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File: 3a70c2fd7fbafed⋯.jpeg (30.15 KB, 488x488, 1:1, GUEST_ff192ae3-09a3-4e10-….jpeg)

326f1b  No.15984059

There's something that bothers me.

It seems that in the industry and the media, they wanna sell you the idea that AAA games are the peak of the medium and everything most hyped and desired by gamers.

But In reality, they are as popular as indie games made by single guys, undertale and celeste were as popular as the big AAA titles.

The most seen gaming trailer of 2018 was a clash of clan update.

43653b  No.15984100

>they are as popular as indie games made by single guys, undertale

Popularity doesn't mean quality. see Undertale

4a8065  No.15984132

>what is advertising

It's almost like AAA devs have the money to shill their product and make it look like the rest of the world cares.

AAA garbo has money, indies have word of mouth. I don't think either tactic is inherently better than the other and in most cases devs try to use both.

56d5fb  No.15984152

if an indie game flops, and no one was around to see it flop, did it really happen?

43653b  No.15984163


Word of mouth is inherently better because it costs less and shill fans work for free

54bc5f  No.15984165

File: 6a299001223963b⋯.png (206.34 KB, 600x538, 300:269, 28c1b04da619bffc1a1c0e7d30….png)


thats marketing for you. its not usually very honest

anything else?

16991c  No.15984179

File: 204eccc312f21d9⋯.webm (825.84 KB, 852x480, 71:40, yeah so whats your point.webm)

When you see a movie's advertisement praise the awards that it got from sources you've never heard of, does it bother you too?

b599f5  No.15984188


Celeste was just heavily pushed by the indie clique, I don't think it's actually popular.

79537b  No.15984189


What's popular isn't always good. In fact, the more popular and widely liked something is, the more likely it is that said thing is watered down drivel. Celeste is a competent puzzle platformer, but little else, and journos lauded it as the greatest thing ever for the soundtrack and story. Undertale is a mediocre RPG with quirky low-effort graphics and weak as fuck gameplay that is borderline walking simulator-tier at times, but it was celebrated for its paper thin pathos and "emotional impact", making it a meme amongst normalfags, and giving it widespread exposure on the internet because it inadvertently piggy-backed off the Homestuck, Horsefucker, and Furry fandoms.

000000  No.15984206


All games since 2007 are shit.

Every single one of them.

The only good games are the ones made before 2007.

47196c  No.15984224


I have to disagree Anon, I think Undertale is pretty good. I enjoyed the character interactions and the gameplay didn't make me fall asleep.

43653b  No.15984225


Shit tastes are real, anon. Even shit games can be enjoyed by the likes of you

79537b  No.15984229


I've seen better character interactions in IRC freeform anime RP channels. It's all pretty basic. It's borderline insecurity porn with an edgy undertone.

47196c  No.15984231


>IRC freeform anime RP channels

What are you on those Anon?

47196c  No.15984234

b599f5  No.15984237

File: 4c8e0265193f590⋯.png (742.83 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 4c8e0265193f59073227da47cd….png)


>I've seen

>IRC freeform anime RP channels

79537b  No.15984239



The early 00s were a strange time.

47196c  No.15984243


Sure they were Anon

70e361  No.15984346


I think you meant to ask would a hipster buy the ost album.

21c8e6  No.15987823


I think Celeste (and the creator's previous work Towerfall post Anita inspired character outfit update) get pushed is that it probably seen as the "best" game made by an SJW clique developer (it might even be the highest reviewed).

We've seen that clique try to promote games like Gone Home/walking simulators and other low/no to replayability junk. I remember seeing commenters on Nintendo Life call out the 9/10 review for the Switch version of Gone Home for being too high for a 1-2 hour game and that was back in September 2018.

Celeste just happened to be a game with out those obvious SJW trappings and seems sort of some reminiscent of Super Meat Boy except giving it a story about depression to make it seem arty/sound serious.

bdedee  No.15987908

It's almost like the AAA space is stuck with bloated shit and Overpaid underperfoming "artists" and is more easily able to be competed with by independent developers

33976a  No.15987914

I'd like to mention that Hotline Miami and Dustforce DX both had approximately 2.5 million sales on Steam alone, putting them in the top 150 most owned games (with achievements) on Steam. These games sold just as well as, if not better than, South Park:SoT, Rise of the Tomb Raider, MGSV:TPP, and No Man's Sky (at least on Steam).

This obviously doesn't include GOG sales, console ports, or the pirates that Dennaton actually supported/assisted with Hotline Miami.

The numbers came from a data leak involving achievements, so sales on games without achievements (ex: Undertale, Don't Starve) could not be tracked.

a0d5e4  No.15987933


I don't understand what exactly is bothering you here.

You're annoyed that corporations with the most money put the most effort and money into selling you their products, more so than companies with less money?

Are you underage?

a5a241  No.15987993

What exactly is your point? That AAA companies dump insane amounts of money into bullshit that could have been done cheaper and better?


More like see: Every AAA game.

0fd3c8  No.15988012

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


MatFag had a video he posted 2 years ago on the subject.

TLDR for those who don't want to watch shit:

>AAA titles have reached the point of diminishing returns when it comes to graphics and other design elements of gaming, they can no longer throw money and resources at a project and make money off it by having you be able to see every pore of your character's skin

>The conventional methods of designing a game have reached their limits as well, to the point that he compares it to Modernism art-styles.

>Talks about Post-modernism art and how it parodies modernism, then talks about how post-modern gaming is a thing.

>Basically cites DDLC, Undertale, Accountant Simulator, Goat Simultor, FNAF, Euro Truck, and other "Defy what the definition of being a game is" type memes as examples.

>Brings up Battlefront, Destiny 2, and other flops in the AAA category as examples.

End-point is that he thinks the next life-cycle of games is going to be filled with Shit that tries to be Avant-garde for a while as game companies try and redefine what a game is, and how it can be good, and that Indie Titles will have the spotlight for a bit while AAA only releases 1 or two decent games for a while.

So, basically he's saying that modern gaming is shit right now because we're entering a phase of game development that's full of Ironic or Hipster-original bullshit that'll be popular in mainstream gaming until everyone besides us gets tired of it, and then the industry as a whole will finally be able to re-evaluate what a good game is and make some good shit.

Normally I ignore this guy as he's a raging faggot, but this was too depressingly accurate to ignore.

a5a241  No.15988037


But the depressing reality is that the majority of the industry does not want to make a good game, they're too busy being stuck in this absurd self fulfilling loop of

>We want to make a bazillion dollars

>So we need to sell to a gorillion people

>Meaning we need to dump a bazillion dollars into marketing

>Forcing us to need to make a bazillion dollars back

>Meaning we need to sell to a gorillion people

It's just insane. I fail to understand how people millions richer than I, and people who have studied and made a living off this shit can't realize how stupid this short term thought is compared to dumping said bazillion dollars into smaller projects that could potentially make slightly less(but overall more profit) and are less of a risk since you aren't spending a couple hundred million on every release and its marketing.

ad4257  No.15988083


That's nice to hear. Hotline Miami and Dustforce DX are very good games.

c4412f  No.15988100



i also think people's tastes are just changing with the times. which is a normal way of how things go.

pretty soon we're just gonna need to jump ship and make room for the new sets of autists and their interests. fine by me anyway videogames are a shit hobby in the first place.

0fd3c8  No.15988113


That's the AAA side of things who always seem to be rushing things. The smaller producers are taking more time and hitting gold, either through the mass-appeal faggotry of "DeepestLore Horror Game/Walking SImulator" or by sticking to their guns and making a genuinely good game, as with Cuphead.

2bf4fc  No.15988130


It used to be, you'd make a AAA game like CoD every year, and you would have a huge number of guaranteed sales from kids.

The market has changed, with a considerable portion of that demographic playing trashier shit like Fortnite. Rather than change their business strategy, the higher ups would rather play it safe and just keep doing the same shit. They just throw in a "battle royale" mode to try and appeal to the same crowd, rather than actually innovate or appeal to a different market.

0fd3c8  No.15988134


I just think the gaming industry has gone the way the music industry has. Pop Gaming is annoying and pandering, and we're the sort who likes classic rock, heavy metal, punk, or other flavors that don't have as much mass appeal. The fortunate side of things is that the industry has blown up enough that someone out there will make something we like, because they want to make their thing too.

c4412f  No.15988144


You sorta nailed it. At least its extremely easy to make a game these days, so doing the job right yourself is entirely possible.

I'd like to but i'm not even sure if i'll have the passion for it at the end of the day. I have a lot of ideas i genuinely believe there's people around that'll both enjoy and really take in but i'm constantly questioning if it's worth it.

5a0517  No.15988160


The quality post that you would expect from a tor poster.

bdedee  No.15988167

File: 820324dcf4b42c1⋯.gif (378.47 KB, 444x408, 37:34, 20381023.gif)


>Country music turned into pop

>Tfw endless shitty city douchebags singing about pickup trucks and that annoying snapping shit

0fd3c8  No.15988256


Don't forget microtransactions a nigger or a white guy pretending to be one getting a rap solo in the middle of a song.

a2e6d5  No.15988262


>Tfw endless shitty city douchebags singing about pickup trucks

Worse is the endless shitty country douchebags doing it and pretending they are any better.

2530a7  No.15988364


Having seen the extremes of both, country produces infinitely less faggotry and jewery than city.

764303  No.15988439

Most people are stupid, this is an eternal truth that is necessary to prevent collapse from arguments with any group, so those with vision must be outnumbered by followers. The current shortsighted trend of humanity is seeking power through rabble rousing, so they focus on manipulating and pandering to the masses. Even the so-called outcasts here have mostly shit taste and middling intelligence as well and play mindless garbage and bandwagon on meme shit. Those with taste need no help in finding the good.

bdedee  No.15988490


I diagnose you with rick and morty

48addd  No.15988535


>doesn't word what the word shill means

Oh hey it's another one of these faggots.

55e546  No.15989468

File: 8744baf0ca72d2b⋯.jpg (70.68 KB, 360x403, 360:403, 8744baf0ca72d2b99674e69d56….jpg)

a0d5e4  No.15989494


>End-point is that he thinks the next life-cycle of games is going to be filled with Shit that tries to be Avant-garde

He's absolutely fucking retarded then. As expected.

>this was too accurate

And so are you

76111d  No.15989530




He's fucking right tho. Most people are stupid. Also Rick & Morty is garbage

0e15d3  No.15989630


le angriest gamer u ever herd

le ebin


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