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File: 74650544a577423⋯.jpg (130.77 KB, 586x709, 586:709, ebin_roleplaying.jpg)

6b1c64  No.15984452

So I just finished a few play throughs of planescape torment, and I am now moving onto another game on my bucket list Gothic 1 and 2. This was a game I meant to play before, but I couldn't figure out how to get stuff out of a chest so I put it off until now. After fiddling with the controls though I finally figured out you have to use the action button plus the right directional button to move stuff into my inventory. A mile stone has been reached. After that I jumped then bounced off a wall before flying 25 feet off a ledge and dying. All things considered I think I am doing horribly, but I'll persevere. Anyone got any tips I may need to know? I've heard the world building is really good.

d6b8ab  No.15984517

The game actually sucks and it's not an RPG. I wouldn't even bother. It's only hyped up because german's aren't allowed to be nationalistic so they channel their autism into things like video game developers. Gothic is a glorified action game and nothing more.

6b1c64  No.15984591


>gothic is a glorified action game

A bold claim, but I will be the judge of that.

0f5166  No.15985118


Gothic is neither a swing randomly and win type of combat, nor is it twitch based. Fighting has a sort of rhythm to it finding the right rhythm is how you succeed when it isn't just time to run and find something to break the AI. The one exception to this is certain large beasts that leap at you in Gothic I in II the same tactics will not work so don't try it.

Beyond that factions don't matter unless you want to be a mage, you have to start Fire Mage then go Water Mage then the final stuff afterwards so do all quests before the point where you officially join a faction then the open ended part dissappears. Both archers and mage characters have to run like hell a lot. Enemies respond at specific points in the story and you can go anywhere so don't be shy about exploring the island for exp once you get to the point where you stop dieing horribly to wolves.

Personally figuring out how to fight humans was tougher for me then most other things in the game because they always get more swings then you so they'd wail on you.

Bit of trivia, you can tell he deserves being in the prison colony because of his lock picking skill.

d6feac  No.15985342


Get the acrobatics skill asap (in the new camp) and avoid areas where you'd realistically find wild animals. Wolf packs are more dangerous than human opponents. Other than that, just persevere with the controls, they are the worst part of the game but you can get used to them.

7ac230  No.15985356


Left right left and stun locking the wolves is the best way to deal with them. It really feels like a rhythm game after a while. Get one handed sword leveled as soon as possible so fighting isnt painful.

95baef  No.15985392


Just finished both, 2nd game with night of the raven (when I played it originally the raven expansion wasnt out yet)

soo, the balance is kinda screwed because they put the content in the 2nd chapter pretty much, there's a lot of changes in statistics of weapons etc compared to vanilla, but first half+ of the game is very rough while the ending with potions is pretty much a breeze.

boss fights as always, anticlimactic, but thats because of the clunky gameplay in general, enjoyable, but very odd.

every bigger boss fight I ended up just ice waving and spammin left and right on a frozen boss (both raven from the expansion and the last dragun)

raven content really nice tho, enjoyable.

lots of fetch quests, but I still had fun nevertheless. It's a game made with a good philosophy, but fairly generic and probably limited here and there by the technology. philosophy that was totally lost later on with other piranha games.

I ended the game being like 36lvl, 170str, the berserker axe and warrior 2h skill (I jused 1h for 5 chapters btw)

7ac230  No.15985405


I feel like risen is what they wanted gothic to be originally, but the technology wansnt there at the time. I played all of gothic 1 and 2 on keyboard only cause using the mouse was painful.

d480a9  No.15985761


If you have a tough time with timing swings in combat, it's because you haven't put any points into the combat skills yet. Once you invest points into the combat skills, you will actually get a whole new animation set that makes timing your swings easier. It even makes the protag hold the sword better, which I always found to be a nice touch.

af3157  No.15985885


I agree with the action game with rpg elements part but it doesn't suck

Okay g1 maybe, but g2 is pretty good

d480a9  No.15985891


>replying to shit bait

bf660d  No.15985914


>being a buttblasted nostalgiatard who screams "bait" every time someone disagrees with him

It's not a roleplaying game, because there is no role play. Graphics, controls and combat are terrible, it's extremely clunky. At the beginning, fighting anything is pointless, because you have a strength of a feeble soyboy, after that it's not enjoyable because you wreck everything and there is no challenge. Most quests are fetch quests. All of this is true.

bed0ca  No.15985937

I didn't like Gothic but I also didn't play it very long. My early impressions were in line with what >>15985914 said. I might give it another go one day, but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't bother with it again.

26fa68  No.15985945


>Most quests are fetch quests

LOL. Name literally more than 3 fetch quests in Gothic.

704a53  No.15985951

Gothic I and II are the best action RPG games. I find it funny that people here call the fighting system terrible. I bet they prefer "click LMB for light attack and RMB for strong attack" system where you just stunlock the enemies mashing light attacks. Fortunately, G I and II have a much better fighting system, probably one of the best ones if you spend 3 minutes getting used to the flow of combat. As an adive, don't look for any walkthroughs online and try to figure out things by yourself. I would give so much just to forget everything about G I and II just to experience playing them for the first time again.

06bd0a  No.15985952


Get the systempack, increases draw distance, more resolutions and better performance. A must have.


Same file works for both 1 and 2.

26fa68  No.15985956


>continually swing left and right until enemy si dead

wow. what a riveting combat system

bf660d  No.15985974


>LOL. Name literally more than 3 fetch quests in Gothic.

I just double checked and about half of first chapter quests are fetch quests. Gather weed, water, distribute weed, get map, steal papers, beat up one guy, distract one guy and so on. It's as riveting as the combat system.

26fa68  No.15985979


>distribute weed, beat up one guy, distract one guy

>fetch quests

are you retarded?

bf660d  No.15985994


>delivering weed 10 times instead of 1 makes it not a fetch quest

>going to point A to tell someone a thing and come back is not a fetch quest

Well, there's also the ingredient gathering for the cook and bringing all kinds of food to another guy. Or selling weed and then bringing back the profit.

26fa68  No.15986006


Protip: literally every quest in any game can be summarized as "go somehwere then do something".

Protip 2: You don't have to do anything for the cook if you don't want to.

Protip 3: You don't have to sell weed if you don't want to.

Protip 4: If you decide to sell the weed you can keep the profit.

bf660d  No.15986019


>lol, name 3 fetch quests

>those aren't REAL fetch quests

<here's much more than jsut three plain fetch quests

>h-heh, you don't even have to do them

26fa68  No.15986025


>>those aren't REAL fetch quests

Well, what are REAL fetch quests then? From the word "fetch" I would suppose that you have to fetch something. Yet you classified delivering something as a fetch quest.

Explain pls.

3bab21  No.15986031

Ein Mistvieh weniger

844f68  No.15986035

File: 9acf251625ccd0f⋯.png (266.33 KB, 552x543, 184:181, 9acf251625ccd0f8091268c637….png)

I played this game first time when I was 10 years old, took me maybe half an hour to learn the controls sand I've never had trouble with fighting. It's intuitive and fun when you learn it and level up.

You people are such whining faggots sometimes, for real.

d480a9  No.15986042



keep on projecting, fag. I replay gothic 1 and 2 periodically every two or three years and have a great time


Who the hell cares about graphics in an old game?


The lock-on button is pretty retarded, but the combat controls are far better than in any other RPG


you're full of shit. The combat in Gothic is great, being a matter of properly chaining swings and choosing directional cuts instead of just spamming LMB.

>At the beginning, fighting anything is pointless

maybe if you're a shitter

>you wreck everything

Wow, so when you reach end of the game, all the things that were strong at game start are now weak? Maybe you should stick to Bethesda's level scaling if you dislike that.

bf660d  No.15986055


>I replay gothic 1 and 2 periodically every two or three years

>Who the hell cares about graphics

>combat controls are far better than in any other RPG


>The combat in Gothic is great

Can't make this shit up.

d480a9  No.15986061


>I have no arguments and I must shitpost

844f68  No.15986069


there's not a single thing wrong there faggot

bf660d  No.15986080

File: c577a44127f361f⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1462x827, 1462:827, chiiiiiiiiii.png)

This is like going to /leftypol/. Gothic is infamous for it's shit combat, and yet, nostalgiacucks will defend it while frothing at the mouth.

26fa68  No.15986084

File: b9f1435e8c34999⋯.jpg (39.03 KB, 500x534, 250:267, not an argument.jpg)

d480a9  No.15986088



maybe on whichever shithole you frequent, but sure as hell not here.

cf3a8a  No.15986110


Imagine being so low-effort that you have to use TOR as an VPN for your epic shitposting purposes

656f49  No.15986113


>Be careful when spending your learning points

>Get weapon skills. Also listen to what the teachers tell you about your weapon skills because it's not just rpg talk but also hints on how to use your controls. The better your weapon skills get, the more responsive your controls get

>Be careful of your weapon timing. If you don't have enough weapon skill, don't try to attack faster than your char is physically able to

>Collect every item you can find

>Save potions for later use food instead

>go to the sect camp, loot the chest (1 time left, 2 right, 3 left and so on. or the other way round), forge weapons, be rich

>Magic is very strong

>Do all the quests because you need level 5/10 to progress

>Join the old or new camp, sect camp won't give you all magic circles

>Learn collecting animal parts

2f8f88  No.15986116

File: aa5ed92e158453c⋯.png (430.28 KB, 642x584, 321:292, iecshpectedphis.png)


>see torpost

>I bet it's going to suck dick

>It does

Every single fucking time.

178333  No.15986117


>>assume another 1-2 million original CD/DVD owners

really generous. The average well received PC game sold in the hundred thousand range physically, even the best sellers like HL1 only sold a few million physically.

bf660d  No.15986121

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>back off, block, hit


>this is peak combat

I can name some RPG-like games off the top of my head and they'll all have better combat: Dark Messiah, Witcher, Exanima.



d480a9  No.15986124


The game was extremely well received in Germany and everything east of it, far more than HL1, so I wouldn't entirely discount the possibility.

5b4304  No.15986129

File: e1ca6b39c08b862⋯.jpg (52.86 KB, 385x309, 385:309, Pathetic.jpg)


>lists games that all came out after G1 & 2

>lists Witcher as a better example

d480a9  No.15986139


Exanima didn't even come out at all. It's still in early access.

bf660d  No.15986141


>it's ok because it's old

That one guy claims he replays it every two years.

I've listed Witcher while having mods in mind. IT becomes challenging and interesting. You can't fix Gothic, however.

844f68  No.15986163

File: f1f9cf3f66eaeac⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 450x577, 450:577, f1f9cf3f66eaeac6976249e53e….jpg)


>You can't fix Gothic, however.

You can't fix it because it's not broken.


<Skyrim is good

d480a9  No.15986164


I play it every two years. In fact, I played Gothic 2 with the Returning 2.0 mod just two months ago. Dark messiah has pretty cool combat, but pretty much everything else about it is pretty carbage. Witcher has worse combat, and Exanima is a fucking tech demo at this point.

Gothic has you chain your attacks with proper timing, has several animation sets for each weapon type depending on character skill, allows directional cuts, requires you to time your blocks and dodges to avoid damage (with enemies doing the same) and features unique combat AI for almost every enemy type. It is objectively a great combat system, the only weakpoint being lock-on which makes fighting groups difficult, but even that is a fairly minor issue. Meanwhile you go to the point of listing fucking early access games in order to have something to argue with, because you know that if you listed any of the more popular recent RPGs, you'd get laughed at since their combat system consists of spamming LMB to attack and spacebar to dodge or similar.

656f49  No.15986176


>you have to start Fire Mage then go Water Mage

I think you can just go Mercenary -> Water Mage too but not sure


Hmm I wouldn't say asap but it's nice in the end dungeon. Unless you jump too far.


>night of the raven

>the balance is kinda screwed because...

No, the balance is "screwed" because back than fans complained G2 was too easy in its original version.


It's best to just disable the mouse


Actually the first chapters always were the best thing and most memorable thing about the game. I enjoyed the later chapters too but the most fascinating thing was to immerse into that detailed but raw, hostile world and find out how it works. As a 13 year old I probably spent a month alone on joining a faction



Yeah, you can't just spam in Gothic combat, you need to think like when playing Mortal Combat or Tekken


You'd be stupid no to because you need to do the grinding anyway to get the min levels





>fetch quests

There's a lot going on while you do them and everything is connected to the story. You won't get around those base RPG mechanics anyway but gothic executed them really well rather than making them just generic timesinks. Everything you fetch from one NPC to another actually means something.





to the new generation that is used to games basically running auto pilot


I don't get how someone can prefer any TES game in particular over gothic. TES always seemed like Gothic games done wrong to me. Sterile and mostly empty worlds in which you have walk for hours, combat that doesn't really reward dexterity (Of your actual hands you're playing with, not talking about the ingame char), shallow, cliche characters, a theoretically rich lore but executed in a shallow way and the constant feeling that you are running around trying to find something to do more than "actually playing" the game

bf660d  No.15986179


>Exanima is a fucking tech demo at this point

Not an argument. I've enjoyed it, best melee combat I've ever seen. Besides, there are hours of gameplay at this point and the arena mode, you can play until you tire of it, so it's not much of a demo anymore.

>Witcher has worse combat

>lists actual description of Witcher combat as an argument against it

>chain your attacks with proper timing, has several animation sets for each weapon type depending on character skill, allows directional cuts, requires you to time your blocks and dodges to avoid damage (with enemies doing the same) and features unique combat AI for almost every enemy type

Add the mod to fix skills and challenge and it becomes very good.


d480a9  No.15986214


Gratned, it's been years since I've played the first Witcher, but as far as I remember, there were no directional cuts and enemy AI was hardly unique. Also, did you just say that Gothic has the same combat as Witcher? Wouldn't that contradict your previous claims?

>Not an argument. I've enjoyed it, best melee combat I've ever seen.

And nothing except said combat. Hardly an RPG, wouldn't you say?


<keeps claiming nostalgia when explicitly reminded that I played it two months ago

baef81  No.15986345

I really liked this game, played it a few years ago.You start out really weak and everyone can beat the shit out of you.It took some trial and error to see how many things worked, but i really enjoyed how you start as a weak nobody and build yourself up while discoverying the world.

I guess it's a either love it or hate it kinda game.Played 2 but stopped, i don't remember if it was because of the difficulty or the progression was fucked, or maybe i just got bored.This game doesn't hold your hand, it just throws you in the world and good luck.

6b1c64  No.15987150


Speaking of system updates. I got a message this morning about needing to change /C:program.rpt to /C:program1.rpt to prevent issues. I ran malwarebytes, and it didn't detect anything except a pirated steam game. I looked around, and found some guy who also had the same problem with gothic 2. You know anything?


>TOR user says something retarded

Like clockwork.

924ac8  No.15987234

File: 8c7e0cd50d9a698⋯.png (876.71 KB, 655x1063, 655:1063, xhBhi2.png)


I'll bet I could fix (You) real good.


What's your system and what's your game? GoG version of G2 gold is pretty stable but I'm afraid G1 is not that lucky. Also, sprechzeiten kraut? Sausageforums are still your best friend for any technical gothic questions.

6b1c64  No.15987266


Windows seven, and gothic version 1.08 I think is what it is.

9169fd  No.15987280

Remember to focus down on what you want to use early on, and put points into 2 handed weapons later if you go for a warrior build. You can get Strength training from Diego. Strength increases your damage pretty massively.


This is accurate.


This is very accurate. G2 NotR is probably the hardest RPG I have ever played. It just doesn't let up. Challenging up until the very end. You can cheese through the early game by transforming into something like a dragon snapper, though.

I suggest using a community patch for G2 NotR however. There are many annoying bugs within the game. I had to use cheats to pass through the dragons because the triggers were fucked.

924ac8  No.15987293


Alright I was hoping you'd say G2 have you tried saying bugger all and deleting the offending file? program.rpt or program1.rpt precisely?


But it really does. Yeah, start will be arse but once you get those points rolling your character is no pushover. And that's with no claw tier cheese, either.

6b1c64  No.15987352


>have you tried deleting the file

No I haven't. That is a solution I've come across. I try deleting it, and see if that helps. Apparently the creation of this file is not fully understood by microsoft. Which is hardly surprising.

9169fd  No.15987369


>But it really does. Yeah, start will be arse but once you get those points rolling your character is no pushover. And that's with no claw tier cheese, either.

I think Mana gains were a bit too difficult in G2NotR for mages, the very maximum that you can reach is like 350 points. I ended it with 280. I had drank every Mana elixir, brewed every mana elixir possible and eaten most of the dark mushrooms, and on the final island I still couldn't kill the Orc Elites with a single mana bar. Even there, I had to run away and drink a mana potion, because the Fire Rain spell cost 150 mana to cast and I had to cast it twice to kill the Orc Elites.

It was always like this. I was just a little bit short of being capable of killing the enemies. I had to use the Wind Fist spell twice earlier on to kill Seekers but I only had enough mana for one fully charged cast, so mid combat I would have to go to the menu and drink potions. I'm glad they added the hotbar after Gothic 3, it really makes things a lot more tolerable.

Still, I think my first playthrough was more enjoyable going for a more interesting scholar oriented playthrough.

Also here's a little trivia/bug. If you kill a Seeker with the damage over time of the Ice Block spell, he will drop all his spells. Including the Cry of the Dead spell which deals 666 damage.

924ac8  No.15987393


If I remember correctly, and it's been awhile, it's some teutonic magic report file that keeps bloating until it chokes the very life from the sun and starts ragnarok. Or crashes your game with no survivors. Back it up, delete, and if that doesn't work try opening it up. It could contain the actual problem.


I'll give you that because whenever I say I'll play a mage I end up going merc or even a paladin.

0f5166  No.15987435


>I think you can just go Mercenary -> Water Mage too but not sure

You can but the ultimate goal for the Mage path is being taught by Xardas and maximizing your stat distribution.

6b1c64  No.15988078

File: e0d75e1dad87bf9⋯.png (91.78 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fuckit.png)

>unkillable NPCs

For shame.

cf3a8a  No.15988103



Nigger, don't you know how to execute people? Killing Mud in cold blood is one of the first things I did on my first playthrough.

6b1c64  No.15988128

File: bf2d93f355404e0⋯.png (99.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fuck.png)


So I need to use the action button+attack to execute an NPC or they will always get back up?

cf3a8a  No.15988133


Exactly. That way you can beat up someone until they get knocked on the ground and steal their shit without having to kill them. Guards in the camp won't mind you beating up random low-ranks, but they'll get aggroed if you actually start executing people in plain sight.

6b1c64  No.15988139


So I could have attacked mud in the camp without repercussions huh? Doesn't that make it really hard to attack multiple NPCs because the execution is a relatively long animation?

0f5166  No.15988163


They stay on the ground for a while, and so long as you talk to them first then the guards won't interfere since it's treated as a duel. Be sure to put your valuables somewhere or you'll get robbed if you lose. They can execute you too btw, those who don't do executions kill you instantly.

656f49  No.15988328


No one cares about Mud, even if you kill him. Everybody hates him anyway. Probably they won't care about killing people from other camps too.

I can think of only one where that makes sense though

af3157  No.15990760


all quests in all videogames are fetch quests then

af3157  No.15990765


>he thinks pc sold more copies than consoles

what a retard

af3157  No.15990780

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


14d65b  No.15990781


You're right, it's more of a fact at this point.

bed0ca  No.15990783

Holy shit these Gothic turdeaters are so fragile.

c218f1  No.15991871


The water fetch quest is literally you being made into some thug's bitch and him ordering you to do it. If you refuse or try to stand up for yourself then he'll beat the shit out of you if you aren't good at sword fighting.

8b4043  No.15991936


nigger, the whole point of the quest was that you are being bullied. The people you carried water to all told you that they fell for the same shit and this was the result and warn you about it.

4fc5a3  No.15996491



iirc this quest could even become and endless loop of carrying water if you don't beat him up or run away. Don't forget to get the strength boost from the old man on the rice fields.

29c82c  No.15996503

What's up with Gothic threads attracting the biggest autistic shitposter? I think some voice actor fucked his girlfriend or something like that.

dd6bf9  No.16002627


Some people just really hate games that don't play the way they expect them too.

d03f76  No.16002857


>you need to think like when playing Mortal Combat or Tekken

<you need to think like when playing the two most normalfag, unbalanced, braindead overrated fighting franchises ever made

1beefb  No.16002961



If you look at the NPC data in the development kit or whatever the mod editor is called, Mud is the only person in the Old Camp who doesn't have a guild. Everyone else is either a miner or a guard or a fire mage or a visitor from another camp. Meaning that you can't indiscriminately kill anyone but Mud, but he's fair game because NPC care only about their guild members and members of allied guilds. For the same reason, Mud gets immediately killed once the Old Camp turns on everyone else - every other NPC immediately recognizes that he's an outsider and bum rushes him.


I think it's best to just ignore the shitposter, not like arguing with him has yielded ANY result at any point in the past

d8a621  No.16003021

File: b6960d8607eab0a⋯.png (118.21 KB, 370x440, 37:44, autism.png)


I like Gothic more than Morrowind, but that comparison shouldn't use graphic mods and use third person view in MW to be more accurate

3bc0a1  No.16003275

Just another RPG thread with nothing but shitposts in it.

Sad! My favourite genre but I cant discuss it on the internet.

OP just play the game as you see fit. First part of the game is the most fun for me because of the factions you choose and exploring the colony. Controls will become so easy once you get a hang of them, don't worry too much about them.

5a1132  No.16006826


Absolutely, I didn't even know they were considered bad controls until around last year when people reviewing elex were noting that PB games tend to have bad combat systems.

To me they always felt natural, really detailed. And you don't need the damn mouse! That makes it a great laptop game as well.

But has anyone tried to play it with a controller? That'd be even better. Are there free tools to map the keyboard controls to a controller?

0e35b9  No.16006881

File: cd1d8aee8377dc5⋯.jpg (558.47 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, cd1d8aee8377dc5d7f4e3c2d50….jpg)


Be the change you want to see in others. Think big. Make a thread on more obscure games that were not posted gorillion times before. Most important: don't get brought down to notgoon level and shitfling your own thread to death.

7ac230  No.16006890


I tried. Trust me it does not feel good on controller. There are way too many actions that just feel bad on controller compared to keyboard.

dd6bf9  No.16007095


There are to many buttons to press another button so it won't feel right no matter what type of controller you use. Except maybe an N64 controller.

3942fd  No.16007161

File: 17ac986814e1bc2⋯.jpg (42.91 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 12c3f932.jpg)



Gothic 2 is such a classic hardcore rpg amirite fellow /v/edditors?

>game literally gives you one of the best weapons in the game in fucking chapter 2 (claw of beliar) that you don't need to replace until chapter 5 (no reason to not use it apart from some insignificant HP loss)

>isn't even hard combat wise, just requires you to meta game to the point where it's not even immersive anymore, playing is a fucking chore because of this

>shittiest boss fights of all time

>can't even look at a merchant's stock without having them equip their best weapon for the rest of the fucking game

>crossbows require strength but use dexterity for critical hits making them completely useless unlike in gothic 1

The absolute state of Gothic cuckolds praising this turd of a game as some holy RPG relic. Gothic 1 wasn't perfect but at least it was fun.

>inb4 git gud

I fucking finished Gothic 2. I even cleared the final temple level with the claw of beliar (the sword you get at fucking chapter 2, nice game balancing, guys) just to make it a bit more challenging (except for the undead dragon of course). Just lmao at the spergs who keep shilling this trash game on this board.

dd6bf9  No.16007278

d6feac  No.16007313


>Let's debunk a "hardcore RPG" guys, hehe

>All criticisms are about combat

What did he mean by this?

0f5166  No.16007356


Well combat against Orcs+ is trivialized when you can just lightening them with the Claw. But Gothic 1 isn't much better where those giant hound things and the Beast can be swiped mid leap that both resets their jumping animation and still connects to the hitbox literally stun locking them to death.

bb6ab4  No.16007438

File: 8cf9917ad50b4ad⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1277x2896, 1277:2896, 300b3ac9a445c03b459138880d….png)

8a2f34  No.16007440

File: e5c9c7a11b43f4f⋯.webm (5.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gothic asking for directi….webm)

Who gives a shit, post nostalgia.

823929  No.16007458


>it's better if you get the best weapon before the last boss and use it for 5 minutes

c137aa  No.16008180


Okay, as with all new players trying out Gothic 1, I must advise that you use keyboard only controls. The game is designed like a console game but on PC using a keyboard as a controller. The mouse support was added seemingly as an afterthought. I had a lot of trouble with the combat until I switched to keyboard only and approached it like a console game almost like Dark Souls in that particular regard

Gothic 2 however has much better mouse support and you should feel free to use it there.

3942fd  No.16009179


>expecting humans to understand this slavshit gibberish

b4e31a  No.16009214


>Where can I find the church?

>Oh, lord, have Innos blinded you? Where's the church? Oh god, where has it gone?

0d81bc  No.16009225

File: 6187a3e0e58adf8⋯.jpg (143.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mI2iTcS.jpg)

Gothic can only exist as the underdog to Morrowind. It's that struggle against Morrowind which keeps discussion of this game alive and steels the convictions of its fans. If they weren't persecuted like so their commitments would quickly fade, as Gothic is rather mediocre in a vacuum. Don't feel bad about your inferiority, because soon the Morrowind Mod Singularity will come and its grandeur will eclipse all games for eternity.

8b4043  No.16009308


I would advise against that, actually. Doing combat with gothic 2 controls raher than gothic 1 is possible, but will make everything much harder as you lack access to directional cuts and, if I remember correctly, won't get the full benefits of the lock-on system, which a lot of the design is centered on. Personally, I only used mouse to look around and to use LMB as the action button and did the actual combat on keyboard.

c4b629  No.16009711


You retard. You can still bind the Q and E keys to left and right attacks. You can also bind the target lock key to R for example.

b614f6  No.16010530


By the time I got the gear and stats to do I usually feel like I deserve being that strong. When you get the claw of Beliar you're usually halfway through the game. That's not really chapter 2 though, it's more like playing the expansion pack so it's really halfway through the game.


To me all the Elder Scrolls Game seemed like a Gothic game done wrong. When Oblivion came out, I was totally hyped and thought it would be Gothic 2, but bigger and better. In the I put it away after two weeks because it just sterile and dead. A huge world with at the time great graphics but… well there you are? What do you do there? Elder scrolls just seems a little too clicheed to work, a little too sterile. It has a rich lore but they fail and fail again to make me even care about it. At least Morrowind had a little more personality because it takes places in pretty spaced out areas.

931b6b  No.16010547


Are you just parroting bullshit now? Oblivion is the most alive open world game that has ever been released. It has many faults, but that was not one of them. Oblivion was filled with NPCs having complex schedules and environmental story telling to add to that. Your whole post reeks of zoomer retard.

ce79d6  No.16010576



ok tod sign me up for skyrim super turbo championship edition

4d95b9  No.16010589

File: 51d44c9294e822e⋯.png (586.97 KB, 850x940, 85:94, 8rj68.png)


Say what you like but for years I was haunted by the you like to dance close to the fire, don't you spam

c137aa  No.16012197


Morrowind is cool, but lacks well-written characters for most of the game. Not that the quests are uninteresting, but they are substantially more fleshed out and relatable in Gothic. Both games do have their flaws though.

1e4fc7  No.16012271

File: 7afa3c6f8e70daf⋯.jpg (167.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

TFW you find out there was a sequel the devs made before they scrapped it to work on the Gothic 2 we all know today.


In terms of cliche, Oblivion was less unique in its setting compared to Morrowind. And in comparison to Gothic, Oblivion was not good in its NPC's having schedules. Gothic gives you vague conversations where you can imagine what the people are talking about, meanwhile Oblivion has people talk about how terrible mudcrabs are. And both Gothic and Morrowind gave us final bosses more memorable than Oblivion, and even Gothic 2 had to use a dragon that was at least memorable in being implied to be a vessel for the Sleeper to use to get around being banished.


Both are flawed but were fun romps compared to games like Skyrim.

2eb0f6  No.16012286

One of the greatest games of its time, but i feel like it didn't age as well as it should have. I hope they release a remastered version of the game

1e4fc7  No.16012302


A remaster would be nice but everyone else will think its too hard because it's click to win in combat like Skyrim and everyone will wonder why you can't take armor when you're meant to work for it.

2eb0f6  No.16012317

File: c656271612c4ef3⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 458x650, 229:325, 68c91ed63898a881b94f502d41….jpg)


The meta as to what is an acceptable game mechanic has completely changed. They'd have to make some concessions to the new generation of gamers, but i think it could be done without compromising its essence.

1e4fc7  No.16012339


It could, it all just depends who played the game. I remember coming across a dude from Germany who more or less talked about Gothic once I brought what sort of RPG's we enjoyed. The Germans along with the Slavs would no doubt enjoy Gothic unlike the Burgers.

d6feac  No.16013397


Yeah, add Russia and you've got the WRPG belt that accounts for half of rpg sales on the PC. Gothic is definitely a mainstream game over there. In some markets I think it never went out of print.

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