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File: 7dd14dd762d029e⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmout….jpg)

File: f7fce50ce5693db⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods.jpg)

49d6a3  No.16479175

Grim Dawn thread. How are your builds coming along? Enjoying the SR grind? I'm just gonna repost the OP from the last thread too.

<Shill synopsis

>Best modern diablo-like game currently on the market

>Same developers as Titan Quest

>Self-published and not run by cucks

<Beginner tips

>Play on Veteran

>Press 'A' to loot items

>Golden triangle in bottom right of UI increases minimap size

>Lootfilter is accessed by clicking the ring in bottom left

>Don't be afraid of putting components into crappy gear, they can be recovered

>Never sell components of crafting items, the only vendor trash that exists is bad gear

>Don't neglect resistances, getting reputation with factions grants augments which help a lot

>At the start, focus points in your main damaging skill

>grimtools.com is a database with all items and enemies listed within. Also has skill calculator.

<Notable nonintrusive mods

>Grim Internals adds a lot of options such as hovering names and health bars to enemies, autolooting of items and DPS meter amongst other things


>GD Stash adds an infinite stash through a java program.


<Shortlist of expansion features

>New class; Oathkeeper

>If you've previously unlocked a difficulty, new characters can start at it from level 1

>Movement augments for medals

>Bunch of new items, rebalancing of old ones and a new campaign

>Shattered Realms is a new endgame farming option which applies random modifiers like The Crucible

<Start on "Shard 1", fight through 3 "Chunks" which are random areas from anywhere within the game

<"Chunk 4" is a boss arena, beat it and you may advance to "Shard 2", you can also leave and collect your rewards

<Checkpoints every 5 Shards, craft a consumable item to start from a checkpoint

<Infinite scaling, better loot on higher shards. Beat time limit (resets every new shard, unless you fail) to get more chests at the end. Time extends by getting multikills and killing strong enemies

<Magnet links

Game with all expansions: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b5993f282baf3a58d0b6fbe3432bb80f1fdd5d37

Update magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9d9d229c5731e186fbbcff46f2e6e624a2cd7aa8

Update magnet:?


Update magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b3dbc3adb48813ccd0e5ddec7931b1f6ba9313c4

Need both updates, torrents posted by Scene uploader on rarbg. CODEX crack.

Post last edited at

14afef  No.16479197

File: db417794d68519c⋯.jpg (103.21 KB, 672x800, 21:25, BramStokersPrimula.jpg)

DS4 keeps fucking up, so KB/M only

aff9cf  No.16479257


no it is true, sort of. You do a fresh start, access your bank via the crucible, and can start on ultimate from level 1.

eb50e9  No.16479312

Ok, the biggest new development patch-wise is that the devs finally caved and made Albrechts Aether Ray pierce (as they should have done from the start).

This has, of course, resulted in anyone and their mother making AAR builds.

The meta seems to be to try to convert as much of the beam as possible to either aether or lightning (though there are some full Clairvoyant's spellbinders who do a mix of aether and vitality). The preferred secondary class is either necro or inquisitor (due to their resist-busting skills).

ca1266  No.16479362

Happy to see someone made a new thread, saw the interest vain a bit towards the end of the last one so thought I'd wait a bit to make a new one.

Latest patch is so if a mod would be kind enough to edit that into the OP it'd be much appreciated. Reporting this post for mod edit request.



>How are your builds coming along?

I've been theorycrafting a retaliation Dreeg's Evil Eye build an am curious how well it would do. The buffed 3-set bonus for Armor of the Three (+12% phys res) is cool and with the Bramblevine shield this build pushes 47% phys res.


Alternate version which uses the Seal of Shadows component skill as filler instead of Righteous Fury:


Also trying to get my fire AoM build to work but I find the damage to be a bit lacklustre. Maybe I should sacrifice some of my defensive devotions to get Ulzuin's Torch. But it's a tough choice giving up Obelisk of Menhir on a shield build.


Alternate version which uses Seal of Destruction component skill as filler instead of Righteous Fury:



They nerfed its damage so hard that I was put off the skill to be honest. AoE is a great quality of life adition but fact is that you could always make up for the lack of AoE with devotions and Devestation. Now it's just really bad against single targets which is the important part of SR.

ca1266  No.16479548


Oh my bad, you also need to apply patch before


Honestly at this point you should just save yourselves the trouble and buy the game instead, goyims anons.

0b1241  No.16479560

File: c0d7b8580593c05⋯.jpg (257.78 KB, 376x473, 376:473, 1557935412899.jpg)

Thinking of buying this after THQ Nordic absolutely raped Titan Quest Anniversary with bad updates. I was getting bored of tq anyway…

ca1266  No.16479580


They learned a lot from developing TQ, I find Grim Dawn to be better in every regard.

Some people prefer TQ's setting which is obviously more of a subjective thing, I enjoy greek mythology a lot but think GD's setting holds up well.

a69867  No.16479589


Oathkeeper is fucking busted man, I haven't even picked a second class and I've steamrolled Normal/Elite like it's nothing.

49d6a3  No.16479625


That tends to happen at the end of threads after they are past bump limit.


It's really solid. If you didn't lose so many stats from not picking a second class it could stand on its own pretty well I think.

223dbc  No.16479718


I'm doing a physical eye of reckoning oath keeper + inquisitor with 10% lifesteal, x2.02 critical damage, enough OA to crit boss level enemies, 9 second word of renewal and double damage mitigation stacks on demand (inquisitor seal + ascension). It works like a charm with my devotions providing the physical resist debuffs and the shinning men of empyrion providing passive dps and even more resist debuffs.


Here's a build link with my items and skills but no augments and components as I'm not posting from my pc. I also have an aegis of menhir build that runs on retaliation and aegis but that one's on hold at level 82 while I level to eye of reckoning build to level 100 and farm with it.

ca1266  No.16479773


>Physical Paladin

Why though? Go fire. If you want physical EoR, go Warlord.

>My Fire EoR build:


>My Physical EoR build:


They're both solid and can push over 1M dps but more than likely not perfect. Just wanted to give you some ideas of what you can do with EoR builds.

ca1266  No.16479783


But if you're still leveling your character I guess physical Paladin is fine for the moment if you happen to find gear supporting it, just don't consider it an end-goal.

223dbc  No.16480182


How does EoR even work mechanically with dual wield?

0dc27a  No.16480757

So, I've got my Witchblade in a decent spot now. Can finally kill Ultimate Mad Queen with him, and am trying crucible. So far I've cleared 1-150 in challenger, but died at 159. Tried gladiator and made it to 60, then started over from 50 a few times but couldn't make it to 100. If I'm able to stand and keep hitting a boss, they die fairly quickly, but I end up having to run around due to not being overly-tanky.


Any ideas for gear or alterations to make this more Crucible-viable?

e801d8  No.16481178


For each it tick of damage it cycles between using your left and right weapon to calculate its damage.


First of all not super familiar with Witchblade but I'll try to give some pointers.

Is it an accident that you don't have a point in the active effect of Aeon's Hourglass? Speaking of, do you really gain much benefit from Aeon? It's mostly a Cadence build without any meaty CD's vital to your build other than reducing Dying God a bit.


Together, Bat and Ghoul give another 7% lifesteal and the latter has a circuit breaker making it easier to facetank enemies. I also switched glove component for another 3% lifesteal.

You didn't have a source of flat resistance reduction so I grabbed Manticore.

Jackal is a nice filler with its 6% total speed and 2% physical resistance.


I'm assuming many of your choices are based on what you've found so far so it's hard to critique your luck.

But definitely keep an eye out for the Voidheart Ring. Second ring would probably be Mythical Combustion ring for even more -RR to chaos or Mythical Entropic Coil because sweet flat chaos both on the right and by buffing Solael's Witchfire. Replace Voidwhisper first, Lifegiver is decent for survivability purposes.

The full Rah'Zin's Torment is probably your BiS option.

Ravager's Dreadgaze with lifesteal looks like one of the better head gear options. Will probably need better gear to take him on.

Eldritch Pact or Serenity, personally leaning towards Serenity since it boosts soldier skills too and makes you more survivable.

Boots are a tough choice, not many super appealing options. I'd go for Runeguard Greaves since it makes you tankier and boosts Field Command


You want attack speed with a 2H so I maxed Squad Tactics.

OA is vital, maxed Blood of Dreeg. Physical resistance too, put more points in Aspect of the Guardian.

Scars of Battle for stun and freeze res and armor absorption.

Second Rite and Destruction are more 'luxury points', felt like they could be cut down a tad.

Increased Curse of Frailty a bit for QoL.

Do you get 100% chance to proc Eldritch Fire with Warcry? If not I suggest moving it to something else. If using my version without Manticore, put it on Sigil of Consumption.

<Build 1


<Build 2


Slight devotion changes without Manticore, if you get that medal with 15 flat RR this might be better as you get a good amount more OA and crit damage.

You should upload your files to the checklist and find out which quests you're missing for those 5 mastery points and 2 attribute points.


44e8db  No.16481390


Oh so I should definitely get two copies of relevant 1h with skill bonuses to EoR before even considering to go dual wield compared to 2h since that would jack up my deeps too much wouldn't it?

I still have an embarrassing amount of end game gear to farm. I was pretty much dormant throughout AoM and the pre-release of FG. Last level 100 character I had was a necro-shaman vitality/self heal/lifesteal kite caster subtank

49d6a3  No.16481403


Is EoR really that good? I see a ton of people talking about it since the FG release like it's the hottest shit, I haven't used it on my warlord though.

44e8db  No.16481406


Depends on what you're running. Stay away from it if you're pumping retaliation for example.

497fc2  No.16481418


Its good for main content. For killing end game bosses is pretty weak. But if you are not in to Min/Max its good.

e801d8  No.16481506

How does Wendigo's Mark work, does the debuff let me lifesteal with spells that don't use weapon % in its damage calculation?


Yeah the best strategy is to adjust your build based on the gear you have available. The two things that EoR benefits the most from is attack speed and flat damage bonuses. And of course resistance reduction like everything else.

c851f1  No.16481509


It's really good but you need a lot of survivability skills if you want to go late game. It's totally doable though.


I've heard that the new update broke the game but how's the expansion on its own? Visually it looks great and it seems like they added some much needed quality of life improvements, shame that there's no new class though. God I wish TQ was as good as Grim Dawn.

a21889  No.16481516

File: 88f5cff31220cd4⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1190x803, 1190:803, IMG_9215.png)


My Hardcore Aether/Elemental Mage Hunter is going along nicely right now in Elite. Made it to the entrance of the Darkvale Gate this morning. Later on, when I have time to play, I need to push up some of my resistances and defense before moving. For the past few hours, I felt like too much of a glass cannon for a character in hardmode.


You're still missing key info, you need a certain item/potion from one of the three Forgotten Gods factions to activate that with all the quest-based skill/attribute points and warps unlocked as well.


It's not a bad game to buy.

44e8db  No.16481540


No wendigo's mark works like a curse so it's exactly as it says on the can. A pre-determined amount of vit damage that ticks every second and 65% of the damage done is given back to you as hp. The benefit of wendigo's mark is it doesn't have a cooldown so the more people you can activate it on, the crazier the amount of hp you'll gain. I believe my necro shaman has it ticking at around 5k damage using the storm totem.

8b05f6  No.16481570


It's great. Damage on the move so you don't have to stop attacking while moving out of ground effects, extremely fast attack speed so you get consistent lifesteal and good proc rate, the damage is pretty good, and it has built in damage reduction debuff. It's practically the perfect skill. If it had a down side I'd say it has to be how it interacts with skill disruption, you just dead stop in your tracks. Also the fact that skills that have absolutely no animation like blood of dreeg or ascension still stop you for a split second when you use them. Both are fairly minor compared just how powerful the skill is.

0b1241  No.16481630


>how's the expansion on its own?

very easy, the bosses are weak

sounds are too loud

atlantis can be beaten in about 2-4 hours

It's even shittier than Ragnarok.

e801d8  No.16481864


>anyone and their mother making AAR builds.

I jumped on the bandwagon and played around with some different setups after which I ended up using the Black Flame set on a Warlock.

Anyone mind offering me some input on this? What could I improve?

>-75% chaos RR, -88% vitality RR, 25 flat RR

>All damage converted to chaos or vitality, 2k-2.2k chaos & vitality damage %

>52% physical resistance

>42% damage absorption

>200% cast speed, 87% crit damage with Hungering Void

Downsides are low DA, low armor, mediocre OA and no source of %RR. Could improve build a bit with a rare fire > vit conversion belt but I like theory building without green gear.


c851f1  No.16481894

Is messenger of war worth it if I'm not going for a retaliation build but EoR instead?

44e8db  No.16481905


Do you need a flat source of damage absorption before the % increases actually are useful?

e801d8  No.16481912


No, at most you get some movement speed and slow resistance out of it and movement speed is generally not hard to cap and you have easy access to slow resistance through Divine Mandate.

c851f1  No.16481929


Alright, but then what should I go for? I've got 8 devotion points but no idea what to do with them.


e801d8  No.16481964

File: c35a2386d192495⋯.png (20.38 KB, 582x439, 582:439, order of defense.png)


No they don't interact with one another, would be silly since no mastery which has one also has the other.

One thing to keep in mind is that flat damage absorption gets used after a damage source has gone through all other defences such as armor and resistances. % absorption is second last.


I'd probably get Chariot of the Dead and Solemn Watcher. Chariot has some nice OA and stun resistance, the proc is a good defensive one. Solemn Watcher is just a great all around defensive devotion.


ddd755  No.16482656

I'm thinking about starting a new character because I have no idea what I was doing with this build other than trying to do summons and vampire/poison/.

e801d8  No.16482823


Managed to get another 110 OA, 130 DA and 200 armor by adjusting devotions a bit more, lost 2% phys res but that's a good trade off.


e801d8  No.16482862


If you're reaching the end of a difficulty I suggest powering through so you can buy the skip token for your next character.

What mastery combo did you go for?

a87e9d  No.16482966


Inventory management is dissapointing. They should copy diablo 3 console for that. And the "mark as junk" when you loot without needing to open inventory. That shit is awesome.

d91431  No.16483277


I dont think I'm getting to the end, I remembered why I stopped and it was because I needed to get to Smugglers Pass, my two combos were Occultist and Shaman.

0afb47  No.16483325


>my two combos were Occultist and Shaman.

Its pretty strong combo what can clean endgame content. You can go 2 hand range/mele while taking poison/phys/ Vit as main damage. I would recommend start from Vines and Curse of Frailty while wearing good 2-hand riffle.

e801d8  No.16483666


Yeah it's a pretty beginner friendly mastery combo what with all the easy healing and health. I'd do maybe something along these lines with a ranged or melee 2H like anon above suggested.

Just a rough outline, not really a guide. It's focused on right clicking with savagery, multiple links to show progression since I don't know your lvl. Maybe Grasping Vines is also good for lvling, but builds focusing on weapon damage tend to be able to use a greater variety of gear so might be better for someone without a stash full of gear for alts.







d91431  No.16483826


I've been using 2 handed melee with focus on vit/poison damage, I have 4 summons and two AOE spells Dreeg's Evil Eye, and Sigil of Consumption, I have 4 other 3 other buffs but cant really remember what they do but I tend to rely more on evil eye because of how fast it is and how much damage it can do.

0de510  No.16483870


Is there a way to get that Grim Internals mod working on the pirated version, or did the person that made it force it to only work on paid copies?

Would be a good thing to add to the OP so people don't waste time on a simple issue that you should have checked/known about before posting.

c851f1  No.16483880


I see, thanks for the advice.

e801d8  No.16483910


I'm a good goy and bought the game so I don't know, but it also works with the GoG version according to the thread so it'd be odd if something was preventing specifically cracked steam versions.

0de510  No.16483980


From what I could find, the only way to get GI to work for pirated versions is to get the patched version of GI from the CS.RIN.RU thread. Also seems like GI doesn't work for the Codex release, so I had to get the and CS downloads from that thread, and use the GI for

e801d8  No.16484009


Huh that's odd, but yeah new game versions pretty much always break GI, probably because its an injector and how it reads the files or something.

44e8db  No.16484755


I also tried converting to fire EoR with dual wielding empowered flamebrands, but for some reason even if I managed to triple my dps with fire damage, the build was no where as tanky as the physical EoR I was running. I wonder if it was just my fire gear being inferior.

2addc0  No.16484865


>I wonder if it was just my fire gear being inferior.

Nothing about switching to fire would automatically make your build squishier.

Could be something like lower armor value, DA or armor absorption which are things I personally wasn't paying very much attention to whilst less experienced with GD (unlike the more noticeable health & resistances).

Maybe you even lost some source of lifesteal? It's your best source of sustain on an EoR build.

44e8db  No.16484918


I actually managed to end up with 6% more life on fire (16 vs 10), the armor were comparable, physical's DA was superior and armor absorption remained the same at 70% because I'm still busy capping resistances. According to GI, when I was facetanking the AoM boss, I was getting hit around 1k dps with 8k being the largest burst which was very manageable. The fire build was taking 4k dps on default and 12k on burst, nearly killing me altogether if I didn't back off. I think the lowered DA is causing me to take crits maybe?

2addc0  No.16484952


Yeah DA is pretty important, not only does it reduces the chance to be crit and hit but also the damage of said crits. Just like with OA there are some 'magic' values depending on your level where your dps or survivability will fall of greatly if you're falling below the enemies own DA and OA.

Another thing I wasn't paying attention to is Physical Resistance but chances are neither build had access to very much of it.

0f2fc6  No.16485258

File: c462a88864d7065⋯.webm (2.02 MB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-05-19 13-51-14.webm)

No sound because OBS acts like a little bitch whenever my drivers are updated.

44e8db  No.16485446

File: a30b0d122b79fd5⋯.png (22.85 KB, 287x52, 287:52, ClipboardImage.png)

Look like it's time to update my gear. Armor values are pretty outleveled.

c98ec4  No.16485509

>literally every good necromancer build doesn't use skeletons

Necro rework fucking when?

2addc0  No.16485526


They need their HP buffed, then add a transmuter which puts them at the current HP values but explodes upon death. Being able to summon more per cast is also needed.

It sucks because skeleton hordes are my fetish when it comes to minion builds in games like this.

44e8db  No.16485538


>Mudslime skeletons with suicide vest

If they made it explode in vit damage and gives you convert to hp when they do that damage, it'll be hilarious to build around that.

2f0e89  No.16487309

Guize halp I got killed by a Level 2 dootington pls tell hao i left click


is that a bug actually dumping items or is it just some graphical glitch? 300+ hours and I've never seen that before.

0f2fc6  No.16487830

File: 3dbb687c1884fd6⋯.png (288.7 KB, 634x423, 634:423, Untitled2.png)


It's part of Grim Internals, it automatically picks up components and combines them in your inventory. But here I simply had a full inventory and the mod kept trying to pick it up. Think of it as a very annoying temporary pet.

0f2fc6  No.16487971

File: 4f9cb1ae3005aae⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 960x544, 30:17, my inventory is full.webm)

0f2fc6  No.16488022

File: 0260d47cd6bd85c⋯.webm (14.81 MB, 1040x592, 65:37, THUNDER.webm)

Maybe it's because I'm only playing on Veteran, but I am loving Primal Strike wiping entire screens of trash mobs.

Reckless Tempest feels like a waste of devotion points though.

fb4a18  No.16488033


You're better of getting Resistance reduction. If your build focuses on lightning I'd recommend the following:



>Rhowan's Crown

>Ultos, Shepherd of Storms

44e8db  No.16488166


Just remember, elemental resist debuff works on ALL ELEMENTS.

44e8db  No.16488168


Also set up your button for pick up. Using the mouse is a pain.

fb4a18  No.16488249




Oh and speaking of Elemental RR, get Wind Devils and its upgrade Raging Tempest for another -36% RR at 12/12.

You only need a single casual point in the Wind Devil skill itself.

It's also a way better pet than Primal Spirits if you're not playing a minion build since Wind Devils scale with player bonuses and Primal Spirit with pet bonuses.

61224e  No.16490559

Is there a good way to grind set items or it's all goddamn RNG? I've been looking online and so far nothing works.

61224e  No.16490697


I guess transmute is the only way to go eh. Thanks.

44e8db  No.16491183


You need to grind FG content for the transmute ingredients, so effectively, grind more FG.

fc9381  No.16491247

File: 9d13e20fbd17f56⋯.png (504.45 KB, 1121x1600, 1121:1600, Scarlett Remilia flat as a….png)

One of you niggers tell me how to play a skeleton ritualist

From what i can tell, occultist is superior in almost every aspect, and skeletons are shit against ALOT of bosses (fuck Kyman)

Can i make retaliation skeletons? Can i buff my skeletons up absurdly? What is some good gear apart from Ghols shit

I feel like I've power leveled to 90 for nothing, all I've focused on is damage and my devotions are shit.

I've heard its all about resummoning and using summons as damage platforms, but I don't see how that would be useful against fucking Kymon.

8b05f6  No.16491292


Skeletons are just fragile as fuck. They have a third or less health compared to other summons and shit armor/natural resists. Look out for gear with resists for pets like taskmaster, of caged souls, or of the wild. Ascendant cowl from human aetherial enemies in malmouth is good as well as some rover/solael/barrowholm vendor gear. Fiendflesh gear (especially boots) and lost souls are both good legendaries items to look for but that's really all up to luck unless you happen across lost souls recipe. Get Sylvarria essence from swamp witches for acid resist or Ateph's will from coven of three for bleeding.

I'd say shaman is better than occultist because mogdrogen aura gives phys damage for better conversion and resists and if you decide not to go vitality damage you can choose its exclusive instead of necro's. It also has better vitality resist shred. I don't know what your devotion build looks like but mogdrogen is a good devotion to aim at for pure damage while ishtak is better for your own survivability. Also, try to stack as much flat damage from your skills as possible. It gets added to all your individual skeletons hits so it adds up fast. Stuff like mogdrogen aura or bone harvest's second modifier is good. Putting a low cooldown attack devotion on your skeletons helps a lot too. Bat or fiend is common.

Kymon is probably the hardest campaign boss besides side stuff like mad queen or super bosses. Don't feel too bad about getting fucked up by him.

fc9381  No.16491301

File: 2bd88b89354d4b2⋯.jpg (92.66 KB, 352x360, 44:45, Screams internally because….jpg)


>Kymon is probably the hardest campaign boss besides side stuff like mad queen or super bosses. Don't feel too bad about getting fucked up by him.

Its become almost impossible to to kill the fuck after they stopped you from glitching him out of the room

Still I'll take what you say to heart, thankfully I'm pretty sure I have some Fiendflesh boots somewhere

8b05f6  No.16493669


Ravager helmet is from the superboss, Ravager, you unlock at the end of the barrowholm questline. The helmet you get depends on who you decided to sacrifice before summoning him. You can fight him by pissing him off in dialogue. The nemesis, Reaper of the Lost, drops pants.

2da155  No.16494834

File: aa3e377f64327ac⋯.jpg (818.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190522170605_1.jpg)

Found the first build that can't effortlessly stomp The Guardian. Why are minion builds so terrible?

1ee74d  No.16494850


Post Grimtools. Your class can stomp 75 Shard but i think here is something wrong with build.

2da155  No.16494884


My bad, I actually meant The Sentinel, the 'secret' boss in Sanctum of the Witch Gods.


Not my actual plan to make this into a minion build but instead aiming for an AAR one, felt like elemental focused minions might be the path of least resistance whilst lvling as Occultist doesn't boast great synergy with Arcanist until you get some lvl 94 gear and have access to all mastery points.

Build lacks armor augments (been lazy) but I'm overcapped against all the damage sources of The Sentinel.

Problem is that I can't facetank the boss and my minions constantly lose aggro the few times they manage to grab it. I think it might be related to his stun spam as he and all adds start to completely ignore my minions even when I'm standing around a corner doing nothing at all.

8ce91b  No.16494895


Reminder that fiend is absolute garbage once you max out skellingtons because at that point you only summon ranged units.

2da155  No.16494901

File: 077ac12a640ce75⋯.jpg (625.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190522174027_1.jpg)

File: c8d6e9b3df81735⋯.jpg (473.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190522174037_1.jpg)

File: ff2ee6fef9ed0fd⋯.jpg (611.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190522174335_1.jpg)


>Minions DPS'ing him down

>AoE stun

>Have to run around like a retard hoping they pick up aggro again

>Eventually they do

>AoE stun

>Charges around corner and stuns me, die

8b05f6  No.16494903


He's actually designed to fuck up pets a bit. One of his attacks inflicts mind control which would cause them to kill each other and could be the reason for the dropped agro. Curse of frailty also drags a lot of agro. He has an aoe damage reduction debuff too.

You desperately need to hit up some shrines, there's no reason to not have maxed devotion points by the time you hit ultimate. Even if you started in ultimate you should go back to normal or elite and get all the easy shrines. You have elemental storm and bysmiel's bonds even though their resist shreds don't stack.

2da155  No.16494918


Tried not using Curse, doesn't help. Probably mindcontrol combined with the stun being the isse. Used token to get to ultimate and usually never bother going back for shrines, only at Fort Ikon in the main campaign. Might do some crucible.

Bysmiel's Bond only has 20 seconds uptime with 40 seconds downtime, feels like its RR shred isn't the reason for getting it.

8b05f6  No.16494950


well if all else fails use an aether cluster and face tank him while your pets deal damage.

0467c7  No.16494987


>not run by cucks

Didn't they censor the female armors though?

8ce91b  No.16495024

2da155  No.16495031


Maybe you're thinking of the Divinity devs. GD does the money/development saving approach of only having 1 set of textures and meshes for all armor making them unisex, but fits them differently to the body models.

885809  No.16495038

File: 2c064d50d908606⋯.webm (14.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2019-05-22 19-15-03.webm)


You could try to do retarded setup like webm related. Ignore the nodeeps. If you try to do this through a full wall, you won't be able to cast anything on the other side of the wall, though AoE shit like RoS seems to go through the wall, but The Sentinel won't be able to hit you at all save for random meteor. You could also lure him to the part with broken wall, this way you can cast shit on top of him, but he will also cast more meteor rains and become able to hit you with autos.

0467c7  No.16495071



So there's still sexy stuff in this game like there was in Titan Quest?

0f2fc6  No.16495074

File: 0dd3457a7324cd3⋯.webm (15.01 MB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-10-05 00-56-25.webm)

I've gotten to around 500k dps on dummies and I'm really bummed out about being able to bind devotions to Brimstone. I was already thinking of setting up a room clearing build I had back in PoE.

0f2fc6  No.16495086

File: 653bb63d8ec4d8a⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 480x480, 1:1, FRIDAY NIGHT MOTHER FUCKE….webm)

2da155  No.16495113

File: f2ea0f1dce29e18⋯.jpg (811.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190407234316_1.jpg)


Sadly there's not really any slutwear for the PC (afaik) but there are some NPC's like the loading screen from the OP.

056d25  No.16495119

A lot of the random nerfs to certain builds and abilities really got annoying. Now most builds have to be DoT only to really get through the higher ranks of shattered realms and even some super bosses.

8ce91b  No.16495120

File: ca29eb9be9c4307⋯.jpg (731.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190328210102_1.jpg)


>So there's still sexy stuff in this game like there was in Titan Quest?

GD sadly has a much lower budget, so not every quest is voice acted and there's only one type of armor. There are big tiddy statues however.

8b05f6  No.16495133


This is why scaling damage up in higher shards as a difficulty modifier is retarded when you could be just reducing the massive amount of time you get from killing stuff or increasing monster health so you actually need that time.

2da155  No.16495141



Well technically anything you bind to Firestrike will be able to trigger from Brimstone as well.

Build looks okay (Static Strike deserves a casual point) but it's mostly about improving your gear at this stage. And maxing Brimstone.

056d25  No.16495178


Pet builds and retaliation builds are even hard to do now in campaign or in the crucible with the new changes. Apparently the reason given was because they were cheesy, but it still now makes all build variety just be DoT builds able to do the highest content levels. They even nerfed whole armor sets that gave you weapon proc skills and bonuses to certain default attacks. Casters got hit less hard.


Brimstone is a necessity. Having a point in static is useful if you have gear to support increasing it's rank. Searing light on flashbangs is important to have and very useful. You could probably get rid of some points in storm rounds and burst rounds for chilling rounds to get more weapon proc skills and because of diminishing damage increases. That many points in vigor might be a little excessive with some late game items giving ranks to you, and because of diminishing returns being a thing. Steel resolve would help a bit more.

2da155  No.16495185


I ended up respeccing to aether AAR, was getting bored with Occultist minion build anyway, so passive with pretty much only Curse and Doombolt to cast.

1ee74d  No.16495188


>sexy stuff in this game

Only if you are in bodyhorror, impregnation/corruption and Vore. Also Fleshworks is great.

0f2fc6  No.16497587

File: 573610c52c03887⋯.jpg (204.8 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 573610c52c03887cb9c9eb5fa6….jpg)


Are there any good well known Arcanist builds?

I decided to dust off my first character and it is appalling. Gear wise, it's got shit resists, I'll be replacing it with something worth inserting components into. I spread my skill too wide, this is the current rework I've come up with, I think I need to take away some points from Panettis replicating missile options since I keep running out of mana. The Occultist tree was unlocked because I wanted to be a dark wizard and do dark wizard shit, but that went nowhere. No clue what the fuck I was doing with Devotions, they seem all over the place, at least now I'm sorta aiming for the Phoenix and Blind Sage

398c71  No.16497605

File: e931265c6f58b55⋯.png (119.24 KB, 649x511, 649:511, loot table.png)

>Want Need this belt

>7.46% drop rate

>The chance of it actually getting decent rolls is probably in the same area of success

Kill me.


I theorycrafted an AAR Warlock and am working on it myself right now. Just hit lvl 94 but missing the amulet and some parts of the set (but going to craft helmet and transmute).


Seems really good on paper but I need to test it so I can determine what needs changing. Definitely have to find get more stun resistance, can be fixed with components/augments though.

398c71  No.16497615


Use AAR or PRM, not both. They can both be used as main spells so make your build around either of them, not both.

Fabric of Reality with its Energy Leech helps sustain a bit.

If you're doing an elemental build (or AAR with a good chunk of lightning/fire) get Vulnerability from Occultist.

Blood of Dreeg is good for OA and health sustain. Aspect of the Guardian has nice phys res (but might be spreading your points too thin getting it this early)

Max Maiven's Sphere, always. Mirror of Ereoctes could use a few more points to bring down the CD.

If you use AAR, max Disintegration.

Devestation is a good skill, max it if you're gonna use it.

Elemental Balance is decent for its crit damage, but prioritize other things for now. Get it when you can.

Harp is a decent option if you're starved for energy.

Get resistance reduction devotions such as Rhowan's Crown and Viper for elemental damage.

Solemn Watcher is good for defence and reflect damage reduction.

After spending points in the crossroad and have unlocked something that grants that same affinity, you can remove those crossroad points.

398c71  No.16497618



Also put Ectoplasm and Mark of Illusion on your rings, medal and amulet. They're very common and help with energy regen a lot. Speaking of, put components in your other gear too.

398c71  No.16497645


I forgot but Arcane Will is another good source of energy regeneration but also grants decent DA and some damage on top of it all.

398c71  No.16497655


Also been thinking about focusing on Sigil of Consumption as a secondary spell rather than Devastation. 6 seconds duration with 3 sec CD and all the other boosts to it should grant retarded amount of lifesteal which can save me during disables when unable to cast AAR and leech with that.


Sort of want more Arcane Will but can't find a decent way of affording it. Mainly because low DA values. Need to find ways to improve DA, biggest weakpoint of the build as far as I can tell.

022b17  No.16497791


The correct way to use skeletons is to stack as much damage as possible and resummon them on cd. The goal is to kill things before they get to deal damage, it's all or nothing. Getting % increases to health and resistances is worthless because they have very low health to begin with. It might have been viable if there were flat HP bonuses to pets to mirror the flat damage bonuses.

d4c55f  No.16497890

File: a17ee19b14889f3⋯.jpg (224.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1340112144688.jpg)


>Now most builds have to be DoT only to really get through the higher ranks of shattered realms and even some super bosses.

You can use my build to reach 70-76 shards


d4c55f  No.16497895


>I theorycrafted an AAR Warlock and am working on it myself right now. Just hit lvl 94 but missing the amulet and some parts of the set (but going to craft helmet and transmute).

I have this belf with Chaos+Vit/fire damage. I can trade it but only not for a HC character.

d4c55f  No.16497928


Old pre-AoM amulet.

d4c55f  No.16497961


Not Rip - just use Mark Of Divine or Bear Sigil.

c91cd0  No.16498145


I'm no longer sure if it's my best option for fire conversion, the Bloodsworn Vestment is pretty good too (besides, not on HC anyway).

Trying to figure out the best approach for this build is doing my head in, would happily welcome feedback from anyone.

Managed to increase my DA to ~2700 but had to sacrifice Revenant (25 flat RR) in order to get the Obelisk points.


I could also switch out one Voidheart for an Eternal Band to get 10 flat and 10% RR but that means I have to use Storm Shepherd for its +3 Disintegration. But AAR only converts ~85% fire damage this way.


Could alternatively use a +1 arcanist relic with +1 disintegration and a +1 arcanist belt for a similar (though arguably better) result.


Another option is to use either the rare belt or Sash of the Bloodlord for fire > vitality/chaos and the Clairvoyant's Robe for +2 Disintegration and any +all or +1 arcanist relic. Rare belt would be ideal if I could manage to find one with stun res and preferably some OA and DA.

A downside would be that Sigil of Consumption would be affected by the 25% chaos > aether conversion from Clairwoyant's.


Honestly I feel like the first linked build might win out even though I lose a good chunk of RR. Will see if I can get decent DA without sacrificing either Revenant or Scales for Obelisk but they're by far the most cost inefficient ones.

I can also find some better rare boots for minmaxing my defence but that's more of a bonus.

2a6add  No.16498391

File: ed9385581d8441c⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, devotions aar.png)

File: 914505c635f6501⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1031x676, 1031:676, warlock aar stats.png)

Got a challenge for you niggers.


>Dying God

>Rattosh, the Veilwarden

>Solael's Witchblade

<Get me flat universal RR through one of these:


>Scales of Ulcama


<Leave build with:

>~2600+ DA

>~2850+ OA

Pic related, 1 affinity away from what I want.

<Inefficiencies (i.e Devotion costs the same amount of points as it grants)

>Solemn Watcher


Solemn Watcher is just 2gud to pass up, could easily pick Scarab instead of it but would incur massive losses to my DA, armor and reflect reduction.

There are very few efficient red affinities and they call come bundled with other stuff (Rat, Wretch, Viper).

2a6add  No.16499218

File: 33e93eba34ccc6b⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, build 1.png)

File: 56bbc8b29016df5⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, build 2.png)


Actually I've come to realize that Aeon's Hourglass would be really neat which would alongside the Eternity relic grant me 100% uptime of both Hungering Void and the 4-set 'Ritual Circle' spell. Seeing as this mean I have to give up on something else I chose Rattosh, the Veilwarden because saving those green points means I'm able to afford flat resistance reduction which is arguably even better than the -vitality % RR as it also affects chaos and I have no other source of flat RR.

>Build 1


<Not shown in screencap:

>23 more OA & 11 more DA

>5% more crit damage

>Build 2


<Not shown in screencap:

>~500 more HP

>1% more physical resistance

>6% more cast speed

>12% more movement speed

>15% to all damage

I feel like build 2 is the clear winner but maybe there's more minmaxing that can be done?

Equipment and skill is still a WIP and might make changes, focusing on devotions at the moment.

2a6add  No.16499221


Oh and I realized I could move 2 points from cunning into physique (for both versions) but didn't update builds.

5fa91d  No.16499471

File: 0b8e0e8b0f87851⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 1469870501900-2.jpg)


My curent build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOkOM4N

But you can relocate devotions as you want. I can farm Crucible to 170 for 8 min but didnt tryed SR.

2a6add  No.16499536



>23/26 AAR

>Overcapped Disintegration and Possession

>Unoptimized Inner Focus (put it at 10 or 12)

>Only converts 55% fire damage

>No Curse of Frailty/Vulnerability for vitality shred

>Questionable investment of 24 points in Solael's Witchfire & Second Rite just to get ~100% chaos & vit damage and 27% vit res

>No Solael's Witchblade Devotion

>No flat RR

>Somewhat inefficient spending of affinity points (more than you need in some, put in worthless crossroads etc.)

>Albrecht Duality ring and Clairvoyant's Robe converts 75% of your sigil damage into Aether which you have very little support for

>1900 DA (holy fuck)

>78% armor absorption

>Not overcapped aether resistance (fire, lightning & aether are most important)

Sorry for shitting on your build, just want to help you improve it.

2a6add  No.16499544


I forgot

>Points in spirit and cunning instead of all into physique

5fa91d  No.16499550

File: 94c025046866ec7⋯.png (477.3 KB, 653x766, 653:766, 1406353557741.png)


>Sorry for shitting on your build, just want to help you improve it.

2a6add  No.16499559

File: 5f693aba3ea2856⋯.jpg (89.82 KB, 640x619, 640:619, 5f693aba3ea28566875f7d80ef….jpg)


I'm posting my own build in the hopes of someone telling me what's wrong with it.

Also get Elemental Balance for that sweet crit damage, Blood of Dreeg and Aspect of the Guardian for OA and phys res, you nigger.

0bcf73  No.16499577

>new hotfix adds better models

>people already complaining about FPS issues

>GI probably broken again

49d6a3  No.16499601


As awesome as Crate is for delivering quality expansions and maintaining support this long, I really wish they would just stop fucking with the game unless there was legitimately something broken.

2a6add  No.16499649


Additions to the game are fine and balance changes can make the game more interesting, but they're often way too heavy handed with their nerfs and they need to spend more time buffing weak shit instead.

451c0a  No.16501723

Been working on an alternative AAR chaos/vit build using Inquisitor instead of Occultist.

Managed to reach -120% Chaos RR (+ 25 flat), 3150 OA (without Deadly Aim or other temporary stuff) 3050 DA, ~16k HP, 43% phys res (standing in circle but it has 100% uptime) and 105% crit damage (Deadly Aim and Hungering Void proc, but they have 100% potential uptime).


Still have some tweaking to do I imagine but happy for now.

451c0a  No.16501939

Twitch embed. Click thumbnail to play.

GD dev stream is live, showing new stuff they're adding in the upcoming content patch.

451c0a  No.16501991

File: d49e966f34f7f1f⋯.png (763.24 KB, 1018x746, 509:373, aom doom bolt.png)

451c0a  No.16502016

File: b60f2e8fcc68673⋯.png (189.08 KB, 328x578, 164:289, other setr.png)


I'm lazy, they'll leave a VoD of the stream up in case anyone wants to see the new stuff but missed it.

451c0a  No.16502292




They're adding (and showed) 5 new sets in the next content patch. Here's the VoD:


ff7746  No.16504121

Its free weekend and I played this shit for like an hour or so. It seems like a fun dungeon-crawler, and I'm like level 12. I'm a loot whore when it comes to games (I'll hit every barrel and search every area type of shit) I like it so far but should I buy it? If I get at least a dollar an hour on a game I don't mind the investment, though obviously I want to get max dollars/hour ratio I can.

b8319f  No.16504134

File: 027b53434d85060⋯.png (66.3 KB, 254x133, 254:133, ClipboardImage.png)


ROI is pretty high if you like trying out different builds.

1b0f91  No.16504166

File: 66f93357cca5c55⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 320x320, 1:1, f5f5a4e21e7e0be121cbda5ebf….jpg)


>EoR changes color depending on damage types

I remember mentioning that once in the forums I can't believe the absolute madman actually implemented the idea

ff7746  No.16504188


I like playing about 3 different builds for games like this, if you consider melee, ranged, mage as totally different builds. I saw there's what, 6 different classes?

686fa8  No.16504227


There are around 36 possible combinations iirc.

3945dc  No.16505113

How does Olexra's Flash Freeze work against enemies immune to the freezing effect when it comes to applying the fire RR?

49d6a3  No.16505545

Favorite skills? I'm pretty fond of walking into a group of enemies, using judgment, and watching everything go flying around. Seeing everything get fried and explode with a well placed primal strike is pretty entertaining too.

d56bfe  No.16506172


You aren't even remotely far enough into the game to be doing the crazy shit yet. There's a lot of depth in turning your character into a screen-clearing death machine (unless you go oathkeeper and spin2win). I have the game and all DLC (not the loyalty pack shit though), paid for it, and don't regret it. It wasn't a blind purchase though, I pirated just after AoM and cleared the main story before dropping any cash.

b0b8a1  No.16507864

File: 1dee7d720064f62⋯.png (150.37 KB, 236x370, 118:185, Untitled.png)


I like some of the channelling skills like AAR and EoR a lot. They mentioned buffing Flames of Ignaffar last dev stream and it's getting a new set so will make a build for that when the time comes.

On that topic, been further tweaking my chaos AAR build and reaching pretty insane OA and DA values.

Pic is with Deadly Aim and Arcane Will procs active but the former has 100% uptime and Arcane Will doesn't add much DA but is always active if 70% hp or less.


Posting my builds somewhat frequently but I keep updating them and want to share the progress (and look for help to improve them).

8b05f6  No.16507967


Deadly aim doesn't start cooling down until it ends.

b0b8a1  No.16507988


That's not true and very easy to test on dummies. The moment it runs out it gets refreshed.

Maybe they changed it or you're remembering wrong.

3187cb  No.16508053

File: 9384ba074df59d6⋯.jpg (142.75 KB, 870x1171, 870:1171, 50720463.jpg)

i want to start playing this game, what's a good dual wield barbarian type of build?

b0b8a1  No.16508078


Are you looking for more of a durable, dual wielding melee character or specifically a spin2win D3 Barbarian?

3187cb  No.16508094


not spin2win but big dick dps through sheer attack speed and can survive most of the things thrown at him

0f2fc6  No.16508099


nightblade with life steal?

b0b8a1  No.16508139


Okay so as you may know that you combine two different masteries to make a 'class'.

Nightblade is the only mastery that offers inherent melee dual wielding support and lets you dual wield without relying on gear to enable the option (though that gear tends to be somewhat easy to find, it'll be tougher for a new player).

Soldier is just generally pretty strong and tanky and works well with most builds, especially melee or physical oriented ones.

Shaman is another option with good survivability but with more of an elemental damage focus.

So I guess my suggestion is Nightblade + either Soldier or Shaman.

Nightblade is largely focused on poison, cold and pierce damage but it also has some decent defensive options and passives for dual wielding. Best bet I believe is to use it more as a supporting mastery to something like Soldier or Shaman.

Personally don't have a great amount of experience with Nightblade so maybe someone else can suggest a more concrete build, unless you don't mind going in somewhat blind and experimenting yourself.

The only permanent choices are masteries, everything else can be respecced at some point or another so it's fine to not follow a guide.

8b05f6  No.16508157


What you're seeing an icon to show you how long until it refreshes

b0b8a1  No.16508196


Well that's an annoying inconsistency considering the fact that no other passive skill (to my knowledge) behave that way or show a CD when recovering. Not to mention the tooltip saying nothing about such a mechanic.

1b0f91  No.16509816

File: cd6e42ab2d858d9⋯.jpg (610.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, grim dawn needs more enemi….jpg)

File: acfcab3827b1a58⋯.jpg (534.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, camel level.jpg)


CDR stacked shadow strike builds. My two main ones are soulrend spellbreaker & aether reaper with the use of a conduit conversion. Being able to travel across the map with nearly zero downtime leads to a wonderful farming experience

6c620a  No.16509854

File: 5abc912bd923c24⋯.jpg (103.43 KB, 709x473, 709:473, Rock-Candy-Green[1].jpg)

This game is free for today. I picked occultist and killed some rock candy creature. Did I like it?

764133  No.16509900

>Install game


>Game won't launch

It was better than most modern games. The price was good and it didn't overstay its welcome. I give it a 6/10 mostly because it lacks length and replayability.

49d6a3  No.16510183


>lacks length and replayability.

You must be posting in the wrong thread.

fc9381  No.16510674


Did you pirate the steam version or the gog one?

4222f8  No.16511123


>CDR Shadow Strike build

Sounds fun, haven't played a build like that yet but now I want to.

How does aether reaper work? Feels like it might not be ideal since cold > aether conversion doesn't convert frostburn which is a large part of Nightfall.

And how do you convert stuff on your Soulrend build? You ideally want poison, vitality and pierce to turn into cold, no?

Going to see if I can put together one using Nightshade's Reach as a poison/acid build but will see if there's enough gear to enable it in a bit.

4222f8  No.16511127


>Nightmare scenario

You just made me upload a zip of my saves to a cloud storage.

fb4c09  No.16511244


>it just hovers at 'repairing disk' for hours

It might take days if hdd is fucked.If it takes 0% progress in a day its fucked. You probably new new hdd and it will be fine.

4222f8  No.16511331


Fiddled around in grimtools for a bit and came out with this.

Looks decent for a first draft, could maybe work. Anyone tried out an acid & poison Shadow Strike build? What's your experience with it and does my version look okay?

Note: Haven't bothered to put on augments yet so missing a good chunk health, DA and OA potential.


49d6a3  No.16511339

File: 8568c52994b6e1f⋯.jpg (426.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190526145954_1.jpg)

File: 1f25c3126079f5b⋯.jpg (413.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190526150050_1.jpg)

>Veiled Den

>first an enemy gets thrown off the platforms into the abyss and stands around until they die of DoT

>then a dinosaur fag somehow falls half way through the floor so only their head is popping out

I think my game is starting to fall apart.

6c620a  No.16511353

what's a good class for a beginner? this game is overwhelming as is

0f2fc6  No.16511381

File: c0c7f1cc5d6de86⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 792x571, 792:571, hello bitchfucks.JPG)


Arcanist. Put all the points in Albrecht's Aether Ray and melt face. My friend turned it into a chaos beam and kills everything before they can get to him. I'm struggling with my Shaman, tried switching from Lighting to Bleeding and Vitality damage builds, but my damage sank by leagues.

Or you could always just go Soldier, grab a shield and put shit in passives.

49d6a3  No.16511405


Depends on how you want to play. Soldier is a good secondary at least for many characters since it has good passives to help with survival and damage. It's good as a main class too if you're wanting a melee focus. You'll want to be more specific in what type of play interests you to get better recommendations though.

022b17  No.16511407


Probably the worst advice that could be. Channeled abilities will get you killed because you don't know how enemies work and you won't learn how they work because you're just standing there channeling it.

A better beginner build would be Panetti's, shockwave with modifier, ranged auto-attack build (i.e. demolitionist, inquisitor, shaman with modified primal strike).

4f40b1  No.16511460


Occultist, pump stats into Dreeg's Eye, Solael's Witchfire and the AoE sigil.

fb4c09  No.16511470


Or arcanist with That meteor attack. Basically the easiest gameplay is some aoe attack with CD maxed out. Kiting is easy (too easy imo) and skills with cd usually deal a lot of damage. It should work for 50 or so levels. Later you can augment it with passives/auras or add more skills with CD.

I said it before, I will say it again, dont pick 2nd class before lvl 30, max out skills instead of putting a single point here and there.

8b05f6  No.16511475


occultist with eye of dreeg + focused gaze transmuter is extremely easy to play, just kite and throw it every now and then. Occultist/necro/shaman builds focused on pets are pretty easy to.

0f2fc6  No.16511494


worked for my friend just fine, so I guess you're full of shit

022b17  No.16511506


My grandma said it doesn't work.

0f2fc6  No.16511517

File: 2153666b1197279⋯.png (212.8 KB, 500x561, 500:561, fc5eb1f1c2f4f3a99d40615da8….png)


well your grandma don't know shit then

tell her to go back to working on her chink moon alien game

4222f8  No.16511566

File: 84c4c17a9409d90⋯.png (355.87 KB, 1494x935, 1494:935, grimdawn.png)

The official website was 'hacked'. Again. And by some butthurt weeb at that.

How hilariously bad is their security?

0f2fc6  No.16511577

File: cdc808d7a771bef⋯.png (306.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, What the fuck am I investi….png)



this happened before?

4222f8  No.16511592


A few weeks or nearly a month ago everything on the forum posted the last ~18 days got rolled back.

This finally prompted the retards to stop using http despite many users previously raising concerns about not using a secure encryption.

1d711b  No.16511594

File: e862cd2c885cab4⋯.png (197.55 KB, 480x476, 120:119, e862cd2c885cab4f414b196aa7….png)

1d711b  No.16511597


I nearly forgot about doing that. I am so forgetful, I assume it was another anon.

1d711b  No.16511600

Jog my memory. It is very fleeting, after all.

4222f8  No.16511605

File: 0c286e5d74684f9⋯.png (49.31 KB, 605x422, 605:422, twitter.png)


Could be but I'm not sure, seems like some forum drama is the cause and I'd think better of anons than to use actually forums for anything besides getting information.


This was their response last time it happened.

000000  No.16511671


You must be mentally retarded.

000000  No.16511686


>6 different classes?

There are 9 masteries that combine into 36 unique classes.


The freeze effect and RR are applied independently of each other, so the RR is always applied even if the freeze effect isn't.

4162f0  No.16511693


Beat the game.

Enjoys melee tanks.

Played 120+ hours.

Burned out due to the sword sponge nature of the mooks.

Got my money's worth. But Crate still hasn't captured the magic of D2.

0f2fc6  No.16511717


The fuck are you posting this from, a pocket pc?

4222f8  No.16511748

Did Trozan's Sky Shard ever become viable after the Iskandra rework? The set looks pretty sick.

f1b154  No.16511839

Do the expansions add features to the main game in a way the vanilla campaign will be enhanced compared to just having the main game?

I have the pirate copy of the whole game + expansions already but I might actually end up buying the main game just to get updates in an easier way but I don't think I wanna spend all that money for the whole pack at this time.

4222f8  No.16511874


The main features you'd miss out on in the main campaign would be the 3 masteries Necromancer, Inquisitor (AoM) and Oathkeepr (FG).

Medal movement augments and the difficulty skip tokens for new characters were added in FG. Each expansion also grants you a new stash tab (but you can just use Grim Stash anyway).

They updated GD before the expansion with new QoL additions like loot filter and balance changes so that is not dependant on owning the expansions.

Expansions are on sale right now but I imagine they'll go on sale again during the summer sale.

baab8f  No.16511944

File: 55967f8db9a7afa⋯.jpg (126.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 55967f8db9a7afaaec243f71ef….jpg)


> also grants you a new stash tab

I think its available in base game without expansions.

>Expansions are on sale right now but I imagine they'll go on sale again during the summer sale.

Game is DRM free so you can download latest patch from GoG version https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5464973

f1b154  No.16511962


Okay thanks, I guess I'll decide tomorrow if I'm gonna get a 10 bux cash card from the gas station and buy the game or not and just play the free weekend version some more.

One other thing I forgot: the game hung up on me once after a few hours of playing and I am not sure to which state my character got reset to. How does the saving in this game work exactly?

baab8f  No.16511969

File: 9208c141357f991⋯.png (3.76 KB, 160x69, 160:69, GD online.png)

File: 604aadcaff0a549⋯.jpg (45.88 KB, 828x701, 828:701, 1363553645060.jpg)

4222f8  No.16511997


>I think its available in base game without expansions.

Maybe, I'm not sure. Either way I recommend Grim Stash.

>Game is DRM free so you can download latest patch from GoG version

The anon said he already had the pirated version but was considering buying it for the sake of convenience with patches and updates (and in my opinion they're good enough devs that you can throw some money at them, if you want to).


The game automatically saves pretty much the entire time, don't think I've ever lost items due to crashes.

One issue would be steam sync but you can choose in the settings if you want to save locally (recommended).

4222f8  No.16512018


Also if you don't have money to spend on vidya right now but want to buy the game eventually, keep playing your pirated version and then at a later point simply transfer your saves. Like I said they're stored locally (default: documents/my games/grim dawn) and easily accessible.

022b17  No.16512057


>amount of Steam players is at an all-time peak right now


>amount of players was steadily climbing since launch

Blizzard on suicide watch.

5402ab  No.16512081


I wonder how many players will stay after the free weekend is over.

6c620a  No.16513012


not me, the expansion is more than the base game and has necronigger. shame because it's titan quest with guns

022b17  No.16513027


>the expansion is more than the base game and has necronigger

Is that supposed to be a downside or what? Base game was more than worth the price back when there were no expansions.

6c620a  No.16513036


i'm not about to BUY an expansion bro

022b17  No.16513043


I'm not telling to buy an expansion, or anything at all. I'm questioning your logic in your previous post. I've pirated it when it had no expansions and enjoyed it, what does a size of an expansion have to do with anything?

1b0f91  No.16513085

File: 18e8d382151565d⋯.jpg (577.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ravager.jpg)

File: 2ada32f358b2dec⋯.jpg (580.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SR75.jpg)


Soulrend SB is plain cold damage that I tweaked a million times over to see what performs best in high level SR & 150+ crucible. Result:


Aether reaper hasn't been maintained in a long time so it doesn't look that great right now but still does decent damage. Def needs tons of work though, not enough points in shadow strike which a BoM medal would easily fix. Overall not too DoT-focused unlike the soulrend variation so the damage loss isn't as bad as it seems


They're squishy glass cannons, especially the SB but the rotation between mirror & time dilation CD resets & blade barriers makes it a very active and fun character to play.

56443b  No.16513146


>Soulrend SB

Youcould just use Trozan hat and change pants on Green Reaper ones with resist.

1b0f91  No.16513200


I specifically swapped out nemesis legs into chausses for the phys res+armor bonuses and the OA it provided. Physical hits is what it struggled with the most in deeper shards and the +1 all on clairvoyant hat is too good to pass up. I used to have it way more glassy but this is what I ended up with after a bunch of testing in the harder content where the lack of damage was never an issue but surviving was. Again, both builds are a bit dated since I haven't played non-HC in a few patches

f1b154  No.16513207

File: 47a82b9cb0ae226⋯.png (3.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lolpoop.png)


that convo has 100% chance to trigger my autism:

He's not gonna show up in the Steam player count anymore because he'll be playing the pirate copy of the game for it has more content than the currently free weekend vanilla version that saw a boost in player count.

Also, went in blind and this 2h weapon wielding witchblade is riot.

I had a similar melee + support auras & summoned pets build in Titan Quest but that wasn't as fun to play since hitting enemies lacked a certain 'oomph'; hitting enemies just felt floaty.

1c659d  No.16513228

File: ad8a4285adb251f⋯.webm (2.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1475194848665.webm)

mfw trying AAR for the first time since it got buffed

022b17  No.16513245


You're feeling like a soundless cuckchanner?

6c620a  No.16513266


more money not mbs nigsley

022b17  No.16513284


Well, maybe you shouldn't talk like an actual nigger, to avoid having to clarify gibberish like:

>the expansion is more than the base game

7ce771  No.16513509

What's a fun build for a caster? I tried arcanist and it was kind of meh on it's own.

6c620a  No.16513653

File: a43133f63bf5164⋯.jpg (37.13 KB, 610x460, 61:46, 760b83125b9044c1c450f50e7f….jpg)


or you can get some reading comprehension. why the fuck your dumbass assume size in this context?

>is anybody going to keep playing after the *free* weekend

>not me, the expansion pack has a larger file size than the base game (probably not even factual)

bro you're an actual retard. it doesn't make any sense, you knew it didn't make any sense, yet you were too dumb to put two and two together.

165464  No.16514199


Inquisitor is fun, also works as a combo with Arcanist as it has decent defence and access to both elemental and aether resistance reduction.

My favourite Arcanist spell is Albrecht's Aether Ray, a popular combo with that is Necromancer and focusing on its aether damage. Inquisitor works for AAR builds too but it also has a bunch of other spells you could build around.


>the expansion is more than the base game

Your complaint is that the expansions are more expensive than the base game?

It's a logical move on the part of the devs.

>Give the base game a larger discount

>More people will buy it

>More people buying the base game will lead to more people buying the expansions

Also the base game is quite old, it's only the high tier AAA kikes that don't incrementally reduce the price of their older releases. It's a good thing to reduce the cost of entry.

But at the same time the devs can't realistically price their newly released expansion relative to the the base game which by now has gone down in price a fair amount since launch.

I'm not telling you to go buy it, I'd rather have people pirate it (than not play it at all) and actively participate in these threads so I have more people to talk with about the game.

But you should support indie devs which aren't infested with kikery or current year bullshit, if they make games you enjoy

165464  No.16514206


I hate to say it but towards the endgame you'll probably have to drop the pets since you need to focus on either player damage or pet damage.

Pet builds almost exclusively need to be paired with 2 masteries which have pets (occultist, necromancer and shaman).

For Witchblade you could go for a strong chaos melee character (can convert Cadence into chaos) or maybe some sort of retaliation build with Dreeg's Evil Eye, just to give a few examples. You can do a fair bit of things with a Witchblade, sadly pets aren't really one of them (but feel free to level with it until you start to struggle much later in the game).

If you really want to play a pet build with meaty 2H weapon, shaman + occultist or shaman + necromancer is the obvious choice since shaman offers default attack replacer, 2H passives and pet skills.

You can use Grim Stash (linked in OP) to edit characters in ways such as removing a chosen mastery, allowing you to once in the game pick a new one.

Don't use steam cloud saving with Grim Stash

165464  No.16514295

File: 19d96480f285e7d⋯.png (860.88 KB, 2010x620, 201:62, dervish.png)

File: 0d18eb0ec609842⋯.png (2 MB, 1462x838, 731:419, dervish devos.png)


Thanks for posting your GT's, I feel like some of your choices are odd (though I've never played a Shadow Strike build) but beating Reaver and SR 75 shows they do work.

For the Spellbreaker the fact that you only manage to convert 30% piercing and 25% vitality and 0% acid bothers me a bit, I also find it weird that you didn't overcap Nightfall since it has both cold and frostburn damage.

As for the Reaper, dual wielding is not ideal from what I understand of Shadow Strike since it deals mainhand weapon damage unless I'm mistaken? The weapon is also physical with only 15% converted to aether which makes the weapon pretty much solely rely on added aether damage, but you do get some from Reap Spirit and Soul Harvest (?). At least I think the flat cold damage from Soul Harvest gets converted to aether?

Shadow Strike and its 2 upgrades are also really low considering it's a build focusing on it as a main damage source.

I have to again question the low Nightfall, Soul Harvest only adds 97 cold damage whilst if you were to increase Nightfall to 14 it'd add 198 and also increase its life steal effect. And the vitality (on both skills) is pretty much worthless.

>9/12 Soul Harvest and 14/12 Nightfall = 49 + 198 cold


>18/12 Soul Harvest and 3/12 Nightfall = 97 + 66 cold

In the end I feel like trying to make an acid & poison build has the most potential. Posted my Dervish build a bit higher up and in its current form I doubt it can handle SR 75 with such low DA and mediocre OA but with some further tweaking it looks like it has more potential than other damage types.

It takes full advantage of the highest damage components (weapon % damage, cold, frostburn and poison) which all get converted to either acid or poison. It sucks that I can only convert 30% piercing and 25% vitality into acid & poison but those two are also the least impactful damage components.

I'm really uncertain about the skill build and don't know how to balance offence and defence and which skills are more important in that regard than others, I end up feeling like I need way more skill points.

I probably need to rework the devotions a bit and get more DA. But current build has a respectable amount of acid & poison shred, 37% CDR, 18% life steal, ~2600% acid damage and ~2500% poison damage.


022b17  No.16514388


>larger file size than the base game (probably not even factual)

The two expansions do have a larger file size than the base game and probably as much content.

>muh fuggin bix nood

>you knew it didn't make any sense


022b17  No.16514405

File: 2451638232bb13d⋯.png (378.4 KB, 396x564, 33:47, Untitled.png)

Post your fashion.

c91cd0  No.16514757


Looks very righteous anon, I approve.

ee4a4c  No.16514843

File: 463489efedacce8⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 363x467, 363:467, 20190528173537_1.jpg)

File: 1b22a514f70e30f⋯.jpg (105 KB, 450x480, 15:16, 20190528173549_1.jpg)

File: 4e6b2a6e8701668⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 352x499, 352:499, 20190528173655_1.jpg)


I love that helmet, but I've yet to find a good use for it.

d9d091  No.16514880

File: e2f52ea90b9ed48⋯.png (232.1 KB, 278x360, 139:180, untitled(2).png)



1b0f91  No.16514921

File: e413898707a74cd⋯.jpg (615.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bath house.jpg)

File: 35e641af3f487ca⋯.png (1.8 MB, 923x812, 923:812, looking good.png)


The reaper build straight up is an unfinished WIP and some of the recent updates I'm pretty sure moved some points around haha OH FUCK they changed clairvoyant hat to +1 arcanist instead of +1 all so the whole thing has to be fiddled around with again. Swapping to ravager's hat on either build seems to bring it back to what it used to look like and as for the SB conversions I've tried squeezing out higher %'s and the damage boost just wasn't there. I even have a much higher phys->cold soulrend but with maybe 100% less cold/frostburn damage and even that offset the gains I could make. The ideas for both builds remains the same somewhat but I didn't realize the recent update made so many god damn changes again to gear stats - the same concept for both GT links remains the same either way

I'll have to look at both of these again and fix them up but like you say that lack of skill points is the reason why I don't bother with minmaxing damage for them - surviving has always been tougher on NB builds for me and even if on paper you can put out more damage it just doesn't help when surrounded by nemesis bosses all nuking you at once. This is why the SB switched into serenity relic, is using as much armor+ bonuses as it can and overcaps some resists. I might try out a dervish build but the reason why reaper & SB worked so well is thanks to their abuse of time dilated mirror & MoT. Curious if oathkeepers have a way to offset the loss of those abilities

165464  No.16514988


One of the largest problems I found with Shadow Strike while trying to put my own build together (also tried cold focus) is how little gear supports it.

1b0f91  No.16515020

File: d64e4996a761b11⋯.png (80.03 KB, 383x669, 383:669, vanquisher set.png)


You're goddamned right about that. Many people still use badges of mastery to max theirs out and clairvoyant's hat was the go-to helm for SS for a long time. The ridiculous travel speed still makes it A+ for farming campaign in my book but it's expensive to make them work. I was also wondering how well a CDR-heavy Vire's Might build can perform if we're looking purely for fast clear speeds

5986f4  No.16515044

File: 96c10034953a283⋯.png (462.47 KB, 1145x851, 1145:851, naise.PNG)

165464  No.16515414

File: 6a127ad82d8387b⋯.png (459.87 KB, 1004x639, 1004:639, half templar.png)

File: 46a1ff8958fc2fc⋯.png (454.76 KB, 1004x639, 1004:639, half templar 2.png)


>also wondering how well a CDR-heavy Vire's Might build can perform if we're looking purely for fast clear speeds

You triggered my building autism, that sounds like fun.

Fire Vire v.0.1 1H


>~0.5 sec CD on Vire's Might

>~4.4 sec CD on Olexra's Flash Freeze (i.e 100% uptime of -105% fire RR)

Fire Vire v.0.1 2H

>~1.1 sec CD on Vire's Might

>~5.5 sec CD on Olexra's Flash Freeze (not enough)

>More damage to both Vire's might and Callidor's Tempest due to weapon

Both builds lack devotions, augments and components. Just wanted to throw them together as proof of concept before doing more work.

Looks like it might work? Hard to tell if you can push up OA, DA and health enough.

165464  No.16515425


Forgot link to second build like a retard.


165464  No.16515555

File: 9748fa65f629f9a⋯.png (556.79 KB, 666x415, 666:415, fire vire.png)



Managed to push the 1H build to somewhat respectable levels. Will see if I can improve it by leaving tectonic shift at 18/12 (only loses 0.1 second) and change around devotions a tad.


165464  No.16515582

File: 49f0a320b9a2696⋯.png (563.74 KB, 666x421, 666:421, fire vire 0.3.png)


Fire Vire v.0.3 1H


Only moved around devotions a bit.

1b0f91  No.16515796

File: d083f92fa4dce5b⋯.jpg (642.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 75.jpg)

Clearing 75 without buffs or dying is still doable but ravager's helm offers less health and CDR while raising armor & a convenient elemental res boost. Overall this just made the build harder to maintain so cheers I guess.


Looks pretty solid. Might level a templar soon just to put this set to action

165464  No.16515848



Did some further tweaking, I like this devotion setup more. Also moved skills around a bit to softcap mirror.


Changed components from 2x Seal of Might to Enchanted Flint and Seal of Blades. Not sure if it's worth giving up on the physical resistance for life steal and solid fire damage.

Changed medal to max Callidor's Tempest, feels like a good choice.

Sadly put Volcanic strike down to 19/12. I'd much rather let Tectonic Stride go down to 18/12 and keep Volcanic Stride 22/12 but those boots are just so good it's hard to grab ones with Volcanic Stride (could get it to 21/12).

165464  No.16515863


Also would want last node in Ulzuin's Torch (and maybe a casual in Empty Throne for stun res) but the easiest way to achieve that is replacing Ghoul with Jackal. Not a horrible trade but I'm not sure.


5986f4  No.16517500

>free weekend ends

>game popularity in piracy websites increases


0f2fc6  No.16517511

File: 5c345e485b6da4a⋯.webm (5.12 MB, 720x405, 16:9, Oh MADAME.webm)


My friend's drunk girlfriend got through a couple of areas with that build just fine using a controller, all the way until we tried fighting the optional Mountain boss.

b73c37  No.16517624

File: 8cdc94fa30263aa⋯.png (559.68 KB, 663x419, 663:419, fire vire sentinel.png)

File: b8e9ac202f7004f⋯.png (566.55 KB, 671x421, 671:421, fire vire templar.png)



So this fucking nigger told me the -fire RR from OFF applies even if the enemy is immune to freezing effects (all bosses). Multiple people on the forum tell me otherwise and as a result have decided to go for a Sentinel Fire Vire build rather than Templar (though Templar should still be okay).



Screenshot is taken with only permanent buffs and Blood of Dreeg.



Been working on the Sentinel build above but just went back and changed mastery and basically the same setup looks decent here as well.

Skill points have had less thought put into them than the Sentinel, thinking that it's probably worth going to Conversion but have to sacrifice some points elsewhere for that.

8b05f6  No.16517637


Did you really think you'd get a free -100% RR? There's actually a neat set that is designed around making it able to freeze bosses though so you can pop them with a huge fire hit. Look at the mageslayer set.

aeba65  No.16517654

File: 52a5aec0d475d25⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 620x387, 620:387, eh.jpg)

Someone explain to an idiot how the fuck scaling works? For instance: Lighting skill => converted 100% to Chaos in skill tree.

Are all equip lightning % increases worthless now, or does it stack pre-conversion? I keep finding items that should be straight increase, but my DPS goes down. It's not lowering stats and unequipping stuff either.

b73c37  No.16517683


>Did you really think you'd get a free -100% RR?

You can't blame a man for having dreams.

>Mage Slayer

Didn't know that set had those properties, how does the set let you do that? Is it a hidden modifier?


>Are all equip lightning % increases worthless now

Yes. Now it scales with chaos, there's no double dipping. You also can't convert something that has already been converted (like converting that chaos damage to say, fire).

More in depth explanation of conversion:


b73c37  No.16517691



Oh another thing (which is also covered in the thread) is that if your skill deals lightning damage and it has upgrades with +x% lightning damage, that lightning damage is applied first, then it's converted to whatever other damage source.

aeba65  No.16517730

File: abc8cdddb596ce1⋯.png (13.1 KB, 204x255, 4:5, you are.png)



That makes a little more sense now, thank you anon. The system is a bit clunky at the mid, but it seems like it's much better choice end game.

b73c37  No.16517752


>The system is a bit clunky at the mid, but it seems like it's much better choice end game.

Yeah that's not entirely wrong.

What the conversion system lets you do is combine a larger variety of masteries together and also make odd synergistic gear choices.

I'd say the reason for it not being as good early-mid game is because you'll mostly focus on a single mastery due to skill point limitation and the other skills tend to synergize with the main damage types of the mastery.

aeba65  No.16517791


Ya, I'm looking forward to the gear chase once it's a bit more viable to branch out and experiment. Mid 40's, single mastery, and my only complaint is that it's a bit linear from a character perspective. Which might be by design to shift focus to lore and environ.

8b05f6  No.16517935


It's in the set bonuses. It makes flash freeze reduce their freeze duration reduction by -55% and most bosses have 120% resistance.


>Oh another thing (which is also covered in the thread) is that if your skill deals lightning damage and it has upgrades with +x% lightning damage, that lightning damage is applied first, then it's converted to whatever other damage source.

This is completely wrong. The +x% is just wasted if you convert the damage. Otherwise any build that didn't use converted skills that double dip like that would be garbage compared to ones that did.

022b17  No.16517957


You're confused.

b73c37  No.16517988


Maybe you misunderstood me, I'm talking about skill modifiers.

>'Skill X'

<Deal 100 fire damage

>Skill X Upgrade Modifier

<+100% fire damage

Result= 200 fire damage

>Apply 100% chaos damage converted to fire

Result = 200 chaos damage.

This only applies to skill modifiers linked directly to the skill itself, not bonuses gained from gear or devotions.

>The order of events for Conversion is as follows: Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

As you can see skill modifiers are applied before any conversion. Converting a physical skill like Vire's Might to fire damage? That Physical Trauma damage % on Tectonic Shift acts as Burn Damage %.

b73c37  No.16518005


Oh and regarding OFF, I interpreted

>-55% Reduced Freeze Duration to Olexra's Flash Freeze

As in it reduces the amount of time enemies remain frozen. The game calls the stat which reduces freeze time as "Freeze Resist", I could be wrong but I'm not entirely convinced you're right.

b73c37  No.16518015


>Apply 100% chaos damage converted to fire

Woops, obviously meant other way around.

8b05f6  No.16518063


Yeah I was thinking it was implying that afterwards if you had, in your example, +100% chaos damage from gear, you'd end up with 400 damage.


Look at frozen heart, it uses "Reduced Freeze Duration" wording as well. Basically its saying 55% less Reduced Freeze Duration to the enemies hit by flash freeze. Night's Embrace debuff aura does the same thing.

b73c37  No.16518133


>Look at frozen heart, it uses "Reduced Freeze Duration" wording as well. Basically its saying 55% less Reduced Freeze Duration to the enemies hit by flash freeze. Night's Embrace debuff aura does the same thing.

Huh, yeah you're right it probably does work like that then. I have to make a build around that. Was playing around with the idea of a Flames of Ignaffar Mage Hunter using that set. I know FoI isn't an amazing skill but could work.

b73c37  No.16519032

File: 2050f62429e8cf8⋯.jpg (620.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190529224403_1.jpg)

Send help

0f2fc6  No.16519052

File: 5c142a66fc55fd6⋯.png (57.82 KB, 200x176, 25:22, deal with it.png)


at least you got swarmed by those guys, I once got buttfucked by 5 champion boars

1b0f91  No.16519116

File: 675de7e29a0b429⋯.jpg (464.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, stuck.jpg)


looking good to me

49d6a3  No.16519185


I think FG gets a bit too tedious at the end with all the big groups of beefy enemies like Rageflames every 5 feet. Around Korvan City is when I start to really notice it.

1b0f91  No.16519284


Nearly every faction has those big guy types, worst one would be the aetherial titans. When farming campaign if the aoe doesn't kill them I just outright skip the mobs and move along to save time

1b0f91  No.16519542

File: 1bbf98580afc276⋯.mp4 (10.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Shadow Strike Taxi Service.mp4)

File: b7398810227f2f8⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 970x766, 485:383, fbf56926466dd003f3d96388ee….jpg)

e98628  No.16521789

How does % increased duration to X DoT work? Does the DoT effect keep its original DPS but is extended over a longer time?


Holy fuck, what are Crate even doing?

d56bfe  No.16522906


Dude what

449884  No.16523103

File: 9a37b795c3b423f⋯.jpg (395.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, -1337564086-738255756.jpg)

I got a new PC recently that can actually play this game, and I plan on buying it since it's on sale because I need my Diablo 2 fix ¿Is the base game enjoyable enough on its own or is recommendable to get it with all the expansions at once?

Also, are the Titan Quest expansions worth getting?

d56bfe  No.16523113


Personally I'd just get GD+expansions. TQ is good but I've heard some pretty mixed shit about the expansions for it.

49d6a3  No.16523155


The base game is enjoyable on its own, but the expansions are both great and add a lot so I don't see a reason not to get them if you can afford it. I don't know about the latest TQ expansion, but I have Ragnarok and thought it was alright. If you like TQ already then it's kinda more of the same, so it would depend on that I'd say.

e98628  No.16523161


>TQ is good but I've heard some pretty mixed shit about the expansions for it.

I liked the class that the norse expac added but the campaign was worse. Heard bad things about the new one but haven't played it.

022b17  No.16523169


I hope you didn't upgrade with Grim Dawn in mind, because any toaster can run it in DX9 mode.

449884  No.16523181

File: 1c4fe9faa86b424⋯.jpg (314.9 KB, 750x750, 1:1, -490144373-577257117.jpg)



Thanks for the advice, dear anons.


>"I hope you didn't upgrade with Grim Dawn in mind, because any toaster can run it in DX9 mode."

My old toaster couldn't, actually.

e98628  No.16523756

File: c44d0599136a44c⋯.png (527.42 KB, 646x412, 323:206, 1.png)

File: 1bca894160699c7⋯.png (454.66 KB, 1005x637, 1005:637, 2.png)

File: 958fc48f5ce39b7⋯.png (453.5 KB, 1005x639, 335:213, 3.png)

How do I into bleed builds? Never played one before but saw some gear that looked fun and put a build together.

It has an insane amount of different bleed sources (12, if I counted right), -129% RR + 25 flat, 32% life steal, 33% phys res, 3053 DA and 2993 OA.

Downside is low crit damage (14%) and mediocre HP.

Was considering using the Bloodsurge amulet but that Feral Hunger crit and AoE just looked really good. But if I did switch I could get a bit more DA through using more Dreeg's Omen augments in place of aether resistance ones.

What can I do to improve it?


8b05f6  No.16524200


Why did you choose wildcrusher which is a vitality vines spam set instead of a bleed set like bloodrager with guillotine? This build also looks very squishy for a build that intends to melee.

0f2fc6  No.16524437

File: d1aa79d9a917e46⋯.jpg (150.97 KB, 1007x642, 1007:642, thundah.JPG)

File: b5549c3a62a9dce⋯.jpg (150.58 KB, 1008x643, 1008:643, pink on the inside.JPG)


I'm not sure about bleed builds.

Followed a guide online with all those technical terms like "rotation" and "resistance reduction"

and went from this


to this

now I'm guessing it's because my gear wasn't focused on bleeding, but my DPS and survivability went down the drain for a couple of levels until I switched back to thunder god skills.


picked that class after going back to thunder god

>Why aren't you using Wind Devils?

I'm just not feeling it, I keep forgetting to cast them and I don't like 'em.

0f2fc6  No.16524450

File: 5cc97c11d0fd885⋯.png (500.02 KB, 680x679, 680:679, pain.png)


As you can probably tell I am a stupid motherfucker and messed up the links:





ac9416  No.16524891


Grasping Vines has a 1.2 second CD, you'd have to get over 50% CDR to even get close to spamming it.

Since DoT effects only stack if applied from different sources my thinking was that throwing up a long duration bleed DoT like Vines (400 per second for 6 seconds is pretty insane compared to other spells) as a filler skill would greatly benefit my dps.

By then adding in Savage and all the various bleeding procs I just get a ridiculous amount of bleeding sources all ticking at once.

Also if I were to choose a different secondary class like Soldier for Blade Arc I'd lose that massive -50% Bleed RR and Occultist is a really solid mastery for low investment with Blood of Dreeg and Vulnerability.

Was looking at the Bloodrager set and its extra crit damage is nice but I'd lose a good chunk of HP and OA and severely nerf 2 sources of bleed damage, Vines and Feral Hunger.

But I ended up trying the full Bloodrager set and moving things around a bit, I'm inclined to believe the crit damage (since it also lets me use Guillotine for another 20%) alone makes up for the big reduction in damage to grasping vines and Feral Hunger.

I put together two versions:

>Bloodrager Warder


<More armor, health, DA, Blade Arc, freeze & stun resistance and has access to Warcry to reduce enemy damage

Bleed damage to Warcry medal looked fun but couldn't afford the OA loss it'd mean. I could also increase the builds OA with nearly 100 by using the Direwolf Crest putting it at 2919, but that removes a lot of damage from Blade Arc.

>Bloodrager Conjurer


<-50 Bleeding RR, 12% physical resistance, -180 OA shred, more OA

Struggled with choosing rings on both builds, the Conjurer would probably benefit from something which gives a bit more HP but it'd mean losing OA.

04d46b  No.16524911


> the Conjurer would probably benefit from something which gives a bit more HP but it'd mean losing OA.

You can try use a Gladiator Belt(Vit in to Phys) or Ugdenbog one to turn Acid in to Phys.

ac9416  No.16524950

File: 13abea68a93ba17⋯.png (549.61 KB, 660x415, 132:83, bloodrager conjurer 2.png)

File: 6daf8daee832308⋯.png (547.23 KB, 656x416, 41:26, bloodrage warder 2.png)



Yes you don't have enough gear supporting the bleed version.

As for your lightning build, the transmuter which removes the CD from Primal Strike makes it so it can no longer proc Feral Hunger or Upheaval.

>I'm just not feeling it, I keep forgetting to cast them and I don't like 'em.

Then I recommend not playing a lightning focused Warder. Like discussed, bleed builds are an option but you can also go for more of a retaliation tank build. Maybe there are some other solid non-lightning options but those are two good ones that come to mind.


Thanks that's a great suggestion, completely overlooked that belt. Improves both builds a fair deal actually.

Still tough to decide on rings for Conjurer but went with Lifegiver and Jaxxon's Lucky Bullet. Left Open hand and fist on Warder.

>Bloodrager Conjurer


>Bloodrager Warder


Will also start working on devotions a bit and see what can be improved but honestly I'm not sure how to go about it without losing OA, RR or good bleed devotions.

ac9416  No.16525010


Bat is probably one of my worst devotions so I scrapped it, managed to squeeze in Kraken which is pretty huge.


ac9416  No.16527177

File: e667b6a4b25380a⋯.png (563.45 KB, 668x424, 167:106, rancor.png)

Huh, Rancor is pretty neat.


af5c40  No.16527698


Warder is one of those class combos where you don't have to get every bleed-related thing to output insane damage, especially since you can kite around with your big HP pool while those 9-second bleed hits do their work. I'd suggest dropping Primal Bond for Oleron's Rage to solve your OA issues. You'll be hitting for 500k a second instead of 550k, but it's going to be an academic difference in the end. Something like this would be a good all-purple setup:


There's also a great physical Warder that you can basically play with just your mouse. If you don't like active skills, this one is almost all passives barring devouring swarm and war cry. It also shares a lot of gear with the builds suggested above.


ccc6d4  No.16527721

File: 073e878a9c75f64⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 245x245, 1:1, amdrupita.gif)


If you insist on buying it but not all of it you can still pirate DLC with a legit version

53ffe5  No.16528071

File: 261bb0732472a7f⋯.png (561.1 KB, 667x418, 667:418, warder.png)

File: dbbca6473e263c8⋯.png (558.94 KB, 663x423, 221:141, conjurer 3.png)


> I'd suggest dropping Primal Bond for Oleron's Rage to solve your OA issues

You say that, linking a build with 250 less OA than mine. Also did some changes to the build since I last posted:


How come you have such low Upheaval? On paper it looks like an amazing source of bleed especially if I crit every second hit or so.

Are Ateph's Command augments worth using? Don't think I ever see builds skipping those sweet DA and OA ring & amulet augments.

No Falcon? Should be a great additional source of bleed no?

>There's also a great physical Warder that you can basically play with just your mouse

Thanks for the suggestion but I'm mostly interested in trying a bleed build as I've never played one before.

Also I've fallen for the Conjurer hype a little bit, this is my current iteration:


>60% permanent physical res

>~2850 armor

>-250 OA shred

>3k OA

>3250 DA

Just recently switched to Obelisk, not sure if it's the correct choice. Have to do some more thinking and tinkering in order to see what else I can get.

Is Grasping Wines worth using at all? Currently its more set up as an attack speed debuff. Should I drop all points for it or maybe focus on Grasping Vines in favour of Entangling Vines?

280057  No.16528208

File: c49b7132cf6a099⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn minimap.png)

Anyone know what's up with these square patches of uncovered map areas in my game? Is this a problem with me playing in wine on lolnix?


I've held back on the pet skill levels and concentrated on Cadence & Solael's Witchfire and I think having the dog as an extra punching bag for enemies helps. I am also playing this without looking too much into the online resources because I have more fun that way.

49d6a3  No.16528220


That map thing happens on windows too, and it happened in Titan Quest too, so I think it's a game engine thing or some shit. It seems to be harmless, at least I've never had any negative effects from it.

53ffe5  No.16528237


Does it happen a lot? Map occasionally gets some visual bugs but not in a way that you can't uncover stuff.

Yeah at lower lvls pets will be decent meatshields even without much investment but due to enemies becoming ever stronger and your pets not (unless you start equipping gear with pet bonuses) they'll eventually start dying very fast.

And yeah following builds is nowhere near as fun as making your own, but the learning curve can be somewhat steep at first due to complicated mechanics.

If I were to give some general advice about important mechanics I was unaware of as a newer player it would be:

>Deductive debuffs stack with other sources of the same

<-100 DA + -100 DA = -200 DA.

<-100 DA + 100 reduced DA = -200 DA.

<100 reduced DA + 120 reduced DA = 120 reduced DA (highest one takes priority)

Same goes for resistance reduction. -x% stack, X reduced and x% reduced do not.

>Only skills which use a % of your weapon damage can lifesteal

>Defensive and Offensive ability are vital to your survival and damage output

>Armor absorption % is a thing, get it as close to 100% as possible

>Devotions can pay for themselves (if you put a green affinity in the crossroad, unlock something that gives green affinity, you can now remove the crossroads point)

>Weapon aura buffs stack

>It's better to salvage duplicates of blue gear than to sell it

>Damage conversion in general https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52486

6169de  No.16528436

Could someone recommend me a dual pistol build for dispensing justice? Preferably with mobility skills since I like to cruise around. Have been thinking about a sentinel chaosbuild.

53ffe5  No.16528471


>sentinel chaosbuild

Just no.

Oathkeeper has no chaos synergy in the mastery tree at all and Occultist has no chaos resistance reduction. If you want to play a Sentinel with guns you can absolutely do that, but go for acid & poison.

If you want to go specifically for a chaos gunner, both Demolitionist and Inquisitor have chaos resistance reduction and skills that support guns.

If you want more mobility, going for more of a fire gunner build with Inquisitor and Oathkeeper is solid.

7548f1  No.16529059


Falcon is essentially 150 bleed/sec for five devotion points. The damage from each projectile doesn't stack, and the weapon damage component gets overwritten by savagery hits. You're also missing out on 25% racial damage to humans from the guthook belt, which is gigantic value if you're ever playing SR or crucible, where two of the worst Nemeses are human typed. Also, 3.2k DA is overkill, 3k is fine for 99% of content.

53ffe5  No.16529128


Which boss do you mean besides Aleksander that is a tough human? It's mostly him and Grava'thul that I consider pure cancer.

Also you say 450 over 3 seconds as if it isn't significant, 16/10 Upheaval does 441 over 3, 26/16 Savagery does 333 over 3.

As for DA, I want to push SR 75+ and to be able to kill some super bosses (though obviously I'd have to adjust resistances and shit for that).

53ffe5  No.16529180

File: abca195ec505eb8⋯.png (562.25 KB, 667x419, 667:419, conjurer 5.png)



I can actually equip the Guthook Belt and keep respectable OA levels, just had to dump some more points into cunning.


7548f1  No.16529194


Iron Maiden is a big one, so are Anasteria, Father Kymon, Dravis, and a lot of the new FG bosses. Racial damage to humans is probably the most valuable type in the game right now. Also, Savagery does 333 bleed with 180% weapon damage, which is also multiplicative with the hits from Feral Hunger, so it's noticeably more in practice.

53ffe5  No.16529213


So if 2 skills that use weapon damage % both apply extra bleed based on my right click, will that weapon damage bleed count as individual sources or will the higher oner override the other? I assumed the latter.

7548f1  No.16529221


The highest weapon damage overrides all the other weapon damage sources, but the bleed damage inherent to the skill keep going. In your case, the highest WD is a savagery/feral hunger hit at 378%.

53ffe5  No.16529233


Yeah okay that's how I assumed it was. I guess I just don't see how a completely new source of 150 bleed/s wouldn't be noticeable, also because I'm playing a melee build the weapon % bleed will help with aoe and ranged cleave for enemies outside of my melee range.

Lastly, what would you replace it with?

da963a  No.16529257


I'd swap it for quill and a crossroads points of your choice. 8% aether and 2%DA are great stats for a T1 constellation, and it'll give you some freedom in moving around augments. Also, overcap your acid resist. Kaisan is a motherfucker and you're going to struggle the first time you fight him with 70% acid res.

53ffe5  No.16529289


Oh that 70% acid is just an accidental leftover from switching to Guthook belt and forgetting to adjust augments.


Do I really need more than softcap? I've seen people say that most resistances are fine at softcap except for fire, lightning and aether (not counting super bosses).

Quill does seems like a good option and another 5% health is just what I need. Even though I'm not convinced Bat is bad, I like this setup better.

I'm also curious about how useful Grasping Vines is, thought I'd use it as an AS debuff but I could instead overcap Brute Force and Heart of the Wild. Sitting at a comfy 15.2k HP now.


33d3c0  No.16530186

File: 3b5262e702306fd⋯.mp4 (11.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Grim Dawn_ Ashes of Malmou….mp4)

Anyone want to farm 75-76 Shard?

1c659d  No.16530879

>Forums down


How are forums still a thing anyway

8f5134  No.16531237


>How are forums still a thing anyway

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, they could have an official reddit or something instead.

8beb96  No.16531275

File: afcb4804bff3150⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1090x1219, 1090:1219, Shoggy.png)


That animation looks like shit. There is allot of unnecessary movement that looks limp with no sense of weight or presence, just paper dolling around lazily.

I thought it was Darkest Dungeon until title came up, it looked as unoriginal as it too.


79b832  No.16531295


They have 2 'cutscenes' in the entire game, it's not exactly their main way of storytelling.

8beb96  No.16531303


Thanks for responding to my befuddled bottom, I thought it was a trailor, are the in-game cutscenes the same?

8f5134  No.16531320


It's actually a short teaser of the cinematic that introduces the first expansion after beating the main game.

16a862  No.16533715


Drink bleach and shoot yourself in the mouth, you fucking failed abortion.

db05d1  No.16535102

File: ca013ee9ebcc66f⋯.png (204.98 KB, 559x366, 559:366, Fear and Loathing in Finla….png)


I do remember they say "we dont want to waste time for cinematic while full game content not complete". Its 11 people team but i wonder why they didnt hire another animator or studio who can make even 2D cinematic for expansion or end game.

aea37e  No.16535240

File: 2bc35a6b3ef5421⋯.png (318.25 KB, 215x638, 215:638, edge.png)

At what ratio does the game convert edgelord rating into bleed damage? Can't see the bonus on my character sheet.

9cf9aa  No.16535250


Not that I think the game is bad without them but I would have really like some more short animated vignettes strewn through the game.

It wouldn't have to be like this one video with the stretched out length and overusage of tweening. Just a short character still with some animated effects and narration would have been alright. Because just going back to the hub to drop of some potential useful loot into the shared stash after killing a boss feels a bit empty.

0f2fc6  No.16535336


You can't see it on the second tab?

5fa91d  No.16538639


Press on second or third tab right above your Stats.

8b05f6  No.16538656




Am I the only one that thinks it was just a fashion joke? Not to mention nothing converts anything to bleeding.

805184  No.16540605


It was a fashion joke

0f2fc6  No.16540681

File: b1e941bd36238a2⋯.jpg (69.23 KB, 282x517, 6:11, 20190605100653_1.jpg)


Good. The autism is still going strong in this thread. That means we're at least playing the damn game instead of just shitposting about it.

bda58c  No.16540718


It is a good game. I am shit at it, though.

ccc6d4  No.16540897

File: bda5fd9de069762⋯.jpg (77.06 KB, 772x535, 772:535, c9b20d9ac31586feec2035eba2….jpg)

Is soldier supposed to be shit?

I played necromancer with summons exclusively and steamrolled everything, now I have to use potions to near exhaustion.

6d5df2  No.16540948


Go fucking warder.

805184  No.16541013


Cadence is sort of bad for lvling and doesn't become a solid until lvl 50+ so people tend to suggest lvling with transmuted forcewave.

Also like anon above said, pairing Soldier with a mastery that adds sustain like Shaman is a good choice, if you want to use shields rather than two-handed weapons Oathkeeper is a better option.

776173  No.16541631

File: 02f1bd835c052ff⋯.webm (7.29 MB, 854x480, 427:240, JUST DO IT.webm)


Soldier is a best class because can specialize on mele/range build while maintain high HP and Damage without problem and easy paired with Demo or oathkeeper for insane builds where enemy dieing from juts touching you.

0f2fc6  No.16546962

File: 2a8aec8979ca90b⋯.jpg (496.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190606233317_1.jpg)

Feels a bit reddity.

Is it even possible to do this type of humor without being cringy anymore?

ccc6d4  No.16546983


whats the joke?

0f2fc6  No.16546989


I don't know, probably some forum in-joke.

ccc6d4  No.16547005


Maybe the joke is that they are so fucking comfy that they are superior to anything else so they gain stats beyond conventional armor.

29ca18  No.16547507

Is it possible to make a build for jumping around the battlefield while throwing DoTs on everyone's eyes?

And what is the worst class combo?

e689c5  No.16548302


I was theorycrafting some Vire's Might builds earlier in the thread which are somewhat burn based movement skill builds.

Haven't tested either one of them yet and I'm sure there are improvements that can be made, don't know if devotions are a bit too defence focused for example. Could get more burn devotions.

>Sentinel version


<More damage from Judgement

<More physical resistance

<More -RR

>Templar version


<More crit damage

<Callidor's Tempest

<Mirror for burst mitigation

<More damage absorption

4bbd9e  No.16549094


Is this game good enough to buy? I bought Chaosbane full price and already regret it.

0f2fc6  No.16549197

File: fc6a2a120bdfa63⋯.png (868.03 KB, 1560x800, 39:20, starebarian.png)


Yes. Just read the thread.

>paying full price for a new release


5c5331  No.16549366

File: 46dfb4ae9d5649b⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 320x400, 4:5, 1335620778256.jpg)



> full price


29ca18  No.16550874

File: 8e5bbf8a72a42ed⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 546x416, 21:16, hopeless.jpg)

Can anyone help me with this 2h melee commando build?


First of all I havent played the game yet since its still downloading so i dont know much about it, im just "theory crafting" beforehand.

I maxed most skills because i dont know how many points to go for, many builds i saw use less because of gear bonuses, so im just maxing because i think its a good skill.

Not sure what to go for: grenado or canister bomb. From the build calculator it seems like grenado is better but it uses more points so i went for canister bomb.

The resistences on blast shield seems good too but im not sure if its worth with a 8s CD.

And the soldier mastery i picked because it seems like a good generic melee class but i actually have no idea where to put my points in it.

29ca18  No.16551038

But maybe oathkeeper is better than soldier for this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnWpnb2

f14511  No.16552529



You're not going to get very far without more experience playing the game.

I do think Oathkeeper is better for that combo.

I'd maybe do something like this


Not an ideal build or anything, hard to plan out without gear etc.

Some skills you'll want to overcap, like your damaging skills or permanent buffs such as Divine Mandate and those that grant offensive and defensive ability. Blast Shield is great but I'd usually recommend keeping it softcapped even with bonuses.

Generally speaking two-hand builds aren't as good as shield build.

Canister Bomb isn't very good without using gear to convert some of the damage types and focus them into something. It's split into physical, fire and pierce. Ideally turn it all into one damage type if you want to build around it. There's gear that can do such things.

16a862  No.16555611



Get raped twice and kill yourself, you retarded fucking tranny faggot sack of nigger shit with down syndrome.

ad7687  No.16558405

File: b4a1fc8d48ddcbd⋯.png (60.06 KB, 355x622, 355:622, bloody whetstone.png)

File: 04feb19842f3d80⋯.png (67.45 KB, 361x661, 361:661, seal of blades.png)

Should I use Bloody Whetstone or Seal of Blades on a bleed build? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Using a 2H so can't use both.

eb50e9  No.16558414


The primary appeal of Seal of Blades is the ADctH, Pierce res and %armor increase.

The appeal of Bloody Whetstone depends on whether you like it's active skill or not.

ad7687  No.16558421


I have 10% ADctH and playing Shaman so Feral Hunger and Wendigo Totem help out too, overcapped on pierce without augments but armor % is never bad.

The Bloody Whetstone looks pretty strong with its 50% crit damage and 300% weapon damage, even if I don't proc its bleed effect it will still apply a really nasty bleed effect from my flat bleed.

eb50e9  No.16558784


The thing is that it's a single attack on a 3.5 sec cooldown and as far as I know the 50% crit only refers to itself.

ad7687  No.16558840


>The thing is that it's a single attack on a 3.5 sec cooldown and as far as I know the 50% crit only refers to itself.

Yes but my thinking is that 300% weapon damage with 50% crit would probably apply the highest bleed damage possible for my current build.

With 9 Savage charges (+20% from Bloodrager Crown) and getting a Feral Hunger proc I'd deal 345% weapon damage to a single target and 205% in an aoe.

With Bloody Whetstone I'd deal 300% weapon damage in an AoE with a whole 50% crit damage boost, I think this would override the above bleed and deal a good chunk more damage. Since this is a bleed focused build the 3.5 second CD also doesn't matter as much because my bleed duration % is over 200% so I'd always be able to use it for applying my basic attack bleed.

b43bdf  No.16559234

I am on my first run and am trying to do a trickster build for maximum bleed, went quite well until now but now spooky skeletons in old arkovia just ignore all my damage. Any idea what kind of build I can temporarily use to survive skelly city?

ad7687  No.16559423


For the sake of minimizing respec cost and the general bother, maybe it can be optimized a bit so you'll be able to easier deal with undead foes?

Arkovian Undercity is especially annoying for bleed builds because not only do undead enemies have high resistance, there's also the Skeletal Knights which have an invisible reflect damage buff.

ad7687  No.16564281

I need some help with my dumb fucking meme build.

>Goal: ~100% Blast Shield uptime

>Secondary goal: Find a way to deal damage

With the rare Fleshwarped Codex which adds 1 second to Blast Shield I need 40% CDR.

If I use a shield (ideal) I'll need 50% CDR.

With a shield I managed to get 42% CDR and with the book 39%

I'm forced into either Arcanist or Oathkeeper for their CDR exclusives, I could use the Arcanist's Eternity relic for a -1 sec CDR every ~4.5 seconds which means the shield build only need 40% CDR but it would also make it a possibility that I fail 100% uptime due to poor RNG.

Played around with the idea of using The Pummeler for 400% retal to Blast Shield and doesn't something with that but there isn't any good headgear with CDR and retal bonuses and I'm locked into using a non-retal amulet.

<Heavy WIP shield version


6ca524  No.16564406

File: d0a56e2c8fdfbd5⋯.gif (106.02 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 4d1bee4fe27aa56c921f27c10b….gif)


>hate this type of forum/website design

>have to endlessly scroll to get to older threads

49d6a3  No.16564432


>infinite scrolling

This is some of the worst cancer in modern web design. Any website that uses it is instantly shit.

737ac9  No.16565874

File: 183bab7cc244683⋯.png (41.39 KB, 2530x2450, 253:245, N.png)


>Oathkeeper is fucking busted man

b35fc0  No.16568830


Cold DW, Veil and Wind Devils for RR, something to convert Shaman's big chunks of physical damage to cold. Alternatively, just level with Primal Strike like everyone else.

8b05f6  No.16569374


>Goal: ~100% Blast Shield uptime

You've already failed. Blast shield is one of those skills that doesn't cooldown until its duration ends.

16a862  No.16570261


>Secure Connection Failed

>An error occurred during a connection to www.grimdawn.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)


>This site can’t provide a secure connection

>www.grimdawn.com uses an unsupported protocol.


Tor Browser

>Secure Connection Failed

>An error occurred during a connection to www.grimdawn.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP

>The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

R.I.P in peace, shit dawn

fc9381  No.16571501

Hey Niggers, I just soloed the ravager with subpar set on my Oppressor


Also i really fucking hate the new website, before it wasn't letting me connect now its fucking deleted almost all the compendiums. Whats even worse is for some reason all the words become blurry illegible when i put my mouse over them and nowi have to constantly scroll with my broken mouse wheel

ef7bc9  No.16574205

File: d84232a302b3e89⋯.png (198.16 KB, 1798x1336, 899:668, shoad.png)

File: ec1c0663a266208⋯.png (54.95 KB, 1888x259, 1888:259, banned.png)

Should have clarified "heavy Mark of Torment uptime" (as in the Necromancer skill, not our BO) I guess(?) No hard feelings, unban was fast.


Responded with some critique to your build in the image.

>Reposting my last post for clickable grimtools links.

I started working on another meme tank build but based on permanent Overguard uptime.

Put together multiple versions, all of them honestly need more OA but I don't know where to get it from. Send help. Other changes?

I have not optimized resistance augments on all builds

Most tanky

>100% block, 97% recovery, 6800 damage blocked, 4500 armor, 15300 HP

<2488 OA, 3174 DA, 19/22 Rending Force, 18/22 Internal Trauma


Most damage *(Leaning towards this one)

<90% block, 95% recovery, 5800 damage blocked, 3800 armor, 15100 HP

>2556 OA, 3261 DA, 22/22 Rending Force, 22/22 Internal Trauma

>15% crit and 150% Internal Trauma damage to Forcewave


Middle of the road

<95% block, 97% recovery, 6200 damage blocked, 3900 armor, 14700 HP

<2556 OA, 3157 DA, 20/22 Rending Force, 19/22 Internal Trauma

>10% lifesteal to Overguard


51173d  No.16574878

File: 9c441d6554aad91⋯.jpg (235.1 KB, 715x948, 715:948, 9c441d6554aad91cf726a425c0….jpg)

ef7bc9  No.16575456


>Squad Tactics scales very poorly past 12 points (12 and 14 both give 14% attack and cast speed)

>Put a point in the Markovian's Defense transmuter and you get permanent Overguard like my build has.

>Might as well softcap Warcry at 12.

>Maiven's Sphere is a great defensive skill and maybe worth more points

>Inner Focus grants precious OA, worth soft capping

>Blade Arc is your filler between Devestation, maybe low dps without further points in it?

>You really want Ravager's Eye augments on your shield and weapon for DA

>Put Survivor's Ingenuity on your rings and amulet

>Aether resistance is more important to overcap than acid & poison and pierce for SR and Crucible, aim for ~30% (change armor augments)

>Your armor absorption is 87%(!), always aim for ~100%

I applied many of my suggestions to your GT:


Didn't touch upon devotions, not completely sold on "Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak" for a build which doesn't use retaliation. Lizard is kind of bad, I'd get Hound instead for more armor and physique.

ef7bc9  No.16575730


By getting Revenant you free up a lot of skill points from skipping Break Morale letting you max Blade Arc, get more OA from Eagle and lets you max Shieldmaiden.

Using a shield recovery component on your shield might be better than Seal of Might.


55e48a  No.16577189

File: db76b765eb668ea⋯.jpg (44.95 KB, 583x918, 583:918, fa7e6b0c698c9d9a666ed72b8d….jpg)


>Put a point in the Markovian's Defense transmuter and you get permanent Overguard like my build has.

Not needed - i already have a Hourglass devotion what reset cooldown on Overguard.

Also i dont undestand why you remove all points from Brack Morale while its lower enemy Phys resist and why i should use a Revernant while its provide lower -% resists compare to Break Morale and Phys damage bonuses from Ulzad?

>Blade Arc is your filler between Devestation, maybe low dps without further points in it?

Its provide huge lifesteal while Devastation on 4.5 cd after triggering Hourglass.

>Maiven's Sphere is a great defensive skill and maybe worth more points

Yes you right.

>Aether resistance is more important to overcap than acid & poison and pierce for SR and Crucible, aim for ~30% (change armor augments)

I dont have enough reputation with FG factions. Working on it.

>not completely sold on "Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak"

Devastation deal pure Phys+trauma+pierce damage. Looks like improvement in from every side.

> lets you max Shieldmaiden.

I no need right side of this devotion so i better squeeze points for flat armor/hp devotions.

Also notice Absolute Zero provides huge phys resist reduction… do you have ideas about build what involve Cold+phys damage on battlemage?

ef7bc9  No.16577944


>Not needed - i already have a Hourglass devotion what reset cooldown on Overguard.

Hourglass gives you -6 seconds CDR every ~13.5 seconds (you have 23% CDR).

This pushes Overguard to 11.5s CD (15 reduced by 23%) with 10s uptime.

>Cast overguard and immediately cast Hourglass

>Overguard expires, you wait 1.5s to reactivate it

>You wait another 2s for Hourglass CD before casting it

>Overguard expires, you wait 1.5s to reactivate it

>You wait another 4s for Hourglass CD before casting it

You see where I'm going with this? They'll become completely out of sync not to mention it never has true 100% uptime.

>Also i dont undestand why you remove all points from Brack Morale while its lower enemy Phys resist and why i should use a Revernant while its provide lower -% resists compare to Break Morale and Phys damage bonuses from Ulzad?

You lose 7 flat RR but gain 12 skill points, this lets you max both Blade Arc and Laceration (assuming you trim some other skills as well like in my link).

This damage increase is pretty massive considering its your main spam skill.

>Its provide huge lifesteal while Devastation on 4.5 cd after triggering Hourglass.

Yes you definitely need something to attack with between Devastation and Blade Arc is a good choice, I'm saying focus more points into it.

>Devastation deal pure Phys+trauma+pierce damage. Looks like improvement in from every side.

Well it only deals physical and the trauma damage only gets applied from the 22% weapon damage, which your Blade Arc overrides with the 178% weapon damage (dots applied by weapon damage % count as same source even if from different skills and stronger will override weaker).

Now it's not an entirely bad devotion but it's a hefty investment and you don't need the purple and green devotions for anything else either. Meaning you pay an extra 2 green and 4 purple for it.

>I no need right side of this devotion so i better squeeze points for flat armor/hp devotions.

Reduced shield recovery time is very rare (no other devotion point grants it and you can get a maximum of another 15-20% more from shield component) and has a massive impact on a build like this which gets a lot of its defence from blocking.

>Also notice Absolute Zero provides huge phys resist reduction… do you have ideas about build what involve Cold+phys damage on battlemage?

It's a really bad damaging skill, you'd want to use it as a debuff and focus on physical damage (so would work on your current build).

Now Flash Freeze needs to freeze enemies to apply its fire debuff meaning you need to use The Mageslayer 4-set for its freeze reduction to enemies (all bosses have over 100% freeze resistance), but I believe that Absolute Zero counts as a separate debuff and works regardless of if you manage to freeze enemies.

<Can anyone confirm/deny if Absolute Zero applies its debuff on freeze immune enemies?

ef7bc9  No.16578036



If you still want to use Ulzaad (like I said, it's not bad or anything, just inconvenient affinity cost) I'd probably drop Squad Tactics to a casual point instead of removing Break Morale.


039f64  No.16579753

File: bacad93f7824c31⋯.jpg (35.97 KB, 528x543, 176:181, bacad93f7824c31842a8b7288f….jpg)


Thanks. Looks good.

4f89a5  No.16582551

Had an itch to play a ARPG that wasn't modded D2 and since PoE is owned by bugmen now, thought I'd give this a go. I played Titan Quest a little bit like 15 years ago. Had mixed feelings about the class system in it (before I really knew what I was doing). This is basically a sequel to it, with lots of polish, yes?

e562e9  No.16582558


>This is basically a sequel to it, with lots of polish, yes?

Pretty much, but a spiritual one as it has a completely different setting. I believe nearly everyone agrees that Grim Dawn is a better game than TQ.

4f89a5  No.16582561


Is this game going to kick my ass or be frustrating if I go in blind? I expect my first two or three characters to be grossly suboptimal and struggle through while I learn the mechanics and progression. Or should I leave a wiki/etc open on another screen?

e562e9  No.16582581


If you're somewhat familiar with the genre you should be fine, you start on 'Normal' difficulty, when you beat it you unlock 'Elite' and after that 'Ultimate. Then there's 'Veteran' which is an alternative toggle that replaces 'Normal' as the first difficulty that increases the challenge by throwing larger packs of monsters at you with higher stats and increases rare and boss spawn.

Normal is very forgiving and it's not crazy to play on Veteran even on your first playthrough.

The game allows nearly full respec, the only thing you can not undo (without a third-party tool like GD Stash) is mastery (class) selection after having put points into them.

So I recommend going in blind and just experimenting, if you run into some problems you can always ask here for tips, ways to tweak your build or help with understanding mechanics. Maybe it's just me but I hate following builds and prefer some gentle guidance if stuck.

fc9381  No.16583685


Thanks anon

I was joking about beating the ravager though, i just wanted some advice for my memebuild

e562e9  No.16583715

File: 1eb78f5374e83d8⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 1eb78f5374e83d8da827418c53….jpg)


>I was joking about beating the ravager though

I'm glad, was starting to feel bad over some past struggles with that cunt.

bedf0c  No.16583851

File: 3eb237bd51a4142⋯.jpg (60.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3eb237bd51a4142ee370a007dd….jpg)


>I was joking about beating the ravager though

Not funny.

e562e9  No.16585225

File: 3b3a2d70782804c⋯.jpg (718.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190611184423_1.jpg)

>Spending all of my bits to craft multiple dozen boots

I finally reached the real endgame.

4f89a5  No.16586560

Pardon my retardation but I can't seem to get it to work. I've downloaded the game and all 3 patches from the OP. When trying to install the v1.1.2.2 patch (the latest one?) it complains about an MD5 checksum error. I have installed the base game, followed by and

Also, the exe tries to launch Steam. Is the hacked exe in the CODEX folder of each patch folder?

4f89a5  No.16586740


Anyways, I've got it working on v1112 and I just reached Burial Hill and I'm enjoying myself.

10977b  No.16586788

File: 414c0c404774e03⋯.jpg (6.58 KB, 202x220, 101:110, 1309526363217.jpg)


>crafted over 200 boots

>no of King double rare

19ccf5  No.16586804

>>16586560 -> -> -> is here >>16479548

just patch the game to the latest patch, then copy the contents of the CODEX folder of that patch into the game directory is the latest warez release at the moment


>no pants

come on man, there are children around

a4ee6f  No.16586819

File: e825edc2921c9fe⋯.png (597.87 KB, 770x534, 385:267, e825edc2921c9feb5c26084b1b….png)

4f89a5  No.16587017




>Didn't read the fucking thread

I told you I was retarded. Anyways, downloading now.

I started as Arcanist and now I'm at level 10. Going to do a bunch of quests and stuff right now after it finishes downloading. I've been putting points into the split missile spell, but I think what might work better is to have a gun with +weapon damage effects on it for a nuke, then spam the tempest spell for groups. Thinking of getting the gunslinger or whatever the cunning class was to compliment this.

How do I unsocket items and respec, also?

e562e9  No.16587182

File: 4122e26fca04dfa⋯.png (561.96 KB, 666x427, 666:427, page 1.png)

File: a9aff836da33725⋯.png (560.4 KB, 668x420, 167:105, page 2.png)

Finally scrambled together the gear for my 100% block chance build.

>Forgot about the 2 vendor potions which increase block chance, together they grant 13% (so only need 87%)

>Block Recovery is 95%, feels good enough, might try pushing it to 100% just for the memes but that'd mean switching medal and losing damage.

>Starved for skill points so scumming Celestial Presence by putting on gear which boosts it to ~16 or so, summoning the guardians then switching back to my regular stuff.

>Could still use more OA, gonna throw the dice and craft more boots, have materials for over 200

>Devotions need further testing, Autumn Boar is tempting but super cost inefficient

>Build doesn't have War Cry, maybe massive defensive boost?

>RNG didn't give me a relic with Rending Force, considering GD stashing that piece of fucking shit, holy fuck all those materials



Would very much appreciate suggestions on things that might improve it.


>How do I unsocket items and respec, also?

Upper right in a cell at Devil's Crossing is a respec NPC.

You'll unlock another NPC very soon that lets you unsocket items.

Pannetti's Replicating Missile is a legit good spell to build around if you want to use it, it'll become better for AoE purposes later on as well with its upgrades. Tempest is solid but using the transmuter which puts a CD on it is probably better than spamming it.

e562e9  No.16587264

File: 9edb563c3ab1b19⋯.jpg (773.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190611234135_1.jpg)


Pray for me.

5986f4  No.16587271

e562e9  No.16587288

File: 58194a4c0ae8a5d⋯.jpg (718.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190611234824_1.jpg)


>Of Kings

Too bad stun resistance is the least thing I need, not to mention the mediocre 'Mystic'

49d6a3  No.16587442


Looks like you just posted the same picture twice. Were you trying to show another character page?

e562e9  No.16587487


>Looks like you just posted the same picture twice.

No, second pic is of some boots I got after ~60 crafts. Probably crafted another ~35 without getting anything better than what I wear.

e562e9  No.16587643

File: fdeb1fad53a9978⋯.jpg (758.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190612012521_1.jpg)

Getting ~400k single target DPS with an unfinished build, actually seems to work fine considering it's so heavily focused on defense. Very spammy with Doomforce, Forcewave and Aegis of Menhir. Had to use an Arcane Spark for energy steal, upside is more OA.

Currently farming materials for components, this is what my build looks like right now:


Have about 60 more OA and 600 more HP and probably some more DA as well than is shown due to it showing average rolls, forgot to take ingame screenshot.

e562e9  No.16587749

File: d09409390d83c87⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1036x679, 148:97, battlemage 1.png)

File: 282de578a7a75ea⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1037x677, 1037:677, battlemage.png)

I realized that with some block chance components on the rings I don't even need to play Oathkeeper to reach 100% block chance.



Remembering this anon I made a Battlemage version of my Warlord, loses some damage on paper but hard to tell how Blade Arc and Devastation compare to AoM and Forcewave.


Have to look around some more tomorrow and see what else I can combo with Soldier to squeeze the most out of 100% Overguard uptime with max block.

Only demand is Spellscourge Amulet and ~20%+ CDR from gear.

e562e9  No.16587885


Polite sage for quadposting but can't you reach near invulnerability with this?

>Enemy has to deal over 8k damage pre-mitigation

>Goes through mitigation sources

>No has to go through 544 flat absorption from Overguard + Stoneform (Stoneform has ~1.3 seconds downtime with 23% CDR)

>Reduced an additional 17% by Maiven's Sphere

>15.5k HP pool

<Aleksander's meteor in SR 100 barely tickles your balls

4f89a5  No.16588549

>Level 29 Sorcerer with all my points in Demo

>Just beat the quest for Skeleton Key in the Arkovian Ruins

>Boss was Level 35

>Due to bad kiting, had to fight him cornered on the bridge

>Still won

>Decide to push forward into the even harder dungeon

d428c3  No.16588828

I'm trying to use Stash but I can't find my new saves. When I had a pirated gog copy it threw my saves into Documents>My Games>Grim Dawn>Save. On Steam it was using the cloud, which I just disabled, but I can't find the new character I've made. It isn't in the save folder in my documents, and it isn't in the save folder in the GD install directory under steamapps.

8b05f6  No.16588873


check in steam > userdata> numbers > 219990

d428c3  No.16588980


Thank you. I ended up running into more issues until I figured out I had to disable steam cloud from within GD's options. I had disabled steam cloud via steam's options to no avail.

4f89a5  No.16589226

Update on my Sorc, just hit 50 points in demo so next level (41) I'll be able to get my best skills. Still relying on mortar and fire shot or whatever, but any weapon i get as an upgrade just melts trash mobs for about three hours. I have about 4k dps right now and 3 shared tabs… saving all the blue loot and socketable items

04b8c5  No.16589279


Was planning on updating the beginner tips with a few extra lines and also tidying up what's already written.


>Never sell blue and purple items, use dynamite to dismantle them if you have duplicates

>You unlock an option at the inventor to turn a set piece into either a piece of the same set or a completely random one, save duplicate set items for this

>Don't waste components for crafting things other than Relics and better components whilst levelling, but feel free to enhance your gear with components as you can later remove them

>Don't ignore green items, RNG can bless them with great combination of stats

>Download GD Stash if you're a hoarder


>You can respec everything besides a mastery that has had points put into it (with GD Stash you can undo mastery selection as well)

Does anyone have more suggestions for things that could be added?

4f89a5  No.16589625


Maybe a small blurb about the number of damage types? I thought vitality was the green bar under monster health for a while and didnt realize it was actuallya type of damage

04b8c5  No.16589717



I tried.

<Damage types:

>There are 15 types of damage and 10 types of resistances

>Physical, Fire, Lightning, Cold and Vitality have separate damage over time effects which needs to bypass the same resistance type but scales with a different stat

>Those being: Internal Trauma, Burn, Electrocute, Frostburn and Vitality Decay

>Pierce, Bleed, Chaos and Aether have no damage over time variants (though bleed is technically always a DoT effect)

>If a stat says +99% elemental damage it means +33% fire, +33% lightning and +33% cold

>If a stat says 99% elemental resistance reduction it means 99% fire, 99% lightning and 99% cold


>If a skill deals Physical both and Internal Trauma damage and you have "100% Physical damage converted to Fire damage" it will convert the Physical component to Fire and the Internal Trauma one to Burn.

>If you were to take the same skill but apply "100% Physical damage converted to Aether damage" it would only convert the Physical damage to aether but leave the Internal Trauma as is since Aether has no DoT variant

<The order of events for Conversion is as follows: Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

>You can't chain convert, if you convert physical > fire, that fire damage will not be affected by fire damage converted to X

>A damage source that has been converted no longer scales with stat boosts to its pre-converted type (an exception are Skill Modifiers or 'upgrades' as they are applied before conversion takes place)

fc9381  No.16589853


>If a stat says 99% elemental resistance reduction it means 99% fire, 99% lightning and 99% cold

You learn something new everyday

>You can't chain convert, if you convert physical > fire, that fire damage will not be affected by fire damage converted to X

I'm not particularly familiar with conversions, but what if you were converting more than a 100% from any given damage type?

Also what if they're from two different types, like 55% fire > Bleed and 52% fire > acid?

04b8c5  No.16589960


If you convert a single source over 100% nothing normally happens but if convert one source into multiple ones resulting in a total of over 100% they're individually weighed against each other to make up a total of 100 proportionate to the %.

120% fire converted to acid + 40% fire converted to vitality will result in more acid damage and less vitality than if it was 100% fire converted to acid. But the damage itself wont get boosted.

Also Bleed doesn't convert from or to anything, only damage type that is this way.

b0eed9  No.16589978

For a skill like "Flame Touched" that gives a +x% fire damage, does it affect both skill and weapon damage?

Also, anyone else disapointed with grenado and canister bomb?

fc9381  No.16589984


>Also, anyone else disapointed with grenado and canister bomb?

Yes, I wanted a skill to be able to blow the shit out of anything. Unfortunately damage is lack lustre

04b8c5  No.16590006


If it's a buff, then yes.

Flat damage like the 4 fire on Flame Touched is applied to your weapon damage. If you have 4 flat fire damage and use an attack which deals 100% weapon damage, it also adds 4 fire damage to it. If it deals 50% weapon damage, 2 fire is added.

But before this flat fire is added, it also scales with fire damage % increases.

Flat damage only affects spells if they have a weapon % damage component. % increased affects all damage of the appropriate type.

04b8c5  No.16590010



Oh and on Canister Bomb and Grenado, they're pretty lame on their own but there are some end game sets which enable them. You can also make retaliation builds for them as there are items with % retaliation added to them.

04b8c5  No.16590233

File: f99331a0c0f07bb⋯.jpg (799.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190612184048_1.jpg)

File: d85354df214b151⋯.jpg (798.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190612184112_1.jpg)


This build was too annoying to play, I switched to a Cadence version. Getting similar dps results on dummies but this one should be far better in SR and crucible where the much higher OA doesn't go to waste.

>Haven't minmaxed resistances yet, might need to switch boots


It's also a pretty fast farmer with 2 movement abilities + rune, in addition the damage added to War Cry makes it pop all breakable items even through walls.

Permanent 95% block and 97% recover without consumables (could get to 100% by trading in some OA and DA).

One 'issue' is that with 13% CDR (my shield and amulet have maximum CDR roll unlike what GT shows) Overguard gets literally 0.005 seconds downtime.

Fuck this game.

It's still a work in progress, need to farm some more materials to craft components with.

f4ffd6  No.16590372


>Don't ignore green items, RNG can bless them with great combination of stats

You mean Monster Green Items.

04b8c5  No.16590409


For the most part yes but even regular rare items can end up filling a particular niche for a build that no other can.

Mainly some conversion items, weapons, shields and off-hands with skill boosts that other items don't offer.

4f89a5  No.16590416


>At some point, since I'm using a cracked version, disable Steam Cloud Saves because why would it need to be on?

>Try to end session last night after 12 hours

>Game locks up

>Can't even alt tab, task bar other programs aren't rendering/responding


>No character in the main menu

<Lost 12h of binge playtime

Where would my save files possibly be?

4f89a5  No.16590423


Oh no, as soon as I checked the box, it reappeared.

That's probably why it crashed maybe

04b8c5  No.16590441



If it's CODEX it creates 'Steam' folder(s) in your documents, save files would probably be there if you want to copy them and disable cloud storage.

fc9381  No.16590750

File: 634f31cd22fa852⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 400x500, 4:5, face palm ika shinryaku mu….jpg)


Just use the gog version anon

4f89a5  No.16590795


I just followed what was in the OP. Anyways, it's working for now

4f89a5  No.16591106

File: a0855b39363ec0d⋯.png (394.72 KB, 1266x323, 1266:323, ClipboardImage.png)

So there's a fuckton of shrines, but I'm limited to the first 55 I activate?

Secondly, is this the kind of game where I could find a level 30 unique item that is pivotal to a build and will never replace? Asking since my damage is starting to fall off and I'm wondering if it's worth the effort to run the Necropolis a few times for a better weapon, or if random level 50 drops in a few zones will just obsolete it

fc9381  No.16591159


>So there's a fuckton of shrines, but I'm limited to the first 55 I activate?

you can also get devotion points from the Crucible, however all shrines are still unlockable after getting the maximum amount of points, you just dont get devotion points from it anymore.

>Secondly, is this the kind of game where I could find a level 30 unique item that is pivotal to a build and will never replace?

no, most equipment is obsolete except for stuff around 90, there are some 80's that aren't that bad but the majority of items you'll end up using are 94 lvl items.

> or if random level 50 drops in a few zones will just obsolete it

Just finish the campaign and then do boss runs, it pretty much follows the diablo formula in that aspect.

04b8c5  No.16591174


Shrines just give you a point, with which you can do whatever you want. The only difference is what's needed to unlock the shrine (various components or a short wave monster battle).


This anon answered the rest, at lvl 100 you'll not really use anything below 84. Many items have weaker low lvl versions so if you find a cool blue or purple item at a lower lvl, chances are you'll be able to use a similar item at max lvl if you so wish.

4f89a5  No.16591268



Okay that's what I figured. So no sense spamming/crafting shit this early, just hold out for the good stuff.

On a non-tank build, is it feasible to max 75% resists or whatever? In other games there's only 4-5 resists, but I see there's 10. Or is every character going to just have some weakness? I'm getting 3-shot by errant spell effects right now

04b8c5  No.16591507


Reaching the softcap for all resistances besides physical is mandatory. Since some enemies may also reduces your resistances it is commonly recommended to overcap fire, lightning and aether by ~30% when you're doing end-game stuff with semi-random enemies since these are some of the nastier bosses damage types.

For lvling purposes just do your best to maximize resistances, you're not going to cap all of them until probably 50+. Each difficulty also adds a -25% penalty.

When you unlock Revered reputation with a faction they sell 'Augments', additional gear enhancing items which have resistances.

If you're in an with enemies that predominantly deal a type of damage you have very low resistance against, try to adjust your components and gear for that specific type even if other resistances have to suffer for it.

'Chapter 1' up to the Warden is mostly aether and poison, 'Chapter 2' has a lot of fire and pierce.

8b05f6  No.16591683


+99% elemental damage is +99% to all three. +99 flat elemental damage is the one that is split.

36fd47  No.16591741


There're more resistances than just the ones on your first character panel. If you go to panel 3, you see also:

>life-leech resist

>energy-leech resist

>freez resist

>trap resist

>slow resist

>petrify resist

>sleep resist

>disruption resist

Of those, the only one which ever gets a subtraction based on difficulty is life-leech resist; on ultimate difficulty, it gets -25%.

04b8c5  No.16591790


And physical resistance.

For CC resistances the most important ones in my experience are Stun > Freeze > Slow (because it affects your overall speed, meaning DPS). The rest are nice bonuses to have but nothing to go out of your way for.


Oh yeah, my bad. Some of these mechanics really are needlessly obtuse.

4f89a5  No.16592641

>Getting stonewalled by main quest enemies

>Decide to try doing some earlier quests I skipped

>Enemies scaled up

>Bosses for those quests are at my level+2

>Oneshot me too


4f89a5  No.16593010

So if you get the conversion passive with AAR, does that mean the aether damage gets scaled then converted to chaos, then affected by item modifiers? Or does it take the base aether damage and then get converted to chaos, and all the on-skill aether boosts get wasted? If its the latter whats the point? Just to have chaos damage?

d428c3  No.16593268

File: 89d2fb29c1934ce⋯.png (186.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright, I'm having some issues understanding damage conversion. GD is the only arpg/diabloclone I've ever put any real time into so a lot of these mechanics are pretty foreign to me, and the first and last time I beat the game I played Cabalist so I didn't really think much, I just stood behind an army.

My plan is to make a Dreeg Sentinel, so from what I understand the damage would focus as Acid/Poison/Vitality/Decay from the Dreeg modifiers to Righteous Fervor, Summon Guardian of Empyrion and Aegis of Menhir along with the conversions made by Path of the Three. I guess my main question is to what extent are those conversions? Dreeg's Reproach says it converts 100% Physical to Acid and 100% Fire to Vitality. Is that only converting those damage types output by Fervor? Or is it converting damage types from every skill I cast that causes Phys/Fire damage? If it is the former, Path of the Three converts 15% of Physical and Fire Damage both to Acid Damage as a toggleable skill. Is that a global damage conversion of all of my skills? If I'm already converting 100% of the Phys/Fire from Fervor into Acid/Vit with Dreeg's Reproach, does the conversion provided by Path of the Three even do anything to my Fervor autoattacks? If my gameplan is to go Dreeg Sentinel and I'm using Path of the Three would it split up my damage types too much if I'm trying to use something like Eye of Reckoning? I remember reading some shit a really long time ago where if you're throwing out multiple damage types at once only the greatest damage value actually goes through. I could be remembering that entirely wrong, though.

This is a kind of autistic shit that is foreign to my brain and I'm having a lot of issues. I've never really delved into MMOs or ARPGs with tons of values and whatnot, most of my RPG knowledge of damage types is as simple as [Enemy] is resistant to [X] immune to [Y] and weak to [Z] choose your abilities/gear to suit. Which reminds me I have no god damn idea how to protect my character, the only thing I strongly remember from my last playthrough is to hold onto gear that gives good resistance to Aether by the time you start heading to Malmouth.

So far I started off this character smacking enemies with Fervor attacks and throwing the shield, then I read somewhere online that a good way to level is to just max out Eye of Reckoning+Soulfire and I'll say it's been pretty simple. After having enough levels I just specced out of everything and specced everything into mastery points and maxed out EoR/Soulfire. I'm shredding enemies instantly but when I run into bosses or overlevelled enemies I'm dancing on the brink of death every fight spacing out potion uses, but I feel like if I spec out of EoR/Soulfire and into Fervor/Aegis I'm not going to be doing nearly comparable damage. Pic related is where I'm at right now.

6eee37  No.16593410


I posted about the order of conversion previously but it might not explain things without more context

<The order of events for Conversion is as follows: Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

Yes the Aether damage first gets scaled up with everything that is attached directly to the skill such as Disintegration. After that it is converted to Chaos, now only gear with X% Chaos damage will boost it.


>Dreeg's Reproach says it converts 100% Physical to Acid and 100% Fire to Vitality. Is that only converting those damage types output by Fervor?

Yes, these are called 'Skill Transmuters'. They only affect the skill

>Path of the Three converts 15% of Physical and Fire Damage both to Acid Damage as a toggleable skill. Is that a global damage conversion of all of my skills?

Yes, it's a global buff.

>If I'm already converting 100% of the Phys/Fire from Fervor into Acid/Vit with Dreeg's Reproach, does the conversion provided by Path of the Three even do anything to my Fervor autoattacks?

No. In other cases where both of these things came from equipment, they'd be weighed against a scale of 100 but Skill Transmuters are absolute and no other source can make them change conversion ratio (if it was equipment, adding 15% phys/fire to acid when already having 100% phys/fire to vit/acid would increase the end acid damage and decrease the end vitality damage).

>If my gameplan is to go Dreeg Sentinel and I'm using Path of the Three would it split up my damage types too much if I'm trying to use something like Eye of Reckoning?

You always want to focus your damage into 1-2 types so that you can easier shred that specific resistance and gear specifically around those things.

>I remember reading some shit a really long time ago where if you're throwing out multiple damage types at once only the greatest damage value actually goes through.

No, you're thinking of damage over time effects. DoT effects don't if you reapply them from the same source, instead they refresh. However if you apply the same type of DoT, say poison, but from two or more different skills they'll all stack.

If you have flat damage over time on your weapon such as burn, poison, bleed etc. the highest application will override the lower.

<You have 100 flat poison damage over 3 seconds on your weapon

<You hit an enemy with an attack that deals 100% weapon damage

<Enemy now takes 100 poison damage over 3 seconds

<Right after, you hit the enemy with something dealing 200% weapon damage

>Enemy now takes 200 poison damage over 3 seconds and overrides the previous application

So weapon damage will override even if by different skills, otherwise different skills stack. Also when applying DoT effects with weapon % damage it also adds potential procs like Smite and Shattering Smash on top of of Fervor. So with Fervor at 16/16 and Smite at 10/10 it would deal 250% weapon damage.

> Which reminds me I have no god damn idea how to protect my character

Besides resistances, don't neglect your armor rating and absorption. Use cheap components like Scaled Hide to increase absorption. Defensive Ability is also very important, reduces chance to be hit, chance to be crit and damage of crits.

>I'm shredding enemies instantly but when I run into bosses or overlevelled enemies I'm dancing on the brink of death every fight spacing out potion uses

Try more lifesteal, it's great on Eye of Reckoning. Also remember that EoR can not proc weapon attacks like Smite and Shattering Smash.

6eee37  No.16593411



Oh you also asked why you'd want Path of the Three with Dreeg's Approach available. Maybe you don't want to deal vitality damage but instead choose to not use the transmuter and convert phys/fire to acid through gear.

6eee37  No.16593428

File: a164b13f1304949⋯.png (53.98 KB, 358x470, 179:235, pulsating.png)



>Struggling with AAR build

Get this item, it's your new best friend.


The Amalgamation is the big Aether beast boss you kill in the main questline at Homestead. Like most greens there are range of different levels for it, all the way up to 94.

AAR builds always want a source of lifesteal, there is this one, an amulet that does the same and an amulet that adds weapon % damage to AAR making it so you can use sources of regular life steal (life steal only works with skills that deal a % of weapon damage). But those are legendary amulets and more something for endgame.

b0eed9  No.16594658

Can anyone please seed the update? i cant connect to any seed


6eee37  No.16595185

File: 2c30ab11c2c623c⋯.jpg (359.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190613223600_1.jpg)

File: c0ffe5cda96e78d⋯.jpg (759.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190613224140_1.jpg)

File: 6e6626673f9982b⋯.jpg (760.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190613224143_1.jpg)

Stress tested my block build against Ravager, was a pretty braindead fight and he could barely get past my shield most of the time. Didn't have to start using healing potions until second phase and I only used the two vendor consumables that improves shield damage block.

Adjusted augments to match his damage, didn't have enough OA to crit him so fight could have been much easier. Also missing some important ring, amulet and medal components. Devotions are a work in progress, trying this more offence oriented setup at the moment. I should be able to reach 3k OA with components.



If there are no seeders try the GoG version >>16586819

b0eed9  No.16595406

Is it possible to focus on only one damage type or should i get atleast two?

6eee37  No.16595430


It's absolutely viable, just make sure to stack those resistance reduction effects, but that's what every build needs to do anyway. So preferably pick 2 masteries with access to the same RR.

-X% stacks, Z% and Y flat do not, making the strongest one override the others.

b0eed9  No.16595579

REEEEEE, i cant decide what char to make. I kinda wanted to make a 2h ranged/caster hybrid but im not sure if thats even possible.

6eee37  No.16595709


You will generally focus on 1 main damaging skill that can be spammed then fill in with buffs, debuffs and possibly some CD damage dealing skill(s) for burst.

Inquisitor has many good gun passives and spells (most notably Word of Pain and Storm Box) that can act as cornerstones for a variety of builds. However if you want to use your gun(s) you'd want an 'Default Attack Replacer' which Inquisitor lacks. Good combinations could be either Oathkeeper, Shaman or Demolitionist which all have such a skill.

Demolitonist could go fire/chaos as both it and Inquisitor hcan reduce those resistances, pure fire is also an option.

Oathkeeper would put you more onto a pure fire path, many of its skills favour shield usage, making it more survivable than Demolitionist.

Shaman has 2H specific skills and its elemental resistance reduction meshes well with Inquisitor's elemental RR. This build would focus more on lightning damage.

In order of survivability I'd probably say Oathkeeper > Shaman > Demolitionist.

4f89a5  No.16595795


Got it, that makes sense.


Oh no, I'm some kind of crappy Demo 2h gun build with mortar that melts in 2 hits. I was just curious about conversion as a mechanic

6eee37  No.16595843


Demo is a bit squishy on its own, not chosen a secondary mastery yet?

You're pretty much limited to Blast Shield (great defensive ability), Temper for some extra DA and Flashbang + Searing Light for Fumble/Impaired Aim.

Like I just told the other anon, both Oathkeeper and Inquisitor have nice synergy with fire builds and they also offer good defensive skills.

4f89a5  No.16595849


I'm level 50 and actually started as Arcanist, and then realized Demo played better with guns and rolled with it. Been loving Flash Freeze because of the phys+fire resist cut, which works well with the mortar. So maybe I'll find a way to be more defensive? Not sure. Flashbang didn't seem to help me much during the early/midgame so I ended up refunding the points.

6eee37  No.16595882


For Arcanist you have Maiven's Sphere and Mirror of Ereoctes which both are solid defensive skills. The passive Arcane Will also grants you a decent DA boost.

Flashbang itself reduces enemy DA, increasing your chance to hit them, crit them and increases crit damage. The Searing Light Upgrade makes it more likely they'll miss their own attacks against you. It's not good early game since you'll want to dump all your points in a strong nuke but once you have that it's a solid skill.

But I'd probably invest in those previously mentioned Arcanist skills instead.

Also Inner Focus is a great offensive passive in the Arcanist tree. I just want to stress the importance of DA and OA since I myself overlooked those stats when new to the game.

6eee37  No.16595891



I forgot but Nullification is pretty nice, at 8/10 points you can reduce an enemy's elemental damage by 28% with 100% uptime and being able to purge nasty dots from yourself can be a life saver.

4f89a5  No.16595931


>you can reduce an enemy's elemental damage by 28% with 100% uptime

How so? The duration and cooldown don't seem to overlap that much.

Anyways, I seemed to have overlooked a lot of the defensive shit in Arcanist so maybe I won't melt instantly now

4f89a5  No.16596042

Oh and one more thing … how do I know if an item's +damage% stats affect skills? For example, I found a rare wand or whatever with innate acid damage, but then a ton of mods for different damage types (eg +20% fire, cold, etc). If it was restricted to weapon attacks, I'd get it, but then I see armor and shields with similar damage bonuses.

8e371b  No.16596319


Canister Bomb is dependent on how many points you sink into it. At high enough levels the individual AOEs on the bomblets overlap and it becomes a great single target skill as well.

Grenado is a single target skill and really shouldn't be relied on as an AOE.

4f89a5  No.16596504

File: f679b2177634228⋯.png (36.34 KB, 582x231, 194:77, ClipboardImage.png)

I haven't switched over to the GoG version still (still using CODEX from OP). I can't find my character. Windirstat does report a .gdc file exists but doesn't say where. It also doesn't show up in either directory here.

36fd47  No.16596543


It's something like


Something along those lines. You'll need to look around a bit.

4f89a5  No.16596556


Oh there we go, I wonder why I'm retarded. Thanks.

4f89a5  No.16596602

Oh god, I was going to install Grim Internals, but they did a forum migration some time since the thread was made and their shit broke all the links and downloads and it looks like a goddamn mess.


070cf1  No.16596938

File: 15db9749dac9c23⋯.png (83.1 KB, 325x447, 325:447, null.png)


The cooldown scales down in duration as you level it up.


Percentage increases affects all damage of that type, doesn't matter what item they're on.

Flat damage increases on the other hand are only applied to your weapon and if a skill does not deal a % of your weapon damage, your flat damage is not added to the skill.

4f89a5  No.16596984

Is Tonic of Reshaping the only way to redo my attributes?

070cf1  No.16597003


The only legit way, yes. You'll get a few more as quest rewards and the endgame farming challenges such as Shattered Realm and Crucible can have extra ones in their end chests.

Generally you'll want to put most points into physique and a minimum cunning/spirit to equip gear. Some mastery combinations like Warlord and Oathkeeper get a lot of physique from putting points in their mastery and for Warlord builds I've ended up putting a lot more points in cunning at endgame than for other classes.

070cf1  No.16597028


I randomly stumbled upon new information on conversion, previous information put out by people was that once a skill was changed with a transmuter they could no longer be changed.

Apparently using a transmuter changes the skill into a completely new skill. Meaning you can apply conversion to it.

So if you convert AAR into chaos and vit using the transmuter, you can now convert chaos and vit into something else.

8b05f6  No.16597049


The previous information is correct. It's just that the transmuters for pets, like storm totem and guardians of empyrion, change the pet into a entirely different one. That's why the aura on the guardians also converts. I just tested it myself by using transmuted aar with horns of korvaak and I had no elemental damage.

070cf1  No.16597058


I thought they had to make entirely new spells when changing their look like turning AAR red for example, rather than simply slapping on a cosmetic filter.

But I believe you if you've tested it, didn't bother to do such a thing before posting.

070cf1  No.16597083

Does anyone know if Guardian of Empyrion reactively scales with player bonuses such as temporary procs and buffs?

Did some testing and stuff like Divine Mandate has a clear impact but it also has an AoE component so I can't tell if they get boosted by the aura or because my own stats are boosted by it.

ee3561  No.16597124

File: 13ef97d3cded10a⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Desktop_Valbury01_1920X120….jpg)

Thread reached bumplimit. New one?

070cf1  No.16597139


Need to edit the new OP a bit, add updated links and a GoG magnet since it's easier to download without patching.

I'll start working on it now.

070cf1  No.16597225

New thread


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