 minutes and all anons talk about is how kojima sucks.

b30a1a  No.15988072


>kojima dindunuffin, it wuz konami keeping a gud boi down

I wish my boss' mistreatment of me included

>making me Vice President

>Giving me 50 million blank check to make a game

>said game's deadline is 8 years.

Inhumane, I notified amnesty international.

b8289f  No.15988077

File: ec6224d87235384⋯.jpg (64.16 KB, 640x644, 160:161, 23.jpg)

I think I'm done waiting, anons.


haha, yeah dude! I too like video games!

ae38fe  No.15988094

File: 453e79f9721e974⋯.png (257.53 KB, 635x457, 635:457, end.png)


>Look mom, I posted it again

Do you honestly keep this shit among others in a txt document and just copy and paste it into the thread whenever your programming tells you to?

b30a1a  No.15988118


i have a .txt file of nicknames for Miller, and a docx. with a few copypastas.

47a206  No.15988217

File: 9e2e3f556b82bdc⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1924x1068, 481:267, no lobby.png)



Where the fuck are you faggot, I came to fuck your ass real good and you flee like a lil bitch running out of patience on your daddy.

b8289f  No.15988226

File: aa3f38d8328129e⋯.jpg (92.43 KB, 1236x1080, 103:90, t.jpg)


v-vidya gaem?! I'll make a new lobby asap

I only have 5 hours online, pls be gentle

b8289f  No.15988249

join in fags, same password as >>15987888

b8289f  No.15988260


Faggot it's only been 10 minutes since you posted and now that I made a lobby you don't show up

b8289f  No.15988341

>the only person who joins is 1000 times better than me


47a206  No.15988406


b8289f  No.15988410

1v1 against better players was a mistake


Nigger how the fuck do you hit with a pistol with that consistency?

47a206  No.15988429


REEEEEbolber is accurate af (also since it's a scout I also specced the chara into a sniper, revolver sniper), and for tranqs I staggered you with the sniper rifle so finishing you off with the pistol is like hitting a fullbody range target.

b8289f  No.15988436


I was trying to hit you with the semi-auto sniper but either I forgot how to lead in MGS or the suppressor made my bullets slow as fuck. Every time I managed to hit you was due to dumb luck

47a206  No.15988451


You were not playing a random pub, so of fucking course I'm not going to be an easy target. Suppressors don't do jack for your bullet velocity. Also, if you don't shit all over the opponent instantly with your semi-auto you pretty much have no chance of getting them, unless you pull a lucky hs into a bodyshot. Pick the burst rifle instead in that case.

e8752c  No.15988606


Just going to leave this here, one of the best semi-auto Sniper players I've seen:


47a206  No.15988853

File: b36878868aac5fc⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 640x295, 128:59, cadff88b8e415e08f35e290a70….jpg)


Not that good as a semi-auto player tbh smh. Doesn't understand or utilizes the stagger, doesn't cheese the range, doesn't run out of ammo (i.e. stays backrow like a bitch, doesn't rack up kills), doesn't have an underbarrell shotgun, peeks for way too long (on a c&d out of all gamemodes). 6/10

e8752c  No.15989072


Just a random question, what skills would you recommend equipping for Sniper/Scout loadout?

e8752c  No.15989075


Hmm, well when I originally made this thread Thursday there were like 12 people in my room by the time I was done for the night, not sure how much longer they kept playing after I left though.

47a206  No.15989237


Sniper 2, Lethal aim 2.

Weapons 1+Lethal aim 1 for things that run out of ammo quick like semi-auto and revolver sniping.

Replace LA with NVG of appropriate level for night or smoke cheesing (or for general use if we are talking lvl 2).


-> >>15981196

You probably didn't setup a password and your room was full of random pubbie faggots.

e8752c  No.15991080

definitely the best soundtrack of all online shooters


b8289f  No.15991516

Is anyone still interested in another match?

264221  No.15991585

47a206  No.15991824


Depends if you enjoy getting raped or don't.

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