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File: 612d21b395cf1e6⋯.jpg (121.59 KB, 1120x630, 16:9, ea-media-apex-10-million.j….jpg)

File: 6924ce09b995342⋯.jpg (197.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [screaming_in_lisp].jpg)

d06055  No.16097628

RIP the entire Titanfall franchise. There will never be a third game now, EA will milk this to death.


Archive.is didn't work and wayback machine's archive was a blank page. They're probably using anti-archiving tactics, sorry for the direct link.

>In 72 hours, over 10 million players have jumped into Apex Legends and we’ve breached 1 million concurrent players!

>This has been a truly incredible journey. We tested and tweaked. We argued and agreed. We got to a point where we felt some magic. We knew it would be risky to take the franchise in this direction, to go free to play, and do a surprise launch. But we fell in love with Apex Legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it too.

>We hoped you’d love it as much as us, but never in our wildest dreams could we have expected the outpouring of support and positivity we’ve seen. From all of us at Respawn, thank you for giving us and Apex Legends a chance. Thank you for joining us on this journey. This is just the beginning! We have so much more in store for you this year.

>See you in the arena!

020774  No.16097641

>Titanfall was ever good

91af4c  No.16097642

It's complete luck this game blew up in the way that it did.

Fuck, man. I know TF1 and TF2 weren't perfect, but they made improvements. The second game had a fun story with some nice moments between BT and Cooper. It was one of the few fucking mecha games left and now it's been raped by Battle Royal faggotry.

a29178  No.16097644

File: 8e0f929eaa5b764⋯.png (120.77 KB, 250x418, 125:209, 8e0f929eaa5b7647b0984b9636….png)


>It's complete luck this game blew up in the way that it did.

how the fuck did it even blow up in the first place? were normalfags just tired of fortnite or what?

65e662  No.16097645

Isn't it just going to die the same way all of them do. Start off massive then lose 90% of the playerbase in a month.

86ca54  No.16097647



Free to play and streamfag/jewtuber shilling. Something that Cliffy-Bitch ignored.

3addf8  No.16097649

File: 23462e4f965b54e⋯.png (192.5 KB, 374x490, 187:245, 1428000466533-2.png)


No thanks, if it's got a faggot and a "non-binary" character right out of the gate, plus it's already in EAs hands, it's shit

d06055  No.16097650

File: b1ea7b30790bcc0⋯.jpg (326.82 KB, 409x532, 409:532, FAKKU U.jpg)


That's what I'm wondering. This game was literally an overnight success. It got a surprise launch and only came out two or three days ago, now it's one of the most popular games out there.

ce5322  No.16097651


>It's complete luck

It's called marketing.

ea4337  No.16097654

File: 7733497e5841b35⋯.png (30.38 KB, 238x163, 238:163, bullshit.png)

I'm more pissed off EA's crashening will take a halt more than anything

86ca54  No.16097660


Just wait for Anthem, they're looking at another Andromeda.

d06055  No.16097661

File: f9780f766026c60⋯.png (184.34 KB, 435x617, 435:617, Bloodhound.png)


I was about to mention that, the LGBT is really weird and forced, even more so than normal.

This is one of the characters they made progressive. It's like they decided it well after he was designed.

a3a8d5  No.16097667




I had a friend nag me to play it with him. I asked him why, why this specific BR rehash ripoff got him so interested, and he said because other people gave it good reviews, so he wanted to see what it was about.

And the game itself is utter fucking tripe. O the eight characters there are, there is one white man, two nig chicks, a robot, an asian bitch, a presumably nog man, a faggot nog man, and tito from rocket power.

4da6c9  No.16097671


I'm a sucker for masked guys in gear. At least they understand the faggot audience they're pandering to.

86ca54  No.16097673



But this time EA or Respawn didn't tell their audience they're sexist bigoted racists!

becdb5  No.16097683

File: f18c51fb6fbcd99⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 7.gif)

>titanfall 2 died for this

ea4337  No.16097690


I don't know man, nobody thought this would kick off so hard but supposedly it did. Anything can happen if they have the right marketing.

Also, are those numbers real or are they just fake data? It all feels too sudden.

86ca54  No.16097693


60 dollar game with no soul that's just a clone that's learning all the wrong lessons from Warframe, Destiny, and The Division versus a F2P piece of shit, waiting if these junkies can last a month or two on this shit.

a3a8d5  No.16097696


People are already widely laughing at andromedathem as they suck apex dick.

f6003b  No.16097698

File: 415c1e1a30ee6a4⋯.png (75.32 KB, 512x580, 128:145, 2b87c36f10f40e110ccfd038be….png)

This blowing up really did confuse me. People here are saying it's due to streamer faggotry. Is that the whole story? Did the marketers just pick the right streamers to bribe or what? The gameplay looks lackluster as fuck and the art direction is just as bland as Lawbreakers. Can anyone confirm for me if the gameplay is as bad as it looks?

de9811  No.16097700


>There are people unironically playing gay PUBG now


ea4337  No.16097702

File: 32a439102a6f5b2⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1519x559, 1519:559, ClipboardImage.png)

What are the chances most views are bots? I remember they did this a while ago with internet adds or something else, they would hire bots to maximize traffic even though it was fake

de9811  No.16097707


People just like following streamer bait.

d06055  No.16097710


There are streamers that get tens of thousands of viewers, EA probably paid a couple of them to stream Apex Legends.

Many of the streamers are actually quite open about this and will announce when they're being paid, like Ninja.

a282e4  No.16097713

>1,000,000 concurrent players with a surprise launch

>no server issues reported

Seems mighty fucking suspicious considering EA's history with online-only games.

4c17c8  No.16097721

The game is fun though, this seems like less of an afterthought than BLOOP's BR (which was fun too) So I don't know

2c818e  No.16097729

File: b63d528df72777c⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 634x381, 634:381, 6543635.jpg)

There's only 1 white guy out of the 8 characters or something. Identity politics ahoy

8b7334  No.16097742


>Quite open about this

They are legally required to do so. It's not some secret, and it is in their best interest to make it out in the open so they don't get into legal trouble. People will watch anyway even if they know you are paid.

9b8d28  No.16097746


fortnite burnout among the older youtube twitch people and just most people.

ontop of a epic game store hate train cause mai steam store and gog.

its a stable br game which is really all you need instead of release unfinished br games

694a76  No.16097747


Infinity wards history with online games is fantastic though.

21bb6f  No.16097748

if you actually watch gameplay it's pretty obvious why the game is taking off. anyone with any level of appreciation for gameplay is going to see it. its a crisp FPS with just enough variation on a popular formula to keep the attention of your average normalfag. not to mention the excellent marketing and streamer popularity the game has going for it. this one is going to pull EA out of the slammer for a bit, that much I can promise you, despite how much i hate to admit it.

the whole argument about the forced diversity is an agenda lots of people here don't understand. if the money was in making a ton of white cast characters and they wouldn't catch business flak for it, they'd do that. the diversity meme is a symptom, a distraction, from the actual problem at hand, which is the fact that casuals will pay for anything. we've all done it, nobody is immune, we are human. just avoid it, EA will blunder their way down into the drain once the fad dies out in a few years, if that.

7d68db  No.16097772


Whenever someone says TF2, I will always without a doubt think of Team Fortress 2.

If you're gonna use an acronym for that game try thinking of something else or dont use one at all.

a3a8d5  No.16097778


how about you learn to use context instead?

545bdb  No.16097781


Marketing is complete luck. If it were an exact science, big profile flops would not exist.

8938a0  No.16097809


It is almost a science, but sometimes to kikes get too greedy and misread the average retards propensity for taking it up the ass.

8938a0  No.16097815


Christ, I really fucked up that one.

1a2550  No.16097816


Believe or not, me and other guys couldn't run Apex Legends because of bad tweak and anit-cheat. Still origin tracks this as I played straight over 20 hours.

7d68db  No.16097819


I can't in this case.

I played TF2 for 1475 hours and played it from 2011 to 2016, that shit is branded to my brain now.

385b2f  No.16097865


Never even heard of it.

21bb6f  No.16097867


very preachy, ideologue post my anonymous friend. in your attempt to climb on a virtual soapbox, you misread my post. nowhere did I say that i was "waiting for the collapse." rather, that I'm marginally annoyed that EA will be kept afloat with this latest vidya release. also in your attempt to preach you forget that all AAA studios are down right now for the exact reasons you listed. EA's stock was down to almost a record low last week and dropped from 140 a share to something like 88. Activision is doing massive layoffs. It actually is getting better, this "apex" game is an antibiotic for EA to ride thorough what is eventually going to be a collapse. now, please, unless you have something constructive to actually add to the discussion other than telling me to "throw my heart" at a video game company (lol) then get the fuck off my board.

f1a14c  No.16097871

With normalfags eating this shit up, even though I want EA to fucking die and it won't happen now, will it at least begin the death of Fortnite?

7d68db  No.16097878


It actually only came out 3 days ago I think.

I never heard of it either until some youtubers started talking about it and then I saw it here.


Fortnite is pretty much the Minecraft for kids and teenagers nowadays, I dont think fortnites going anywhere.

e5ad51  No.16097888


You'd be totally correct. This was a character left in the artbooks from years back, they just dusted it off and put it in the game. The design also looks incredibly out of place with the others considering it was actually intended for the older artstyle.

The main reason this is working as game is because they took the materials that were supposed to be used for an entire game, stripped out anything they didn't need and slapped a formula mold around it. The actual mechanics had already been trialed thoroughly, meaning it plays thousands of times better than the buggy shit that was pretty much any BR game previously. This isn't some sloppy rushjob or some amateur mod, it's a high budget game that's been frankensteined. It's a new breed of monster, a BR game that actually had money and care put into it and is scarily not completely miserable to play. However, this is going to become more common as it's become clear the bubble is not bursting, instead turning into a dangerous churning pot of gold everyone's trying to get a ladle into. It's super fickle though, and a game like this could die in a single update or from a single competitor.

d2f428  No.16097912


Give it time. Fortnite's audience is as fickle and as superficial as the game itself. If something that better suits their autism comes out, Fortnite is done.

1badda  No.16097918

EA was almost fucking dead, then normalfags flood in and save it. What shit.

b052d7  No.16097931


>Thinking a 20+ year old kike organization is going to die because it fucked up the last 6 months of operations.

Are you just a retarded optimist or 12?

446f50  No.16097932

File: 50c8c4e6883ee05⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 900x888, 75:74, retard.jpg)

I never even heard of this game, what in the fuck?

ea4337  No.16097936


Companies can die overnight nigger, plenty did, and with much more years than just 20+

7d68db  No.16097937

File: 6dfee72fa638424⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 437x431, 437:431, 6dfee72fa638424558b79700ec….jpg)


The drooling retards never learn, or simply refuse to.

No matter how you cut it they pretty much are all practically sheep/cattle in human bodies.

I wouldnt mind them eating their shit like how they usually do but not from EA, FUCK EA.

3485b9  No.16097941


Take a look at the OP and make a wild guess. The powerword is shilling.

9d3a03  No.16097948


How do you shill up to 10 million players in like 3 days?

763f4e  No.16097950


I don't normally do this but I'm calling bullshit. No one had even heard of this 2 weeks ago, 10 million is just too fucking many in this short amount of time.

3485b9  No.16097956


>Apex Legends hits 10,000,000 downloads and 1,000,000+ concurrent players

First of all does it really have as many or are they counting all initiated downloads to swell the numbers? How many of them will stick around? Why is this shit all over twitch, jewtube or any other "streaming" media site days before it's officially out?

As far as it being a rousing success, who knows. I still don't get why people bought into minecraft or say star citizen like they did. It's new, it's being shilled. Let's wait and laugh in five-six months.


>No one had even heard of this 2 weeks ago

If only.

d06055  No.16097957


That's the reaction of a lot of people. It came out of nowhere and absolutely exploded in popularity.

It was announced the same day it launched, which wasn't even a week ago.

3f79c4  No.16097958


It piggybacked off Fortnite popularity and is unironically and pretty good combination of PUBG's shooting realism with TF's wacky class-based squads.

That said, what you're seeing is a major popularity bump from LITERALLY EVERYONE playing it right now just because it's new. Anyone who even pretends to call themselves a streamer is playing it because it's what gets them views. Same thing that happened with BF5's battle royale mode. But the grand majority, probably, will end up drifting back to Fortnite in a few week's time just like they did with BF5, because that's just the irreplaceable unique experience that the viewers want. Every other battle royale is automatically going to fall to Fortnite because they don't have the building aspect.

Also, it's in very early access. There's a lot of bad balancing and bugs that need to be worked out (and from what I've heard, it runs like shit for a lot of people, as opposed to Fortnite which runs on actual fucking mobile). If you ask me, they shouldn't have "blown their load" this early, and waiting a few more months in a closed beta. But who does that anymore? They'll make bank for a little while, and then dump the game like a used whore by springtime. That's the new business model.

d06055  No.16097963


>No one had even heard of this 2 weeks ago

That's because it wasn't even publicly announced two weeks ago.

cd01fa  No.16097968


>BF5's battle royale mode

You meant Black Ops 4 BR mode. BF5 BR mode is not even out.

545bdb  No.16097970


>are they counting all initiated downloads to swell the numbers?

It would be retarded for a server to even track which downloads were completed rather than the number of requests it got, so yes.

763f4e  No.16097974


I've only seen ads pop up in the past few days and have seen fuckall news on it, and the people i know who do care about EAs shit are focused on Anthem. That's way too little time to build up hype for something like this.


Fair enough but that just makes this even more suspicious.

3485b9  No.16097980



>it would be retarded to use objective data metrics

>there's not enough time for backdoor kikery

Oy, remember the ten million downloads goy

55ef2f  No.16097986


They got lot of leadway from fortnight. Lot of people play that and want something thats isn't childrens game. Pubg costs money and nobody BR no one want's to play. So sudendly you got Free BR game thats Ok to good and not a children game. It helps EA has HUGE marketing team and they could shill it massively when it was anounced and relased. Just look how much CS BR got press and hype at start.

Its quite Okay game, Ping system if great but it's could use more variable pings. Squad thing is good but at least now you realy need friends to play whit becouse casuals suck at this game. When you go solo it's not hard to make push for win but some reason these idiots make just rush enemy and die even when you lose one member. Hero skills are stupid and nigger womans skill is easily best (suprise suprise) maybe in two weeks some one comes and tell how she(he?) is lesbian too. Gas man ability is good but him being locked hero there isn't that many of them yet. Ultimas are usles and game would be better whitout them. Frankly i miss TF wall running and jumping and game could use scout class that had some fun mobility skills and better maps ofc. Map desinge is booring in map. I wonder why no one has made mega stucture midle of map like skycraper or Titan where you could land on any floor and make down.

763f4e  No.16097998


So what i can take away from this post is EA is hiring Pajeets to market this shit, and the numbers are probably fudged to get panicking investors off their asses.

385b2f  No.16098000


Pay ecelebs and people like OP I guess.

3f79c4  No.16098002


>Squad thing is good but at least now you realy need friends to play whit

This is a good point. Another reason Fortnite is so popular is because there are so many play modes. Solos, duos, random duos (greatest fucking invention ever for streamers), and squads. For this game, you need squads and also people who work well together because of the differing classes. Anyone who ISN'T an actual child is going to have a hard time managing their life schedule to make sure their friends (who often live in different time zones) are around to play in squads. This is a killer.

545bdb  No.16098019


>The way servers work is kikery

Nobody's stopping you from being an uninformed nigger, I guess.

7c1a15  No.16098024


I doubt it'll last. Black ops was initially over fortnite as twitch bait for like 2 weeks or something, when it first released, and everyone said due to activiosn ability to polish, it was the fortnite killer. As it turns out it crashed and burned on twitch. This game is getting it's first fifteen minutes is all. And that's due to streamers being paid off and normalfags always following trends like sheep.

e1c47f  No.16098029

>hero shooter


>streamer bait

This kind of games should be background noise in here.

d06055  No.16098042

File: 6dad1f6a8c9b8a1⋯.png (107.22 KB, 282x157, 282:157, 6dad1f6a8c9b8a1341cccf37d9….png)


It's so weird seeing a character like this thrown into the whole LGBT thing. Grimdark edgy mysterious characters are almost never at the receiving end of it.

a89da5  No.16098052


>Grimdark edgy mysterious characters are almost never at the receiving end of it.

Clearly you underestimate their schizo powers anon.

b9e092  No.16098060


Streamers are definitely a large part, plus the fact that it's f2p, and the opportune leak that perhaps could have really been marketing kikery. One reason the art direction is overly cartoony is to sell skins. From first glance the map looks like someone at least tried to make it interesting unlike other BRs, but it doesn't make a difference, the gameplay is still what you'd expect from a BR, as it is a generic BR with a few things here and there that probably make it "a very refreshing take on the BR genre." You gather uninterestingly RNG-based loot and you can never find anyone to kill or be killed by so it's a big waste of time. Perfect for the kiddies because if they got killed it's because the opponents have better gear and if they win a firefight it was skill. The engagements are so infrequent that they don't think about it too hard and get discouraged how bad they are and they're too excited about how long they survived by wasting 10 minutes sitting around anyway.

cbbcdd  No.16098061

File: 39cde22287052ec⋯.jpg (99.61 KB, 458x750, 229:375, 39cde22287052ec7a6f66200b5….jpg)

>almost an entire year of everything ea's been doing going to complete and utter shit, failure after failure

>suddenly they come out with a game that just conveniently and magically is an enormous success

>everybody and their mom is shilling for it, youtubers are making videos about how amazing it is and there are comments everywhere about how great it is

>manages to hit over 10 million players in the span of literally three days, something not even games like fortnite or overwatch managed to do that quickly

No, I'm not buying it.

7c1a15  No.16098064


I'd laugh my ass off if EA execs and marketing deparments did this as a last moment desperate attempt to fix their dying company and prevent more stock losses.

a89da5  No.16098072



Looks like diggers might just uncover a new type of shilling, albeit an expensive one which requires a lot of NDAs for a large body of hired staffs.

>yfw this 'blockbuster game' is essentially what they have been doing for the past year during the period they've been somewhat radio silent.

>yfw this is their ultimate trump card

And you can be damn sure this won't be the last one.

76802b  No.16098073

Why are you all complaining? When all you kill in this game is nigger, faggot,spic.

1328e8  No.16098078

>EA finally starts to die

<they luck out shilling this game to streamers

Fucking fucks, why are normalfags so much cancer

4c7ba1  No.16098079

So I guess the half-life of a battle royale game will be one year in popularity. The next battle royale of 2020 will come around an overtake Apex Legends then.


EA as a company is like an opposite Brewster's Milllions. They things they want to succeed end up failing and when they are close to failing, something happens that drags them back to success to fail some more. Almost like if DSP was a company.

f977a6  No.16098080

I don't get it, why are battle royales so popular? It fucking baffles me.

98b050  No.16098083


Is actually a "she", though it was a guy at first, but the voice actress is a woman. Also apparently she is Nordic or something, as she prays to the All-father. Seems kind of fucking malicious that they decided to make her the non-binary character.

385b2f  No.16098084


>implying companies as large as EA leave anything to luck

Shilling is just part of the business model.

4812f6  No.16098085

How funny is that in this game full of minoritys only white male hero is GAS based hero. He can literally gas the enemy….

Maybe we should start to call him Adolf or mengel and start making fan art for him.

d2f428  No.16098090

So with the success of this game, what does this mean for Anthem, and how much they've been hyping it? Think this new hotness might negatively impact Bioware's newest vomit?

1328e8  No.16098091


>shilling for a product always works

Yeah, that's why battlefield Vagina and Anthem went so good for them, right?

Apex just saved their asses, unfortunately for us.

4812f6  No.16098097


I could see that happening. Numbers for launch have been given three times all ready one after anathor more popular.


Maybe EA has given up on anathema and bioware? Loot shooters are old news and never got that huge, once EA tries to be at top of trend and shitty BR games comes and steal thunder.

a89da5  No.16098102

It's a non-game specifically made to shock and awe unknowing customers into eating it up

<look goy all these not fake numbers, which means this is very popular, believe me goy :^)

>normalfagfags listened and believed the fake numbers and their brains went auto pilot from the sudden turn of events, and so they buy and play for the nth time.

It's a corporate project success story if I see one, and you anons can be damn sure they will try this elaborate shock and awe tactics later on.



>t.corporate shill

4812f6  No.16098104


Bioware and dice are fucked. EA has new favourite child. I wouldn't be surprised if next big star wars shooter is taken from dice and given to tf devs.

d06055  No.16098105


Apparently those powers include liking cocks up the ass, who knew?

742c15  No.16098106

>initial thread full of people howling about how this is going to bomb on assumption alone

>despite it clearly doing well on platforms like twitch

>not expecting normafags to eat this shit up

>actually being surprised that this is taking off

I-its a fluke! It has to be!

d06055  No.16098108


People assumed it was going to bomb because it was a fucking Titanfall battle royal game that got announced out of nowhere.

Based on prior evidence, BR games tend to be giant flops. It's a genuine surprise this game took off.

ea4337  No.16098113


Did you expect normalfags to eat up Lawbreakers, Agents of Mayhem or BLOPS4? Because they didn't, surprisingly enough

3c086d  No.16098117

File: e5af3ea24d25098⋯.png (345.05 KB, 729x941, 729:941, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8775dbfb993678d⋯.png (367.28 KB, 970x605, 194:121, ClipboardImage.png)


>Based on prior evidence, BR games tend to be giant flops.

a89da5  No.16098122


leftists are basically artificial jews whose minds and personality are molded into (((their))) image aka the golem/goyim, so one can expect a part of their inherent mental illness to be integrated upon their mental psyche



Not if you do it in a sudden blitzkrieg out of nowhere type of showbiz, then the normalfags will take it like it's perfectly normal, because their brains couldn't handle something that unexpected, and this mental gap is what hired shills are waiting to take advantage of, claiming it to be the 'rising star of the video game industry' or 'the next citizen kane of gaming' or some other fancy shit.

742c15  No.16098126



I don't expect or not expect anything from these people. I was making fun of the fact that people were cheering about a DOA game despite seemingly positive reception most everywhere else on the internet.

4812f6  No.16098128


That way too narrow field to look at. Not only did this get fortnight kids but also overwatch fags. OW folks are getting tired of their hero shit and here comes their new hero shitty. And look it's an BE game too. Top of that EA must have used anathema marketing budget for this game, no one is talking about that game anymore. Just buy sponsored content for every gaming site and blog, throw money to every single big streamer and fork in money to get this shit top of any forum. Voila you got yourself big launch weak. Funny thing is that this totaly torpedoes bioware.

0e076d  No.16098134

i started playing a couple hours after launch and so far the game is the best BR released to date,

everything is incredibly polished and well implemented so much so it is far beyond any other br currently released.

here's why it's so popular.

>the gunplay is good which makes it better than every other BR's gunplay to date

>the weapon variation is not bad and they have some meme guns like the triple shot sniper rifle which adds fun

>the controls are smooth as hell, your character runs fast and can go even faster when sliding down hill

>the characters have had effort put into them and their abilities are fun to use

>the gameplay is actually FUN for a goddamn BR, the gunplay and movement mechanics makes every firefight FUN, even if you lose the fight the fight was in itself fun so you que up again unlike in overwatch or other games where if you lose and get pissed you might quit.

>they have taken everything thats been developed in the BR genre by previous games and shat on it by upgrading all the little shit like pinging for enemies, dropping from the ship, landing (no fall damage), the fact you can res a teammate from the dead at a respawn beacon and tons of other little improvements.

>free to play

>only cosmetic micro-transactions so all the (((WOKE))) normalfags are eating it up

>time to kill is longer than any other BR game, so it can lead to wacky firefights and a large amount of variation.

>they dropped it the moment the leak happened so it didn't have months of people shitting on it before release

Basically, this game is the product of an actually competent dev team thats made great games before, TF1 and TF2, combine that with the fact every other game in the genre is made by incompetent hacks and the fact that its been ages since a BR release and you get the next big thing.


im playing and its fun, the diversity is utterly cancerous although i am getting some amusement from the fact one of the niggers is a medic and there is a white dude who can poison gas people.

a89da5  No.16098141

File: 840385d8160575b⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 320x430, 32:43, 1535126302042.jpg)



looks like EA didn't forget to shill this place as well

463099  No.16098144


Ok this made me laugh.

99971e  No.16098149

I have no idea what APEX actually is, all I needed to know that it has niggers out the ass.

d06055  No.16098153


You're completely missing my point, games try to rip off Fortnite and PUGB and usually end up being failures. Of course those two games are massive successes.

0e076d  No.16098154



WAAAAHH how dare you like and enjoy playing a game made by an evil jew company even though they will never earn any money from you playing it because it's free and your not retarded enough to buy micro-transactions like i do when i pay for shit for my crappy LOL account.

4812f6  No.16098156


Gun play is good but bullet drop seems wonky it only affect some weapons and scopes arnt made to handle it properly.

Love the gas man if only you could proadcast your mic to enemy's close by i would just rush to the house full of enemy's, has them and blast Erika at full volume.

f977a6  No.16098162

File: 25b285e7c038137⋯.jpg (17.58 KB, 407x379, 407:379, 25b285e7c03813727d462ee36e….jpg)


>for my crappy LOL account.

What the fuck happened to this board

06a6ac  No.16098163

It's pretty good. I don't like battle royale games, tried them, didn't like any of them, but this one is pretty fun because I'm already used to how Titanfall 2 feels.

c7b321  No.16098165


This, EA knows Twitch is the new vehicle for optimal shilling. They've been spamming ads nonstop and they paid streamers to play and promote the game.

The bad news is the shit taste of normalniggers remains unabated, the good news is this may eventually reverse the trend of paying game journos to shill for them, killing off an already shaky industry of blogger faggots.

99971e  No.16098167

0e076d  No.16098168


league was always shit and will always be shit, kys you korean wannabe nigger

742c15  No.16098173


This game was built off the foundations of Titanfall, of course it was going to at least feel good. That's why I'm kinda assmad about it too, the potential for what could have been in Titanfall 3 is upsetting to think about.

06a6ac  No.16098178


Apex won't kill Fortnite, if that's what you're thinking. Fortnite has the autistic building and style that appeals to younger crowds, and is on phones. It can't die at this point. Apex is going to have their own audience though

06a6ac  No.16098187

File: e2c2081a92c099c⋯.gif (883.99 KB, 375x304, 375:304, pol.gif)


>play game

>no gay or LGBT shit is present

>inb4 I get thrown quotes from community managers saying otherwise

f977a6  No.16098188


but you just said you have a LOL account

7c1a15  No.16098192


The question is, did mark get his cake in return yet? You can't shill to us without paying the fat man.

c7b321  No.16098195


I think keeping the game under wraps until the last minute and shoving in all the LGBTBBQ bullshit was part of their strategy. They saw Battlefail V get months of negative reception when they tried shilling the social justice elements of the game as a selling point. By keeping everything quiet and stuffing in the fag stuff at the last minute they prevented negative reception from piling up and got normalfags to bite because they can't resist the next shiny new thing.

06a6ac  No.16098208


To be fair cbbcdd, it was made by Respawn. Putting EA at the front of of everything is disingenuous

4812f6  No.16098213


Yea. No one gives shit about biowares new game but it still get shit for wokenes. Imagine if this was shown at E3 and people had time to snowball against to it. It would be bf5 or ME:A all over.

a89da5  No.16098218


>You can't shill to us


sure faggot

>The question is, did mark get his cake in return yet?

Of course :^)

7428e8  No.16098220


>Literally everyone

>Rifle through my bookmarks

>None of the 4 or 5 i ever watch played it or ever mentioned it

Maybe im an oddball who only watches people who _get_ views because they _like_ videogames instead of the other way around. Such as Joel

cd01fa  No.16098223

File: 7e6af22d17442ff⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 197x256, 197:256, WORRY INTENSIFIES.jpg)


>To be fair cbbcdd

bruh don't do that

732ff9  No.16098224

The launch apparently wasn't rocky, thanks to IDtech and Volvo. I'm sure that it will reach 10 billion players next week, according to EA.

8fdaf9  No.16098225

As a titanfall 2 evangelist shill i look at the bright side: now EA might be looking at bioware thinking "all the millions we are spending on marketing this recycle of andromedas quarian expansion and now we dont even need them anymore!"

f977a6  No.16098227

File: 8ca4c1e8acad0e0⋯.jpeg (64.19 KB, 444x449, 444:449, 8ca4c1e8acad0e08d827acef9….jpeg)


>To be fair cbbcdd

I didn't think we actually had shills until I saw this post

15a0b2  No.16098228


Apex? That's for sodomites. Check out AWEX instead…


06a6ac  No.16098233

File: d115e85b9fc1714⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 556x556, 1:1, 1327629730924.jpg)



I was just pointing out I could say it like cb cd calm down

4812f6  No.16098234


I wouldn't trust any number EA gives. They have been blasting huge numbers for 3 days yet there are way too long lobby time for game that's has over millon players at same time.

7428e8  No.16098240


>this may eventually reverse the trend of paying game journos to shill for them

How dense do you have to be to not realize streamers are the new journos? Just compare:

>1985 A.D.

>Companies pay off theoretically "neutral" third parties to play their videogames and emit praise about them

>5 C.Y.

>Companies pay off theoretically "neutral" third parties to play their videogames and emit praise about them

167a50  No.16098252


I don't suppose you've heard of a company called Enron.

c7b321  No.16098254


Streamers are cancerous in their own ways but they aren't part of an incestuous circle of assholes united in pushing an agenda.

7428e8  No.16098264


I take twitch camwhores do not exist then.

d2f428  No.16098269

File: f6e90e3e70d0a59⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1295x851, 35:23, Screenshot_2019-02-09 Trum….png)


I thought that you had to at least be semi-literate to be a journalist.

26b957  No.16098270

File: cac097f6ac48662⋯.jpg (174.35 KB, 2048x1114, 1024:557, delet.jpg)

>take corpse of infinitely less derivative sequel to a 7/10 FPS

>Frankenstein the parts into ultra-generic Battle Royale Game #4543458

>Get sucked off for it

I'm done.

c7b321  No.16098275


That's an entire different kind of streamer and you didn't read where I said

>streamers are cancerous in their own ways

So you're just arguing for the sake of it at this point.

7428e8  No.16098279


Tell me how camwhores either aren't streamers, or hoe they aren't paid to push an agenda. I'll wait fellow MIGApede.

d2f428  No.16098286


Because while journalism might be a circle jerk of soy chuggers and problem glasses fetishists, it actually requires you be able to write out things. Here's my challenge to YOU: Prove that camwhores and streamers aren't illiterate. Seriously, I doubt these cunts can even write their own name without complaining of stress headaches.

366b66  No.16098293




calm down leftypol you don't have to shill your shitty notepad full of jewish pilpul in here

d06055  No.16098298

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I prefer Aphex

7428e8  No.16098299


Videogame streamers can either take the money (or worse, nust a free copy of the game) and publish a positive review, or not take the money. They are entering the circle when they do. They COULD take the money and do a neutral or poor review, but they could expect, at best, never being offered this deal again. At worst, all kinds of suits for breaking NDAs and the like. Literally just like journos.

>I said they're cancerous in their own ways

Which happen to align with the ways journos are cancerous. Just 85% instead of 100%. Why did you ever bother arguing?

7428e8  No.16098319


>it actually requires you be able to write out things

Never thought anyone would defend journos on /v/.


>Prove that camwhores and streamers aren't illiterate.

From what I hear they are apparently capable of operating computers, which requires being able to follow the instructions on the screen, and reading the comments from their viewers.

d2f428  No.16098324


>Never thought anyone would defend journos on /v/.

And your defending of camwhores is somehow a more noble hill to die on?

c7b321  No.16098332

File: 5b45fc53707d0dc⋯.png (689.49 KB, 1281x722, 1281:722, 5b45fc53707d0dce44f0969aa9….png)


>what is gamejournopros

Also what do camwhores have to do with anything you're on about with NDAs and all that shit? At least be consistent if you're going to pointlessly argue with every post.

Enjoy your last (you) of the day from me.

efae55  No.16098341

File: 6eddf60dc68b1d5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 114.45 KB, 403x466, 403:466, squidward.png)

I'm surprised /v/ wasn't shitting on this earlier, the overnight success surprised everyone. I think it's pretty ok.

7428e8  No.16098344


Point where any of my posts touched you. And before you point to >>16098319, remember I answered a question you made relating reality. You brought up journos's abilities out of your own free will.

7428e8  No.16098350


I was told

>Streamers are cancerous in their own ways but they aren't part of an incestuous circle of assholes united in pushing an agenda

Camwhores are streamers, and they push an agenda (normalization of prostitution, male submission), much like streamers streaming multiculti trash push the multiculti agenda. Not my problem you can't find trees hidden in the forest.

e332fe  No.16098360

File: 925e7d1dc5d1ae3⋯.png (226.95 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 925e7d1dc5d1ae3614f84557e3….png)


>They have been blasting huge numbers for 3 days yet there are way too long lobby time for game that's has over millon players at same time.

This gives me the Loadout vibes

>game is aggressively shilled by everyone at launch

>servers went bust at highest interest time.

>nobody remembers it after all this time, probably tanked due to nobody being able to play it except streamers and jewtube fags

I hope this happens again

efae55  No.16098370


>>servers went bust at highest interest time.

I don't think that's happening, this is what normalfags rave about the most, the game has next to 0 issues it seems. It's quite exceptional in the regard to be honest, in times like these.

4812f6  No.16098371


I don't thing it will disappear just like that. Squad mode being main mod will give it shelf life. But class system will kill it.

866094  No.16098373


>and so far the game is the best BR released to date

The best piece of shit is still just shit

d2f428  No.16098374

File: 961f144bdd92d81⋯.png (164.75 KB, 406x462, 29:33, Screenshot_2019-02-09 Hard….png)


>Defends camwhores

>Gets called on it

<"I know! I'll make an allusion to child molestation!"

7428e8  No.16098379


Point where I defended camwhores, if my former comment triggered your grooming flashbacks. YOU placed value on journos' ability to "write things". Do you also value niggers saying 'kill whitey' in Twitter? Those are also "things".

0e076d  No.16098387


your not wrong

7962b6  No.16098399

File: 4519a0a5f4b3c3d⋯.jpg (295.3 KB, 1920x1197, 640:399, I'm a big guy I like a qui….jpg)

>launched the day it was announced

>Never even heard of this

>somehow getting huge success right after launch

EA must have bought ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE this time, from investors, to streamers, they even perhaps bought my mom and my dog to shill that game on Twitch, who knows.

>inb4 EA announces it was still a massive failure after all that buying and shuts down respawn

d88141  No.16098410

File: 1b555e1770cbc46⋯.jpg (152.15 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __yakumo_ran_touhou_drawn_….jpg)


*raises hand*

Why do we have to trust EA's word on this?

Isn't it safer to distrust them as fake news?

c0befe  No.16098411

It's completely free and surprisingly good. I DL'd it after hearing about it and then immediately deleted it because I think BR is modern day faggotry in gaming personified in genre form and figured I was never gonna actually touch it, but redownloaded it because one of my friends wanted to play it. Been fucking around with it for the past couple days and it's just good. If you like FPS's you'll like this game. It's just a shame they had to go all progressive with the characters, but fuck it, it's free, and actually good.

c0befe  No.16098421

Also, daily reminder that this game is using a modified version of the Source engine.

0c9d87  No.16098432


Did EA pay this fucking thread?

d06055  No.16098433


OP here


7962b6  No.16098443

File: da1bc4058674ceb⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 680x571, 680:571, 2rifles1shota.jpg)


They paid everyone. They even paid you, you just don't know it yet.

0c9d87  No.16098445


How many trannies did they send to your house?

0c9d87  No.16098446


Welp i'm waiting for my check, and sluts.

c0befe  No.16098451


Yes. Every post in this thread that says that the game is good will receive 15 cents American. EA contacted Mark and he posted about this deal on twitter but deleted it after 20 or so minutes. He's receiving 5 cents off every post. Ea really wants you to buy this free game that they didn't even bother marketing beforehand since it was F2P and decided to rely solely on YouTubers post launch.

d06055  No.16098452


They paid me in exactly 6,000,000 shekels

bd5a47  No.16098458


Gonna begrudgingly agree with you anon. When I saw this game pop up out of nowhere on launch day I immediately was like "fuck that, fuck EA, and fuck BRs" but a buddy of mine insisted we try it and lo and behold it's pretty fun. The weapons and gunplay feel like Titanfall and the looting is 1000x better than any of the other BRs currently out there. Mind you, I fucking HATE Fortnite and PUBG so I went into this expecting to play one match and then tell my buddy to pound sand but ended up shocked at how much I enjoyed it even with all the faggot shit shoved in. As long as they don't ruin it by making the MTX anything other than purely cosmetic like it is currently I'll keep playing it w/o spending a god damn dime. Although knowing EA, they'll probably ruin it within a month or so.

eb033a  No.16098504

>EA downloaded their own game 10 million times to from laptops they bought so they could rig the market into being in the positive for them.

Can't keep getting away with it.

7962b6  No.16098525

File: 22caf1555726c9c⋯.png (507.14 KB, 850x1383, 850:1383, office lady anon.png)



Rookie numbers, you should have asked for more.

c1d08a  No.16098536

File: 4cc5bbbcfb3fedc⋯.png (469.66 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 4cc5bbbcfb3fedc90eac75cb07….png)

This thread reeks of reddit

fcee1c  No.16098564

File: e4095cc1508459c⋯.png (66.76 KB, 223x218, 223:218, ClipboardImage.png)

unsubscribing :^)

52455a  No.16098566

File: c905ff0736f7b9f⋯.png (100.59 KB, 1096x876, 274:219, Reddit mummy handjob.png)


and EA shills too

bc3da0  No.16098568


You got screwed Goiym they've been giving everyone on Twitch a luxury estate in Golan Heights to be constructed when the Syrian/Israel war is over.

23b658  No.16098574

Is this that shitty diversity game biowares making?

1e3879  No.16098584


That's Anthem. For a sec I got it confused with Destiny, which is the game it is ripping off.

494cad  No.16098593


Check again, it's only about 183,000.

23b658  No.16098618


Arr rook arike to me.

fcee1c  No.16098627

Apex Legends is probably successful BECAUSE they removed all the movement. Can't have any actual technical skill involved if you want normalfags to play. Looking at gameplay footage it literally just looks like Call of Duty.

32c2b3  No.16098654

File: 622d8c588351509⋯.png (452.14 KB, 461x986, 461:986, Ash (1).png)

>no Titanfall 3

>ywn work for Ash again

Why live?

d06055  No.16098672

File: 54e961e2e8271d3⋯.png (197.54 KB, 508x256, 127:64, BT.png)


>you will never see his face again

c4e2ea  No.16098728

File: c5e031641283ab8⋯.jpg (34.48 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ec43725412aa87e79e9ce2668f….jpg)


You want to know? You all want to know?

Tumblr is dead and now the faggots are all migrating here, because this place is what 4chan was back ~2005.

Expect this kind of shit to get even worse in the coming months.

Unlike gaiafags, they can't "go back to Tumblr" because the site is now totally SFW only. Mark has welcomed these little fucks with open arms, and we have to pay the price.

Expect DDLG and "daddy" bullfuck to start showing up unironically.

215207  No.16098732


> it actually requires you be able to write out things.

Mashing the same letters on a keyboard as the symbols you see on a script from your editor is hardly "literacy"

99971e  No.16098738


>Even has a nigger on the cover

c4e2ea  No.16098740


Apparently he's Polynesian and I'm not saying that's better but at least its not a nigger

99971e  No.16098741


The fact remains that the game is BROWNED up the ass for no real reason.

32c2b3  No.16098749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I liked the campaign but I didn't give a shit about BT. I understand what they wanted to do but I think Infinity Ward did a better job with Ethan in Infinite Warfare.

ae6b40  No.16098754

File: 9d17803403ccb29⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 426x500, 213:250, man in kermit costume vomi….jpg)

>Slow TTK and clunky movement makes fighting more than one person an exercise in futility

>Every gun sounds like a peashooter, entire sound design is flat

>Aiming is mechanically fluid but the world looks choppy when you look around quickly

>Pushes my 1070 Ti to 75-80 degrees Celsius but its graphics wouldn't look out of place on a 7th gen console

>Abundance of meds means fights just drag on until someone else mops up

>First person sprinting animation looks autistic as fuck, just like in every modern FPS

>Grappling hook is inconsistent, sometimes sending you soaring past your destination and other times unceremoniously slams you to a dead stop

>The only white person in the game is a sadistic white man whose gadget is poison gas

Pointing this out to normalfags will only result in a chorus of "l0l git gud XDDDD", "why don't you make a better game?", and "it just came out, stop being so nitpicky!".

I don't know why I bother with this industry anymore. My brain must get some sick, masochistic, unconscious pleasure from getting disappointed at modern games.

c4e2ea  No.16098756


>playing cock of diddly


a237b0  No.16098757

File: e0f473d6b5aac79⋯.jpg (167.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, broken.jpg)

I think the only thing that impresses me about this game is that it uses a heavily modified Source engine, which doesn't really like open world maps yet they made work. However from the footage I've seen there are alot of cliffs that hide level geometry, but still it's quite impressive. Honestly I wish Valve would have scooped them up, I would have liked to see what kind of enhancements they could have added to Source SDK

0e076d  No.16098770


the grappling hook goes where you look at after youve shot it

32c2b3  No.16098771


>Honestly I wish Valve would have scooped them up

Yeah, Respawn could've been a great asset to Valve compared to the SJWs who made Firewatch.

ae6b40  No.16098816

File: 033b76e4f3aa9d1⋯.gif (121.21 KB, 352x334, 176:167, laughing crying zooming li….gif)

Oh, I forgot to mention that the voice chat quality is HILARIOUSLY bad. It's worse than on the original Xbox.

dce404  No.16098835

File: 08e46f913a632a7⋯.jpeg (315.28 KB, 750x677, 750:677, A5DCB770-B53E-4E9C-A0CE-8….jpeg)

You shills make me physicslly sick. No, I do not want to play your source engine game. Wanna know why? Because in two weeks or less, there will be an obscene amount of cheats for it since it is based off the Source engine. ESPECIALLY since its free 2 play

This, added to the fact that (1) A good franchise died for this (2) MUH DIVERSITY and (3) this non organic shilling I have seen for on most vidya discussion sights

So no, fuck you, I’d rather play that atari ET game with the joystick controlled by my ass cheeks

b68d5e  No.16098837

This game is infinitely better than Titanfall you stupid faggot. If you niggers would stop hating battle royale simply be ause its popular you would realize how much fun it can be. You're probably just all absolute shit at BR never win so you say the games are shit, random, take no skill, etc.

Git gud.

1bf7e8  No.16098841


this!,so much this!

99971e  No.16098844


BR as a game mode is inherently shit.

df6f32  No.16098849


This game is swimming in niggers and niggers look hideous. I'd spare my eyes the visual cancer.

767caa  No.16098854

File: d4277e3782e8344⋯.jpg (6.78 KB, 183x233, 183:233, l_3.jpg)

File: 4508b6d4a21783f⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 348x308, 87:77, laughing argentinian lady.jpg)


>that picture

this is so sad

74a371  No.16098867

File: 51079058c39c7e9⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1189x1070, 1189:1070, reddit streamers.png)

9daf27  No.16098876


I don't know, normalfags seem to really be eating this shit up, doing their best to be free little marketing drones.

dbab41  No.16098881

File: c851eb85b72caa0⋯.png (533.83 KB, 763x695, 763:695, little lamb.png)

This is completely fabricated.

>Game didnt even exist to people prior

>The most horrid sjw/lootbox/trendchasing combination yet.

>Reviewers have reviews ready in 10 seconds.

>Every streamer and their dog jumped on it instantly.7

>100 bazigillion players in 3 days

>EA stock on the rise

I'm calling bullshit. EA busted out all the insane shilling and is lying about the numbers in the hopes that they will bait back the investors and by the time somebody catches on to this lie that the numbers would have actually grown from all the shilling.

c7b321  No.16098886

File: 3fe0a045cec6e11⋯.jpg (110.29 KB, 1517x950, 1517:950, 42964398b61e4eabab84c496c8….jpg)


>tits are an agenda

This is peak nu/pol/ retardation.

1c3fbf  No.16098891

File: b91ea7388cf15fc⋯.jpg (700.29 KB, 1078x1950, 539:975, saturation.jpg)


The game also uses a very noticeable saturation filter in order to make certain colors often used by pro-degeneracy fags stand out more, so goyim will subconsciously think of those colors are more positive. One's agenda can even extend to subliminal levels.

767caa  No.16098895


>colors are gay now

dude what

13b690  No.16098905

File: 4af180a72983216⋯.png (28.99 KB, 571x618, 571:618, terminally reddit.png)


Take my gold! Take all my gold! XD

f4c81b  No.16098911

File: b48922353a976a8⋯.jpg (529.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, iln9qfn76fvz.jpg)



we have come full circle, 360 / ps3 games were "too grey" . now games are " too colorful, a part of the gay agenda"

e45a23  No.16098913


>parroting a Youtube comment

>mobile screenshot

>saturation is gay

>not understanding kids like bright colours and Fortnite has a big kid audience they want to attract

You're fucking retarded.

dbab41  No.16098915


I prefer grey over eye melting pastels.

5190e1  No.16098919


But why? It's basically a large scale deathmatch and that isn't really that bad, Tribes Ascend had a really fun one.

767caa  No.16098920


wont deny that the filters look retarded as shit, but going as far as to say that colors are part of the gay agenda is dumb. with that logic literally anything is part of the gay agenda because the fucking faggots decided to make their flag a rainbow, which has all primary and secondary colors.

dbab41  No.16098926


>take deathmatch

>add a lot of walking

>also include crate drops

Utter garbage.

f977a6  No.16098928

File: 01ebaa5bbf7a7ca⋯.png (511.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 01ebaa5bbf7a7cadd47f243adb….png)


>The game also uses a very noticeable saturation filter in order to make certain colors often used by pro-degeneracy fags stand out more

>colour is for fags, do I fit in yet

e45a23  No.16098933

File: 79bde4746bb951d⋯.png (111.06 KB, 257x494, 257:494, nee dunno.png)


Why are you acting like I'm defending their obvious ploy to attract kids?

dce404  No.16098937

File: 2f3fe2cb355d4e1⋯.jpeg (32.17 KB, 233x267, 233:267, EDDDD913-DA87-470C-B0CB-3….jpeg)

f977a6  No.16098945


Who are you quoting

cd470a  No.16098950

File: 1963d89bd38ac3e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.85 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample_d6cf2f2b3de8e072db4….jpg)

File: 38028d965c36d10⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.19 KB, 457x767, 457:767, 2961757 - Apex_Legends Kyo….jpg)

File: c51db6e867849fe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 972.67 KB, 1481x1607, 1481:1607, 2961732 - Apex_Legends Mir….png)


e45a23  No.16098953

File: 66faeb4b0ddc532⋯.png (122.68 KB, 586x364, 293:182, mana spots garbage.png)


Stating the obvious that greedy kikes want to attract kids and their parents credit cards, and making surface level changes to a game to accomplish that isn't defending it you dumb cunt.

d1d358  No.16098957

Why did Respawn go full retard?

Now i won't touch their game even if it's good.

4d8121  No.16098959

File: ebcf5bccc5a37b7⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 240x255, 16:17, a2598d4528c93e769f19946310….jpg)

So EA cut out the games journalists with this release, No slow buildup from the normal sites this is a sign that the journalists are losing there hold on the industry

5190e1  No.16098962


The walking part I get being annoying since as far as I know barely any of them have vehicles or some way to make movement enjoyable. What's wrong with crate drops? Randomizing weaponry goes a long way into making the game less competitive and more fun. Unless I misunderstand and you mean lootboxes.

f977a6  No.16098971

File: ff6e1f8427e00b3⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 270x140, 27:14, smug11.jpg)



7e9862  No.16098976


>I was just stating the obvious!!

No you weren't.

d2bdcd  No.16098986


I've heard the term "fortnite but for adults" thrown out in my time among the normal fags. Something with kiddy enough graphics that every elementary school kid is playing it, eventually breeds that kind of backlash.


At least they got it out of the way early for fucks sake.

babb04  No.16098987


Battle Royale is shit as a game mode because it's designed around never meeting the same person twice. You never have to adapt your tactics, you never have to admit that being beaten wasn't just a fluke, you never make (even the most temporary) friends or enemies. It's the shooter equivalent of pumping and dumping.

Add that to the randomness built into the player and weapon spawns and you get a game that is perfectly suited for the mindless, low-skill shitter who looks for excuses when he loses.

757ade  No.16098988

File: 3498c16dfe16030⋯.jpg (46.68 KB, 474x750, 79:125, 3498c16dfe1603026012b58a57….jpg)


e45a23  No.16098994



ID hop all you like, you're not getting anymore (You)s from me, slut.


>andomizing weaponry goes a long way into making the game less competitive and more fun.

More fun for whom? Winning through chance is a hollow victory and losing through chance gives you less agency than if you'd lost through being out-skilled. The whole concept is made to attract short attention span retards who fish for getting some over-powered weapon in the first five minutes or die, leave the game and try again. I'm sure some anon can post the video of the MTG creator talking about how increasing chance improves short term success at the expense of long term.

f977a6  No.16098995

File: f6b9a117b64320c⋯.gif (967.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, laughing whores 11.gif)


That's not a smug that's a laugh, goes in the laugh pile

5190e1  No.16099008


I can see your point.

I really wouldn't mind a large scale TDM with something like Tribes, if only it were a seperate casual mode from the main game. I haven't really played a Battle Royale but not many of them interest me in terms of core gameplay and the fact that they decided not to play to Respawn's strengths with movement and mechs titans is a shame. At the same time I'm even more disappointed that this is what truly succeeded from Respawn.

d2bdcd  No.16099014

I think the saddest thing about this thread (and the game as a whole), is people calling Apex Legends the bees knees because they've never played Titanfall, and the game's built off Titanfall's corpse.


I haven't heard a peep about exploits from either of the previous Titanfall games, so I think you're wrong. I think the engine's been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and little of Source's finer points actually remain.


>so desperate for shill porn you have to resort to bad yaoi

shoo randy pitchford shoo

f977a6  No.16099018

>>16099000 (checked)

I like this image, mind if I save it friend?

86da0a  No.16099021


>Its not the fact that camwhoring was allowed consistently even in violation of existing twitch TOS

>It's merely the fact of them having tits

You obliterated that strawman, good job.

16392b  No.16099036

The game is relatively fast passed, smaller number of people, but also smaller map. It is nothing like PUBG in that "long time time of doing nothing" way. The weapons just look like shit and you have no idea what to get if you don't check some guide, because are not as intuitive as real life weapons would be. The hero design is progressive shitness. Gameplay is overall fast for a BR game, but also I just don't feel it much when I am shooting and dealing damage, there is no impact in there.

I would have preferred PUBG, if it wasn't a mess. The more realistic approach and even the downtime appeals enough to me, but I don't mind faster gameplay either.

The biggest problem is the forced team play and the heroes. Online people are unreliable teammates and I have no friends. The heroes is shit doesn't feel overpowered, but I would have preferred if it wasn't there. You don't have the buy skins, so whatever, but having to buy the heroes sucks. You can win points by playing, but that means you are forced to play if you want to make sure you have all the heroes/the new good hero. If you start playing later you might find yourself massively behind everyone else, depending on how often and how important new heroes are going to be.

Might have wasted more time playing it if it wasn't for the forced team play, because at least it is polished enough for what it is.

PUBG could have been great if it was actually fixed and the devs didn't worry more for the skins than that. There are even modes like quick match or just smaller maps that let you have more dynamic matches so everyone can be happy. I actually myself do prefer the smaller maps. But it is so buggy it ends up being unsatisfying.

236e65  No.16099085

A thread died for this EA shill thread for their normalshit BR game and you people are tits deep in the trough.

1c7b4a  No.16099115

Calling it; the game will crash & burn within the next couple of months and the number of "players" for this game will be around the same numbers that 80's PUBG clone after it got "big" on twitch.

65e662  No.16099143

File: 90ed11d73f49eb9⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 880x880, 1:1, bait-tan_has_you_hooked.jpg)


>I started playing

f0bb3e  No.16099154



That also includes people who downloaded it, played one game then deleted it again.

>1,000,000 Concurrent players

Is that people playing it at the same time?



It was announced when it was released, no waiting around a few months till it comes out.

Also it's free and people loooove free shit.


Just like fortnight

16392b  No.16099159


>Is that people playing it at the same time?

Should be.

65e662  No.16099167


>changes that'll make the game worst for everyone

EA seriously doesn't need the help.

767caa  No.16099169

File: 08c5d3c6ed7b354⋯.gif (647.26 KB, 500x289, 500:289, sensible chuckle.gif)



e52eaa  No.16099173


>"Hello, fellow goyim" the post

12c08c  No.16099176

File: 100ba18912164f7⋯.png (254.19 KB, 800x640, 5:4, Alakazam.png)

wasn't this game made by the former modern warfare devs?

4b5a64  No.16099182


So, yeah, complete luck.

There is still no study that definitively proves advertising even does anything.

727a7f  No.16099189

How is EA actually making money off of this game in the first place? Initial player count doesn't reflect sales since it's a free to play game. What's their strategy for turning a profit, cosmetics and gambling? Then we'll need to see proof that's working out for them.

767caa  No.16099191


the white male characters are behind a paywall. you can only play as gay nigger crippled amputee trans faggot characters until you pay up

727a7f  No.16099192

File: 90965b97df19461⋯.jpg (23.45 KB, 339x363, 113:121, 0c2a180519238b27dfed4a8b62….jpg)


>There is still no study that definitively proves advertising even does anything.

96f280  No.16099194


>Something that Cliffy-Bitch ignored.

At least there's that.

b05e14  No.16099195


I see the cheque finally cleared.

dc6c21  No.16099197

File: 00ff331d284bc7e⋯.jpeg (79.63 KB, 750x327, 250:109, 08D52992-DC19-4067-B0F4-0….jpeg)

Out of curiousity, I went to go check the official forum of this site, and for a game that is supposedly as popular as Overwatch when it came out, its forums are pretty fucking slow.


f0bb3e  No.16099199



b623de  No.16099211

File: 8810a2deed9e114⋯.gif (940.08 KB, 627x502, 627:502, Would you like to know mor….gif)


What even is this game? Is it a chink funded project?

b623de  No.16099213

File: 4260c12c4c66a89⋯.jpg (207.67 KB, 1200x1351, 1200:1351, 79687522811215ace20bcad36b….jpg)

767caa  No.16099216


the corpse of the titanfall franchise, apparently.

fe5c56  No.16099229


Shitty players are attracted to games where they can blame the game and not themselves. It's exactly why MOBA was so popular and it's exactly why BR is so popular. You can suck ass at the game, sometimes you get lucky and win, and if you lose there's always something else to blame besides your own skill.

dce404  No.16099234



385b2f  No.16099239


>DL'd it after hearing about it

This board is fucking dead.

14efb0  No.16099241

File: d66ce7e9c5b1445⋯.jpg (124.47 KB, 850x1196, 425:598, __uzaki_hana_uzaki_chan_wa….jpg)


>There is still no study that definitively proves advertising even does anything.

There is, you just don't know because it wasn't advertised.

727a7f  No.16099246


The trick is to make a game that requires a small amount of skill but doesn't allow anyone to get significantly good at it. Most players follow the idea "Everyone worse than me is just bad at the game, and everyone better than me is just trying too hard", which is why games with very low skill ceilings like Modern Warfare do so well: they enable the average player to win the most by preventing them from having to face off against players of a significantly higher skill level (because the game just doesn't allow for them.)

aa2960  No.16099247

File: 9bad36281fc726d⋯.jpg (75.91 KB, 648x960, 27:40, 9bad36281fc726d257828e183f….jpg)

1c3fbf  No.16099251

File: f34eb92eb5cfe03⋯.jpg (179.81 KB, 928x1334, 16:23, EA is saved.jpg)




EA wins again, baby.

4cba4b  No.16099253

Sounds like lies to me.

776113  No.16099254

File: 716c6954acf10da⋯.png (70.45 KB, 470x360, 47:36, torment.png)

I'm genuinely surprised that this shit took off. It better die real fast or I'm gonna go shoot up a kindergarten while carrying posters of this game.

767caa  No.16099265

File: 8a29cba2efcdd4b⋯.png (281.33 KB, 492x415, 492:415, 1350415342466.png)



2b0fde  No.16099270


A bucket of water does not douse a house fire, anon.

cd470a  No.16099272

File: 717afc4f6cc65b8⋯.png (655.74 KB, 569x629, 569:629, 717afc4f6cc65b8b2c2333cda5….png)

i played this game for quite a while, and let me tell you somethhing, i have never seen shilling so bad for this piece of crap in my entire life, let me give you some examples of why this thing is shit

>menu errors up the ass

>forced to play on a squad, have fun playing with vodkaniggers because this game thinks EU is everything except for china and USA

>shit optimization, i set everything on low and i still get 40 fps in some areas

>OW characters and abilities, pathfinder is shit because he only gets a hook as an ability and a fucking rope as his ultimate, everyone else gets a hologram, airstrike support, optic cammo

>shit movement, it's titanfall 2 but crippled, the only skillful movement here is "bunnyhopping" were you spam spacebar to dodge bullets like in fortnite, the opponent will miss a lot since he has fps issues and can't track you very well because of that

>you take too fucking long to kill a person and when you do the other 2 niggers on his squad will already hose you down by the time you knock him on the geound

>the characters are too fucking ugly and there are more niggers than white men

>the location it's been set it's so boring, it looks more boring than fortnite's island you either get cliffs with houses, cliffs with technology base or le ebin mad max dessert

>OW microtransactions, literally ripped from OW

the only fun you are going to get is with the shitty excuse of "it's fun with friends" because you don't get retards from moscow in your team that do whatever they want and that doesn't fix the horrible optimization the game has

12c08c  No.16099273



So it is made by former modern warfare devs

Anyone got any pics of degenerate LGBT shit in this game?

1c3fbf  No.16099277

File: 1c0d9a0f7f2efd5⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 1058x843, 1058:843, sheeeeeeeeeitu waito piggu.jpg)

cd470a  No.16099282

File: aa08d02cf163a1e⋯.png (410.62 KB, 650x650, 1:1, aa08d02cf163a1ee7a52d177f8….png)

fe5c56  No.16099284

You can always tell when a game is shilled because this place fills with people who obviously speak English as a second or third language lobbing generic praise with buzzwords at a game.


All this

>EA is dying it's all over

was probably mostly bought and paid for marketing to intentionally drive down the stock price so it could be bought up before release of Apex Legends, and then sold once it rebounds.

4cba4b  No.16099285


Spoiler that.

12c08c  No.16099287

File: 6965da50276576c⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 273x252, 13:12, Computer Slavs.jpg)



it looks like pic related went thru with a gender reassignment surgery

757ade  No.16099288

File: 888ef9b822729de⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.74 MB, 708x3730, 354:1865, nothing personnel, squid.png)

8aa093  No.16099291

I don't even know what this game looks like.

4cba4b  No.16099295


It looks like shilling.

727a7f  No.16099296

The BR crowd and FPS fans in general are getting desperate for new games. PUBG is really old and inherently a dull game, and Fortnite is getting old to its core players now. The popular Fortnite/FPS streamers are especially desperate for a new game to move on to, so when Apex Legends came out they badly wanted it to be the new game for them to play all day. They were probably also being paid to play it as well, but it's more significant that many BR-addicted people very much want this game to be good.

eaee97  No.16099299


its a good time to buy some ea stock, wait for it to go up and sell it.

507978  No.16099307


Isn't it a F2P game? I feel like the download numbers are kinda unimportant when it comes to something people don't have to pay for.

2b0fde  No.16099312


Welcome to marketing.

cd470a  No.16099314


people will eat anything up as long as it's free

757ade  No.16099317

File: c31b25413b5939f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.89 KB, 2048x1025, 2048:1025, hello fellow youths.jpg)





>It's fun.

>Just trust us.

>No, I won't elaborate further.

>Muh "gunplay".

>It's free please download it.

>G-Gas n*ggas amirite fellow nazi gamers?

The cringe is unreal. Whatever they are paying you, it is too much.

16392b  No.16099323


I agree with almost everything. The main disagreement being that your PC is probably just shit or something. The game runs better fine.

385b2f  No.16099324

File: 0fdcf49da76e8d5⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 504x470, 252:235, 85d33a2213710610c86f4a8c96….jpg)


Why does Mark let all these obvious shills run rampant?

ee0779  No.16099326


wtf nigger, what even is your native language?

fc5897  No.16099327


What is this game? I haven't even heard of it until I saw this thread.

titanfall is shit btw

727a7f  No.16099329


How was that first post you quoted a shill post?

aa2960  No.16099332

File: 2f18c66d00bd4fa⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 1000x552, 125:69, 2f18c66d00bd4facdbbd658777….jpg)

>company is consistently shit and everyone hates it

>stock falls and everyone sees a light in the tunnel

>in 3 day everyone loves it without it doing anything different

cd470a  No.16099334

File: 5cc97c11d0fd885⋯.png (500.02 KB, 680x679, 680:679, 5cc97c11d0fd8851d0f325dc7e….png)


i got a gtx 970 is it really that shit for new games?

61fc5f  No.16099336

File: a184a4d54afdacf⋯.jpg (41.1 KB, 530x800, 53:80, kuron.jpg)

>10 million players for the new EA normalfag game

Gamers deserve the garbage state of the industry.

fc5897  No.16099337


this guy is as old as i am. i could be him but i missed the mark

16392b  No.16099338

File: b10d91896c829b2⋯.jpg (19.17 KB, 400x225, 16:9, V.jpg)


>gtx 970

It was always shit. That said it should be enough, if you don't push the VRAM. Maybe something else is the problem? Or something is just not working properly. I see no reason for the game to run at 40fps.

757ade  No.16099340


It is probably being limited by your processor. It has to track to positions and weapon fire from 100+ players running around on an old game engine.

fe5c56  No.16099342

Judging by the state of the posts in here talking about how "good" this game is, it's safe to say this game is very popular with paid pajeets and third world shitters who would play anything that's free.

7e5f58  No.16099344


but anon dont knock it until you tried it.

e3ddd1  No.16099346

File: 27bbff2e0185be9⋯.jpg (699.33 KB, 877x1054, 877:1054, Stop.jpg)


>EA finally was looking like it was in trouble

>normalniggers dive straight into their latest abortion like all that bad shit EA did never happened

61838b  No.16099350

File: 894d1dfc177cc99⋯.jpg (34.61 KB, 720x621, 80:69, You are here.jpg)

cd470a  No.16099356


i think the problem is the anti aliasing the gmae uses, now it runs at a locked 60 fps except for when you drop from the ship at the start

fe5c56  No.16099357


EA being in trouble was probably all fake to drive down the stock price intentionally, so everyone could buy the dip. Obviously a shitty BR game that's remotely polished is going to be successful if you throw marketing money at it. My guess though is that after the initial marketing surge fades the game will fall off very quickly and it'll be one of those games that is only played by third worlders who can't afford games. Which is funny because the game is an unoptimized piece of shit running on a dated engine which isn't going to be able to be ran on a lot of third world computers.

Not to mention it's just a matter of time before EA introduces some ridiculous microtransactions that piss off 90% of the playerbase. But it'll always have its poor third world fanbase that doesn't give EA money.

16392b  No.16099362

File: f405f7834b6fa7b⋯.png (21.22 KB, 627x530, 627:530, 2.png)


No. EA was never in trouble. This idea that was floating around was just retarded. A small balloon burst and without even taking anyone out, well, maybe Blizzard, but they haven't even done anything meaningful in years. The industry looked very differently ~10 years ago. It just bubbled with people starting to dump money into their stocks as seeing it as the new hot shit. The big gaming studios are still overvalued even after the drops they experienced since the insane growth.


TAA is shit and shouldn't be a noticeable difference. Just don't push your card to that faulty 4GB mark. Keep it at like 3 max or something. Also you never said what your processor is. Make sure you are running at high performance windows settings too

b3dcfa  No.16099369



Now I know you're not talking about Vargskelethor, right?

3a6794  No.16099371

This game would have bombed it was announced early. They released it out of no where so the game didn’t get negative hype for essay youtubbers and gaming communities

b3dcfa  No.16099373


Exactly. Why anyone think stocks mean shit at all is astounding, and makes me pray to Thanos to halve the fucking population on Earth.

bd6948  No.16099378



ba97aa  No.16099390


he's buying, dump eet

aa2960  No.16099395

File: 70f77ed6256cc45⋯.png (347.23 KB, 508x320, 127:80, 70f77ed6256cc453c66dabde9f….png)

At this point what would it actually take to crash the AAA cancer?

bde302  No.16099398

First EA designed games for those that don't play them, and when that didn't make money, they started making games that don't cost money and rely on the disabled and misbehaving children buy advantage. What's next for EA? Yep, you guessed it– games for the terminally ill with season passes.

cd470a  No.16099410


the processor is an i7-4790k

9904fe  No.16099411


I thought this was weird too, it feels artificial to me but maybe I am just getting too old. I wonder about its staying power though.

c1d08a  No.16099427

File: cd6db25c30f7e5a⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, guess who.webm)


we may never know,it's a mystery within an enigma on top of a conundrum

34757e  No.16099444

File: d2c1bc40dca87c1⋯.webm (5.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, really bored at work.webm)

4cba4b  No.16099447


It's what he does for money.

8f76e7  No.16099450


In reality, this was Respawn throwing a hail mary to try and save their company by pandering to normalfags instead of making a game their fanbase actually liked. Titanfall 3 was probably going to be some 10/10 shit again, but it wouldn't have sold, the Star Wars game is probably going to get cancelled for the fourth time in a row, and they were making some worthless VR project in the background. It doesn't matter that AL is the "best BR game EVER!!!!!" when it's best times don't hold a fucking candle to Titanfall 2 at it's shittiest. Anyone who actually played Titanfall 1 or 2 and tells you that they actually enjoy AL is lying to you about one part of that statement.

a6fa1f  No.16099478

File: 8c04c3ecb1b21d7⋯.png (462.56 KB, 699x659, 699:659, ClipboardImage.png)

Man, some of you niggers are really shitter shattered over this game.

27fe42  No.16099482

File: 1c78c37f4ade526⋯.gif (1021 KB, 289x373, 289:373, nollie to tre flip into sp….gif)

>anons actually thought a carefully focused 'game' that appeals to the very lowest denominator would flop

When will you dumb niggers learn

aa2960  No.16099486


Anons didnt think anything about this game because it didnt even fucking exist 20 seconds ago.

e332fe  No.16099488

File: 2e93a05daf92172⋯.png (579.73 KB, 809x1000, 809:1000, 2e93a05daf921728e9bd90ca99….png)


>The game runs better fine

Your english gives me doubts. And the complete boldness of anons posting here saying they liked the game. It's just way too offputting

385b2f  No.16099491


They're definitely going into overdrive shilling it though, if they're even coming here.

16392b  No.16099493


I somewhat understand people praising Titanfall 2 for having a half competent campaign while existing among shit, but the revisionism with people liking Titanfall 1 and being a good game is dumb.

3a6794  No.16099496


I personally think Titanfall 1 is better than 2

b6df69  No.16099497

File: 2e5438698fb81ce⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 448x441, 64:63, Bugman.jpg)




16392b  No.16099499


I was going to say "better than other BRs", but then I stopped, because it is not a good scale.

a2f923  No.16099511

File: b2d86416258e587⋯.gif (1023.97 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 1469813732558654234.gif)

>Make ugly sheboon characters

>Call them non binary

>Every journo shills for you

8f76e7  No.16099515


Titanfall 1 was much, much better than the second game in some aspects, such as Titan customization, map design, artstyle and more fun AI enemies in multiplayer.

27fe42  No.16099540


I don't like it either, anon. But here we are, four days later, after anons here called EA done and dead.

d54590  No.16099544

I guess the silver lining in all of this is DICE and especially Bioware have become much more expendable to EA.

a3a8d5  No.16099546

File: 91e67ead98f4ecb⋯.png (312.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, very shit.png)


This is a photoshop by the way, it's not real.

1d87ca  No.16099548


Titanfall 1 was the better game though

d38b80  No.16099555


Give EA a couple years. It will get to that point

cd470a  No.16099558


it's on the intro of the game you nignog it's as real as it gets

a3a8d5  No.16099560


go look up the characters faggot, none of them look like that.

05ccf1  No.16099561

File: 2386c45e22718c7⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 375x563, 375:563, Pixelized soy hole.jpg)


>and makes me pray to Thanos to halve the fucking population on Earth.

1a2550  No.16099563

File: 57ed4f4bc874d41⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 978x656, 489:328, lacreatura.jpg)


Here again from the trailer

b0061b  No.16099564

File: 90e1b7936271843⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 500x371, 500:371, 012983012830.jpg)

Isn't this just a generic as fuck barebones Battle Royal game by EA?

Why would anyone play it?

cd470a  No.16099565

File: a197ded620223c6⋯.png (1.62 MB, 952x986, 28:29, chigger.PNG)


oh shit you are right, the made her more niggerlicious this time now

aa2960  No.16099569



41aa53  No.16099570


Fortnite fatigue.

a3a8d5  No.16099572



well now I don't know what the fuck to believe

385b2f  No.16099573


What's with the IV bag?

b0061b  No.16099576


But it's another barebones 100 man one life deathmatch.

There wouldn't be anything to actually distinguish it from fortnite

a3a8d5  No.16099578


she heals people

16392b  No.16099579

File: c564f9873e011fe⋯.mp4 (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-02-09 20-29-37.mp4)

How is this actually fucking real. Is this is not something to get angry about if you are progressive? Or you are too afraid, because it will look like you are calling blacks ugly in general? Is this game trolling or they are just that far gone? I can't tell.

385b2f  No.16099580


Normalfag cattle just follow anything that's shilled to them, regardless of quality.

27fe42  No.16099582


You know how normalniggers love capeshit, all kinds of it? It's the same with BR. Tired of Marvel? Watch DC for a bit. Tired of Fortnite? Try Apex Legends for a while. Same logic.

1a2550  No.16099585


The marketing team is the one who make those ugly promotions.

Sure, the devs didn't wanted this bullshit.

05ccf1  No.16099587

File: 8991f4a5cd9b5d6⋯.png (33.73 KB, 505x576, 505:576, around chinks, don't blink….png)



>Ohhh me rike a eet a doooog

c7b321  No.16099591


You're still chasing the wrong boogeyman. Dumb sluts collecting money off of retarded betas aren't a calculated political maneuver, dipshit.

a64f78  No.16099593

File: 32a503c5b3e4ac8⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 449x284, 449:284, moon man gases some kikes.jpg)


>Anon can not see why this is a good thing.

>Anon can not see that EA will become the US equivalent of some shitty South Korean free to play outfit.

>Anon can not that from now on this type of shit is all EA will be interested in.

>Anon can not see that is will be basically EA fucking off out our faces.

EA has found free to play. It can push out cheaply made trash and masturbate to microtransactions till the end of times and everyone with half a brain can now ignore them as they will make nothing of worth from this point on.

Only imbeciles will play this type of trash (lotta imbeciles in the world).

If it takes the death of Titanfall for EA to actually in all practicality to fuck off from the actual real games industry then its a price worth paying.

Let them make nothing but shitty free to play games.

For this reason Apex Legends doing well makes me happy as fuck Anon. I wish it all the success in the world.

49dfd8  No.16099594

File: 851249bfa5c5f96⋯.png (820.46 KB, 918x957, 306:319, Blind Rage.png)


China does it again!

ac99af  No.16099603

4c7ba1  No.16099609


Actually, Apex is 60 man with 3 per squad. It kind of gets rid of the bullshit of getting killed off late game by a sniper you can't pinpoint in time or getting offed early game if you don't have a good weapon. That can still happen though but if you have a good team, they can revive you an infinite amount of times to get you back in the game which other BRs lack. Other than the helpful ping system, its just a general update to the BR formula, rather than something innovative. Feels like stuff that should have been there from the start in the other BR games already.


Yet they pushed diversity in a game that doesn't even have a story. What's the point of knowing a character is gay and non-binary when they are going to die in 5-10 minutes into the game?

b0061b  No.16099614


Well, if I remember right All BR games have squads now and a lot of them launched in teams of two because that was the format in minecraft hunger games

c7c645  No.16099622


>still being subscribed :^) after the fallout 76 review

05ccf1  No.16099623

File: ce6c59b0871dddc⋯.png (999.23 KB, 936x800, 117:100, ce6c59b0871dddc619955cfaf8….png)


>Is this is not something to get angry about if you are progressive?

They have no concept of beauty, to them it is an abstraction that they cannot comprehend. They are just walking automatons who may be programmed to believe anything. They actually think that these hideous creatures look good.

a6fa1f  No.16099629


The 4P PVE mech fighting mode in TF2 is pretty damn fun from what I've seen.

16392b  No.16099632


Recently the guy has been flying, even to fucking Japan, to play games for companies and make reviews. At this point you can disregard him as a paid shill.

9654d6  No.16099634

File: eee4423776245b0⋯.png (665.16 KB, 857x677, 857:677, eHujOpU.png)


>Almost like if DSP was a company.

DSP has been streaming Apex Legends.

It's like pottery.

a6fa1f  No.16099635


Niggercattle, anon. Niggercattle.

c719cf  No.16099643


Fortnite is fucking shit that's why. And it was shilled by faggots while the game wasn't Radical Heights tier meeting the basic functions of a game.

a64f78  No.16099654

File: 88bbaada59f0be5⋯.jpg (9.61 KB, 255x198, 85:66, ccd981cfc96e21f08f6e088337….jpg)


>Filters are homosexual.

Are we getting this paranoid about poz?

b0061b  No.16099662


It's fucking dumb too, wasn't the original CTR kinda extra juicy about its colors? At least in comparison to the core titles.

Bash when?

4930f2  No.16099665

its actually fun

b0061b  No.16099669


And that's fine and dandy but, what would essentially be one game mode in halo, or even one quake/source multiplayer custom server does not a good game make

9ca99a  No.16099670

File: 36af8aa7aca5257⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.55 MB, 869x1080, 869:1080, ee5e30c133276f7a67cc7b2887….gif)


Post more /ss/ you nigger.

9ca99a  No.16099674

File: c2e3a51eb7bcdb2⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 650x650, 1:1, bd9a81619554df92c826d79908….jpg)


>colors are gay

we're hitting schizoid kike levels never thought possible

e1ce2b  No.16099676

File: 9fae2a1bda1f7a0⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 701x500, 701:500, 1424893424103.gif)


Reminder that fags stole the rainbow flag from some native tribe and in the Bible rainbows are a reminder that God removed degenerates with a flood once and will do so again with fire in the future.

05ccf1  No.16099680

File: 1944c3856c29885⋯.jpg (111.02 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, gay fag rainbow whitehouse.jpg)


Put the fags in body bags.

4930f2  No.16099683


why not?

05ccf1  No.16099687


Lurk for two years. After that, commit suicide.

b0061b  No.16099692


Because even mediocre mods from the quake era had more than one game mode?

98b453  No.16099711

File: 46c7ed812eb42ea⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 400x500, 4:5, Yotsuba.gif)

Any porn of it yet?

a3a8d5  No.16099723


why would you want such a thing?

cd470a  No.16099729

4930f2  No.16099733



>Because even mediocre mods from the quake era had more than one game mode?

that isnt an argument. not everyone wants 10+ game modes.

a3a8d5  No.16099738


how about the fact it has less game modes than its competitors. It only has squads of three, but no duos or solos.

98b453  No.16099747


The quality and memorability of a product is directly equal to how much smut there is of it


eh,pretty mediocre.

4930f2  No.16099750


thats acceptable criticism. thgough i thought pubg and fortntie only had the same game mode

2d9d2f  No.16099754


I'd be very surprised if they don't add in Duo/Solo modes at some point now that the game is seeing such massive numbers, it's not like they'd be difficult to implement.

a3e02c  No.16099755

File: ab025f72aabed1b⋯.webm (806.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, soy faced shilpit.webm)


>numbers-fagging for a game microtransaction farm

if I wanted to read shill shit like this, I'd unblock Politically Correct Gaymer


3be73f  No.16099759


>even being subscribed to him

Gas yourself and your reddit taste

aa2960  No.16099797

File: 2edf5ded543d617⋯.png (407.15 KB, 537x551, 537:551, 2edf5ded543d61716faefb43dd….png)


>does understand what industry trends are

61838b  No.16099798


>Allowing the widespread broadcast and normalization of the economic submission of males to bimbo females, on a videogame streaming platform, aimed at easily impressionable children, in clear violation of said platform's terms of use, can't possibly have a political motive

Your specific denial only makes it more obvious. Kill yourself pornographer.

aa2960  No.16099801

File: 7f2ad713b436447⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 461x461, 1:1, 7f2ad713b436447a15873decb6….jpg)



d87ffc  No.16099804


He was reddit from day one, how much of a retard do you have to be to have not seen that?

385b2f  No.16099806

File: 5f627387e5a4e42⋯.jpg (133.36 KB, 1273x713, 1273:713, 5f627387e5a4e42827605861d3….jpg)

96f280  No.16099809


Grape drank.

d87ffc  No.16099811

File: 336d78e12c46fca⋯.png (178.67 KB, 848x900, 212:225, TR smile and optimism gone.png)


Half of your greentext there can also apply to Planetside 2, speaking of which they're releasing Planetside Arena which is a paid Battle Royale game, looks utter shit. When will this fucking trend die off?

16392b  No.16099817


>Pushes my 1070 Ti to 75-80 degrees Celsius

What shitty cooling do you have? Mine can never even go above 64.

b0061b  No.16099820

File: f141d5126a14a99⋯.jpg (70.15 KB, 848x742, 8:7, 1231352351341.jpg)


Ah, you cunt, you just reminded me of that shit pedophiles use to (try) get away with their shit and that politicians try to use as a wedge issue to erode freedom of speech/expression

98b453  No.16099861


I have no idea what you just said but it sounded insanely smart.

b0061b  No.16099892


Ok so, essentially, a politician doesn't like the concept the citizenry is allowed to freely express between each other criticism of any political movement. How do you remove a foundational restriction on government power in order to arrest political dissidents? You erode it with unrelated nonsense. It's like the Trans rights thing, politicians don't care about a mental disorder related to self identity and the potential suicidality of them, or the sexual exploitation of children and the gratification of those that would sexually exploit children, it serves distinctly as a tool that can be used to pry away at a fundamental restriction to allow you to target dissidents by pretending a separate issue is an intrinsic flaw with the restriction of revokation of freedom of expression

364e07  No.16099929


Upgrade your shitty computer/get it set up correctly or get a console and then stop sucking ass at the game.

385b2f  No.16099934


Or how about stop playing shitty games?

8f76e7  No.16099942


>this is what happens to your brain on nu/pol/


>stop sucking ass at the game

Are you the faggot from last thread who argued that the becomes fun/fast if you get good at it? The same fag that defended 12 headshots in a row for a 1.5 second TTK?

364e07  No.16099950


That works too.

3a4fb3  No.16099952

Why did Apex Legends blow up way higher than stuff like Ring of Elysium by fucking Tencent? That game is even Steam only and plays well.

8f7d6d  No.16099955

File: 8e538526cfd9d97⋯.webm (277.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, SP Kill my self.webm)


>normal fags are eating it up.

8f76e7  No.16099963


RoE does not fucking play well, it has f2p chinkshit-tier movement/gunplay. And Apex took off because EA spend the entire marketing budget on paying streamers. And because the "best game ever" bar for BRfags is so low, that a semi-working game that plays like Titanfall in molasses is GOAT for them.

c0befe  No.16099974


>That game is even Steam only

>how is a game that is only available on one platform not as popular as one that is available to every single person who plays video games no matter what the platform is

You just answered your own question. The type of person that something like Apex is suppose to appeal to is probably going to be some casual normalfag nigger who plays on XBox inbetween yelling at his 16 mixed breed children and listening to Drake at full blast on his cell phone so that everyone else in the lobby can hear it too.

2b0fde  No.16099975

File: b4b6c1b5d679678⋯.png (421.38 KB, 640x640, 1:1, huh.png)


They really are. However, this begs the question: If the numbers for this diversity tumble are that good, why would they bother shilling it on a taiwanese dream diary forum?

Surely plebbit and twitch are more than enough. Do they think they'll find a significant number of people here that will not only download this game but also spend money on it?

385b2f  No.16099981


>Do they think they'll find a significant number of people here that will not only download this game but also spend money on it?

Keep in mind that we have fucking mobileshit generals here. /v/ is not a bastion of good taste.

1d87ca  No.16099985

If only the first game had actual dedicated Servers but no, planned obsolescence strikes again

8f76e7  No.16100005


I played two matches because I heard it was a "Titanfall game", and it only got me to reinstall TF2. But almost every normalfag I interact with is screaming about how great the game is.

2b0fde  No.16100014


That would mean Oversnatch is the most qualified and memorable game of this decade. The fuck are you on about, nigger?

3a4fb3  No.16100016


What about other games like Realm Royale. I know that game got fucked by Hirez but even at its peak it did not do as well. I also wonder why there are still only 2 not dead hero shooters after all this time. Lawbreakers and Battleborn had hype and shit as well. Are there really no room for a 3rd hero shooter? And last time i played RoE it played well and i liked the snowboarding. I am just not the biggest BR person so i dont play them much. Also with Mobas/ASSFAGGOTS Blizzard failed with Heroes of the Storm but Hirez SMITE is still doing well. So for me it feels random if a game does well or not.

98b453  No.16100020


maybe i should add a (most of the time) then

as for shit that's just slut bait it's not a good indicator

8f76e7  No.16100024


>there are no shills on /v/

wew lad


They didn't pay off the streamers as much as EA did. This game had absolutely no marketing before it and just came out five days ago. EA games usually have a larger marketing budget than dev budget.

aa2960  No.16100034

File: 83776e475ccde8e⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 320x320, 1:1, fa378c7ba7b1e8bfbb7c240e2e….jpg)


>it serves distinctly as a tool that can be used to pry away at a fundamental restriction to allow you to target dissidents by pretending a separate issue is an intrinsic flaw with the restriction of revokation of freedom of expression

this word salad would fail a lesser intellect

98b453  No.16100041

File: cd4e27322f69aec⋯.jpg (228.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 02.jpg)


It certainly did me.

e86140  No.16100042

File: c45f64dbbb60425⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, True detective.webm)


Absolutely retarded, please go play this garbage and fuck off

b0061b  No.16100043


I forget was wallaxe Mussolini? Because if so, dude he was pro corporatism as long as it was nationalized

b0061b  No.16100046


Meanieface poopie heads use Trannies and pedos to make big whack whack your right to speech

aa2960  No.16100047

File: 2a046fe0f072883⋯.gif (97.4 KB, 147x162, 49:54, 2a046fe0f07288308745686460….gif)


>video game companies have never shilled here or any woodworks website or place in general

e86140  No.16100069

File: c6400f3cc905ccb⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 259786893844377557.png)


Doubling down always works

2b0fde  No.16100141


Yes, a sign popular by fascist groups in general.

Yes I know Mussolini tolerated and even encouraged cooperation but as you said, they had to serve national interests not assrape the people and soil to the very last drop.

27e8e1  No.16100391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>install Origin

<Computer gets error but ok want to know what's all the hype about

>Install Apex Intro start playing

>But not all Legends are heroes

>Zooms in to tauxic

<Uninstall Origin and reset my computer to prevent any remnants of EA

d1163e  No.16100484


>Lawbreakers and Battleborn had hype and shit as well.

simple, you couldn't play them even if you wanted. see, both had matchmaking which only works with a certain number of players around the clock. no one plays a game if you has to look at a loading screen for 30 minutes and kils any growth the game possibly could have. now add stupid shit like progression only working in mp (so you couldn't even advance your character to be competitive later if you wanted to), and they were destined to be dead in the water. especially BB fucked up hard in that regard since there were plenty of people that played borderlands that could stomach gearbox' writing and took months for even minor improvements

shame, I actually enjoyed battleborn

acc907  No.16100585


>10 million players

oy shalom that's approximately 60% more than the number of jews killed in the holocaust

fad925  No.16100647

Silver lining of this is that Apex will strangle the bribe money Epic uses for shit like stealing Metro Exodus.

840935  No.16100760


any porn of the asian bitch?

ab8363  No.16100782


They win either way. Worst case for EA is the game crashes, but not before they report amazing results in their next earnings report and hide this crap under the rug. Best case for EA is this usurps Fortnite and they nickle and dime the goyim and get richer. Either scenario helps them in some manner.

0c9d87  No.16100881

File: b477d1e1ae039cc⋯.jpg (67.43 KB, 963x746, 963:746, bald dyke.JPG)

File: cc66b2e00ccacb9⋯.jpg (144.55 KB, 1634x701, 1634:701, marysu.JPG)

File: b08c3a86bb9350b⋯.jpg (200.97 KB, 1865x993, 1865:993, insulted.JPG)

who designed these characters?

e86140  No.16100902

File: f1eacc0ff4554b5⋯.gif (863.71 KB, 312x143, 24:11, 45765634437364364.gif)


>Entire tab for your quips

How obnoxious

c3eb8f  No.16101186


FPS fags get what they deserve, welcome to my personal hell since mobas killed RTS.

9f2055  No.16101442


>A half dozen anons say the game is pretty fun

>Retards go FULL COPE and blame EA shills

This is really funny. Also, the game is pretty fun. Feed me (You)s you fucking niggers.

fad925  No.16101481


>>Playing woke shit like Apex but not posting on Reddit.

9f2055  No.16101519

There isn't even any gay shit in the game, aside from colored people, I guess. If game creators want to say someone is gay on the internet and it's not even in the game, I'm not sure if that's really all that woke.

a7f3b4  No.16101605


I thought everyone was too busy playing Fortnite, where do they keep finding these people in such a over-saturated market?

c3f3ff  No.16101616


Were the characters in Titanfall also this ugly?

8f76e7  No.16101636


No. They were either attractive, regular looking or wore full face helmets. And almost everyone was white too.

a7f3b4  No.16101653


The 2nd Amendment, anon.

a7f3b4  No.16101655


inb4 Titanfall 3 will by definition be pozzed thanks to the success of Apex.

c3f3ff  No.16101721


So is this actually in the Titanfall series, and everyone just got turned into western video game characters? Or is this the Titanfall team trying to keep their jobs by making EA sludge that's not actually related to Titanfall?

8f76e7  No.16101761


Regardless of what the devs are saying, I feel like this shit was forced on them. Titanfall 1 and 2 had zero political agenda or pandering behind them. And by zero, I mean zero, none, nada, nothing, and two years later AL makes a 180 and they're going out of their way to say that characters are gayniggers from hawaii or some shit. It seems forced as fuck, and it just doesn't add up. And apparently "it's in the titanfall universe" but has nothing to do with Titanfall aside from the guns and one single character.

c3f3ff  No.16101822

File: 4fdb478ced94ad6⋯.png (1.01 MB, 698x378, 349:189, nagoot.png)


Things must have gotten real rough on Earth, huh?

2314a2  No.16101982


They all got bog'd apparently.

ac19fc  No.16102076


its leeway, not leadway you fucking retarded underage niggerfaggot.

eda882  No.16102309


It's EA.

It's their official marketing strategy to implement pozz.

It pads their rating scores with journos. That's it.

3d99e4  No.16102519


It was there but not as in your face. The IMC were mostly evil white British men and the Militia were mostly women or minorities. That said even though the IMC were the villains in TF2's campaign I always got the sense they wanted both factions to be likable in their own ways.

113b86  No.16102758


>Latest uninspired Modern Trend with SJW bullshit "saved" one of the worst corporate video game companies


However the game is completely free so there's no guarantee this much people are actually spending money yet or that it won't fall off the wagon. However it being free will keep it relevant for a lot longer then other games.

You shouldn't be playing or buying anything with EA's name on it anyway. Every dev involved with EA should never be supported. I hope people learned their lesson next time.

8cc1c4  No.16103246


>There wouldn't be anything to actually distinguish it from fortnite

Different art style. More "realistic" instead of full cartoon style. Pretty sure cartoon style puts off many players.

50f965  No.16103683

>all those supposed """pro-consumer""" gaming youtubers are singing praise to this garbage game and EA right now

the absolute fucking state of this hobby

a rule of thumb - if somebody says apex legends is good he is a 100% shill

8bcc76  No.16104725


Because EA sabotaged Titanfall 2's launch and bought Respawn Entertainment on the cheap afterwards.

I could probably guess that this was EA's doing rather than Respawn themselves.

That said, most of the guys that were at Respawn went back to IW to make CoD again after their studio got bought by EA.

So it might just be the cancerous niggerlovers that made this decision over at Respawn.

450516  No.16104729

File: 904f0ceaf9778a6⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 353x396, 353:396, tails.jpg)

>Looks like COD


>First Person BR with heros

Honestly, I kinda wanna play it. Origins and microtransactions, as well as all the youtuber "Gamer" channels shilling it makes it hard to swallow, but blackout is a complete shit show, and I need my fix. I don't have anything to lose, so I might give it a go, but people should understand why the game looks to be a success, there are always paid shills, but if the game does something right, even if that something is what /v/ hates, then it will always attract people. Might burn out, like battleborn and lawbreakers, but I doubt it, I think this is the real deal. Respawn made Titanfall and has devs who worked on MW1 and MW2, it's almost like a dream come true, to see them make a massive online arena, this alone is part of it's success, I think

8bcc76  No.16104743

File: e3a8dfb183819bf⋯.jpg (125.36 KB, 1096x1200, 137:150, 1505805029721.jpg)


>he doeesn't know

Titanfall 3 got shitcanned because this game blew up.

www (dot) please use archive.is/articles/2019-02-04-respawn-explains-apex-legends-surprise-release-and-why-there-are-no-titans

The game itself isn't bad by any means, but it's nowhere as fun as Titanfall 2.

767caa  No.16105038


The curse of the 3 strikes again

0374bc  No.16105690

File: b34337de3d5953b⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 498x231, 166:77, error.JPG)

File: 563638634f488e5⋯.jpg (23.33 KB, 493x219, 493:219, error2.JPG)

File: 42d84d1b199606b⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 380x720, 19:36, 1516810628001.jpg)

anybody have em?

2848d4  No.16106527

Looks like some call of duty trash, im sure only 2 years old will keep playing it after a while

Pubg clearly will never be beaten

5ea125  No.16107180

I would like to try it out myself and judge it, but I can't connect to the servers.

Guess it's shit

d8365f  No.16107659


>Honestly, I kinda wanna play it.

I felt the same way and it's actually fun


>I was about to mention that, the LGBTQPEDO is really weird and forced

Doubly so because it's nowhere in-game. No character yells out "I LIKE COCKS" or "I LOVE MEN".

You can only find it by going to EA's terrible website and finding the character bios where it's mentioned in passing.


>looks like EA didn't forget to shill this place as well

Or maybe /v/ just wants to discuss the game that brought EA's stocks back up, especially after BFVagina and Anthem failed to generate the buzz they expected.

e2fb3e  No.16108041

File: 39337e591f42db2⋯.png (43.43 KB, 1440x285, 96:19, tf2_launch.png)


>Because EA sabotaged Titanfall 2's launch and bought Respawn Entertainment on the cheap afterwards. I could probably guess that this was EA's doing rather than Respawn themselves.

this shit again. respawn chose their own date, EA also didn't buy them "cheap" considering they've been pumping money into respawn since way before tf1 launch (and was one of the reasons ea gladly took ms exclusivity money for tf1). EA deserves to get fucked with a rake, but respawn is retarded enough on their own to run head first into a wall, they don't need EA for it.

this is same company that tried to turn titanfall2 into a fps moba to the point even fucking reddit told them to fuck off. remember the retarded battery mechanism? fucking QTE rodeo (that is literally a free kill for any semi-competent player), maps even worse than the shit dice produces? and that's just the most obvious shit. they even managed to fuck up frontier defense, how can you fuck up something as simple as horde mode (while taking fucking 9 months to release it?)

tf1 was a fluke and they've been riding on it's coattails ever since, literally everything they tried to tack on in 2 is pointless or outright stupid. their talent is long gone - or was never there in the first place and tf1 happened under unique circumstances because shit development.

9904fe  No.16108051

File: cda1184f6c83831⋯.jpg (264.91 KB, 1280x807, 1280:807, 6341f0d9ab3ab8ea724a47df1a….jpg)


>Just Chatting

They're not even hiding it anymore.

06a6ac  No.16108111


Anon, Loadout died because while you could make a bazillion guns, there was one type you could make that was better than the rest. They never fixed It, and when Loadout came out on ps4, they abandoned the pc version. They weren't the greatest.

243e28  No.16109183


they paid big streamers to stream it, don't underestimate how popular these people are.

243e28  No.16109193


its made using a modified source engine, valve didn't fuck around when they made it

b22d4b  No.16110219

File: cbd06f89039bd7f⋯.webm (9.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, yob7pcv4nwf21.webm)

The toxic white male is actually a marvel of german engineering

113b86  No.16110477

Apex Legends Has Now Cleared 25 Million Players in Total With Over 2 Million Concurrent at Peak


2ce5ab  No.16112094

File: 973c09a37be166a⋯.jpeg (58.12 KB, 450x800, 9:16, ffff2311ac67147f69961b457….jpeg)

d576f6  No.16112218

73dc2a  No.16112308

File: b81f60405e32840⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 1443x1866, 481:622, 1480889275292.jpg)


>The same fag that defended 12 headshots in a row for a 1.5 second TTK?

That's not him, that's me, and I'll keep defending it because the more I play the game the more I enjoy how it shits on the usual BR tactics of boring campouts and sniper peek showdowns, since with the way shields and damage work in this game the only real way to confirm kills is with a coordinated rushdown and good punishes at mid range in the best case scenario.

Also, the Memestiff can one shot against legendary armor if you hit a headshot at close range. A supercharged shot with the Peacekeeper hits for a little more than 150 since the spread is minimal and all shots hit on target at close to medium range, and even with helmet damage reduction you're two shooting people with that thing. You're three tapping people with the Wingman, which doesn't take long to do. I do agree all the SMGs are pretty terrible in this game, though, even the R-99 which deals almost the same damage as the Alternator but with twice the rate of fire.

That said, the current armor system coupled with the long item usage times and a bunch of character abilities encourage aggresive play at a meta level like no other game in this shitty format does. Lower the TTK and all you have left are people fishing for snipe fights or quick lasering with assault rifles at stupid distances, in turn making the game play like just any other terrible first person battle royale in the market.

I'd buff some guns, and if I'm going to lower the current TTK I'd just bump the headshot multipliers to 2x and 2.5x instead of the current values to further reward skill, but if you think a lower TTK makes for an engrossing game in this format then sorry, you're even more of a fucking retard than I'll ever be.

62bf7d  No.16113113

File: 264c46e6696e75a⋯.jpg (20.05 KB, 359x372, 359:372, wingman.jpg)


The design is solid in most every aspect. The map is really conducive to multiple sided fights and even if your squad gets sandwiched you can almost always outmaneuver them and win anyway. It reminds me of legacy rust's map in that regard, the engagement ranges and terrain is similar too but there's no faggot ass hitscan weapons. There's very little down time as well once you figure out how to route through the map effectively.


You're correct. It all fits together quite well right now but they'll probably ruin the game after a patch or two by collapsing the design after "tuning" it. and then comes the monetization.


>can't into config files or game mechanics

eed953  No.16113624

File: 6664136d98cb2b8⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 572x5237, 572:5237, jap.jpg)

File: ecd6ece19c420b2⋯.png (190.79 KB, 431x441, 431:441, just.png)

>you'll never air strafe again

>you'll never grapple slingshot again

>you'll never make someone rage with the shittiest weapon in the game again

>you'll never see BT again

>you'll never see a simulacrum Viper

>you'll never waifu a sniper Titan again

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