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File: 4e297b986294734⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, es6.mp4)

2abb83  No.15985944

The previous entry was decent. My biggest wish for this latest entry is for it to have no dark skinned people and no gay romance options this time around. Aka, the biggest flaws of the last game.

29c724  No.15985948

>The previous entry was decent

No it wasn't.

90a650  No.15985959

Nice try, Reddit

2abb83  No.15985964


How would you have fixed 5 then?

0c2a81  No.15985971

File: f2501864f1fea61⋯.jpg (477.61 KB, 800x3176, 100:397, Elderscrolls Stealth Arche….jpg)


>not wanting redguards

>not wanting the guys who raided other dimensions by cutting through space and time with their super sharp scimitars that have been folded a thousand times

>not wanting to slaughter dark skinned bandits

shit taste fam and a poor attempt to appeal

also what is it? last one was skyrim, where is this one set?

e3334f  No.15985998

File: 298105d41f6d143⋯.jpg (385.52 KB, 1246x2714, 623:1357, regular people vs christia….jpg)


>no dark skinned people and no gay romance options

bf005b  No.15986005

>skyrim 2 thread


702c70  No.15986008

It'll be set in Hammerfell you stupid fucking cunt.

c93eec  No.15986012

File: b9118107d743651⋯.png (1.15 MB, 900x675, 4:3, 8e2b5a7d86a4c49ef030b5a44e….png)

Elder scrolls has always been shit and anybody who likes any of the games has shit taste

bdab3d  No.15986013



178d1b  No.15986024

File: ab34b00bfbaea7b⋯.jpg (40.12 KB, 639x755, 639:755, todd disliked that.jpg)

353d7c  No.15986104


>implying it won't be Fallout 4 but even worse

68aecc  No.15986156

File: 07ed6e4de6f5ddc⋯.jpg (52.08 KB, 600x654, 100:109, 1438282483947 (1).jpg)


I'll bite.

Fix the absolute trash combat.

Writing that isn't targeted at 14 year olds.

NPCs acting like retards.

World not having 110423 things crammed in a 10 feet space, all of those thing being boring trash.


353d7c  No.15986172


How you could forget the most important thing? Remove fucking level scaling

d01638  No.15986206

File: 20d7f6177b77c86⋯.png (264.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 20d7f6177b77c86d2dd4068574….png)


>Races only differences are cosmetic

>Skills boiled down to Warrior, Mage, and Thief branches

>Branches only have splits for different weapon/magic types and bow/daggers for thief

>All enemies either bumrush or stand in one place while shooting

>One word dialog options without voiced protagonist even

>Two voice actors for all voices

>Lore is dead, contradictions everywhere

>Dwemer mech suits

>Combat is skyrim but without directional input

>Except jump attacks

>You're given an elder scroll within an hour of starting the game

>Only 20 minutes of playing due to a long intro with no way to skip it

>Abilities for vertical movement that enemies will never use

>Dragons still exist

>Now you can ride them as part of the story

Watch at least a third of this come true.

ea88f2  No.15986233


>You're given an elder scroll within an hour of starting the game

You mean the 3.99 dollaridoos dlc you can pay for to get x amount of skills points at the start of the game. Minimum amount you are able to buy is 5 bucks though.

b42e5b  No.15986237


>The previous entry was decent

Go back to reddit.

136792  No.15986243

File: 6eede8c5e70f3b9⋯.png (72.04 KB, 271x193, 271:193, just let it end.PNG)


You forgot


>Only way to get mods is the Bethesda store

>Only way to develop mods is a monthly Creation Kit subscription

>Can't share mods outside the official store

>every mod has to be approved by a moderator before it can go on sale

55a423  No.15986398

File: 2744f88a0ff06e5⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 81icIte_d.jpg)

> p-please forget about Fallout76 for a minute

> remember how we're making Skyrim 2?? just look at this landscape flyover

> please just stop treating Bethesda like the trash we are ;_;

b3d637  No.15986516

I really, really hope it is more issue plagued than FO76 and Bethesda finally dies, but since most of FO76's problems were related to the shitty multiplayer I doubt it will be.

107e8a  No.15986559

File: 7a6c78e3e3ff93a⋯.jpg (109.88 KB, 1024x655, 1024:655, dagoth boom-ur riding his ….jpg)


>Slow down the pacing of questlines so that you're not constantly being given supposedly super urgent tasks all at once

>Add some form of consequence to your actions, i.e. helping one faction makes their rivals dislike you

>Not make you the head of every fucking guild at the end of their quests

>Bigger civil war battles, with more variety and a bigger impact on the world instead of just changing the guards' uniforms

>Make melee combat not suck massive dick by adding things like timed blocks, ripostes, directional attacks, etc

>Remove the tempering system entirely so that you're not forced to train Smithing on every character

>Make Daedric artifacts much harder to get, but also stupendously more powerful

>Bring back spell crafting

>Buff the majority of Shouts, and give them individual cooldown timers

>Remove quick-travel, make boats and carriages more prominent, and possibly add guild teleportation a la Morrowind

>Make perks actually interesting instead of largely being simple skill modifiers, or otherwise useless

>Remove level scaling entirely

>Add hidden loot throughout the world to reward observant players, and stop giving no-name bandits rare items

>Slow down the speed of skill training to extend the early game

>Unfuck sneaking by making enemies more receptive to sound and light

>Bring back meaningful race and gender differences, as well as classes

>Hire decent fucking voice actors, I mean for fucks sake, come on now

e4ba8a  No.15986583

File: 74151ab9e0a3ef6⋯.webm (7.53 MB, 512x288, 16:9, hall of the faggot who li….webm)


todd thread?

650381  No.15986618


Why be excited, they are just going to fuck it up again.

3b906d  No.15986642


I get this is a bait thread but Redguards are unironically based


>Dungeons and Dragons on the left when it was made by a hardcore Jehovah Witness

7c767b  No.15986652


You forgot

>adding attributes back into the game

>making dungeons more than straight lines through tombs with a shortcut back to the start at the end

>not becoming the dragonborn and having every NPC in the world suck your dick 5 minutes into the main quest, it should be something you have to earn

b59bda  No.15986711

There's nothing wrong with having dark skinned races in games. Just don't make them be a metaphor or symbolism for black people IRL. They could be some dark skinned elves or men living in the desert and be smart and proactive fantasy race, unlike the real life counterpart. Just don't say "look how these minorities are good just like x", just make them their own thing. If its tied to sjw shit then yes, but i have nothing against a brown elf or some fantasy race.

0a9b19  No.15986725

The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim Remastered Remastered Collectors Buy My Game Edition

Buying Bethesda games makes you almost as big of a cuck as buying Bungie games.

0c2a81  No.15986727


>Only way to get mods is the Bethesda store

>Only way to develop mods is a monthly Creation Kit subscription

This will pretty much kill the franchise

Skyrim was only popular for what it was due to the absurd amount of mods it had

After all these failures they need something good, not something subpar but something at least decent

Even a nu-skyrim would be better, but without mods they're literally shooting themselves in the foot

453346  No.15986780

File: 439e84155b0a8bf⋯.jpg (116.33 KB, 1088x840, 136:105, oh god it's todd howard.jpg)

Can you identify this man under the ass because it looks a lot like Todd Howard.

c93eec  No.15986792


Grey sideburns

0a9b19  No.15986805


god i wish that were me

ec06ca  No.15986822


No, Skyrim was popular on consoles too. People are just stupid.

d063c1  No.15986870


Why would you like to sit on Todd Howard's face?

01c8a5  No.15986930


So where is this shit taking place, do we know? Clearly not Valenwood, Elsweyr, Black Marsh, or Cyrodil. Not Morrowind or Skyrim also seems like a pretty safe bet, although I wouldn't put it past them to completely remap Skyrim. That leaves Hammerfell, High Rock, and Summerset Isles. I'm guessing Hammerfell, because niggers.

As a side note, no matter how much you might like the original lore for Redguards, they will just be niggers at this point.

0a9b19  No.15986958


<he wants to be the virgin little girl

>not the chad diabetic obesely thicc cow-girl that sits on people's faces for money

432463  No.15986993




5369d9  No.15987000

>>15985944 (checked)

>Almost forgot this existed

Pretty sure wants you and the general public to forget it exists.

5369d9  No.15987002


>Pretty sure Bethesda wants

Fuck my life, trips ruined by my dyslexia.

c93eec  No.15987003


>virgin and chad meme

back to cuckchan

0a9b19  No.15987034


>virgin cuckchan "p-please go back to x.com"

>not chad demeaning, "worthless sack of cuckchanner shit, go the fuck back to where you came from" chemo

Maybe you're the one who needs to fuck off, faggot.

c93eec  No.15987069


How about this:

Kill yourself you pathetic waste of nutrients. You and your ilk took an otherwise enjoyable joke an dug it so far into the ground it came back up in china. Take your computer, put it in the dumpster, light it on fire, then put yourself in the fire so you can give the infinitely more worthwhile homeless man down the street some warmth for a few minutes.

0a9b19  No.15987096

File: 636e80a606fb484⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1405321731680.jpg)


>this huge effortpost

Now you're trying too hard you sack of shit. Try not being such a fucking cuck right off the bat, make this place truly inhospitable to redditards and cuckchan passholders, and then maybe, maybe we'll get 2015-tier quality back on this board.

16cf94  No.15987283


Are you excited for TES 76?

01c8a5  No.15987321


You bet, the salt alone

d6f64e  No.15987325


>he thinks three sentences is a "huge effortpost"

Your homework is due on Monday, Billy. Hope you have it finished.

de7444  No.15987336

File: 7b57fa87c52a06b⋯.jpg (71.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1393274429408.jpg)

>the biggest flaws in the last game were niggers and gays and not the fact that the gameplay was completely irredeemably awful

>so awful that not even mods can fix it

31b631  No.15987462

File: b1ce4378042c953⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 698x672, 349:336, 1318855461682.jpg)


>Remove level scaling entirely

It astounds me to no end that this isn't a more commonly occuring complaint.

c93eec  No.15987474


There's a mod that fixes the level scaling garbage but everything else in the game is just so bad it doesn't even matter. Every fucking thing is wrong with skyrim, EVERYTHING

21f298  No.15987481

File: fa7de5480eec402⋯.png (15.06 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 2018-12-17_21-10-05.png)


>caring about voice acting

voice acting was a mistake, everyone should be mute and they should spend the extra money from not hiring voice actors on proper programmers, proper writers and proper musicians for the ost

01c8a5  No.15987511


>Not make you the head of every fucking guild at the end of their quests

I'm not so sure about this. It would make the guilds feel unfinished, plus there's a bunch of content they could make revolving around being the head of the guild (they don't, but they COULD, and it would be awesome). I think there should be a way to separate the guild main quest and rank advancement so that advancement requires a more involved and at least partly optional process, rather than just being handed to you because you're the fucking chosen one.

549470  No.15987515

>Bethesda changes their engine so little that OpenMW can open Skyrim files and look at them

497884  No.15987568


Anon, Oblivion released 13 years ago and Skyrim 8. For most of TES playerbase levelscaling is considered normal.

01c8a5  No.15987590


Morrowind also had limited scaling, so it's pretty much the entire fanbase

d767c4  No.15987618


Human enemies in Daggerfall scaled to your level too

ca6b88  No.15987635


I think level scaling can work for certain things. If I recall, certain areas in Big MT in NV had level scaling with different models of robot enemies. Seeing as how most of MT is optional, I see no qualm in making those areas more difficult the higher your level so there is still some challenge and your not steamrolling your way through the side dungeons. It also didn't feel like anything was obviously level scaled so I think that helped as enemies still would go down at about the same rate as New Vegas proper. It would be like stepping on ants, only some of them are now bullet ants. Bethesda can't do level scaling right. Instead of fighting smarter or more unique enemies, you fight the same bandits except it takes an hour longer because they wear Daedric gear and have 30x more health.

e99495  No.15987643


>>Not make you the head of every fucking guild at the end of their quests

it's been awhile but this definitely pissed me off especially the fucking thieves guild was the most forced bullshit that faggot follows you around riften until you talk to him, you're finally forced to sell your soul and at the end you even tell them to fuck off and it's just, "too bad, kid. you're the leader now"

01c8a5  No.15987648


I'd rather those "optional" areas simply be designed for high-level challenges rather than scaled down. That does mean that in cases like the NV DLCs you need to have the option to leave if it turns out to be too difficult for your level

ca6b88  No.15987655


I hated Brinjolf or whatever his name was. Everytime you go to Riften, even if you just started the game and are dirt poor only having the rags you started out in, he has to come up to you and start his faggoty nonsense. "You look like you haven't worked an honest job in your life." Fuck you, nigger.


I agree, but I think that only a few of the enemies were level scaled such as the "boss" enemies that held the end dungeon loot. I don't remember if they had recall mechanics if you started them, but I do remember that they give you a heads up that says "it is recommended you are x level before starting." OWB was quite challenging for me on my first time through because the enemies they throw at you are relentless. Packs of robodogs, braindead retards with axes, spooky skellies. Those roboscorpions are the biggest assholes in the entire game.

c7945c  No.15987656

File: 0b1ee2bfcb361c9⋯.jpg (56.47 KB, 728x752, 91:94, 1467257999682.jpg)

>previous entry was decent

yeah it was decent at letting me act out my necrophilia fantasies of killing bandits and using their bodies to sate my overly horny hermaphrodite argonian.

other then that, god it's so mind numbingly boring.

87a7dc  No.15987691

File: 1db795d0a6f9532⋯.png (70.42 KB, 352x519, 352:519, Does this get you off.png)


>mfw most of my skyrim playtime was me torturing, raping, kidnapping and mindcontrolling women

I swear my most prominent memory was going around and collecting NPC that I would bring to my fuck then or when I snuck into the house that one girl in whiterun and raped and then decapitated her and then raped her again. Or that one time i discovered that the mind control mod has a defecation option that creates a real shit item and it was an alchemy item so I ate it and got a stamina debuff.

0ecd61  No.15987713


My most memorable moment in vanilla skyrim was walking up a road and meeting a random loot-whore looking traveler with a mishmash of different armour sets including dwarven. He said something about some quest or something and I had to convince him to tell me more about it. Ended up botching the persuasion attempt and then he wouldn't give me a second chance to get the quest. Walked a few steps off, turned around, and ran my sword trough his liver and decapitated him in one of those execution animations. Got maybe two minutes up the road afterwards before I realised I just fucking brutally murdered a dude because he wouldn't tell me some rumour.

Never really played modded skyrim but I spent a lot of time modding skyrim.

87a7dc  No.15987721

File: 32119056ba9ee54⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 32119056ba9ee548ab08467481….jpg)

also OP is an outrage shill since body actually gave a shit niggers and gays because absolutely everything is so horrid

9bf2f8  No.15987729


>If its tied to sjw shit

You know this will be inevitable.

9bf2f8  No.15987737


Hammerfell would be my guess. They just did Summerset Isles in ESO.

27957d  No.15987751


>normal people


now THIS is shitposting

87a7dc  No.15987757


Freud should be there instead.

9bf2f8  No.15987759


You forgot fixing alchemy so that potions always heal over time by giving you a short regeneration buff, instead of some static heal amount. And make it so that you can't just endlessly drink potions or eat food in a given time period.

6b287c  No.15987760

File: 1ab79477775fa69⋯.jpg (186.62 KB, 472x535, 472:535, 1469195532925.jpg)


ideally i'd have it so you can only become the leader of one guild, and join others depending on their affinities. Like, you can't be the head of the companions and a mage in the college of winterhold at the same time. Or you can't be in the thieves guild and the dark brotherhood. Add special perks for ranks in those guilds and make it so you can abandon that guild to join another one so long as you haven't become the head of that guild, just put a warning that says "once you reach top rank in this guild you can't go back". Make it so you can only be the leader of one guild.

Skyrim already has the roots for proper combat, they're just not utilized. You can cancel an enemies power attack by bashing which stuns them so you can riposte. Just give stuns to all classes, give a backstab ability or something to make you not stand in fucking place and it would work just fine. I'd greatly re-balance magic to make it more about balancing your dps with your powerful shit, make you think about the spells you cast for once. Bows should fire faster and all attacks should use stamina to keep you from spamming. All weapon trees should have unique abilities that use a great deal of stamina/magicka in order to do a strong attack. Smooth out enemies, dungeons should be 60 percent one-three hit mobs, 20 percent stronger mobs that require more, 10 percent miniboss and 10 percent boss. Dungeons should have more than one bossfight. Offer fat stacks of coin rather than stupid enchanted items. Copy deconstruction from ESO and add more materials for crafting and steal rarifying from dragons dogma. Make AI teammates less retarded and let you have two at the same time. Copy over the character interactions from fallout 4, have your party members say shit about the world.

I don't have a problem with the perk system, it's not like classes meant jack shit in morrowind since you could just exploit trainers. Bring back the ranks from oblivion that added abilities but make it so you become more competent with your weapons, add more moves with increased damage and shit. Make so as you put points into one tree the others diminish to prevent you from becoming a god. If you put all your eggs into warrior skills you shouldn't be able to use magic. If you put all your shit into magic you should turn into a glass cannon. If you put it into stealthy shit you shouldn't be able to wear heavy armor. Make your choices actually mean something in terms of gameplay. If you combine classes into hybrids it should unlock skills meant for those combos, like a spellsword should be able to enchant their weapon with buffs, a magic archer should be able to shoot zappy arrows and a sword and bow character should get skills that are tied to movement and dps.

You don't even need to change the world design or characters, the regions of skyrim already look great. Just tweak the existing material.

681c25  No.15987790


This is a reddit thread that the fat gay jew board owner allows here.

6e679f  No.15987795



It's not that unbelievable. Remind yourself that most people are so dumb that they think Freud was a nihilist.

8611bf  No.15987809

File: 35d212176334992⋯.png (218.65 KB, 619x562, 619:562, Redguard.png)


The problem is all they can actually fix at this point out of that list is writing, but hoping for Bethesda to write a decent story is like hoping for the jews to apologize for lying about the holocaust and Hitler to the goyim for the last some odd 90 years. All the other problems you listed are tied directly to the fact they're still using the Morrowind engine. Enemies and NPCs moving like they're fighting in a hockey rink? Gameabortion. Useless clutter that breaks down the fabric of time and space when the FPS rises above 60 and that can't effectively be utilized beyond simply moving them around without heavily clunky scripts? Gameabortion. They could literally fix 80% of the problems with their game if they fucking stopped being lazy fucks and took a chance on a new engine for once.

6e679f  No.15987818

File: 13662e050039802⋯.jpg (266.17 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 06ca03444a6658499af75f68bd….jpg)


The solution is to make it so that being the head of a guild is possible, but it requires specific stat allocation from the beginning of the game in order to achieve - to truly make it seem like you are worthy of being the guild master. In other words, the mechanics should be formed in a way that makes it impossible to be high up in two or more guilds at once, let alone the guild master of more than one.

9bf2f8  No.15987839


You mean like only being able to become the fighters guild boss if you're actually a high level fighter with a high armor skill stat and weapons skill stat? Or thieves guild boss with a high sneaking and bartering skill? Or mages guild boss with a high skill in at least 2 schools of magic?

Revolutionary! not really

The quest lines should be off limits until you meet these kinds of requirements, as you advance in the guilds. And you shouldn't be able to become a guild leader unless you meet criteria like mentioned above. And never the leader of more than one guild at the same time. That's just silly from a roleplaying perspective.

8e704d  No.15987859


>>Hire decent fucking voice actors, I mean for fucks sake, come on now

I agree in the case of Skyrim, but part of Oblivion's charm was the hilariously over the top voice acting and wax doll character models

it'd be a completely different game without it

speaking of which, why is it that Dark Souls is the only series (at least the only one I can think of) that managed to get some genuinely phenomenal VA talent?

other games have had decent actors, but the Souls series is on another level

87a7dc  No.15987863

File: e18d180c44eaa8d⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 225x225, 1:1, bugs.jpg)


>le dogshit and bugs were part of its charm amirite fellow redditors X——DD

326ea5  No.15987874

>Bring back stat allocation and level up mechanics

>Expand 'dragon shouts' to be lesser powers in general

>Ditch the horrible 'Apple' UI "simplification"

>Hold quest location markers behind at least actually finding out where a location is (even if just an extra dialogue option)

>Put in Fallouts Skill and Attribute check dialogue options

>Curb level scaling dramatically on both ends

>Add at least some sim elements to things like guilds and the inevitable town building rather than being the npc's errand boy

>Improve combat by at least putting in directional dodges and more attacks (even if just putting in a back then forward attack preforming a lunge)

>Make magic not suck outside of specific uses

A part of me hopes that Fallout 76 was just a massive ploy to show the investors what happens if they try and implement shit other developers do, but I know better. I'm honestly not expecting much from Bethesda at this point, as I'm positive they're going to continue to push for paid mods and microtransactions. The only chance at a semi-decent game is if they feel they have to make an actual apology game, something actually decent just to regain some standing with their fans. Frankly deteriorating quality has been the rule rather than the exception for the company over the past several games and while a lot was tolerated because 'mods will fix it' mentality the next Elder Scrolls is make or break for their reputation to the audience at large.

9bf2f8  No.15987920


>they have to make an actual apology game

This would be nice. But I expect Skyrim with slightly better graphics. Mostly the same voice actors. Almost identical combat and other game mechanic systems. A new cliche main storyline that ends up somehow being worse than most of the guild questlines. And less support for modding and a big push towards paid mods. Until people cry A LOT. Then they'll begrudgingly release a less feature filled version of the Creation Kit than what was in the Skyrim CK. But probably offer a "Modders Premium Creation Kit" version or some shit that you can buy, which lets you streamline putting mods on their paid mods shop. And forbids you from also releasing the same mod for free.

85fcb0  No.15987962

File: 14d117818a33fc7⋯.gif (360.44 KB, 540x300, 9:5, REEEEEEEEEE.gif)



The Kaijit are supposed to be in a fucking jungle.

87a7dc  No.15987988

File: 3dbdb3d1cd0e376⋯.png (122.09 KB, 384x321, 128:107, all deku.png)


They both jungle and desert read the fucking lore.

9f8735  No.15988001

File: 802cb61ed7f47ba⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1459x1077, 1459:1077, 5298235653289762358953473.png)


We all know bethesda will just go with 95% desert and 5% jungle because its easier

326ea5  No.15988008


Fuck off how can one anon be so right with that "Premium Creation Kit" bullshit. There's no chance they aren't going to do that.

de28ee  No.15988018

File: cd027155b85ed6a⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 348x333, 116:111, 38.jpg)

>My biggest wish for this latest entry is for it to have no dark skinned people

<it's set in the homeland of the dark skinned people

de28ee  No.15988030



Since they won't bother to actually use another engine couldn't you just use the CK of Skyrim or Fallout 4 if they actually tried doing that?

9f8735  No.15988047


Bethesda frequently rewrites entire pieces of the lore but yeah, OP is trying too hard to fit in

9bf2f8  No.15988057


>couldn't you just use the CK of Skyrim

You probably could if they didn't add some artificial check in the code to prevent it. It would not surprise me if it works right at release of ESVI. But I expect they'd fix that real quick. Or no one would have a reason to buy the premium version. Think of the shekels, anon.

87a7dc  No.15988068


Well no their world designer arent actually that bad. Skyrim even though it broke the lore had various biomes that looked really nice.

ca6b88  No.15988079



Don't forget that the different types of Khajiit probably won't show up and the most we'll get is Daggerfall catgirls and Skyrim furries. No more Morrowind lizards and cats. The hulking tiger fuckers would also just be reskinned sabers that double as mounts because fuck you that's why.

ca6b88  No.15988088


They could also port the house cat from Fallout 4, but that would probably be too much work.

44a1f1  No.15988102


Isn't that how MW worked?

9bf2f8  No.15988116

The amount of cynicism in this thread is hilarious and not misplaced in the slightest. It's probably going to be a buggy SJW approved shit show of a game. And normalfags will buy it, play it for 2 hours (or less), writing glowing reviews, then never touch it again.

f30a9e  No.15988121

Skyrim had gay romances?

ca6b88  No.15988135


You could marry anyone in the game barring you did something for them even if it was as simple as dropping a wooden sword on the ground and telling them they could keep it.

f30a9e  No.15988148


Not really a gay romance then, is it?

ca6b88  No.15988152


There's really no romance in the game at all. All spouses do is give you a free general store in your house and give you free food that is worthless because food does nothing useful.

835a2a  No.15988171

File: e6246b385d992dd⋯.png (406.9 KB, 744x385, 744:385, .png)

How do you make first person melee combat not suck cock?

When I try to think of how to fix Skyrim's combat, I'm having hard time coming up with any ways to do that which does not involve switching to third person.

Is there any game with actually good first person melee combat?

9bf2f8  No.15988178



>gay romance

Some follower mods have romance options. But as far as the vanilla games goes, not really. They just kind of brush it off and say in Skyrim people just get married almost on a whim, because life is harsh and people die all the time. So they conveniently didn't need to put any depth into it.

87a7dc  No.15988179


>muh third person

Jesus you console faggots are the worst. What is Dark Messiah?

835a2a  No.15988181


>What is Dark Messiah

Okay at best.

85e65f  No.15988189


>Betheshit conference bombing hard.

>Crowd isn't interested in anything they are pushing.

>Betheshit starts panicking.

>Skyrim 2 has event started its planning phase.

>Doesn't matter.

>Hines gives the word.

>They cobble together a "trailer" of generic CGI landscape, remixed Skyrim music and low effort text on the spot.

>Retards eat it up.

87a7dc  No.15988194

File: c756b86eb914ab8⋯.png (375.95 KB, 800x448, 25:14, 9df954db26e537fea888d1a7dd….png)


>ok at best

Your one of those faggots…

And "ok at best" is 100000x better than what Skyrim has.

a57972  No.15988198


Warhammer Vermintide 2

e3334f  No.15988218


>whether something is made by christians mattering when other christians denounce it as satanic and make their own autistic ripoff


>and mount & blade

>and kingdom come

>and chivalry

>and xenoclash

>and breakdown

>and condemned

>and riddick

>and red steel

36925e  No.15988225

Is that Argentina? I don't remember it being that mountainous.

b65c40  No.15988238


>Is that Argentina?

Welp, there goes OP's wish for the game not to have negros and gays in it.

981ffd  No.15988239


>>caring about voice acting

He didn't even imply that you nigger monkey

87a7dc  No.15988305

File: 92637e4788d740f⋯.png (29.08 KB, 191x141, 191:141, afuckingleaf.png)


this is a response

02c9cb  No.15988349


Hi Kirkbride

2165da  No.15988377


>Implying Kirkbride isn't too busy doing drugs and writing schizoprenic esoteric ramblings to post here

Actually, no, it makes perfect sense tbat he'd post here.

74dbab  No.15988407

Thanks Mark.

56fe2f  No.15988411



>normal person

c64be1  No.15988570


You're all bumping a marketing thread, idiots.

268f01  No.15989986


It's one of the things I hate most in RPGs and completely breaks the immersion for me. Why are the low grade highwaymen and hobos I encounter at the beginning of the game getting stronger as I do? Are they going on quests and adventures and shit too when I'm not around to kill them? and what's the point of even fighting to become more skilled and powerful if enemies do it along with me? If that's how it's going to be they might as well just let you start at max level and scale everything appropriately from the beginning.

479ed0  No.15990283

File: c7e2e6e7718de67⋯.jpg (144.55 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 0de7a003c6f07075eb9ee66f03….jpg)

>tfw playing Morrowind and superior to you

dfbbb1  No.16003143


By actually having more than 3 important gameplay mechanics.

702c70  No.16003215


2/10. At least you got a response.

c64be1  No.16003230


Why so bitter? You can still come back.

89851c  No.16003306

File: 40f680ba61ba207⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Piglet Face Closeup.jpg)


>>You're given an elder scroll within an hour of starting the game

9bf2f8  No.16003328


If you're not an agnostic atheist, then you are wrong.

7a1ffd  No.16003358


everyone not religious is an agnostic atheist except for trolls and the mentally ill.

a0b976  No.16003364


Religion is a mental illness

38431a  No.16003379

File: 213b61a43ea3f61⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 299x300, 299:300, 213b61a43ea3f61ac580359da9….jpg)


>Gays and niggers being the biggest flaws

>In a Bethesda game



9307dc  No.16003405



I wonder how that would work out in terms of game performance

b98f42  No.16003412


good quality control cake kike

c64be1  No.16003432







a0b976  No.16003465


Why don't you PRAY the thread away, tardo.

26d1d1  No.16003497

File: e1a82f07657b40e⋯.webm (7.09 MB, 800x450, 16:9, five hundred boots.webm)

562990  No.16003506



Behold my Autism


>Slave inside a cell in the basement of a house in Whiterun

>Character Creation is instant like in Oblivion

>Movement is granted right after character creation (again like in Oblivion)

>You hear noise coming from outside the cell Guards breaking in to the house and arresting your owner and freeing you

>One Guard is an asshole and makes a racist comment about whichever race you pick (if you're a fellow nord he calls you a weak excuse of one)

>The other Guard shuts him up then helps you out and explains the situation to you

>You are broke

>The City is in massive upheaval (haves and have nots, Jarls Decision to stay out of the war is very costly large amounts of Guards are conscripted peasants unable to afford taxes)

>Neither of these two support any side

>Because you have no money you can't afford to stay at the inn but seem physically capable (and they're desperate enough to accept anyone) you can follow them and join the Whiterun Guards

>Joining the Whiterun Guard acts as both the Tutorial and The Start of the Main Quest

>(The Whiterun Guard quests don't need to be new they can be repackaged Whiterun Quests like beating Mikeal One of the Quests will be The Golden Claw)

>Whiterun is a much larger City in this version with Cloud district alone being the size of the vanilla City

>You are not allowed into the Cloud District at the start of the Game (The Companions hall is in the Wind District)

>After doing a couple of Quests and advancing in Rank with the Guards you will be summoned by The Jarl

>The Jarl tells you that something has decimated one of his watchtowers and he's heard reports of a Dragon in his hold

>At first he sent a Guard to investigate who traced the sightings down to the inside of a cave

>The Jarl first sent a contingent of Guards in then when they didn't report back he hired the Companions

>He still hasn't heard back from them so he's sending the player to check on them

>The Player will see several corpses strewn around explaining why there are so few Companions in game

>When The Player enters the cave the entrance will collapse behind him

>The Dragon will be easier than later ones since it can't fly in the cave

>The Player will absorb it's soul as in the base game but there won't be any witnesses

>The Greybeards won't shout from High Hrothgar yet…

>The Player will return to Balgruuf and be made Thane

>The Player will receive messages from both General Tulius and Jarl Ulfric trying to get your attention and requesting an Audience

>The Greybeards will NOW Shout from High Hrothgar

–Civil War Changes–

>You could now defend Whiterun with either side because your Thaneship matters*

>Balgruuf will be truly neutral, he will take your advice on what side to choose and that will lock you in as supporting either the Empire or the Stormcloacks

>Both Leaders will make it clear that winning Whiterun means winning the War

>As with both Civil War mods (Open CW and CW Overhaul) you'll have a Battle in Either Riften or Markarth depending on which side you chose

>The New Great House Sadras will be allied with Ulfric and have a mushroom tower in Windhelm

>The Grey Quarter will have a Questline to restore the Old Arena in it called The Pit

>It will start out as something Ulfric wants to avoid doing (he wants strong and able warriors to fight for him in the war not risk themselves in the Arena to no benefit)

>The Player will be able to turn Ulfric around on it with a Speechcheck

>If the player fails the Speechcheck they will still be able to open it illegally and convince Ulfric later that…

>The Pit can become a recruitment hub for the Stormcloacks attracting warriors from across Tamriel and previously unconvinced Nords

>The Pit would provide the Stormcloacks with proven and skilled warriors for every soldier from his ranks that tests himself and losses more will succeed and gain valuable experience from it

>The success of the Pit would bring in money to the Grey Quarter bettering race relations between the Nords and Dunmer

note* There will be one scenario where you still attack Whiterun see Daedric Quests Changes

562990  No.16003510


–Main Quest Changes–

>The Greybeards will talk about Kyne instead of Kynareth and will make no mention of the Cyrodillic Pantheon

>The Greybeards still follow the Old Ways of Skyrim and thus they still follow the Old Pantheon

>They will tell the player that they are Dragonborn and that means they are the son/daughter of Shor and Kyne (Shorborn)

>The Blades will tell the Player about the Dragonborn having the Blood of Akatosh and being his descendant

>Paarthurnax will tell you that you have a Dragons Soul confirm that all Dragons are the descendants of Akatosh with Alduin being the first born and then tell you that it was Kyne that convinced him to teach the Nords how to Shout

>After "The Horn of Jurgan Windcaller" the Player will be crowned as Ysmir like in the Vanilla game only now NPC's will use it like a player name and it will be a huge boost to your fame in the reputation system

>Expanded Cities mean more NPCs to fill them

>Some of these new NPC's will be revealed to be Dragon Cultists

>The Dragon Cult will awaken after Alduin's Wall (Like Dagoths Sleepers and the Mythic Dawn before them)

>Krosis, Volsung, Vokun and Rahgot are being worshiped at their temples

>The rest will be sealed away like in Vanilla

>Nahkrin is not in Skuldafn he is instead fought during the hunt for the pieces of Wuuthrad in the Companions Questline

>When Paarthunax tells the Player about Dragonrend he will say that the Ancient Heroes used another Shout to send Alduin forward in time, a Shout that they learned from an Elder Scroll

>The other Shout like Dragonrend will only work on Dragons because they as the >Children of Akatosh have a special relationship with Time

>The Elder Scroll in Alduin's Bane will show the Heroes Using Dragonrend like in the Vanilla game but unlike the original the Last one standing won't read a long incantation with the Scroll open

>The Last Surviving Hero will open the Scroll, Read it then put it back in his inventory and Use a Shout that tosses Alduin (and any other Dragon attacked by it) into the future

>However The Shout unlike Dragonrend will have a high chance to backfire because the Player has the Soul of a Dragon

>The Player must collect Kohanrik's Mask to be immune to the effects of the Shout (which will be possible to get before completing the main quest thanks to Nahkrin being moved)

>The more Words used the further into the future Dragons will be thrown (One Word- A Week, Two Words- A Month, Three Words- ???(So far the Game won't respawn them))

>Using the Shout is not the same as killing the Dragon and will not award a Dragon Soul

>The Shout won't instantly work on Alduin since he was so recently returned to Akatosh he is resistant to it but he would take anywhere from 15 to 25% Damage based on how many words were used

>The end of the first fight with Alduin will be the prompt for the optional Quest to Hunt Down the Dragon Priests before the final battle

>Killing each weakens Alduin by 12.5%

>With Nahkrin moved the Key to Sovngarde won't be his staff instead it will be another unique but otherwise useless item like the Skull Keys in Rahgots temple it will be found in Skuldafn

>During the fight with Alduin in Sovngarde he will use shout that will bring mists (souls) from Sovngarde to heal himself

>Dragonrend can be used to disrupt this.

>After a Certain Point a Portal will consume both you and Alduin dropping you at the >Throat of The World continuing the fight there but leaving him without the ability to consume souls

>After defeating him Alduin will attempt to flee unable to fly from Dragonrend he will try to crawl down The Throat of the World Odahving will crash into him,

>The other Dragons from the original ending will appear, land around Alduin and breath a circle of fire around the both of you

–Dragonborn Changes–

>A day or two after Dragonslayer the Greybeards will shout "YSMIR" prompting a quest there

>Upon arrival you will find a large number of Dragon Cultists laying siege on High Hrothgar

>After defeating them Areingar will tell you that they are bowing to a new Dragonborn in Solstheim

>The new Dragon Cult is digging up the Dragon Mounds to create Skeletal Dragons

>The Dragon Cult will be destroying the All-Maker Stones

>The All-Maker Stones are keeping Miraak sealed within his temple and containing his influence

562990  No.16003512



>Each of the Major Cities includes/will include a temple to one of the Divines (like in Oblivion)

>The Divines will be from the Nordic Pantheon instead of the Cyrodilic

>Each City will have its Patron Deity and Temple

>Whiterun will have Kyne(areth), Riften will have Mara, Markarth will have Dibella, >Windhelm will of course have Talos, Falkreath will have Shor, Winterhold will have >Tsun with the rest of the Pantheon falling out of favor

>The Temple in Markarth will receive a massive overhaul to fit Dibella's place in the Nordic pantheon it will now be an art gallery with Paintings on the walls the Priestesses will mock your "Cyrodillic misconceptions" if you ask about their "other services"

>The Temple will not be closed (it was likely closed because the devs didn't want to risk the outrage from fox news like Bioware did)

>This would also explain the ostracization Helga fears if her Faith is discovered she worships the Cyrodilic version of Dibella in The Stormcloack Riften which worships the Nordic Pantheon

>Shors Worshipers have to meet in Secret due to their place in Imperial Territory they are led by the Former Jarl Dengeir (they will publically worship Shor if the City is taken by The Stormcloacks)

>Stuhns Worshipers will still be active as bandits and will be the ones that kidnap your wife from the Hearthfire homesteads

–Daedric Quest Changes–

>"The Whispering Door" Quest won't just be restored it will be expanded

>When the Player goes to the door Mephala will tell them about intrigue in the Jarls Court

>Hrongar is worried his brother won't back the empire and Vignar is worried he will betray the nords for it

>Both men covet the Throne (this quest makes Irelith's Dialogue about being wary of everyone even allies make more sense)

>instead of telling them to open the Door Mephala will instruct the player to "pull on the strings of this web" and herald the Jarls demise

>This Quest can be done both before and after the player meets with the faction they want to choose in the Civil War as well as after the Battle to Defend Whiterun when that side is chosen

>there are five possible scenarios in this quest

>1) Manipulate Vignar into killing Balgruuf and frame Hrongar

>2) Manipulate Hrongar into killing Balgruuf and frame Vignar

>3) Manipulate Vignar and report him

>4) Manipulate Hrongar and report him

>5) Return to the Door after finding out what her influence is doing/fail the speech checks to manipulate and reject her

>In all of these Scenarios the Player as both a former High Ranking Gaurd and Thane will be charged with leading the investigation

>1 and 4 will make Vignar Jarl

>2 and 3 will make Hrongar Jarl

>In 1 and 2 Mephala will retain control over both people and be Most pleased

>In 3 and 4 Mephala will retain control only over the imprisoned one and be appeased

>In 5 Mephala will be outraged and will influence Balgruufs Children to kill him (Like the original concept)

>After 5 the Player will be able to decide the new Jarl as the Third Thane

>If The Player is a Stormcloack and Hrongar is made Jarl then they will need to attack Whiterun like in the Vanilla game

>If the Player has defended the City as a Stormcloack than Hrognar will storm out and move to the Blue Palace

>If the Player has defended the City with the Legion than Vignar will step down as Thane

>Both of the above will alter the Quest and make the original planned ending the only one

562990  No.16003516


–Faction Changes–

>The Questlines for all of the factions will be greatly expanded no longer will the "five quests to become Guildmaster" meme be true! instead things will go back to the Oblivion progression system

>Each Guild will have various ranks for you to advance through (Like The Thieves Guild in the vanilla game)


>Throughout the game there will be this real theme of The Nords losing their way and their culture being in decline

>The Companions being Werewolves will be played up.

>"The Companions are nearly five thousand years old. this matter of the beastblood has only troubled us for a few hundred"

>It will be explained that during the Oblivion Crisis when all of Skyrim(and the rest of Tamriel)was under siege the Glemoril Witches came to them with an offer

>The Companions would be imbued with the power to fight this threat (Lycanthropy) but in exchange the souls of the Circle would be Hircines

>The Companions of the Oblivion Era Accepted this Pact but it still haunts the faction to this day

>The new dialogue will make it clear just how tragic this is.

>The Circle the paragons of the Nords held up as shinning exemplars of everything an honorable nord should be to enter Sovngarde the eternal rest of the nords are barred from it.

>Making the younger recruits hopes for advancement all the more tragic "This group… this family… this band… this is the best thing I've ever been a part of. The oldest fighting group in Skyrim, and nothing but glory from Ysgramor's day to our own. To be counted in that line is a bit of immortality. Even if I never see Sovngarde, I'll have that much."

>The introduction to the companions might change slightly to massively depending on how far along the player is in the Main Quest ("I've never even heard of this outsider"- None "I think I've seen him doing the rounds"->Starting Gaurd Quests "S/He's… The Thane"-Dragon's Den "S/He's… The Dragonborn"-The Way of The Voice "By Shor it's Ysmir him/herself!")

>The last three reactions skip the first quest although you are still given the second quest

>A Radiant Brawl quest to test your restraint with Vilkas accompanying you(after what happened with Uthgerd they're very cautious)

>Proving Honor happens differently you will no longer get trapped and be treated to a cutscene where an obscure order unable to afford armor better than fur, know a secret kept from the entire country, attack Farkas on the judgment that wolf armor is for werewolves(Silver Hand may or may not be cut entirely)

>The Secret will be known by the Library of Julianos who are helping the Circle look for a cure but it will be kept from the other Junior members and the Jarl

>Dustman's Cairn will be like other Dungeons perhaps with a Unique Spider Boss (to explain why Farkas develops a fear of them)

>Keeping with the extended questlines the means of advancement here will be Collecting the fragments of Wuuthrad the Player will be able to track their progression not just by being given new ranks but also by looking at >Wuuthrads mantle and seeing it become more and more complete

>There will be no raid on the Companions where a group of bandit tier enemies somehow make it past the walls and guards to breach the Companions hall in the Clouds district NEXT TO THE JARLS PALACE

>Instead Kodlak will have turned into a werewolf by his curse and started a rampage while you were gone forcing the other members of the Circle to cut him down

>They keep the secret by telling the other Companions that Kodlak was the first slain by the beast

>The Circle takes the body (to the underforge presumably but the details don't matter) make/wait for it to revert then give Kodlaks body to the Priests for his Funeral

>The Funeral scene happens the same way as the vanilla game

>The Final Quest is the same however now the final promotion will feel earned due to the longer more involved Questline giving a real sense of progression

562990  No.16003518


–The School of Julianos/The Collage of Winterhold–

>Each City will have its own School of Julianos (similar to how each city in Oblivion had its own chapter of the mages guild) and like in oblivion they will each specialize in a School of Magic

>Taverns and Inns will no longer refer you to the Collage when you ask to be taught magic instead they'll point you to the School

>The School will tell you about the collage but will also warn you not to bother going until you have a recommendation from each one otherwise you won't be allowed in

>Unlike Oblivion recommendations aren't written letters instead Each Head Teacher will cast a Spell on you after you've met their personal requirement

>Faralda will no longer be standing on the bridge (The Professor of Destruction has better things to do than wait for you to start a questline!)

>The Collage will have an enchantment on the gate* and the bridge itself might test you

>The Enchantment will respond to the various spells mentioned earlier if they are not detected the player will hear a voice telling them that they must complete the Scholars Path under Julianos otherwise the gate will open

note* it will be possible to Cheat and enter anyway which would be considered legitimate as Mage must be cunning as well as intelligent and the ability to sidestep Bureaucracy and get what you want regardless is a valued trait among both your peers and superiors

>Due to the expansion The Collage is no longer the place to START studying Magic rather it is where the bright and gifted take their talents to the next level the player is still given a tour of the premises upon entry but they will not take a class so remedial that it will teach them a basic ward after

>Most of the Court Wizards are Graduates from the Collage

>Mages outside of the Academic system are ostracized and are treated as untrustworthy if not with outright hostility and disdain (Think Falion in Morthal)

>In Contrast Mages IN the Academic system are highly respected with radiant dialogue like "You're quite the handsome/beautiful young scholar"

>Each School will have its own specialization

>Whiterun will have Restoration, Windhelm will have Destruction, Markarth will have Conjuration, Riften will have Illusion and Solitude will have Alteration

>The Largest Questline change inside the collage itself will happen when returning from "The Staff of Magus" The "Magus field" will now Cover the whole City and Entering it will be like entering other instances (dungeons and interiors)

>Inside the Field the player will enter Old Winterhold during the Great Collapse showing that it was caused by The Eye going out of control in the future (your present)

>Entering The Collage leaves you unsure if you're back in the present or sill in the past only you and Arcano are in the room

>After defeating Arcano an Arcane explosion happens leading you to a loading screen You wake up with the Entire Staff celebrating your Victory the Psijic Order arrive you have the option to ask "Was the destruction of Winterhold due to the Eye?" and reassure you that you are blameless they've aided you to mitigate the damage.

>The Questline is complete however you are not made Archmage.

>Like the Thieves Guild Advancement within the faction after a Certain point (Entering the Collage) will not be based on the Questline rather other objectives

>The Player will only be able to become Archmage After completing ALL of the Master Ritual Quests thus truly earning the rank of Archmage

562990  No.16003642


>I think there should be a way to separate the guild main quest and rank advancement so that advancement requires a more involved and at least partly optional process, rather than just being handed to you because you're the fucking chosen one.

You mean like the Thieves Guild that does exactly that but is lumped in with all the others anyway



Fuck the stats meme Oblivion did it right Guilds care based on what you do for them/how you prove yourself instead of magically reaching into your balls and guessing what your cock thrust level is

instead you should be tested in game in ways that each guild would care about/actually measure. The Thieves Guild in both Oblivion and Skyrim did this right. In Oblivion you could only advance in rank if you sold enough stolen items to a fence and in skyrim it was if you did enough jobs for the guild. Oblivion did it well for every guild


fight in the fucking Arena


do the jobs they send you


go all across the country prove yourself to each branch and then comeback to get enrolled in the university that starts the second half of the questline

I'm sick of Morrowind fags pretending that it did everything right

12f77a  No.16003648

12f77a  No.16003654

>15985944 (OP)

>The previous entry was decent.

That's how they always sucker you in.

a7a56e  No.16005159


>not wanting the guys who raided other dimensions by cutting through space and time with their super sharp scimitars that have been folded a thousand times

You say that like there's a single part of that that isn't going to be retconned out.

a7a56e  No.16005170


>Dragons still exist

Well I'd rather have no dragons at all than keep following in the footsteps of what Skyrim did to the Dragons, but I'd rather just pretend that Skyrim never happened at all than to sweep Mankind's literal kindred spirits and the Empire's holy champions under the rug because of how it's impossible to reconcile TES's Dragons with Skyrim's evil scary monster dragons.

562990  No.16005198


>Forgetting Daggerfall

>Forgetting Redgaurd though I don't blame you for that one

Dumbing Down fags are the worst

a7a56e  No.16005215


You mean forgetting how Skyrim retconned the Dragons out of the setting so it could then reintroduce them as these new evil monsters? Yeah, I'd rather have Bethesda go back to just forgetting that the Dragons exist than keep putting in the evil scary monster dragons from Skyrim.

4d59c3  No.16005219


>"f-fuck niggers am i right guys haha"

your halfchan is showing

562990  No.16005237


>he evil scary monster dragons

>Anon still hasn't played Daggerfall

>Anon still has a booboo because the mean Todd man shitted up the dragons "that were totally not like that because my older brother told me so!"

>Anon forgot that even Nafaalilargus was treated as rare in the game he actually appeared in

Are Morrowfags this retarded and desperate to bitch that they will pull reasons out of their ass to hate Skyrim?

262332  No.16005238

File: 3aadd5f64dc7b86⋯.png (193.99 KB, 440x330, 4:3, 6b73a32c250f77e940f00ef629….png)


>no magic-slinging housecats that talk shit about you behind your back

>no retard-muscle cats used as war mounts

>no cat giants that could crush you under their foot if they wanted to

>no human-like khaijit creating race tensions about what really counts as true khaijit

>bethesda will just retcon all of the lore surrounding khaijit and their moon phases just so they only have to make two kinds of catpeople

a7a56e  No.16005239


Well this is a strange post.

5e9f3b  No.16005245

File: 343135d07b34e23⋯.png (3.1 MB, 800x700, 8:7, Søren_the_wise.png)

a7a56e  No.16005269



Anyway, for anyone reading I'll outline the lore that I'm talking about since otherwise it's really just this guy saying what he's saying and then me just saying "well this is a strange post" as the extent of my response.


>the physical space of Nirn is formed from the will of the Aedra, a group of metaphysically powerful spirits whose wills have been bound together

>the purpose of doing so is either partially or largely to give rise to a new, transcendent form of spirit that is the spirit of Man

>this is where you get the Mer/Men dichotomy, as whereas Mer are pre-existing spirits that have been metaphysically projected on to the physical plane of Nirn by the Daedra, Men are those souls that have arisen from the physical law of Nirn

>since Nirn is a manifestation of the wills of the Aedra, Man in a sense are living avatars of the Aedra - while also being beings that transcend the original form of the Aedra

>this is how you get the philosophy that went into the formation of The First (Alessian) Empire, whose Alessian Order preached a metaphysical oneness of the human spirit and a belief in transcendence into a higher form of their physical reality

>now, Man in a sense are living avatars of the Aedra, but then there are the literal avatars of the Aedra - the Dragons. It can be surmised that any Dragon with any kinship to the goals of their greater selves in the Aedra would feel a kinship with Man and would faith in the vision of Man as a transcendent spirit, and you can see the mythopoetic relationship between Man and Dragon as being that each race serves as a reflection or holy symbol of the other

>with that said, though, what are the exact practical details of their relationship in terms of what's been explicitly put forth in the games?

>well, that's the part that Bethesda have forgotten to ever detail in their games

>you could imagine that a TES game set in a lore-friendly take on Cyrodiil (or that would involve any kind of overt, large-scale threat to the Empire) would have had them as a major player in its setting and in its plot with a lot of details then coming from that, but in terms of what we actually have, about the extent of it that we've got is the emblem of The Empire being a symbol of a Dragon, one of the names of the Empire being "the Dragon Empire," TES Adventures: Redguard having had an Imperial Dragon as one of its villains (in a plot that had the player character fighting against the Empire), and a mention of "river drakes rusting their hides" in (if I remember correctly) the Pocket Guide to the Empire

>of course, then Skyrim came along

a7a56e  No.16005273


Pardon the typos.

e8d5ce  No.16005274


Since we're already here


>Put journal back in rather than menu list that ruins immersion

>Make birthsigns actual birthsigns

>add an optional "hardcore mode" which adds hunger, thirst, and sleep

Playing Morrowind with NOM in a tent in the middle of the Ashlands is one of the most comfy experiences, and Skyrim can be just as good at times.


It irks me more when it's more advanced or supposedly legendary monsters start regularly spawning. Like, why is there multiple Dremora Lords showing up at once with no escort? Same thing happens with the Xcom reboots, why are their 4 sectoid commanders but no sectoids? Who are they commanding? Why are they by themselves? Buff and add more enemies if you must, but don't just fucking slap more supposed "leader" type enemies like they're the standard.

374dda  No.16005279



562990  No.16005306


All I'm saying is

>You never meet a Dragon in Daggerfall but you see their children which I concede have been retconned out

>The one Dragon that people knew about in the Third Era was Tiber Septims bitch and he drastically changed the course of the war in the empires favor

>Nothing about them in Morrowind except for a Cuirass made from ones bones that implies they are very rare and the item is unique

>Morrowind being made around the time of Redgaurd likely shares the same lore/stance on Dragons

The lore never implied they were common before except very arguably in Daggerfall and even then it left you to assume most suffered from high infant mortality rates and the ones that didn't learned to keep away from the other races that kept slaughtering them as children.

So from that angle yes Skyrim is the return of the Dragons to Tamriel but the Dragons are still intelligent and they still talk they just don't talk to you because their general ordered them to kill you.

Odhaving isn't that different from Nafaalilargus in the end both submit to the dragon born of their time for their own reasons (Odhaving thinks Alduin showed weakness and his own life is forfeit to you, Nafaalilargus has pride in working for Tiber and he's being paid well)

if anything Skyrim gave them more lore by making them the descendants of Akatosh and lesser Adera as a result

The only real inarguable contradiction is Dragons inability to die without the Dragon Born present but if you really wanted to excuss it you could always say that Tiber Septim absorbed Nafaalilargus soul (not necessarily as an intended betrayal but the player character never has a choice over absorbing a soul so that can be extrapolated)


>would feel a kinship with Man and would faith in the vision of Man as a transcendent spirit, and you can see the mythopoetic relationship between Man and Dragon as being that each race serves as a reflection or holy symbol of the other

You are extrapolating how you think dragons would act based on nothing it's just as likely they would see themselves as Mans superior

On top of that it was Skyrim that added the lore of them being the children of Akatosh himself (and therefore Adera)

Where as men is frequently said to be the result of the manipulations of Lorkhan, Elves see themselves as exiled sons of Atherius who like the Adera were tricked to Nirn

The Dragons view of themselves as superior makes perfect sense from that angle they are themselves Adera (but in the vein that Dramora are Daedra) where as the myrid races of Man and Elf are but the misbegotten by product of a traitor that has deceived their ancestors and creator the head of the Pantheon

If you take in the Adera lore added in Skyrim and use that against them then you must also acknowledge that they believe in Power and Domination (the way they set their society is based on it) as Akatosh is head of his pantheon (that he conquered) so too did they seek to rule and be worshiped and so they did until they were pushed back

When you say >then skyrim came along

that ignores that >It can be surmised that any Dragon with any kinship to the goals of their greater selves in the Aedra

this part of your argument is based on Skyrim coming along

The one mortal one dragon is on record as having respected before skyrim is Na-(I'm cutting myself off instead of typing it again) towards Tiber even if you ignore the Dragon born lore he was still a ruler and dominator

>while also being beings that transcend the original form of the Aedra

they CAN be seen that way but most often are not they are on top of many other things much less powerful than the Aedra and Daedra and are often seen as mistakes brought from trickery

And EVEN IF the Dragons did feel the way you'd wish they did in game as followers of the will of the Aedra by your own admission they have the higher duty to Alduin the first born and oldest among them in his holy mission to end Nirn


Don't worry about it

Over all good post glad to have discussions such as these on /v/

562990  No.16005311


Also Alduins world eater lore is one of the few aspects of Dragon lore that predates Skyrim

a7a56e  No.16005320


No, a lot of that doesn't make much sense in the cosmology of TES that I know.

107e8a  No.16005343


>>They will tell the player that they are Dragonborn and that means they are the son/daughter of Shor and Kyne (Shorborn)

It makes sense that they speak of the Cyrodiilic gods since they have to acknowledge Akatosh as the father of the dragons, and/or the other side of Alduin.

>>–The School of Julianos/The Collage of Winterhold–

After the Oblivion Crisis, as well as The Great Collapse in Winterhold, Nords came to distrust mages, so it makes sense that they're not very prevalent in Skyrim. Even Tsun tells us this in Sovnegarde.

>>Inside the Field the player will enter Old Winterhold during the Great Collapse showing that it was caused by The Eye going out of control in the future (your present)

So the Eye being misused by Ancano circa 4E 201 retroactively caused the Great Collapse, CHIM style? I love it.

562990  No.16005348


I'll give you a quick refresh course on the basics that everyone agrees on

>Skip a couple of things until Lorkahn exists

>Lorkahn gathers the other great spirits (tjey are not Aedra and Daedra yet those words translate to our Ancestors and Not Our Ancestors in Altmer)

>Lorkahn tells them about the Mundus project idea he has and that he needs their help for it

>Some agree to help him becoming Aedra

>Some don't becoming Daedra

>The ones that do find out their power is being syphoned by Mundus and kill Lorkahn for his betrayal shattering his body (forming the moons) and shooting his heart into red mountain

>Magus is the first to discover this and leaves so fast he creates a gaping hole where magic flows from Atherius into Mundus this the Sun

>His students the Magna-Ge follow him creating the stars

that Lorkhan getting killed for his trickery bit is particularly popular with Elves because they are decedents of the Old Ehlnofey lesser spirits and as revealed by my earlier statements see the Greater Spirits of the Aedra as their ancestors.(the practice of worshiping Ancestors would go on to be very popular with the elf races) they maintained their power and knowledge

While Men were descendants of Wandering Ehlnofey did not but there were more of them,

Eras latter when they become the various races races of Men and Mer. The Mer often see Nirn as a punishment and trial that Lorkahns trickery has forced on them. While Men revere Shor (who led them to battle against The Old Ehlnofey)

Little of this applies to Redgaurds who are believed to be from a previous world with it's own Pantheon that helped/tricked them into this one

bd8b4c  No.16005355

File: 7b88b1a926176f1⋯.png (192.57 KB, 540x354, 90:59, ClipboardImage.png)

>blatant shill OP

>no one has even posted any lusty argonian maids yet

A thread died for this.

562990  No.16005369


>they have to acknowledge Akatosh as the father of the dragons, and/or the other side of Alduin.

Why? The Nord Pantheon doesn't

The Greybeards should bastions of the Old Ways/Beliefs of Skyrim have them still hold Kyne in reverence above all but this way you get to experience many sides and angles of the same information through different interpretations based on faith Morrwind Style

>Nords came to distrust Mages

that's an excuse for the setting as it is some of the best Mages of all time where Nords I mean Labyrinthian IS Shialdors Maze.

The CoW questline is severely lacking and could use a major expansion my suggestions still keep the Nords unfriendly/hostile and suspicious of those damned irresponsible and untrained Mages while setting aside a way to "responsibly study magic" in the eyes of Nord Society I decided against calling it the School of Jhunal because the lore says he gave up his nordic aspect to focus on being Julianos meaning that even the Nords except his Cyrodilic incarnation


Thank you

536a64  No.16005483

File: b12855cdb6312af⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 800x600, 4:3, b12855cdb6312af0533710c8fe….jpg)


>How do you make first person melee combat not suck cock?

Make player attack from different directions and block manually, like in Kingdom Come or Mount and Blade.


>Warhammer Vermintide 2

>smash lmb till everything dies

>aka reskinned left4dead


dfbbb1  No.16005494


>How do you make first person melee combat not suck cock?

Just go back to the combat system of the first four games.

26d1d1  No.16005551

File: c4f444b79a3bb0c⋯.png (294.78 KB, 1875x952, 1875:952, Argonian lore.png)


You do remind me that I'd really like the Races to be much more unique. Argonians were perfect if you hated diseases and wanted to spend forever in the water, but there was rarely any moment that you to be in the water for prolonged periods of time (because the game was made so you could do anything as any race) and by praying at basically any fucking shrine, you got rid of your diseases.

The same goes for any other race as their individual perks mean basically nothing when they should be the primary defining trait of the race you choose.

b2f1c5  No.16005553


>but there was rarely any moment that you to be in the water for prolonged periods of time

That's when you get mods for underwater content, morrowind and oblivion have some nice ones.

86d234  No.16005557


>Make player attack from different directions and block manually, like in Kingdom Come or Mount and Blade.

the combat in those games sucks though

536a64  No.16005566


t. retard who couldn't ever learn it

86d234  No.16005569


not much to learn about simon says combat, please don't pretend it require skill it just makes you look like you're shit at all games.

107e8a  No.16005571

File: 3520a8926b8da1d⋯.png (252.97 KB, 622x494, 311:247, when your parents ask wher….png)


>hat's an excuse for the setting as it is some of the best Mages of all time where Nords I mean Labyrinthian IS Shialdors Maze.

You forget that degradation of technological and magical skills is one of the running themes in TES. No one circa 4E 201 could match the achievements of the Dwemer, or the ancient Nords, or the Ayleids, or the Aldmer. No-one at this point in the TES universe could even hope to travel aetherius.

562990  No.16006189


>of the first four games.

>First Three have a different system than the Fourth One

>The Third one is a butchering of the first two

>Morrowinds system is so shit it's even worse than Skyrim's and the agreed upon worst aspect of it's entire game

I'm curious why do you think the older TES games had better- no good on it's own combat?

107e8a  No.16006204

File: e324a0002da0a9b⋯.png (103.18 KB, 312x314, 156:157, skeleton laff.png)


>>Morrowinds system is so shit it's even worse than Skyrim's and the agreed upon worst aspect of it's entire game

Laugh, laugh at the person who doesn't understand how to make a character.

562990  No.16006207


to be fair Argonians and Redgaurds were the best races on Oblivion and while you can say pray at a shrine they aren't all over the world and in your pocket now are they? The punishment of a disease is having to clear a dungeon with one

Oblivion had enough underwater content that it allowed you to feel benefits of having Water Breathing


That's a fair point but you could still have the degradation of magic while also having Nords respect their own mages. I mean the Mages Guild one of if not the biggest institution for studying magic across all of Tamriel has wen't belly up that's going to do tremendous damage to studying the field

27f1ba  No.16006218


>still bumping Skyrim reddit thread

562990  No.16006221

File: 4ffc473529058be⋯.png (90.14 KB, 1013x1355, 1013:1355, The Original Dumbed Down T….png)


>Morrowfags are so clawing and desperate they even pretend their counter intuitively designed combat system is good

>They try to play it off as "n-no it's not bad my mommy told me it's hardcore"

>Even Daggerfall fans (the most hardcore RPG in the series) called it bullshit when it came out pointing out how drastically reduced the hit rates where

f51b2f  No.16006253


ooga booga skyrim good

me push button me hack enemy me win after few hits

so good raaaahhhhh

06f76c  No.16006265


>some dumb fuck forum user in the year of our lord 2002

>this is his proof

>posted at exactly 4:20

562990  No.16006277


Uhhhhh Morrowind Gooood

Dice Roll for Action Combat Goooooooodest

Me Roll to Cast Spell Me Roll to Hit Spell Very Good

Morrowind Gooooooood

all suck Morrowind cock now YAAAAAAY

107e8a  No.16006284

File: aaedfb35c6dcbed⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 240x240, 1:1, no thanks faggot.jpg)


>NPCs never sleep

Absolutely gamebreaking, burn every copy and behead every dev that worked on it.

>Where are the lycanthropes??


>Where are the horses and carts??

Vvardenfell is too hostile to travel by horse.

>Where is the ability to buy houses and ships??

To do what with? You're exploring a single land mass in greater depth than previously done, not traipsing about a procedurally-generated continent loaded with filler.

>Any city to any city travel

Why would every city have a route to every other city? That's retarded.

>Non-icon based inventory system

The game has a bad inventory. Valid criticism.

This guys "arguments" are absolutely riddled with the normalfag mentality of "more content, MORE MORE! I don't care if it's not actually good, or if it doesn't make sense, I WANT MORE CONTENT!". He very obviously doesn't give a shit about the setting either:

>I have 0 interest in a setting that looks remotely like the boring crud that is Tamriel and would have to change everything

Try thinking for yourself instead of referring to ancient forum posts you spastic cunt.

562990  No.16006300


>This guys "arguments" are absolutely riddled with the normalfag mentality of "more content, MORE MORE! I don't care if it's not actually good, or if it doesn't make sense, I WANT MORE CONTENT!". He very obviously doesn't give a shit about the setting either:

That's true of the basic Morrowfag who argues that the games are dumbing down though


The post was clearly written before that

I keep this post around mainly for the bit about combat so that Morrowfags know they have no defense.


>Where are the horses and carts

>NPCs never sleep

Excusing missing features because they bully your favorite game in the series. my, my how the tables have turned

562990  No.16006313

File: 9d54e1e17b518e2⋯.png (961.31 KB, 677x483, 677:483, They all came here.png)


>Morrowfag on the brink

not even a (you)


>resorts to samefagging calls someone else reddit

107e8a  No.16006318

File: 260f6b3d0b28f1f⋯.jpg (73.85 KB, 625x626, 625:626, i am become bait, destroye….jpg)


>I keep this post around mainly for the bit about combat so that Morrowfags know they have no defense.

You mean the single line about the rats?

>A feature that makes no sense based on the setting


Try harder.

562990  No.16006331

File: c3501b5cc3f2fba⋯.gif (884.28 KB, 500x278, 250:139, Missed Point.gif)


>the absolute lack of defense

The line about rats is in clear reference to the drastically reduced hit chance all across the game

>Makes no sense

Morrowind could have had it's own mounts it's still a missing feature just because they made up an excuse to cut it out doesn't mean it wasn't removed

>Also Sleep and NPC schedules don't make sense

And you say I'M baiting

1551b5  No.16006332

File: 15192c99a65e59c⋯.png (474.22 KB, 1050x508, 525:254, 2018-11-30 20_00_00-Michae….png)

File: 1f43181f3132bfa⋯.png (441.81 KB, 1055x492, 1055:492, 2018-11-30 19_47_20-Michae….png)


>defending morrowlose

e8291b  No.16006336


>Fucking up quotes like that

This place is not for you, I think you should leave and never come back.

562990  No.16006341



>>Morrowfags seething

4fb7af  No.16006356


What does Morrowind have to do with not knowing how to quote or how IDs work?

562990  No.16006358


You think Morrowind is good of course you're too retarded to understand

4fb7af  No.16006374


I never said anything about Morrowind being good. That was my first post in this thread in fact. I wouldn't call anyone retarded when you can't figure out IDs.

dfbbb1  No.16006385

562990  No.16006398


>another anus blasted Morrowfag

it's too easy

562990  No.16006433


I have you faggot got up to 75 Long Blade and still couldn't hit anything with my long sword

>In before Stamina meme

I kept track and pace with my Stamina the game is just that shit

8410bb  No.16006441


The fuck are you even talking about? I can hit faggots reliably with 50 weapon skill. You are just bad at the fucking game.

562990  No.16006449



The game is fucking shit mate get over it

0d20b5  No.16006455

File: 2adc2e02fa50776⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, takesthebait.gif)




Just filter him retards.

562990  No.16006456



>still seething about Morrwind being shit

am I destroying your denial anon?

91a04a  No.16006458

File: 27a52ad37b595a5⋯.jpg (34.72 KB, 342x432, 19:24, Johann_Georg_Hamann_(1730–….jpg)


Soren and Neetch both owe a debt to this man plus thats the only section where the order is mixed up; Kierk wrote his work before Neetch.

91a04a  No.16006465


what about deists and classical theists

8b688f  No.16006485


TES is pozzed shit and Bethesda has never made a good game. I wish people would finally grasp this simple truth and why the likes of reddit stick to Bethesda trash like flies on shit.

374dda  No.16006600


>meme game where you can have a family as an ebin nordic aryam is le pozzed

wow what a emem, a very nice emem

7cbf1f  No.16006625


What exactly is wrong with monogamy?

c64be1  No.16006725


Don't humor the bitter atheists.

0d20b5  No.16006731

File: 262884aea704725⋯.png (850.34 KB, 686x570, 343:285, presupposing.png)


It's just fags who got banned from /cow/ shitting up all the boards. Filter, and report.

51f5b5  No.16006771


>Dwemer Mech suits

>not Dwemer Power Armor hastily reskinned from FO4


I wonder how hard it would be to port Skyrim to Retroarch.

251010  No.16006782


>implying they're not going to turn the "arab flair, black skin, white soul" redguards into just lazy african niggers living in mudhuts and crying about evil whitey


Too bad a Black Marsh game will never work though because bethesda made the beast provinces and akavir incredibly complex so that they never touch something wilder or more original than euro/nord fantasy again Argonians would be pretty overpowered due to just being able to skip past the Khanaten Flu at any time, as well as Argonians being even more aggressive and likely to attack outlanders than Dunmer or Nords. Plus i don't even know how the whole hist sap thing would even work.

374dda  No.16006801


lmao theyre enforcing christcuckery on /cow/?

562990  No.16006810


>No actual argument

The Poz is strong with you I see

374dda  No.16006822


>/cow/ has become the /cow/

>thats worth arguing over


4e25e3  No.16006824


Try a mod called FrostBite. It adds capes, a hunger system, a weather system, a how-wet-are-you system, a camping system, a sleep system, and a heat-cold system where if you wear full plate armor in a snowstorm, you will die of cold.

Its really immersive, and adds a whole new layer of gameplay that the game lacks, just as every layer of gameplay.

On a side note, this shit has so many mods that it can actually be made into a game.

Thank you, modding community. Thank you.

a119b9  No.16006853


>he doesnt know that D&D is all about bisexual people, orgies and hookers, but most of the writers ignore that shit

ff1b29  No.16006855


It's so realistic that you can carry a dozen set of armors in a traveler bag.

4e25e3  No.16006887


Ye that part fucking suxks but hey. Everything else is pretty nifty. Not gonna tell you

>fucking dont make a bag then, faggot

Cos that is for blame-placers and/or faggots.

I am gonna tell you I wish that wasnt so. Because that is really the only problem I have with that specific mod. Everything else is wonderfully done, but that small detail just fucking makes you a Cat Truck, the big one.

Polite sage, off topic.

39c919  No.16007242

Why do you crayon munchers still argue about which game is the better one 10+ later? I've seriously read more flame wars about "X game in TES is better than Y" than actual discussions about the games.

562990  No.16007247


At least you had both here

628635  No.16008856


If there is voice acting at all the the written dialogue suffers so you should at least want a level of variety in the trash you are served.

f7a6a3  No.16024720

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