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File: f06f99dc5994f28⋯.jpg (261.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_andres_01-10-19_23-44-5….jpg)

75a06b  No.15979575

Playing for the first time on Master. Suddenly I'm coming across lots of weapon types and am having some difficulty deciding which to keep. I've already sold handguns, the Tunder, VLA spec ass rifle, and the GP37. I'm left with the fast Akm (favorite up until now), Sniper SGI, SVUmk2 and the Combat Chaser. On Master it's all about the headshots, so I've been prioritizing accuracy.

1) Which sniper should I keep, the SVUmk2 or the Sniper SGI? SGI has more accuracy but SVU more damage. I'm also worried about ammo availability for the SVU.

2) Was it a mistake to keep the fast Akm over the other rifles? I've read I can attach a scope to it.

3) Should I just sell the Combat Chaser? I figure it would be useful in close spaces for panic shooting.

8f1d15  No.15979578

just play the game u sad cunt, jesus

75a06b  No.15979593


Come on dude, this game is an odd one. Ever since I started I have been scrounging for bullets. Weapons aren't very accurate and fighting groups of people requires a bunch of tries. I take this very seriously.

241dfe  No.15979597


What you really need is 1 weapon for each ammo type, don't just let ammo go unused in your inventory

0dc2d6  No.15979604

Comfy way to play is just kill your enemies, take their weapon, shoot enemies till youre out of ammo, take their weapon and drop the old one, repeat. I enjoyed scrounging around. Or just find a rifle, sniper, pistol you like and load up on that ammo. Can also just do rifle and pistol since a rifle is fairly powerful. I just finished clear sky holy shit what a mess of a game, even modded ending was terrible and did rifle, sniper, pistol.

75a06b  No.15979606


I was starting to conclude that I should carry 2 weapons at most, to leave room to carry back spoils.

fbf2eb  No.15979628

File: 9a2f0b3a70843b0⋯.jpg (61.58 KB, 513x420, 171:140, 9a2f0b3a70843b0f1185b523f3….jpg)


keep the sniper SGI and the combat chaser, sell the other 2 guns and their ammo and use the money to buy more 5.56 and buckshot

bd8714  No.15979639


got enough grenades there bud

75a06b  No.15979645


They don't seem to kill even dogs (although I have used more of them than any FPS i remember).


Is the SVU too inaccurate or the bullets too rare? (or the firing rate to low?)

bd8714  No.15979744


They're good to cripple and scatter humans but placement is very important.

028bf4  No.15979748


There is no such thing as too much pocket artillery.

91ff0b  No.15979756

File: ea846dde7707424⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 600x474, 100:79, 123467458607.jpg)


How do I let it cook before throwing it? Everybody scatters before the damn thing goes off. Sorry if stupid question, I'm only a few hours in.

75a06b  No.15980117


Yes they're actually useful. I'm not used to grenades that have a gameplay purpose.

Now that I have a sniper things are going much smoother. I've already reached Prof. Sakharov (He just gives odd jobs. I expected more). Hopefully the rad suit will prove useful, though I can't imagine carrying it around for the whole game.

75a06b  No.15980228

Do I get rid of the RPG? All the moonlights in the world won't help.

75a06b  No.15980231

File: 9b8fa9f9a9d499d⋯.jpg (304.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wqrvyw3evye53w.jpg)

2989c4  No.15980265


There's 2 grenade types, RGD5 and F1. The RGD5 is the grenade you throw to flush enemies out of cover. The F1 is the grenade you throw when you actually want to fuck shit up. Plan accordingly.

19061b  No.15980826


Stash all unique weapons and one of each artifact you use on yourself. Sell everything else you find that's not essential.

4fe150  No.15980828


>Sold GP37

You fucked up

ad57fa  No.15980833


make a stash where you store the best weapon for each ammo type. Whenever you run out of ammo for one weapon, just go back and pick a different one.

adfccb  No.15980850

>using snipers

>in stalker

dude just use assault rifles they literally break the game. They didn't balance a fucking thing and it shows.

75a06b  No.15980886


>Not using snipers

>Two bullets kill you

>Fights against 5+ enemies


I didn't know you could store things. They don't disappear if you leave them in a container?


Wiki says GP37 get wildly inaccurate once the durability starts dropping.

4fe150  No.15980947


The wiki is wrong, you can snipe everything with that gun.

c335c3  No.15981286


>Ever since I started I have been scrounging for bullets

I find it hard to believe, there is a shitload of ammo in that game

cfa23c  No.15981336

File: 85554122eed6db5⋯.jpg (129.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

75a06b  No.15981343


Not during the first hour. Not for anything that isn't a shit pistol.

cfa23c  No.15981367


If that's already bad for you, try this one OP.

I've just reached pripyat from jupiter underground and headed back to rostok with pure luck and almost dead.

That's a real hell compared to the vanilla games.

75a06b  No.15981394


I don't know what any of that means other than one of the sequels says Pripyat.

cfa23c  No.15981395

File: beb4b2d90fa3604⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Shit forgot to quote>>15981336

75a06b  No.15981416


Somehow you fucked that up, but thank you I'm making a note of it for when I get to that game.

cfa23c  No.15981417


Practically Dead air is a mod based on the mod Call of Chernobyl and MISERY.

It adds different layers of challenge to the game and turns it into a sandbox with optional quests rather than having an actual story.

It has to be tweaked with addons because it's unbalanced as fuck, but once you tweak the bullshit (like the guns breaking constantly their components that cannot be repaired) it's the best stalker experience you can get imo.

cfa23c  No.15981472

File: e9bd66d13e416c5⋯.jpg (5.7 KB, 328x153, 328:153, index.jpg)


Also for this post, i suggest you always have with you at least a rifle of any kind, to dispose of human enemies

1)favor precision and availability of the ammo over power, always pick the weapon with the most available ammo in the area you're going to scout, the higher the caliber the better; always have with you a bunch of AP rounds in case you expect armored enemies, else for common bandits and stalkers keep the standard.

2) whatever suits your playstyles, i usually trash the akm as a better choice is available, as accuracy as i said, is your best friend more often than not

3) Always, i repeat, Always have a 12 gauge with you, hunting rifle, shotguns, whatever, you won't want to waste precious ammo on simple mutants, also because those guns are very effective against them and are really good at close quarters

cfa23c  No.15981494


>i always trash the akm-u

forgot to clarify

d21719  No.15985970

File: d743c5dac974b3e⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1255x783, 1255:783, DO_NOT_FUCK_THE_BLOODSUCKE….png)


You can safely store shit in the blue box in the Bar. Also, the first corpse you see on a map is a permanent one, and can be used to store things as well. Example the dead rookie in a white jacket that spawns at the Bar's map entrance. I usually drag him into the bar and keep guns on him and everything else in the blue box.

e19582  No.15987974


>On Master it's all about the headshots

Probably not for the reason you think it is. In Vanilla SoC, Master guts the actor's base resistances (you take more damage) and lowers the damage of weapons (you deal less damage). It's really no different from any shitty difficulty slider in a bethesda meme game for example. So we've got highly damaging, extremely bullet spongy enemies, and then we've got Super Bullets. Super Bullets buff the first shot after the timer (time_to_aim) which is 1 (in seconds) for most weapons. Now the catch is that Super Bullets only buff headshots (5x Human/10x Mutant), so for optimal performance, you need to wait out that timer in between shots to ensure every shot receives the buff.

Many players think you actually deal more damage on Master, and will make a lot of silly anecdotal claims about this, but what is actually happening is that they're simply slowing down their gameplay to compensate for their resistances being much lower, and taking a more methodical approach to slow, accurate headshots; and accidentally utilizing the Super Bullet mechanic without even realizing it. The rest is just placebo and confirmation bias.

Newfag warning: Don't even bother trying to dispute this, you're just going to make yourself look like a retarded nigger.

0dc2d6  No.15988022


Are you saying that on master, every time i take a shot id have to wait 1 second to keep the headshot multiplier active?

I also vaguely remember these debates in previous stalker threads with one anon apologizing for being such a faggot lol

19061b  No.15988043


>Super Bullets

Where did you get info on this?

e19582  No.15988075


Yes, but with the caveat that time_to_aim is the same on all difficulties, it's just far more important to exploit the mechanic when you deal moderately less damage and take significantly more. Also that debate was like 2 years ago, good memory. Wonder if anon is still lurking, I still respect him for admitting he was wrong.

f22a87  No.15988090



Can you modify the amount of time?

b78f9c  No.15988110


So, what's the "correct" difficulty to play on?

f22a87  No.15988158


Everyone plays on master, but apparently we were mistaken to believe that everything took more damage. What a cheap system.

75a06b  No.15988204


I had read that burst shooting lowered the damage after the first shot but I didn't know about the time_to_aim. Thanks for elaborating.

I just finished x16 and had the Doctor cutscene in which he calls me Strelok. You know, I went to both labs having prepared for a long, multi-level underground gauntlet but both disappointed. Seems like it's the overworld that's where the real action is. Lab guy is now selling advanced weaons but I'm still alternating between my rapid Akm (with scope) and the sniper SGI. I just can't decide between them.

75a06b  No.15988212


Also, all my artifacts are endurance: 2 moonlights and 3 sparklers. Don't know why anyone would use any of the others. I'm using the green/yellow radsuit, was using the red one before.

f22a87  No.15988261


It's just a matter of ammo. Unless you are destroying the game with some shit mods like Misery, all you need is Strelok's gun and something else to use up Nato rounds.

Don't miss on Clear Sky and most importantly, Call of Prypiat later. Clear Sky is basically a bad mod, but the new maps are cool. Call of Prypiat is smaller and simplified, but quality.

e19582  No.15988283


Yes. You can even set it to 0 so every bullet is a super bullet.


Whatever you prefer, ideally tweaked to your personal preferences.


>What a cheap system

I put more blame on the players for perpetuating the meme that it's something that it isn't.



Yeah, vanilla labs aren't great. For artifacts, consider keeping a set of % health in your inventory to swap on for free out of combat healing.

75a06b  No.15988310


>For artifacts, consider keeping a set of % health in your inventory to swap on for free out of combat healing.

No need. I have more medkits than I know what to do with. I keep one of each artifact in case it's necessary for progression. I stopped doing the side jobs, though.

f22a87  No.15988335


>You can even set it to 0 so every bullet is a super bullet.

Why did they come up with this bullshit, anyway? Normally I would say to disable the system altogether, but I remember the pain with bullet sponge enemies. I guess a single burst of super bullets would disintegrate anything?

e19582  No.15988396


Assuming you hit the right part of their head, as the jaw doesn't benefit from the bonus (not sure about the eyes), pretty much.

d3e62a  No.15988409


>muh wiki

If you haven't beaten the game don't spoil it for yourself faggot. The GP37 is excellent, the only issue is finding ammo. If you're careful about shot placement you should be golden.

In my opinion only take 2 weapons at a time. The sniper will be great in the red forest and after it. Shotguns are very good for mutants. Keep them stockpiled and take them on outings according to expected opposition.

Enjoy the game nigger.

f22a87  No.15988453


Do shotguns have bonus damage against mutants? I learned to keep one for mutants from COP, when in the previous game I only ever used them in the hobo phase.

b78f9c  No.15988470


Shotguns are always worth carrying. From what I remember a slug would put down any human without armor in one shot.

75867f  No.15990133


Well, mutants don't take bonus damage from shotguns specifically, but it's still one of the best weapons to use against them. What actually goes on is that mutants lack armor while shotguns (specifically buckshot) do heaps of damage that can't penetrate anything beyond basic armor protection, so you'll see your shotgun be less effective against better equipped enemies like the military while still being effective against harder mutants.

8822b3  No.15990269


WTF why is my ding dong hard?!?! blyats

8822b3  No.15990292


always keep a fully loaded auto-pump on hand for bloodsuckers, swap it out and full auto mag dump when u notice it begins to charge straight at you.

73c3a0  No.15992603

I'm installing Clear Sky right now, don't remember where I pirated it from but the installer said that the windows 10 that I have installed and the gtx 970 graphics card aren't compatible with the game.

Wat do?

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