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File: b543aa401992bf8⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Strikers-2020_05-17-19.jpg)

befafe  No.16479259

New Strikers game announced.

>City Connection and Zerodiv have announced Strikers 2020, a new entry in the Strikers shoot ’em up series that began with Strikers 1945 in 1995


did not see that coming but alright. Also shmup thread I guess.

5e170e  No.16479285

I want a shmup that actually does something new and refreshing instead of just cranking up the difficulty

and then cranks it up anyways

b9d14b  No.16479556

Psikyo is somehow not dead now? Or is this just some parasitic vampire corporation profiting off someone else's IP?

9fc5fa  No.16479559

lamo scroll shootys

4f09d8  No.16479643


>Psikyo is somehow not dead now? Or is this just some parasitic vampire corporation profiting off someone else's IP?

The guys behind this did some Switch ports of some of the Psikyo games, and also consist of some ex-Psikyo stuff. Hopes up for this one.

b9d14b  No.16479662

I am a big fan of a lot of other manic shooters from the Raiden Fighters series to Dimahoo to Cho Ren Sha 68K. But I have always had a very difficult time getting into Psikyo games for some reason. They just feel really frustrating to me, even when I can get over the insta-laser shit they sometimes put on bosses.

b9d14b  No.16479668

Plus their soundtracks have always been boring as hell. Probably some of the dullest music in a genre known for games with amazing music.

c6bdaf  No.16479758


Also post you're Strikers rankings.

For me, 1945 II > 1945 > 1945 III.

Wasn't a fan of tech bonuses, the planes, or the modern aesthetics of the third game very much. My favorite Psikyo overall though is Gunbird 2, if this turns out good I hope they do a GB3.

af206c  No.16479776

File: 27f4d943125619d⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 474x683, 474:683, ddp doj.jpg)

>muh static bosses and fast bullets

into the garbage it goes!!

for me it's 怒首領蜂 大往生 .

befafe  No.16479897

File: bc517756ffdcf91⋯.jpg (26.02 KB, 500x367, 500:367, why not both.jpg)

af206c  No.16479908


can't be good at both

befafe  No.16479952

File: 5bacbf2a04ed5ef⋯.png (23.38 KB, 1072x153, 1072:153, gaymers.png)


>he doesn't know about jaimerz the best in the west

umm sweaty…



af206c  No.16480004


>raiden II


very low score relative to good raiden players



again very low score relative to good doj players

befafe  No.16480013


Regardless, a person can't clear either of these games unless they're at least "good", and he cleared both.

af206c  No.16480018


a scrubby clear doesn't make you good, it's literally the first stage of beginner mode

befafe  No.16480030


DoJ and Raiden 2 aren't scrubby clears m8.

c6bdaf  No.16480076


Cavefag pls go. Your games are shit. Except for Dangun Feveron.

af206c  No.16480083


raiden 2 clear is okay, DOJ is much easier.

b9d14b  No.16480336


Did you just imply that CAVE doesn't have static bosses?

0f9eee  No.16480675


That's amazing that he did that. He played some video games real good. You should go ask to suck his dick on Twitter or something. Does he have a Twitch? You could subscribe and then he might say your name. You'd literally be BFFs at that point.

befafe  No.16481453


The second loop is what makes DoJ such a hard clear.

b9d14b  No.16481459


Raiden II loops infinitely.

befafe  No.16481475


It was """just""" a 1-All in the video, but even that is challenging.

b9d14b  No.16481478


The point is every time some CAVEfag tries to claim that difficulty is comparable because "muh 2nd loop" or "muh autistic secret final boss", they need to be reminded that games like Gradius III and Raiden II don't just loop once. They loop over and over and over and get harder every time.

befafe  No.16481505


Well obviously nothing is going to be harder than just playing forever, just saying that the second loop of DoJ is hardly a cakewalk. I'm not saying it's on par with trying to loop parodius for 12 hours straight or something.

65a9b4  No.16481579


Those games are shit though, and when you play DOJ for score the difficulty is basically limitless.

Either play for score or stop playing shmups, flailing around trying to get a scrubby 1cc is newb tier (even 2nd loops)

57ad91  No.16481609

File: f0cffa13b64878e⋯.jpg (293.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, caladrius blaze.jpg)

Are there any other Shmups out there like Caladrius Blaze that allow you to hold a ton of weapons at once instead of just regular shot/concentrated shot? It was really fun having to figure out what weapon was ideal for the situation, It reminded me of Classic FPS like DOOM in a way. Also giving you lewds of the bosses as a reward for gettin gud at beating them was a nice touch.

befafe  No.16481622


Radiant Silvergun and the NA version of Daioh. There's also the Thunder Force games if you're willing to play a console game, and Zero Oranger if you're gay.

befafe  No.16481629


But yeah, Caladrius Blaze is surprisingly great.

4f09d8  No.16481654


Radiant Silvergun starts you out with a ton

In Einhänder and Strania you can only carry a limited amount of weapons that's dropped by enemies, but the fun comes from being able to juggle them as the situation requires

b9d14b  No.16481847



cf8e48  No.16482455

When are we gonna get a Space Invaders Extreme 3 or a Space Invaders Extreme 2 PC port

b9d14b  No.16482479


They'd probably just fuck it up with DRM like every other PC "port" they do these days.

8c4abb  No.16482493

The only shmups I've ever played are on the SNES and holy shit they're hard and cheap as fuck. I can't even beat the second level on UN Squadron. I don't think these games were ever meant to be beaten. They just exist to waste some poor kids time until the next game comes out.

b9d14b  No.16482504


Play Pop'n TwinBee and come back.

cf8e48  No.16482517


As long as they don't use denuvo I don't really care, I just want SIE2 to not be trapped on the DS

b9d14b  No.16482525

File: 35f6a2a430fa7dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Slavery.jpg)


And I'd prefer it to not be trapped on Steam. Luckily my 3DS still plays DS games just fine.

cf8e48  No.16482542


>And I'd prefer it to not be trapped on Steam.

and it wouldn't be since piracy is a thing.

b9d14b  No.16482545


Why not use a DS emulator at that point?

cf8e48  No.16482585


because I want working leaderboards and remastered music like what SIE1 got

b34911  No.16482598




I'll shove a laser up your core, nigger.

4ee504  No.16484899

File: d2f6c2590db50c1⋯.jpg (299.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, crimzon.jpg)


How the fuck do I git gud at arcade anything?

e53009  No.16484905

4ee504  No.16484925


I already read that a couple years ago, is there anything more specific to the game?

e53009  No.16484962


You asked about arcade gaming in general, that guide is all you need for theory. Rest is just practice and time to develop muscle-memory and correct vision. Most newbs don't know where to look when they play shmups. Also copying replays.

Watch replays, copy them.

ea171e  No.16485561


Oh I wasn't asking about how do I gitgud at arcades in general, I was asking about how do I gitgud at any crimzon clover arcade mode

8b7353  No.16485960


idk anon, maybe try playing it more and drawing conclusions from your mistakes.

57ad91  No.16486008


The best tip I can give is don't look at the bullets, look at the space between the bullets, you will see escape routes open up before your very eyes that you would never see before. That revelation improved my survivability in Shmups significantly. I still have to memorize the last two stages in most Shmups though as they're pretty much designed that way to milk as much quarters as possible.

28a538  No.16486078

File: 7ea6309e0c4ba67⋯.jpg (99.78 KB, 540x572, 135:143, 1360050341545.jpg)

>tfw a new Radirgy comes out next month

5ed30f  No.16486896

File: cbbe07c90e2c7da⋯.png (250.56 KB, 725x382, 725:382, 3.png)

Cave needs to release more games on Steam. This list is pathetic.

f1a86f  No.16487086

for action games it's amazing how shmups are so sleep inducing and can lull you into making simple mistakes out of sheer boredom

b9d14b  No.16487108


CAVE needs to do more actual fucking PC ports so that they can stop boxing other developers into DRM bullshit with their immense influence.

f1a86f  No.16487286

trash 2020

905ecc  No.16487419

File: 4df3ae2dfd80bd0⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 555x601, 555:601, 1558112103969.jpg)

I wish M2 would release their fancy arcade ports on PC


6522de  No.16487479


Just buy a Switch, 3DS, and PS4 in one huge bulk order. :^)

28a538  No.16487645

File: 5ef4093fb71f761⋯.jpg (11.88 KB, 319x322, 319:322, waiting.jpg)


and I wish G.rev would port over more of their games to the PC.

God I just want a Kokuga HD with online co-op

a04ffc  No.16487824

File: 413e1b7859a650b⋯.png (253.49 KB, 600x632, 75:79, hmm.png)


when will cave get out of gacha hell?

6ae834  No.16487826


very few people can convince themselves that shmups are fun, so gacha is more stable in the long term

ffce15  No.16487828


that makes no sense; I suck at shmups and I find them fun

6ae834  No.16487907


you can suck and still convince yourself, not related to skill.

c6bdaf  No.16489130



what is a fun genre for you ? grinding stats and farming shit so that a game poses no challenge whatsoever ?

4f09d8  No.16489134


M2 want to maintain their brand of perfectionist ports. With PC they said they have to keep in mind many multiple hardware configurations which would take a lot of time and special PC-focused expertise they don't have to get 100% accurate. They even put an Armored Police Batrider port on hold just because they couldn't find a way to recreate some things 100% accurately from the original.

2d3285  No.16489262


They just worked with konami on the castlevania collection, and that came over to PC

This is frustrating

90378e  No.16489316


>They just worked with konami on the castlevania collection, and that came over to PC

Isn't the castlevania collection garbage on all platforms?

8b7353  No.16489326


What's going on with that game M2 was doing with Hiroshi Iuchi? Was it cancelled?

befafe  No.16489337


I don't know who Hiroshi is, but are you talking about the Aleste game maybe?

4f09d8  No.16489378


They've said that they've got the gameplay side of things all worked out basically, except that they need to find someone to do the graphics.

59c305  No.16489437


They've survived long before they had a western market, I can't imagine they need a lot of shekels to do it. I just want Ketsui.

6522de  No.16489790


You may be thinking of the Konami Collection, which was handled by Hamster and is garbage.

befafe  No.16489833

File: 1a377e0a1f94753⋯.jpg (46.47 KB, 639x406, 639:406, cat treadmill.jpg)



idk but if you figure it out let me know

0f9eee  No.16491165


lol jarpigs, amirite /shmupg/?


befafe  No.16491532



881b10  No.16493265


>what is a fun genre for you

games where you dont repeat the same 5 levels in the exact same way and copy-monkey is a viable strategy

04ee32  No.16493396

File: 4427f06e5665a8a⋯.jpg (34.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, the more you know.jpg)


Excuse me anon, the term is Shoot Them Downs (STDs).

700e8e  No.16493401


Stop trying to force that shitty cuckchan tier meme

04ee32  No.16493412


Not until it stops making you mad.

6e21a7  No.16493418

881b10  No.16493671


thanks for the chuckle, lmao

0f9eee  No.16494236


>mad maxine literally having a nervous breakdown over banter on a screen

Actual horror elements.

020064  No.16494249

Umm… can /bmupg/ fuck off?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

befafe  No.16494254

27bb12  No.16494293

befafe  No.16494299


Suck my dick fag.

befafe  No.16497124


Ah nvm, that's the treasure game. I'm pretty sure it's never gonna happen despite what they say about the gameplay side of things being complete.

e64908  No.16497168

File: a8a353e5014b52c⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 800x182, 400:91, serveimage.jpg)

File: 4014be944b07b9f⋯.webm (5.87 MB, 1076x1080, 269:270, Yousuke Yasui - Point of ….webm)

File: 014bcd5a2f8c8d5⋯.webm (7.23 MB, 1857x1872, 619:624, Yousuke Yasui - Aernoaut ….webm)



I just want my robo-plane waifu, is that too much to fucking ask?

Speaking of ports, when is Qute going to bring Ginga Force to PC? Probably never ever, and a Xbox 360 emulator is never going to happen

41cfd0  No.16497169


So, what happened to CAVE and their PC releases? Been out of the loop for 2 years and nothing has changed that much, their latest game is still DoDonPachi Resurrection so far.


Why would you use emulated game when there is a native PC version which also might get better options like high resolution? It's like saying why do you want DOS games to work on modern systems when you can use DosBox. It's always better to have native games for PC unless developer fucks it up.

13b989  No.16497239


>when there is a native PC version

Because it's not a native PC version when it's forcefully attached to cancer like Steam.

13b989  No.16497260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yousuke Yasui is so good, he's got all my favorite remix tracks on SuperSweep releases for other game OSTs.

e64908  No.16497293

File: 010ee7b0917f9c2⋯.webm (5.16 MB, 540x538, 270:269, SuperReflex.webm)

File: 2532bf81f3b5ba2⋯.webm (4.15 MB, 1076x1080, 269:270, Yousuke Yasui - Stellar L….webm)

File: f823d4ad7bb76d4⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 1076x1080, 269:270, Yousuke Yasui - Silver Li….webm)

File: 159899b32b561cc⋯.webm (3.72 MB, 598x299, 2:1, Yousuke Yasui - Divine Bl….webm)


My nigga. Have some more Yasui music I webm'd a while ago.

ee8cdc  No.16497940


>Isn't the castlevania collection garbage on all platforms?

It is, just like arcade collection. Those collections are emulator packaged with ROMs. Can't even remap control, the shittiest ROM collection so far, not even SF30th anniversary collection was as terrible, though it's a piece of shit too.


>forcefully attached to cancer like Steam

The only meaningful thing it's actually attached to without your incompetent tech bullshit is Windows or in some circumstances Linux system. Steam doesn't change the fact that a native Windows/Linux software which can also use better potential of your real modern hardware is better than emulation, something what actually tries to imitate different piece of hardware and/or operating system and thus the emulator itself is trying to utilize your hardware to imitate another hardware, resulting in an emulated game using more resources, the biggest downside is accuracy and in some cases hardware can be weak, hence a game designed for it usually is dumbed down. This is very true for handheld consoles. Do you know why people play multiplats on stronger hardware? Because even they're not retarded like you to realize that in most cases those versions are usually superior on stronger hardware compared to handheld consoles, for example.

You can hate Steam all you want, but please don't spew such bullshit about emulation being superior to software which works on PC hardware natively. This is simply ridiculous. You don't emulate Steam games unlike you do consoles which have the worst kind of protection by the way: locked hardware, but I guess you're totally fine with this. The only exception when emulation is good is when developer is too retarded/lazy to make proper PC port of their games or when there is no better alternative, otherwise the only software superior to native personal computer software is the one which has no copy protection or DRM.

befafe  No.16499188





I'm still just waiting for Daifukkatsu to drop below $10 like the piece of shit that I am

b238b0  No.16499606

Alpha Mission II is the bee's knees

b81299  No.16499713




What is yasui doing nowadays?

434781  No.16507300

Dragon Blaze is too hard with Rob. Should I try someone else or kill myself?

6522de  No.16507359

When's Psikyo Collection Vol 3? I need more Strikers on my Switch.

e4336e  No.16507502


Espgaluda and Esp. Ra. De when?

e9901b  No.16509426


Never ever. ;~;

434781  No.16510040


The ESP's are Cave's worst shumps, though…

b9d14b  No.16510434


Ra.De is fucking retarded, yeah. But Espgaluda is the only CAVE game I've played without a complete shitballs scoring system.

434781  No.16510938


What did you think of Galuda II?

b9d14b  No.16510969


Is it emulated in MAME yet?

e4336e  No.16511074


i liked the music…

9d33be  No.16511656


>Ra.De is fucking retarded

Legitimately curious, why do you say that?

b9d14b  No.16511659


It's incredibly awful, stupid scoring system.

434781  No.16512350


Yes, all SH3 Cave games are, though the slowdowns aren't 100% accurate.

befafe  No.16513219

b9d14b  No.16513285


Is there DRM?

befafe  No.16513295


No unless you consider Steam itself DRM.

b9d14b  No.16513413


Oh neat a scroll n shootie on GOG for a change. Wonder how well this runs in Wine.

b406b5  No.16514339


75% boss milking, 25% stages. Watch any highlevel replay.

8b7353  No.16515710




There was a bunch of people saying Joker Jun bullied/called favors in the team to take over the production. I thought he was getting memed but idk it seems plausible.

e8a03b  No.16520657

b9d14b  No.16520670




a26cb2  No.16522246


It's okay when Japs do it.

befafe  No.16522312

File: a09295ec42d69d7⋯.png (22.31 KB, 488x752, 61:94, Untitled.png)

>gradius does not even exist in the minds of normals anymore

I wouldn't have voted for it anyways but still

b9d14b  No.16522658


I would have, what's your actual favorite Konami series?

befafe  No.16522729


Honestly I don't know. I voted for Contra because it was losing miserably and Hardcorps is amazing, but also I really like Castlevania X68000/Bloodlines/Rondo, and enjoyed MGS1-3 a lot.

a26cb2  No.16522898

File: 72830ddd0b6de33⋯.jpg (481.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, goemon_chill.jpg)


Goemon is the best series on that list. Contra and Castlevania are also pretty great, but with Contra you have trash like the PSX games, and with CV you have trash like SotN and its rehashes.

00ca8c  No.16522974


Goemon wasn't spared from shitty PS1 releases, Konami published a lot of mediocre games for the ps1.

a26cb2  No.16523072


Oedo, Shin and Akogingu were decently playable at least.

I'll give you Kuru Nara Koi though. That game is bad.

5fa134  No.16527220

Anyone have the latest download & play shmupmame? I lost my file a while ago.

befafe  No.16527252

2de641  No.16527455


shmupmame is outdated shite. use retroarch or groovymame or even vanilla mame instead

0e4630  No.16535675

slurping delicious assholes


befafe  No.16543054

Raiden 5 on sale on steam rn if anyone cares.

29044d  No.16543149


>check the kickstarter page

>Unified Leaderboards are happening and japan is getting a physical release outside of the kickstarter


b9d14b  No.16543160


Raiden IV sale for $1.50 on GOG right now.

b9d14b  No.16543162



Raiden III too, actually.

e33cc3  No.16543323

File: a40aab332d52efa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.52 KB, 611x50, 611:50, ClipboardImage.png)

I couldn't resist

4f09d8  No.16543348

File: aef1df8c474fc2e⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 520x395, 104:79, muslimtv43.jpg)

29044d  No.16543367


I'm probably gonna back just for a digital copy, if it ends up as being as half as good as Final 1 I'll pick up a copy of the non-kickstarter physical release

b9d14b  No.16543480


The actual people who invented and developed the good R-Type games are gone from the industry and never coming back. Let it go already, anon.

e33cc3  No.16543541


I'm not getting it under the premise that's it's a new R-type, merely that it is a new R-type Final

befafe  No.16549388


Apparently they're trying to get the original OST guys, at least.

5af109  No.16549424


I don't see Oh!Gi/Ishida or Hiyamuta mentioned anywhere, so we'll wait and see what they actually mean by that.

5af109  No.16549427


Or Ishizaki*

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