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File: 0e9fb9cc1a198dc⋯.png (162.25 KB, 321x322, 321:322, thinking-emoji-6103571.png)

9f4ddd  No.15985155

Since the industry has gone into full jew mode the last two years, most developers, and IPs seem at have fallen to shit. Either trying to become gatcha games, or lazy cut corner cash grabs.

Literally what are you all actually playing regularly?

82b1cb  No.15985168

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

d82e92  No.15985171

the binding of isaac

9bc06d  No.15985174

File: dde6716778ed643⋯.png (151.67 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, played.png)

heres what i played from the end of 2017 until today

Old Blood was the last one i finished

eecb74  No.15985178

Replaying new vegas for the nth time. Doing a vanilla play-through this time around.

Vanilla really isn't as bad as I remember it being.

d82e92  No.15985190


It's not bad it's just buggy as fuck and crashes every 20 mins.

9f4ddd  No.15985194


yeah my girlfriend keeps playing that, she checks regularly for new updates and acheivements.

8cc952  No.15985198

Haven't played much singleplayer stuff in months outside of Might and Magic and Rimworld. I've been playing a lot of Goldeneye Source and Halo 2 with my friends more than anything else.

d82e92  No.15985201


I think mcmuffin is adding antibirth as official DLC plus there are good mods that add more content. I just got the game a couple days ago so i'm going to 100% it before modding it. i played so much of it on vita

e7544c  No.15985204

File: 99fd0246c1c2931⋯.png (659.35 KB, 960x600, 8:5, comfy pc98.png)

Retro videogames, expecially NES.

9efa7f  No.15985212

File: b63974d50f9c02e⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Heroinhero~2.jpg)


Heroin Hero.

It's addictive.

c5df61  No.15985226

File: 1373d44d6005fa4⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20181211-165821….jpg)


tbh one of the best games I've played, even shilled out for the switch and iPhone version (i hate mobile games so it was kinda a regrettable purchase but still)

also been playing Eldwrito, Project Cartographer, Dead by Daylight and Town of Salem.

thinking of getting back into CoD4 though.

08e10c  No.15985237

File: 1daaaad14e291a6⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 34HzgBrjvrGhDpzeahKPbE-480….jpg)

yakuza 0

9f4ddd  No.15985284

File: 1cbd7ade1988486⋯.jpg (77.9 KB, 691x690, 691:690, DUg8BwXWsAAqK6S.jpg)


I end up continuously going back to older games, singleplayer games because whatver is always online is either dead, is dying sue to idiot designers and executives, or has been turned into a straight up p2w.

9eef97  No.15985289

Nuclear Throne, Katamari Reroll, waiting for Dewrito to get fixed on AMD cards.

9eef97  No.15985291


I haven't played it on Vita in forever have they fixed the issue where objects that Peep spawns stay in memory and it breaks the audio when you run into peep too many times without restarting the game?

d82e92  No.15985294


No idea. I played it on vita like 4 or 5 years ago.

6a7657  No.15985308

On the recommendation of a fine anon, I am playing Drox Operative. Said anon has good taste and solid recommendations.

9f4ddd  No.15985362

File: e41a574e7f6128e⋯.jpg (152.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>Drox Operative

at least post a screenshot so people can see what type of game it is.

f3a76d  No.15985372

File: 9291c502dbc6ce9⋯.jpg (422.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mb2.jpg)

Movie Battles II is pretty good. For a mod of an old as shit game, it still holds up. Developers are getting progressively more retarded, but it's still the best multiplayer Star Wars game out there right now.

b9e745  No.15985396

slay the spire

218d11  No.15985424

File: 2a0d55f6d4fc766⋯.jpg (155.38 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, DgO8_B1UYAA3t34.jpg)

Azur Lane right now, probably going to give the REmake2 demo a second try, or go back to Neptunia.

d726a2  No.15985488

>Literally what are you all actually playing regularly?

Russian roulette, but I lose every time. I'm considering trying it solo, I heard it's much easier that way

c58af7  No.15985509

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Infinite warfare zombies. Really fun shit, doesn't take itself seriously like treyarch zombies, and instead of making each map feels the same, every map tries whatever it wants, blending elements from various different maps

It's dumb fun, if you liked getting to high rounds in bo2 and bo1, you will like it. You didn't hear it from me, but for yuropoors, game costs 5 bucks, depending on where you look. the other 4 maps are locked behind a 60$(((Season pass))) tho, which is beyond jewish, but it drops down to as low as 25$ during sales and black friday

e7b4ea  No.15985548

Just finished Wasteland 2. Trying to figure out what to play next while I wait for AC7.

cb9596  No.15985637

File: e3d544bb12ae1e2⋯.gif (2.13 MB, 663x603, 221:201, 1426915462166.gif)

Been playing the whole Deus Ex series, currently on >>15985168 and i have to say i've been really enjoying all the games, they all have their weak and strong point, i expected a roller coaster of quality when i started, everything more or less going down from the original, but that hasn't really been the case, surprisingly i've been having fun with all of them.

000000  No.15985757

>What are you playing right now?

My Cock 2019: The Ultimate Sex Simulator

deab96  No.15985792

File: 77d68bb92835a49⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 384x224, 12:7, battle c.gif)

File: de2e6e20d7d1902⋯.jpg (285.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ghoulsghosts1-1.jpg)

File: 58dabc6287dd9dd⋯.jpg (223.74 KB, 1000x534, 500:267, D&D NIGGA.jpg)

Strictly play old arcade games, beat em ups, shmups, some platformers.

anything on console that is new is gonna be pozzed to hell. actually consoles were always kind of shitty.

dbb4be  No.15985799

I've been marathoning the ys games over the past few months, after that I'm thinking of marathoning Deus Ex, Dead Space then maybe Tales.

Multiplayer wise I have no game to unwind with and it's killing me. I have no intention of spending money on any multiplayer game so f2p is the only thing that's available, and god help me if I stoop down to playing a Hi-rez game or a Trion game because they're the only decent looking f2ps.

9b9f07  No.15985803


Have you 1cc'd a videogame?

8a9dea  No.15985848


>not trolling us with a folder called HalfLife 3

deab96  No.15985854


of course.

quite a few.

24fa76  No.15985858

File: 0aeb1e6ffaff350⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 250x250, 1:1, FB_IMG_1546643898432.jpg)

Im back into arcade racing games, been enjoying driveclub a lot. Might get the motorbike DLC soon.

9b9f07  No.15985865


Do you have an actual arcade stick like a real gamer? have you come to realize how shit dpads are

deab96  No.15985868


nope, I just use keyboard, and dpad is also fine for some games.

1f9975  No.15985940

Rainbow Six Vegas, will move onto 2 when I'm done.

4cbf01  No.15985950



dpads are fine you fucking autists.

884b79  No.15985953

Heroes of might and magic 3. Going through all the campaigns.

000000  No.15985992

Unironically, skyrim.

949385  No.15986002

Dragon's Dogma, Dragon Age: Origins, New Vegas and Skyrim are my main core right now. I may look into the Mass Effect series at some point, though I've recently rediscovered the fun of MonHun via PSP emulation.

c5df61  No.15986004


if you're playing vanilla you unironically disgust me

dc0000  No.15986033

space station 13

9f4ddd  No.15986036


If you play Mass Effect, play up to the end of ME2, the just pretend they never made anymore games.

I'm not joking.

9f4ddd  No.15986041


I would be playing those had I not played them in the years they were released.

1a3002  No.15986045


7206aa  No.15986079

File: c39715570b7ba15⋯.jpg (128.53 KB, 800x440, 20:11, Exceed3.jpg)

Ys 8, Exceed 3, and Project Diva. The only thing I know is coming out I want to play is the new Grim Dawn expansion. There is still good stuff getting made, just not much of it.


>the industry has gone into full jew mode the last two years

What the fuck are you talking about? It has been much longer than that. It has gotten worse, but it's been bad for some time now.


Playing 8 gave me the idea to play through all the games again in order on nightmare. I don't think Origins or 3 and up would be bad, but 1 and 2 would be pretty annoying I think.

000000  No.15986083


Obviously not.

deab96  No.15986087


I played them in the arcades too when they were out, but I never beat them properly (1cc), without credit feeding. Did you?

If not, then go play them

9f4ddd  No.15986111


>but I never beat them properly (1cc), without credit feeding. Did you?

of course not, they were designed so you'd feed them credits, and when you got to the point you memorized the game, you had fufilled their profit quota.

deab96  No.15986171


they're designed also for high score runs, and clearing with no deaths, giving you the proper endings or second loops that are even more difficult.

>2 hard 4 me

yes, but that's the fun and challenge.

modern games are easy turds

9992d0  No.15986178




389f5d  No.15986282


I've been thinking of playing it, I got it cheap a while ago.


KOTOR2, Arkham City/Origins and Pokemon Y. I bought a 3DS two years ago and only fired it up several weeks ago. Pokemon Y kinda sucks though…

f55da3  No.15986308

File: 02c160b239073d0⋯.png (687.91 KB, 896x502, 448:251, iterated souls.png)


>Literally what are you all actually playing regularly?

it's not brilliant, but comparing to all new shit I kinda liked it

30dd5b  No.15986366


>princess maker refine 2

>ni no kuni 2

Few games get me hyped anymore, I can't sit down and play a game that makes me feel like I'm physically ejaculating out of joy.



I played the first and enjoyed it quite a bit, is the second any good?


I used to play that quite a bit as well, it's pretty fun but there's something about it that bores me occasionally.


>arcade racing games

Have you played the game where a plane crashes onto your race track and the airport communication tower also explodes? Can't remember the name.

c58af7  No.15986376

File: df3b4fb289c086a⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 500x467, 500:467, Ayanami Raising Project.jpg)


>princess maker

is it a good game? how many are there? any similar games? I played an eva clone of it, and I liked it

083095  No.15986410

Wolfenstein 3D, Stalker SoC, Malicious Rebirth and Advanced Variable Geo.

Wanted to play The Long Dark but it keeps crashing, even with the new update.Also tried Idol Death Game TV but it's just too bland and the executions are shit so i might delete it.

30dd5b  No.15986422


An anon the same who told me to play 2 said that 1 was basically 2 but with worse graphics and less mechanics. Play 2. 3,4 and 5 are like two but newer and less gameplay and no dungeons and shit but more actual princess making. It's a pretty fun game, I'd highly recommend it. Might as well ignore the others until you're done with 2 and then check them out.

c58af7  No.15986433



How many of these did they make?

Also, what is so special about 2 that 5 doesn't have?

f65e82  No.15986434

File: eefb291fb85ac47⋯.png (88.44 KB, 300x428, 75:107, ClipboardImage.png)

Half-life 2. Believe it or not, I didn't play it until now, it's pretty fun, way better than the first, fuck off nostalgiafags.

22ace8  No.15986441


1 and 2 have combat in them, 5 does not. 5 is more make a princess and do princess things, less endings too. I'd recommend playing 2 first either way, if you don't like 2 then try 5.

They've made 5 so far I think, including the remastered versions 10.

0be3ab  No.15986446

File: 6f12e9215c6748e⋯.png (119.31 KB, 1229x899, 1229:899, Vivec spurdo.png)


Look up the OMEGA mod framework.

c58af7  No.15986448


that eva game had "Combat" in it, but it was very half assed, and I think entirely RNG based. not like it even mattered if you won or not, from what I remembered, does combat even serve any role or purpose in that game of yours?

7f801f  No.15986452


I entirely disagree.

a6eeb9  No.15986457

File: f843b3ec7e15a8b⋯.jpg (132.9 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, 97e4c261ff96ef898421b37625….jpg)

Is this the reddit shitty opinions thread?

22ace8  No.15986458


Not too much but it's a good way to get money, it's fun and you can enter your daughter into a tournament. I assume it'd change the outcome of your ending as well, there's like 88 iirc.

c58af7  No.15986460


I remember when this game was a big deal, but never bothered to play it cause fuck steam(also, my copy had like 6 different discs, and one of them didn't work)

Now, just waiting for ross to finish freeman's mind 2, at his rate, episode 3 will be out before he's finished with episode 2

7f7139  No.15986468

Completed Deus Ex a few days ago. Half-Life before that. Currently going through Bad Company 2 and Half-Life 2.

bee951  No.15986479

Playing civ 5, kinda tempting to try civ 6, how was it compared with previous one?

96e98a  No.15986487


How civil of you.

e5f5f4  No.15986496

Cultist Simulator, which is like if Sunless Sea and Solitaire had a baby . "I have no idea what I am doing" the game, really. The fact that it manages so much with cards, boxes, and little tooltips for everything is remarkable to me.

ab48a0  No.15986540

Playing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, already at hell mode and trying to get these as I play:

>Vex, Um and Ist runes(For making Silence, Duress and Chains of Honor)


>Griswold's Honor

>The Cat's Eye

>A rare glove/gauntlet that have +2 to Spear/Javelin skills, lifesteal, ASPD and +% getting magical items

9f4ddd  No.15986542

File: a2703732a1792b1⋯.jpg (298.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20161231124636_1.jpg)


You'd think there would be a lot more manager type games out there, not just princess maker, but various themes.

And I mean proper management, not weak ass tamagochi depth management.

916e61  No.15986548

Single player games usually

Mostly things on my Vita as of late

e3dc37  No.15986604

Hotline Miami 1. What happened to the Devs anyway?

7f7139  No.15986619


They made Mother Russia Bleeds like a year ago.

7f7139  No.15986621


Wait, nevermind. I am fucking retarded and that game was made by totally different guys.

e1643d  No.15986625


>Mother Russia Bleeds

Is it any good?

7f7139  No.15986631


Yeah, I heard good things about it.

d23319  No.15986637

File: 9d72b83dd9300a8⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 288x636, 24:53, Elena.jpg)

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. I'm trying to S rank the game with all the characters but to be honest I'm not having much fun with it. I have over 1000 hours on the original and most of the fun really comes from learning/creating combos and "mastering" the characters. When you actually have to play DMC4 and go through its missions (multiple times on multiple difficulties with multiple character) you realize the game is actually shit, like really fucking shit… its only saving grace being its combat system. People say DMC4 is half a game, is more like the 3rd of a game. At least the developers were self aware enough to notice the design of this game wasn't up to snuff so getting S ranks even on DMD isn't complicated but it still takes up time. Don't get me wrong, I love DMC4, I've dumper more hours in that game than almost every other game in my library but holy shit I've had forgotten how tedious this game is, it's been ages since I sat down and played the campaign because once I S ranked it years ago, I've spent most of my time on the bloody palace learning combos and fucking around with trainers, enemy waves and difficulty modifiers. Want my advice? Don't bother with this shit. Finish the game up to DMD, get SuperTrainer V9 and go have at it in the bloody palace.

Other than that I got Ys The Oath in Felghana a couple of days ago and I'm getting into the series, I quite like it so far.

a6eeb9  No.15986663


<I heard good things about it


Oh yeah?Where was that?On kotako and rocks,gayper,shotgun?

Go play the godamn game first before giving your gay opinion on it,this isn't youtube or one of the gay namefag forums you're used to shill in.


Take it from someone that actually has played the game itself the OST is top tier but everything else about the game just falls short of good.

569f7e  No.15986664


>I'm trying to [do extremely tedious completion task in a game I've already played for over 1000 hours] but to be honest I'm not having much fun with it.


fdb417  No.15986673


Shocking, someone who has shit taste.

MRB is amazing and you're a nigger.

Go back to playing Journey faggot, more your speed.

2b3ddf  No.15986680

File: 8186b288b17c7ed⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1708x2561, 1708:2561, vangoghmuseum-n0163V1962-3….jpg)


it's so bad that me and my small group of friends are going /tg/

2b3ddf  No.15986716


I'm also playing DMC4SE again and I agree with pretty much everything you said. I'm going to complete DMD with garbage ranks on all chars then go wild in Bloody Palace. Not worth spending the time on the main game.

aee9ea  No.15986730

File: 9b62a137d57f8d5⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 497x414, 497:414, frog.jpg)


>what are you all actually playing regularly?

Went back to insurgency a couple months ago. It has been my go-to shooter for a few years now, and unless something else comes along that's of better quality it will probably remain that way until the playerbase dies.

Besides that, it's been a bit of a struggle to find games that I can play regularly or that even allow themselves to be played regularly that aren't also really shit. Ironically enough I went back to For Honor last week to see what has changed. Some new armor pieces that look really nice will probably keep me playing for a couple of weeks until I get fed up with the state of the game.

After that it's just the occasional game that catches my interest/finally makes it to PC. I recently finished Yakuza 0 and Disgaea 5 (I can't really get a foot into the post-game of that one) and I kind of dropped Nioh for no reason at all, so I should really go back to it.

I never got much into old games like Doom and whatnot besides giving it a try once or twice, which is weird. They should be right up my alley.

7928c7  No.15986767


Persona 4 Golden. How games "remasters" should be handled. Don't re-release the game for at least 3 years, add more content and fix the trouble spots of the gameplay.

25985b  No.15986799

File: ad9d76fe9f7f805⋯.jpg (100.87 KB, 999x454, 999:454, ad9d76fe9f7f8059392405d842….jpg)


This, if you want good games nowadays you've gotta make your own and go /agdg/ or /tg/. Of course, the poz is still working to infest indie games and tabletops just like it has with vidya and cartoons they're even going after fucking anime, but the threat isn't as a immediate, and can more safely be ignored when all you're trying to do is have some fun in this clown world.

49f056  No.15986832


That image is perfect. That is exactly how they work. They're like fucking cancer.

5e3709  No.15986845




Game is kind of short, isn't it?

f29fea  No.15986856

File: 7c8a4b5d2609f00⋯.mp4 (7.86 MB, 640x480, 4:3, A_newfag_to_the_ac_games_t….mp4)

File: b2db82a8464294e⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 1276x668, 319:167, I_HAVE_SO_FAR_TO_GO.webm)

Going back through all the Ace combat games while the blood from my dick drains waiting for 7.

22ace8  No.15986861


>finishes what I assume to be the midgame boss

>credits roll

>assume it's just a sort of end of chapter thing, metal gear solid 5 did something similar with each mission ending

>takes me back to the main menu

Disappointing with how short it was considering I actually enjoyed myself.

835f4a  No.15986876

cb962f  No.15986892

bought a playstation mini, downloaded every songle game I played as a kid in a usb for it and have been having a nostalgiafest for the last two weeks

cb9596  No.15986987

File: 717489cedd21531⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c666063cf9746a4⋯.png (4.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e53ab2a53410ad0⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1013x1920, 1013:1920, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm fearing that.

I just got into golem city and i'm having a blast with the sights, this feels like it came from a Tsutomu Nihei manga

bcf0bc  No.15987005

File: 935acac404d7716⋯.png (219.87 KB, 400x384, 25:24, 14bed81a07452a91947f5b227d….png)

REmake 1. I keep thinking I bought it when it came out last year, but last year turned out to be 4 years ago.

be2c6d  No.15987010

File: 9b1413069999603⋯.png (211 KB, 751x1063, 751:1063, FA93434E-839A-4FCB-B6E7-15….png)

Working my way through the KH series.

Pokémon Yellow.

Ever Oasis when it arrives.

Might go back and play REDS after being let down by the REmake2 demo.

f29fea  No.15987016

File: bb4433cc86bfca1⋯.png (261.5 KB, 873x417, 291:139, YES.PNG)

File: b379689bb0ee74c⋯.png (541 KB, 997x784, 997:784, YES2.PNG)

f7469b  No.15987124


That's an ugly fucking UI

abc2fa  No.15987290

File: 396c3d0d0b575a9⋯.png (705.36 KB, 1096x610, 548:305, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a121a721c4f0114⋯.png (520.76 KB, 1083x616, 1083:616, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9aa02582bf5568d⋯.png (707.06 KB, 1077x610, 1077:610, ClipboardImage.png)

I play a lot of Il-2 Sturmovik

bc8788  No.15987812


That game could be fun if it wasn't so short.

7c06e9  No.15987842

I was given a copy of Breath of the Wild for Christmas, so I've been playing that. For all its flaws, I really enjoy climbing over random shit and gliding over peaks. It's fun

dbb4be  No.15987972


Pretty much the annoying games would be 7 and Celceta, since they are long games. How is 8 by the way? I'm currently on Celceta and I have no idea if pirating 8 would be a decent idea or not, since I'm getting pretty burned out.

7206aa  No.15988132


I really like 8. It's quite long, I'm 80 hours in and still have another chapter or so of the main game. I'm trying to do everything though, there are plenty of side quests and extra stuff to do. The one complaint I have is that sometimes there is just too much story. Like you'll have several back to back cutscenes that can eat up a lot of time. I even enjoy the story, but I think it is poorly paced at times. If you like the Celceta and 7 then you'd like 8. It's similar, but with much more content.

a6eeb9  No.15988173

File: 28d0141ffa36332⋯.jpg (851.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3.jpg)


>MRB is amazing

And what's that exactly that is amazing about it?The pixelblob "art"?The crappy excuse of a story if you even care about that shit in a beat-em up?Or maybe the stiff gameplay and unresponsive controls that sometimes may work?

So fuck you faggot,if it wasn't for the OST the game wouldn't even be worth mentioning.

27953f  No.15988205

File: 9601370f7e17079⋯.jpg (84.56 KB, 400x550, 8:11, beforeandafter.jpg)

Final Fantasy 7 on PC with hardcore mod and some graphics and translation mods

pic unrelated

95e01b  No.15988265


But hey! It's worth a torrent.

a03986  No.15988301

File: 697dbca8785274f⋯.gif (330.13 KB, 968x813, 968:813, _mother_russia_bleeds__nek….gif)


It's alright. The pixel art is nice. They really went overboard with the fantasy slav shithole with drugs, vodka and communism which makes it funny at times, and as someone mentioned, the ost is great.

Playing solo even on normal mode is difficult. There are a few bullshit stages where you have to do specific things to advance, those parts can be frustrating.

The controls feel responsive at first, they're actually a little stiff. The game is so fast it's often not worth it using special moves and combos. There are several characters you can pick, unfortunatly mobility isn't nearly as useful as damage, so a lot of them are useless. It could be a decent couch coop game, but I feel it's a little too tense and difficult for that, unless you have friends who are really into vidya.

It's decent, it could have been much better with only a few gameplay adjustments.

470a0d  No.15988315


does fapping to professional pictures of women even constitute as 3DPD? I mean, they're edited to such an extent that they're more or less a somewhat realistic drawing at this point.

a03986  No.15988318


I'm playing ds2, with scholars of the first sin. It's much better than I expected. Although I wonder how much fromsoft fucked it up when they "updated" the game, there are a lot of things that don't feel consistent in the enemy placement. And having gank squads every 5 feet is annoying.

0d7509  No.15988325

Kingdom Come for singleplayer and Guild Wars 2 for multiplayer.

As you say OP, the gaming industry has gone to shit I played very little games in 2018, and I'm a pirate, meaning modern games are so bad that I don't even want them for free

dce0c2  No.15988351


>Have you played the game where a plane crashes onto your race track and the airport communication tower also explodes? Can't remember the name.


7bbe70  No.15988471

File: 671b23c7621b0f7⋯.jpg (370.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 264710_screenshots_2019010….jpg)

File: c63686791e159e2⋯.jpg (308.95 KB, 1919x1039, 1919:1039, Fire Emblem.JPG)

I've recently beaten Subnautica and have started playing through the Fire Emblem series.

47338a  No.15988475


>started playing through the Fire Emblem series

I'm so sorry to hear that

53c508  No.15988501

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is fun to play regularly. Kingdom Come Deliverance is pretty decent too.

d58a2d  No.15988504

Got around to playing F.E.A.R. Put it on Extreme and didn't bother to use slow-mo outside of seeing what was good against the turrets. Ended up being more on edge from playing the game like SWAT than I was with any of the horror aspects. Alma's not as spooky as being ambushed by Replica troops and a robot. Wish Monolith made more like it and Shogo.

7bbe70  No.15988513

File: 11d0a141123e87d⋯.png (197.61 KB, 440x440, 1:1, Brachy.png)


Does it really get that bad?

dcd724  No.15988532

File: 408bf94b4ab7d51⋯.jpg (173.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ancientplayboybunny.jpg)

FFXII on PC at the moment. Only played it for a couple of hours on an emulator a few years ago. It's pretty fun with the overlay map and speed-up button. I apparently didn't pick the most optimal jobs for my characters. But it seems like the game is balanced enough that they're still perfectly serviceable.


Just finished that. Really good game. Still waiting for Kiwami to come out on Steam.

b938ff  No.15988586


I keep bouncing off of FEAR 2. It's amazing how much it completely fucks everything up, the only thing that's better about it is environmental detail. FEAR 3 had trash level design but at least playing as Fettel was fun.

I'm still fond of it like Resident Evil 5 because I've never played them solo.

I keep rotating between Devil Daggers, F-Zero GX, and Brigador. Games I can't play for more than an hour.

6d1b2c  No.15988587

mario and luigi paper jam

3bbf81  No.15988607

File: 9b83d46dc76333b⋯.jpg (93.42 KB, 1095x799, 1095:799, r6 3.jpg)

Trying to play R6 3 missions but dont know how to get the server working.

2f28fc  No.15988616

File: 2686e53a014125b⋯.jpg (162.19 KB, 755x643, 755:643, 1400887099242.jpg)


Just remember to stop playing after Radiant Dawn.

deab96  No.15988652

File: ffd5a0e7502b286⋯.jpg (51.89 KB, 750x397, 750:397, gng game over.jpg)

File: 29f9af4903a681d⋯.jpg (172.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gng3.jpg)

>dark souls

>dodge spamming is hard

oh you sweet sweet summer children.

I'm working on GnG atm. Now THAT is a hard RPG, and no gay elf shit in it.

47338a  No.15988663


>oh you sweet sweet summer children.


3bbf81  No.15988669

File: b922aa660c8e783⋯.png (674.33 KB, 510x548, 255:274, Jester.png)


>after a week or two finally beat the game

>Satan sends me back to the begining

43be1d  No.15988670

File: dca5c0eb3b46a31⋯.jpg (79.81 KB, 546x700, 39:50, Unreal_RTNP.jpg)

Unreal: Return to Na Pali. Not as good as the original (heard it's mostly made of leftovers) but it's still enjoyable enough.

259e47  No.15988720

File: 406bb43a5786a28⋯.jpg (233.42 KB, 850x1168, 425:584, this is hard.jpg)


>beat the game

"beating" GnG means clearing 2 loops without using a continue. Kinda like many shmups.

3bbf81  No.15988754


ive never played many shmups, only ever beat em ups, any good ones out there?

43be1d  No.15988767

File: e66d1faaf643181⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 52238.jpg)

File: 4c0084d5655b3e9⋯.jpg (3.92 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 2838.jpg)


Ever played the sequel… I mean, the other sequel-that-was-not-really? Check this smelly piece of eurojank.

0ce966  No.15988791

for more than few hours a week, in the last few months I'm playing beat saber, sometimes civ for one quick game of 15 hours or so, nothing else get me catched for long.

259e47  No.15988908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


so many good ones but the learning curve is brutal.

If you're a beginner I would suggest Gradius Gaiden, Gradius 4 or 5, Prehistoric Isles 2, MUSHA (genesis), Steel Empire for the 3DS and its on steam I think, Raiden DX, Raiden Fighters.

If you want to dive in the deep end, then try DoDonPachi Daioujou, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUD3fvziw6w

I mainly play Progear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VfKHRWSY7U

and DDP Daioujou.

But Batrider, Ketsui, Dragon Blaze, Mushihimesama, Garegga, Sorcer Striker are other big names. But they are quite challenging for beginners imo.

check out cuckchan /vg/ /shmupg/ if you wanna learn more.

4a3ae8  No.15989045

Decided to try out Mass Effect again. Found some texture mods for it but got some errors on installing them. Errors most likely from a cracked version and the only response on nexus was :^) just buy it goyim.

fa720a  No.15989110

File: 96be082198f95df⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Yi will regret this

460dd6  No.15989286

File: 07275732b2746cf⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 220x272, 55:68, wolverine.jpg)


Xmen Origins Wolverine. I think this game could've been something if they had more time or a slightly bigger budget or maybe a sequel. It's a mess of a game but I really enjoy how visceral it is and Jackman reprising his role (often a rarity in these types of games) give it extra points.

5dc785  No.15989321


I've got a couple things going. I usually like to have one serious sit down and play game and one game that I'll play while watching JewTube or something. So, my serious "game":


I've been on a visual novel kick recently. I've never played Clannad before or seen the anime. I heard it's one of the best. Just finished my first route about an hour ago. I quite like it so far, but I chose the wrong route to do first (Nagisa). The story doesn't really end so much as stop, which I assume is taken care of by the after story. Probably should have looked up a route guide, but in a visual novel I always like my first playthrough to be as genuine as possible, choosing what I would actually do in the different scenarios. I'm going to reference a no spoiler walkthrough for the other girls though. There's so many choices, and I don't even think I MET some of the girls. As for my side game:

>Wario Land 2

I'm really having a lot of fun. I like the exploration, the light puzzle solving, the transformations, just about everything. I wish they had made more instead of turning the Wario series into "micro-game" collections.

546c1e  No.15989328

mobas call of duty wow and gone home

d6a2e8  No.15989463

File: fff1b954b1c979d⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 582x960, 97:160, aposematism.jpg)

Literally literally? I'm putting around with every golf game anons brought up and doing weird shit to OFP, OpenTDD finally, as I knew it was inevitable, same goes for Panzer Corps and Panzer General and the various open ports. Open Panzer may have an odd visual quality but it is dense with scenarios.

0913f8  No.15989476

steamworld dig when im on my shitty laptop and burnt out from college / work, dota when i hate my life and want to find a excuse to finally end my miserable existence

yes, i am looking and open to new game suggestions

6a5f19  No.15989489

Off and on I've been replaying all the old Halos with one of the nurses I work with at the hospital, and then CK2 on my PC. I have been eyeing to restart Grim Dawn as I finished it back when it wasn't finished and want to see the new content, and I just recently acquired Ancestor's Legacy and heard good stuff about it so I'll boot that up one of these days

d6a2e8  No.15989514


You're not close to done yet. Read the shitty thread and see if something tickles your fancy.

0913f8  No.15989546


Dragons Dogma's in my backlog that I saw mentioned earlier in the thread that I've been tempted to jump into it, same with Edge of Eternity.

Issue is I'm just not in a state where I can devote a fuckton of time to games anymore so unsure if Dragons Dogma is right for me.

Right now I'm just kinda waiting for Star Renegades to release (played it at PAX and really enjoyed it)

d97c83  No.15989585

Right now warband, factorio, and HM back to nature are my go-to games. Probably adding either yakuza kiwami 2, dqxi, or EDF5 to the mix soon, depending on my mood.

d97c83  No.15989600


Dragons dogma is fun. Slow start, but once you get into it, it's great. Do yourself a favor and experiment. Try everything and dont worry about the endgame. You can get through BBI on normal with a versatile build. High end builds are for playing BBI on the hardest difficulty.

e6a3ac  No.15990319


Holy shit is that caterpillar real

fd40e1  No.15990326


Door Kickers. It is like a topdown SWAT puzzle game. Add in some co-op, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far.

cb6ce4  No.15990340

File: 4ccb0bb79bbaf37⋯.jpg (176.88 KB, 1261x959, 1261:959, ffxiv_woke_migrants_mercha….jpg)


Final Fantasy XIV

4d5525  No.15990362

File: 88eb1eac9ba6c7e⋯.png (382.97 KB, 800x646, 400:323, champ by default.png)

I started both Devil Summoner Raidou and Persona 5, i balance it by playing one in the day and one at night.

I'm only at the beginning, but i'm liking both so far.

5e3709  No.15990390

File: d1963ba4e8b073f⋯.mp4 (15.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, vs. Maria.mp4)

I am playing Bloodborne. I think I'm having fun

9ce64d  No.15990397

File: 06f2c73dca9c56b⋯.png (2.12 KB, 170x19, 170:19, pol_2018-10-25_01-38-21.png)


Final Fantasy XI

5e3be8  No.15994953

theHunter Call of the Wild on the comfy Taiga map while I listen to podcasts. Katamiri Reroll, Rimworld, Broforce, Yakuza 0, Injustice 2, EDF 4, Rocksmith, The Guild 2, X4 and The Talos Principle.



b4f88c  No.15994998


Subnautica again, I hate the devs for firing that guy coz le ebil nahtzee when he stated an opinion but it's still a fun game. Atmosphere is great.

797466  No.15995103



>play up to the end of ME2

Play also the Overlord DLC but avoid The Arrival.

b5baab  No.15996206


Wow, patch 1.12.1.

ee0444  No.15996230


I'm basically just waiting for Ace Combat 7 at this point

8766d5  No.15996238

File: a437ea33bf4ff0b⋯.png (410.57 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 6305556806525ed37b0c3d8e3b….png)



I cringed.

6a5f19  No.15996240


>cuckchannel meme

I cringed

29b7d6  No.15996354

File: 586e07385942976⋯.webm (4.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, You think you do, but you….webm)

File: 9068c587591bd45⋯.jpg (147.57 KB, 722x941, 722:941, gpUzj0a.jpg)

File: 9665a14d6e4e476⋯.jpg (342.57 KB, 1092x3524, 273:881, 76vXOo0.jpg)

File: 2f595a2a3f50c84⋯.jpg (244.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e29gVH8.jpg)




I wondered what our vidya was lacking as I wandered from game to game, enjoying the open world paradox. I have found this to be the ultimate truth in these last few years. Freedom is important, even in our entertainment. More so now that our real life freedoms erode by the day. Take the Elder Scrolls series for example. Early versions were more akin to tabletop, compared to the newer more limited games. Immitation proliferates far too quickly and spawns hollow shells of their progenitors. A return to roots is in order.

8766d5  No.15996377

File: b58205b53e2b4eb⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 900x900, 1:1, b58205b53e2b4eb5c8690b299d….jpg)


>cuckchannel meme meme

I cringed

3fead9  No.15996399

File: 4c09bc2f8e07218⋯.jpg (135.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Image24.jpg)

Currently playing All White People are Evil, AKA Horizon Zero Dawn. Well, I just beat it, now I guess I'll just finish off collecting all the things or something. Brother bought it. It's differently awful from Breath of the Fifty Million Square Miles of Fucking Nothing, AKA Link's Brittle Adventure.

00f246  No.15996411

File: 46b8ff5ce5e7cf5⋯.jpg (961.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Let it Die pic.jpg)

e5c9f8  No.15996423

File: 234808048e9949b⋯.jpg (426.4 KB, 1400x944, 175:118, serveimage.jpg)


I mostly play PS1/PS2 games. I am replaying Dark Cloud 2 but in Japanese this time. Did you guys know it was censored?

ff00ff  No.15996432


Im playing the PAL version, care to explain what did they censor?

bf398d  No.15996445

File: 37c46ae61c3a072⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 540x332, 135:83, bd229649213cba4066ca55dd4e….jpg)



I cringed

e5c9f8  No.15996458


I'm not done with the Japanese version yet, but I noticed at least two instances where they removed references to alcohol. The "grape juice" that the firbits like so much is wine in the original version, and the "barrel cannon" item is a wine barrel in the original version but a water barrel in the English version.

Also this line was changed even though it was in English to begin with.

Original: https://youtu.be/NNKwEVbpOsU?t=701

Localization: https://youtu.be/EO5Tzx18B6U?t=176

ff00ff  No.15996552


>That scene

>Changing wine to grape juice even if its still obvious what it is

Localization, not even once

e5c9f8  No.15996639

File: 14185ea7472ceb2⋯.png (137.58 KB, 606x959, 606:959, 83b6c043eced25606f4fc249b8….png)



428dc3  No.15996646

Lineage 2

546c1e  No.15996682


wow that looks staged

9a453a  No.15996711

resident evil 2

tried parasite eve 2 and dino crisis but couldnt feel them.

cd9514  No.15996771

Ragnarok M. It's cozy and closer to what I wanted ToS to be like.

9fd505  No.15996832

Dragon Age Origins, Left 4 Dead 2 points server, FFXI private server, Final Fantasy Tactics and emulating retro games

e15908  No.15996847


DCS World, it's an autistic simulator game. Think Train Simulator but for fighter jets.

And like Train simulator, the 'planes' in the game cost an arm and a leg. The Hornet is 80 dollars.

The tradeoff is that it's a 1:1 recreation of it.

Simshit is always expensive and I'm probably feeding a bad company by playing it.

ac7a88  No.15996848

Rainbow Six: Siege and a game from a company that shall not be named

e5c9f8  No.15996854


>supporting ubishit

Kill yourself.

543b6e  No.15996869


Im playing real life. Im working and grinding my character

1d418d  No.15996874

File: ecc01ddcc30614c⋯.jpg (187.96 KB, 1093x731, 1093:731, gta.jpg)


The past couple of decades, it's been GTA.

I've sunk about 3500 hours into each game on average, and currently sitting at about 2500 hours in GTAV. But it was around June that I just sort of stopped playing. No real reason, I suppose that I feel like I'm done. Like I've finally had my fill.

Since then, it's been mostly twin-stick shooters. Smash TV, Nuclear Throne, Crimsonland, etc.

a9826f  No.15996878


0c9f83  No.15996884


>nuclear throne

i hope you pirated it instead of giving rami ismael your dosh

0f7174  No.15996921

File: 60ee1fb98acdaa6⋯.jpg (341.15 KB, 960x1176, 40:49, Niggers in tokyo.jpg)

Etrian odyssey 5. So far like four it's hard but fun. My only gripe is that I don't know how to properly build harbinger and necromancer. For necro I want to build her as a healer/tank up until I get advanced classes and from that point I want to make her into a tank attacker. So for now I added two points into poison bomb and flame bomb.

1d418d  No.15996923

File: 7be8cd5b3fd3845⋯.jpg (25.14 KB, 317x320, 317:320, chocolate unicorn.jpg)


I think it was part of some bundle that was gifted to me over the years, since it's one of those phantom games that appeared in my library and I have no idea how the fuck it got there.

1179b7  No.15996943



Play the Chronicles versions of 1&2. Use 8 directional mode, not full analog

For 3, while the original is a decent game in it's own right, play Oath in Felghana instead. It takes the sidescrolling areas and converts them into a fully 3 dimensional environment.

c73e74  No.15996951


Really enjoying it, the enemy and level variety are finally picking up with the Titan missions. The Scourge ambushes were a nightmare but it seems like they only pulled that gimmick for one level.

>Prime Mover

Tougher than I anticipated, although I'm down to the last eight puzzles. The mechanics are pretty interesting but I was disappointed that more than half of the campaign is ripped off directly from TIS-100, and the other half is pretty similar to other TIS puzzles.

2fa747  No.15996956

>Mount & Blade: Warband

Funny thing is, i was actually about to start a recent most likely shitty AAA-trash of a game the "Agents of Mayhem" I like Saints Row, even 3&4 to an extent so sue me but…

>disc space required 51gb's

Yeah nah fuck it, wont even fit on my ssd unless i delet other vidya for fuck sakes!

6fe0d3  No.15996990

File: 096e332f4b92f4e⋯.jpg (76.43 KB, 760x756, 190:189, 096e332f4b92f4ea6a04059528….jpg)


Is that era group still going?

My computer died around thanksgiving and by the time I got replacement parts the server updated so I never got my shit back together figuring it was dead. I haven't seen a new thread in a while so I never bothered to check.

0e1086  No.15996991


I thought 8 directional was necessary for properly side attacking basic monsters but analog seemed like it would be better for bosses if you could master it.

b8f61e  No.15997044

FE8 with randomized classes.

Randomizer needs a sanity check option to prevent everyone from being an armor knight or priest.

307cc8  No.15997049

Killing Floor 2.

I think now that it's out of early access, it probably a alright sequel to the original. excluding the mico–transaction bullshit.

797466  No.15997054


There's a double EXP until the 18th.

9992d0  No.15997071

File: 2d5b7abe7fb72d4⋯.jpg (261.37 KB, 1280x1803, 1280:1803, 1.jpg)


The only people who hate DkS3 are DkS2 autist who think babies first Souls game will be vindicated if they trash Miyazaki games.


ok fine, I'll answer seriously. This mount I've been rotating between playing DQ11, MHW, MHGU, NSMB Deluxe, vs. SMB and occupationally SSBU.

9c0977  No.15997075


307cc8  No.15997084


Anon I love you(no homo)

9992d0  No.15997092

File: ee7b834d026e0ac⋯.jpg (331.01 KB, 1280x1847, 1280:1847, 9.jpg)


>G'nG games

>practically zero RNG

its just a matter of simple memorization.

a266f5  No.15997141

File: ee3b1e17fc31597⋯.png (572 KB, 1039x677, 1039:677, a nigger brings hapinness ….png)


Old games are the way to go for me, just started this little bastard some days ago and i am planning on playing ff 9 once i finish this.

yes, that's the name for all my characters on this play-through

6e3a44  No.15997172


I've never tried analog against bosses, but 8-directional mode ensures that you can hit all enemies with properly aligned charges. Analog honestly seems likes it's there just because someone would complan if it wasn't, but it creates such a detriment throughout, with the slightest misalignment resulting in a quick death

01a567  No.15997196

Finishing up a playthrough of Nioh. Extremely frustrating and grindy at times yet I keep going back.

59ef69  No.15997208

File: 6d235339ba8f29e⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 726x900, 121:150, 6d235339ba8f29e7874d0b2cd4….jpg)

Project 1999, Nethack, Angband, SS13, Enter the Gungeon, and Xonotic are the games I regularly play. Currently working through the PSP Monster Hunter games, I'm on Freedom2 right now.

Please forgive my phone posting, no bully

9ce64d  No.15997210

File: 256cc1ea71aafa3⋯.png (17.36 KB, 342x288, 19:16, slut2.png)



I'm not playing on Era. It's retail.

6efa44  No.15997225



How is it? How do you have fun? I want to get back into but I can't find fun content that I could get into.

9ce64d  No.15997232


Fucktons of content with almost all old content still being relevant. Devs released a letter at the turn of the year stating their plans for the year.

e316e0  No.15997244

File: 1da307cb6475f6f⋯.png (241.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1da307cb6475f6fb61fb05c392….png)

System shock

9ce64d  No.15997252


Forgot to add, yeah I'm having fun. There is always something to do because so much content.

6efa44  No.15997277



I guess I should be more direct, because you seem to be missing what I'm asking: What would one do after he reaches 99 with RoE gear, if he wants get back into the game? I've read guides that are all about the gear treadmill. I just want to get in and start fighting shit and feeling challenged or at least test out my job.

9ce64d  No.15997294


There really is no gear treadmill post adoulin. It's all about min maxing sets for specific use just like at 75 cap. You'll use shit from UNMs, Escha, Reisenjima, Divergence, Omen, Ambuscade. You don't move from one to the next. All of them are useful. Sidegrades are an important thing again since RoV came out. During SoA era, not so much.

c829d2  No.15997310

File: 79dbd98cd0deff0⋯.jpg (184.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, god-of-war-.jpg)

Since my brother bought it months ago, I finally decided to give NuGod of War a shot.

It's a not a bad game by any means, I have no serious complaints, but I don't know what worse the fact this got Game of the Year, or the fact that it probably really is the best game to come out in 2018. At least when it comes to the west.

My main complaints come from the fact that this is a game that calls itself God of War, but the gameplay on a fundamental level is nothing like what God of War was.

Sure it's got the Flashyness and Iconography of Kratos and the Blades of Chaos, but it just doesn't feel anywhere near as good as the classic games. I still need to level them up a bunch so maybe they'll get a little better, but so far the Blades of Chaos are far shittier then they should be.

The Blades were one of the greatest Weapons in any game, They were effective and satisfying in all of the right ways, now they can be deflected of an enemies shield, when before their was a combo specifically for breaking enemy shield that now no longer works.

The devs who made this game clearly didn't care about preserving how great the gameplay of the series was in any form.

All that being said it's a solid well crafted game. It's just not God of War.

Still at least it doesn't shit on the old games like DmC did just the opposite actually I feel a little smug every time Kratos is right about something and the kid isn't. So I can appreciate the game as it's own thing and a new direction for a story that really had no business continuing after the first game anyway. Nothing is ever going to top Ares anyway, so i'm not so attached to this series that I need it to remain the same forever.

The main differences between new and old. The games used to be Fast Paced and Brutal, the new one is Slow and Chill as fuck.

6efa44  No.15997315


Well what's a good place to start if I just want to start killing things with minimal start up?

9ce64d  No.15997332


Ambuscade +1 gear is easy to get, escha tier 1s can be done on most jobs solo.

9ce64d  No.15997337


Also, look through the list of 128 or lower UNMs. It's easy to get shout groups for those and they have a lot of great accessories and a few good weapons.

6efa44  No.15997345



Thanks for the info. I'll look it to it all.

8a9cd3  No.15997411

I'm playing the first Kotor. I can already see the hamfisted attempts to be subtle about "bigotry" and being a dark sith is about as subtle as twisting a knife in the wound of a baby.

e5c9f8  No.15997420


>or the fact that it probably really is the best game to come out in 2018. At least when it comes to the west.

You forget about Kingdom Cum?

8a9cd3  No.15997428


It runs like ass on my pee cee.

389f5d  No.15997440


I'm not too sure tbh, I haven't fired it up yet. Based on replies in this thread it would appear short-lived. I have the (((dlc))) included however I'm unaware if it fleshs it out to a satisfactory level.

c829d2  No.15997454


I mean I haven't played it, so I can't really speak for how good it is. but at the same time that's if you count Europe as "the west"

I mean is that how it works? I honestly don't know.

a9a185  No.15997468

File: 9478897773699d5⋯.png (108.48 KB, 480x272, 30:17, snap021.png)

Almost done with this game. It's pretty decent but the driving is mediocre as hell.

20b240  No.15997538


So… are you changing the subject or did the image go over your head?

88df30  No.15998003


Fallout of Nevada, and then I'll play the Fallout 2 Megapack.

I installed ATOM here but meh. It's gonna wait.

546c1e  No.15998011


>being triggered by kotor

9b9f07  No.15998038

File: b9db3365695190f⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 360x480, 3:4, skull.jpg)

>monster boy: and the meme kingdom

<doesn't build some boss gimmicks ingrained or familiar enough for the player, for example the down stomp and the bee hive are only used once to feel intuitive aganist the snake boss, the rotating bullshit also was used at the entrance only in the temple against the dragon boss thing, shit level design

<equipment powerleveling, you get a double jump shoe then a double jump shoe that can step on clouds, what the fuck

<lava level looks like shit

<music isn't good

>the game looks pretty

metroidvanias are almost bottom of the barrel garbage

4b3c63  No.15998040

normalfag roommmate likes to play rust so I play with him on a solo/duo/trio server. Otherwise I play ironman on Runescape.I haven't been able to find a game I can play regularly because most of my steam backlog are hex-grid RPGs that take too long to learn to become fun. Maybe I'm just a brainlet.

a9007a  No.15998069

Morrowind and MMBN3.

781128  No.15998091

File: 5fd21921f7d25ff⋯.mp4 (2.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lovely city.mp4)

I've been running through Lovely Planet recently. It's one of those games I recall hearing about now and again and pretty sure it what I heard was good, but I can't remember specifically what was said and it's all hazy.

I thought it would be an overly simple and easy shooter with a plain cutsey aesthetic, but it's actually more challenging than I thought. It's actually a fluid and fast-paced shooter that's pretty easy early on (though it feels like it would be much harder if I weren't already used to shooters), but the later levels get pretty difficult and require some quick and precise reactions. It gets a little more difficult when you realize the game has no-miss and time challenges. There are even secrets, but between those challenges and overall level design it feels like the game is deterring you from finding them. Shooting feels good, but between the lack of crosshair and weapon placement, I constantly feel like shots aren't going where I think they should.

The music is also pretty great and nails the aesthetic and gameplay flow.

498f82  No.15998124


shut your whore mouth, don't let these normalfags find out.

949385  No.15998390

9d33ed  No.15998440

File: 2986412f51fd679⋯.mp4 (9.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2019-01-12 21-49-15-muxed.mp4)

Resonance of Fate.

I don't know if the three Mad Goliath fight is bugged on PC or if I accidentally found a trick to beating them, but they killed themselves at full HP.

06fc05  No.15998472

Playing through Blood for the first time on Lightly Broiled.

Just finished Cryptic Passage, about to move on to the Plasma Pak. Passage's outsourcing was rather obvious, but it was at least a fair shake at the design of the original 4 episodes, and some of it struck the vein.

4a750b  No.15998487


Is it good?

6b1ae6  No.15998585


>if you count Europe as "the west"

Are you retarded per chance?

d46edf  No.15999938


>Life is tumblr vampyr

>Mafia 3

>Sniper Elite 4

>Homefront The Rev…

>Far Cry 5

You have shit taste. I hope that I just fell for bait.

Can somebody drop a list of newer playworthy games? I feel like I ran out of games which are actually fun and not just tedious.

d46edf  No.15999941


That was garbage. Mechanically and storywise.

c73e74  No.15999945

File: de2815bbee17113⋯.jpg (10.11 MB, 2480x7066, 1240:3533, dd1589eda62f19a7e98f12bd2e….jpg)


This is the last update I saw from chartanon, it's a couple months old

d46edf  No.16000016


>2018 was such a shit year for vidya

Already played through Yakuza 0.

It was cheesy but ok i guess. Was really stupid that you can't play the substories at the end of the game

I'm gonna try having some autism fun in x4 foundations

Anyone knows how Kenshi is?

fbf9b9  No.16000053

town of salem, it's the only thing that can hold my attention

d46edf  No.16000054

>tfw piratebay only has the update for the cracked game but not the cracked game itself

9992d0  No.16000080


>obra Dinn

>hero u


>super daryl

too many unadulterated garbage indieshitz for that list to be valid.

4bc4df  No.16000081


sauce on that slut?

d46edf  No.16000099


You got some better games? I'm still dry.

0d521a  No.16000107


start with monster boy

d46edf  No.16000112


>2d indie games

please no.

That market is 100000% oversaturated

9992d0  No.16000118


better games then Hero U and super daryl? If you think they are good games they you are beyond salvation.

d46edf  No.16000133


>If you think they are good games they you are beyond salvation.

I'm not. I wan't something like a Gothic from 2018

0fc0aa  No.16000141


I just started, what do I need to do to use the airship. I want to go around and try out all the jobs already.

cc734b  No.16000148


iirc that's the final part of the tutorial phase, afterwards you're free to switch jobs. even then it just to show you how to get to other cities (and learn their jobs).

0fc0aa  No.16000164


I can switch jobs, I just can't fly to the other cities yet. Guess I'll just have to stop sidetracking and focus on the main scenario till they give me that airpass.

9992d0  No.16000183


MM11, MHW, DQ11 and SSBU where the best games last year. KC:D gets an honorable mention for being based.

dc0000  No.16000194


I never saw the appeal, I just want more game dungeon.

d46edf  No.16000195


What a shitty year. Recommend something from the past years.

d46edf  No.16000217


>KC:D gets an honorable mention for being based.


>Here another digital holocaust


That's what everyone did since we lost ww2. How is that based?

cc734b  No.16000265


ah right, now I remember. yeah, msq gives you a reason to go there, so need to do that first. mount and most stuff is tied to it, so best do that shit first.


I'd assume because even if it's the same he didn't cave to retarded SJWs.

9d33ed  No.16000332

File: 7dc1277b3e32097⋯.jpg (630.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Clipboard04.jpg)


I enjoy the game enough that this is my 2nd playthrough. I first played it back on PS3, but now I get to take screenshots and videos at a decent resolution.

Sequel never ever

6fe0d3  No.16000375

File: 0bb93d8b9175085⋯.jpg (22.67 KB, 350x440, 35:44, 1468363728315.jpg)


Fug. I was hoping you were from the Era group a few months back. I want to get back into it but It's not as fun without the camaraderie. And since I still remember what the game was like before SoA and the level cap hike, playing retail nowadays is completely out of the question.

I guess I just wait for another thread to turn up then. One gets made about it every few months and it's getting to be about that time again.

4a750b  No.16000395


Nice, the girl looks cute.

I'll give it a shot once I'm done with my other stuff.

c0c692  No.16000397

File: 0b891ecf274c53d⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 225x225, 1:1, descarga.jpg)


Parasite Eve 1

Just finished the Crysler Building, so onto the next game I guess.

What a ride tho, I get super comfy whenever I play this game

9992d0  No.16000403

File: 9853c4750104d86⋯.png (338.39 KB, 934x709, 934:709, ClipboardImage.png)


>Kingdom Come Deliverance




and redpilled (you) fucking nigger

e185ae  No.16000440


Try >>>100571

cba814  No.16000445

File: 3b548a2405d1d6c⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 620x335, 124:67, wipeout2048.jpg)

Wipeout 2048. Looks like a downgrade to the previous titles so far - soundtrack is worse and you start with ONE FUCKING UNLOCKED CAR. Gonna play a little more though - maybe it gets better.

e185ae  No.16000448

9d33ed  No.16000449


Just remember it's a typical Jap port so increase your page file to 24GB so the audio doesn't cut out or stutter :^)

4a6923  No.16000453

File: 66a1ec2e17fe97f⋯.png (117.65 KB, 257x352, 257:352, Cock.png)




we moved the thread over to /vg/ because there was zero interest in here and threads would just die with 0 replies.


we are still playing and going strong, just yesterday we did the Sacrarium part of CoP and we're moving into Promyvion vahzl on friday.

182df4  No.16000456


>bohemians get invaded by hungarians led by an austrian, based on real events

>its germanophobia! jewish propaganda!

I thnk you need to stop being such a sperg.

953875  No.16000457

File: 3b930519dd03d15⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 434x461, 434:461, 1429555857379.jpg)

GTA: 5 online with my m8s. it's a good time going around making money off of each other's crime syndicate and being anarchists who go toe to toe with waves of police otherwise. it's a good time.

6efa44  No.16000461


I asked about retail.

cc0d2c  No.16000463

File: baa0787796db4ae⋯.png (495.46 KB, 953x1282, 953:1282, baa0787796db4ae0869d5c8c6b….png)

e65e6a  No.16000468

File: 84f74a32d7b8729⋯.jpg (136.11 KB, 394x564, 197:282, A_bit_misleading_picture.jpg)


It's pretty good. Not quite like TIS or ShenZhen.

Its way, way easier, allowing more "brute force" solutions and all the restrictions are pretty much trivial. I liked earlier titles better because of the strict limits. and focus on real life math problems. Not like "solve if prime lol", like that 2dboy game. Fuck those games.

That been said:

The insane absolute fucking scale of possible solutions that you can use to solve the problems in this game is close to infinite. I love it!

4a6923  No.16000469

File: 963b3181250e764⋯.png (177.9 KB, 551x230, 551:230, ClipboardImage.png)


i had to suck goblin cock for 3 months but it was worth it.

c73e74  No.16000614

File: 96218498dde9fc5⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 6.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cerebral Cortex.mp4)


>It's way, way easier

You might rethink that after finishing the campaign. Not to say that Zach didn't intentionally make it more forgiving, the tweak to line limits makes that pretty clear, but the later puzzles are easily as hard if not harder than the endgame puzzles of Shenzhen and TIS, as long as you're talking about main campaigns and not bonus content.


The Vita version or the PS4 version? I'd hate to play that at 30fps

e6a3ac  No.16000696


>Shintaro Kago

Ito's better

e65e6a  No.16000745

File: ea43be890e5c6b3⋯.webm (11.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Progressive_numbers.webm)


oh Jesus fuck! do you know the "9billion people game"? What a fucking mess that is. Makes these actually good games look even better. Numbers just work, unless they are progressive.

23b369  No.16000802

File: 52500e75c796913⋯.jpg (242.55 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Transhuman Beauty.jpg)

File: 3777d94e3d49459⋯.jpg (158.51 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Yep.jpg)

Regularly is Endless Legend. Currently is Tropico 4. Soon to be EDF 5 when I finally buy a console.


Make sure to smuggle those refugee augs for the dyehair I hate that I bought that game

ef2a8b  No.16000810

File: 8d9a83232a8971a⋯.jpg (122.02 KB, 1148x594, 574:297, the messenger.jpg)

Recently finished the messenger, quite liked it and looking forward to the free dlc coming up.

Now playing a dark souls mod called daughters of ash which changes a lot of things it seems, i hope it doesn't turn out bad

c73e74  No.16000861


I don't think I do, is that Human Resource Machine or something different?

There's also Octopticom, which caught my eye recently, looks pretty good.

8ab267  No.16000875

File: c6be7ca5d12c2cd⋯.png (805.95 KB, 990x557, 990:557, ClipboardImage.png)


I posted about it in the steam sales thread but I got Foxhole (early access) and have been sinking hours into it. It's _Fun_ for what it's worth, I got it for free though.

037c4b  No.16000893

File: 9387f3e70d00848⋯.png (380.14 KB, 1000x593, 1000:593, ClipboardImage.png)


Nex Machina, Divinity Original Sin, and lately Dark Souls 1 mod Daughters Of Ash. Probably will get back on my backlog for finishing games I never did. (Scratches, Grim Dawn for example)


It's pretty decent so far, but I've been feeling a bit aimless in direction.

682a06  No.16000926

What was that one game where the dev goes on about how you aren't the chosen one but just some guy and how the tutorial doesn't hold your hand. I didn't really care for the pandering, but it looked alright but I completely forget what it's called.

df2c61  No.16000964

File: 746c7960c68935b⋯.webm (6.46 MB, 846x634, 423:317, hl.webm)

Half-Life and its expansions. I forgot that it's technically a horror game, what with shit like this.

df2c61  No.16000966

File: ecbf68697ce21e4⋯.webm (12.78 MB, 844x634, 422:317, blushft.webm)


And this.

31ff76  No.16000983

* Sakura Dungeon


* Torchlight 2



* Meltys Quest

* Wasteland 2

28e0e6  No.16001006

File: d5dad3e76fce3d9⋯.jpeg (90.06 KB, 520x750, 52:75, 18D5B460-2AFA-4C97-8AB4-8….jpeg)


BO4 Blackout is the shit. Treyarch = future of FPS imho.

7ce05f  No.16001963

Enter the gungeon

fun game

e93eff  No.16002018

File: 7bec7e038a3ba6e⋯.png (257.88 KB, 1409x815, 1409:815, inb4 le filters meme.png)

File: 846352d90035bfd⋯.png (117.23 KB, 800x598, 400:299, ivan.png)

File: 79a863f8a1f53e0⋯.png (865.95 KB, 901x673, 901:673, kain.png)



Homm 3, IVAN, CK2 and DF.

>right now

Playing FF1, newest version of IVAN and LoK: BO. FF1 gives me those old comfy feels I used to have back when I was a kid. It's interesting how it hasn't aged that much since the 80s.

85914e  No.16002364



If you like that style of horror play Half-Life: Echoes later.

d2fdb8  No.16002490


Second this. It's really good. Like, better than the base game and its expansions. However it likes to crash when loading certain stages and there's nothing you can do when they happen.

797466  No.16002558

f1c462  No.16002671


Hyrule Warriors on the Switch. It's mindless grinding, but I can't seem to put it down. Definitely better than the Wii U version.

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