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File: 4d952fc3b98a1b8⋯.jpg (122.33 KB, 960x690, 32:23, 1555796717053.jpg)

fabdde  No.16485142

I'm looking to play an rpg that has good replay value, yet also has a decent story and characters. Is there such a thing? Most of the time when I beat an rpg it's once and done and move on. I might replay my favorites years later for nostalgia reasons, but that's about it.

Is there anything you've replayed a lot and was actually interesting and fun with each attempt?

Preferably something that is easy to emulate (psp,ds, gba, ps1, snes, etc).

20bb5c  No.16485161

Neverwinter Nights 2, KOTOR 1/2 off the top of my head.

5166a2  No.16485162

phantasy star portable 2 and digimon world re:digitize (with english patch) both on psp

5166a2  No.16485165

digimon world on ps1 is also really good with alot of replayability

fabdde  No.16485185



thanks, I'll check those out


Looking for console stuff

8c8538  No.16485187

File: 88715c8a4a33911⋯.webm (3.91 MB, 626x305, 626:305, TURN UP THE RADIO.webm)

Alpha Protocol

if you can get over awful minigames an some clumsy/weird game mechanics

bought it on release day and finished three times

6b9ab5  No.16485354

Ys games, Xanadu Next and Zwei II

2c01bf  No.16485452

Seiken Densetsu 3. Six main characters, but you choose 3 for your party, and the other 3 serve as NPCs. The character you pick as your protag determines how the final act plays out. Each character has multiple classes they can level into, so depending on which characters you pick and what classes you select for them, you can have a different playthrough every single time you play.

887d93  No.16485532


>Looking for console stuff

You know i was going to sugest Fallout new vegas but the ps3 version is just about the only ps3 game I have that has actually crashed to desktop. Still recommended though, 360 version might be better (or atleast they usually are for bethesda games).

989820  No.16485592


Those aren't even roleplaying video games, they're entirely linear in progress, character progression and gear, and have no plot altering choices or anything.

4cd81e  No.16485595

Chrono Trigger

Der Langrisser for the snes has 4 different routes and about a dozen starting classes.

b8bcbf  No.16485694


Is there a mod for the game that makes the dialogue options not absolute Fallout 4-escque cancer?

8c8538  No.16485771


I dont know if there are any mods at all, but here you actually have a choice, unlike F4. And the dialogue mechanism is one of main features in the game.

b8bcbf  No.16485803


I know, I've played the game and the dialogue system was god awful. Yes, you have actual choices and they heavily affect the game but half of the time I didn't get what I actually wanted to say. Just what the fuck is suave supposed to mean? I really wanted to like Alpha Protocol but the dialogue system is just pure shit.

9fe23c  No.16485810

File: 54c4cbfba64e510⋯.mp4 (10.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Persona PSP Intro.mp4)

File: c8ace41ea6bbdf5⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 1810x2137, 1810:2137, Persona Mark dancing.jpg)


I've had Persona since 2009 and I still pick it up from time to time. The fun never ends. If you're looking for a console RPG, this is the best one there is.

054c81  No.16485825


Odin Sphere (remake)

You play as 4 characters during the game, so 3 replays are basically necessary to beat the game, but even then you get harder difficulty (skill matters), more tidbits here and there and the core gameplay is enjoyable as fuck.

Also even piecing together the story, playing through it the second time gives way more insight into what happens and at which point.

a3e00d  No.16485827

Any good snes game?

989820  No.16485869


Is there a way to hack field of view while playing through emulator?

25f16c  No.16485970


Tactics Ogre and Seiken Densetsu 3? I guess it depends on what you consider "replay value"

ae576f  No.16486020


Betrayal at Krondor

25c4e4  No.16486026

>cuckchan the frog

smh tbh fam

lucky I don't report you for blatant homosexuality

>rpg replay value

No western RPG's have any play value, let alone replay value and very few traditional JRPG's have replay value. So I imagine the proper list would be comprised of mainly Action RPG's.

31981e  No.16486035

File: cc5db2f2ad54da7⋯.jpg (35.13 KB, 300x290, 30:29, btbcover.jpg)

Only the most indepth, challenging, inspiring, and replayable RPG made that you never heard of.

46838d  No.16486116

File: ecab5001c15e2fb⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 540x405, 4:3, gfs_50493_1_2_mid.jpg)

File: 00cf5ee53e63c00⋯.jpg (67.94 KB, 480x272, 30:17, star-ocean-second-evolutio….jpg)


Star Ocean: The Second Story is one. There are two characters you can choose at the beginning to see their side of the story, and you can choose which other characters you'd like in the party, with a maximum of eight. Some are locked behind who you started the game with, and others are exclusive to one another. There is also a crafting mechanic which can be exploited to get end game weapons and all characters to level 100 in a few hours and on the first disc if you know what you're doing. It was rereleased on the PSP as Second Evolution, but the art change was pretty jarring, along with some questionable changes like removing taunt and adding in a 3 hit combo for basic attacks in a game that wasn't designed around it. There also isn't a way to scroll through your entire inventory, just choosing different tabs and hoping the item is there which gets cumbersome quickly

9e2ee8  No.16486128

Dragon Quest III

Exile series

Super Mario RPG

Phantasy Star Online

Tales of Symphonia

Etrian Odyssey games

9e755b  No.16486145

File: 8d01f5b09fd4c81⋯.jpg (103.11 KB, 1100x754, 550:377, 1395442995989.jpg)

I've replaying Baldur's Gate II, Ultima VII and Deus Ex right now if my doctor didn't recommend me to move on with my backlog.

6b9ab5  No.16486178


>I'm looking to play an rpg that has good replay value, yet also has a decent story and characters.

I'd say it's extremely appropiate.

464e20  No.16486189

File: 0eb80de5133aed3⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 624x469, 624:469, murekepäivä.jpg)


>tfw backlog is gotten to the point where it's now mostly just mediocre jrpg's (Neptunia's etc) i've bought when i was a huge fucking dick(weeb)

I dont wanna play this fucking shit! I just want to replay good o'l games like the ones you mentioned but in my weeby moment i paid good fucking dosh for this shit so…

b66590  No.16486238


A man of taste I see.

6b9ab5  No.16486397


Then don't fucking play what you don't want to play, you idiot. You wasted your money already, don't go and waste your time as well.

b91b25  No.16486638

Monster Collecting games are inherently replayable due to the variety in options of teammates they usually give you. So more or less any Megami Tensei (I suggest SMT 3: Nocturne), any Digimon World (save for 4), any Dragon Quest Monsters, or if you want to go a little more obscure, try Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner. As for decent story and characters, I guess it depends. Stories in these tend to be servicable, but they don't really have any intricate characters.

258698  No.16486663

File: b1ede66ca5fedfe⋯.jpg (339.16 KB, 1057x1080, 1057:1080, disgust 5.jpg)


>I really wanted to like Alpha Protocol but the dialogue system is just pure shit.

Wow you are a faggot.

24617e  No.16486714


>I really wanted to like Alpha Protocol but the dialogue system is just pure shit.

It is timed and has consequences. What did you not like about it?

4d0a58  No.16486725

You don't specify what type of RPG. Based on your choice of hardware I'm guessing JRPGs. Give Xenoblade Chronicles a spin using Dolphin. I've played it three times.

9e2ee8  No.16486734


JRPG is not a genre.

4d0a58  No.16486749


just go

b8bcbf  No.16486796



I want to know what my character is going to say.

4f40df  No.16486813


Outward, made by 10 people, cool hardcoreish rpg, you'll not be able to experience all the story, characters, playstyles in one playthrough. Large world to explore it's better than any AAA rpg in years.

989820  No.16488021


Those games failed to fit the criteria back at:

>I'm looking to play an rpg

66b947  No.16488034


I replayed Chrono Trigger and Baldur's Gate 2 many times and enjoyed the experience and possibilities just fine.


Action games are only fun multiplayer.

a97115  No.16488471


If you're not a retard, you can get the gist of any of the prompts. Your failures are your own fault.

25c4e4  No.16488474


>admitting to the world you have bad taste

ok kiddo.

535d44  No.16488476

chrono cross monica

b4f573  No.16488595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here you go.

ae576f  No.16488617


You don't even need to read the full prompts most of the time because your only options are Bond, Bourne and Jack Bauer, usually in that order. This simple minded shit is not defensible.

66b947  No.16488622


>admitting to the world

>the world

most of the world that plays games would agree with me over you, if that's your metric, try again

58e5d6  No.16490500

Persona (Entire Series)

dc3e22  No.16490712

File: cda52cc5bdddc99⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Exmilishiggy.jpg)

Arcanum is probably the closest to recreating the tabletop experience in a CRPG anyone has ever gotten. Alpha Protocol is also fairly reactive, you'll want to play it through at least 3 times. Fallout: New Vegas benefits from replaying the game so you can see the main story's events from the different factions' POV and recruit companions you may have overlooked on previous runs.


You're looking at it all wrong. Conversations in Alpha Protocol aren't about picking what you want your character to say, but about choosing the options that will best manipulate how others see you, positively or negatively. You're playing a character that's smart enough to work for a network of spies dealing with missions so sensitive they have to fund themselves so as to not leave any trail. Thornton is more than capable of influencing others, so the exact specifics of what he says aren't important; it's the reading of the other parties and whether you think they'd be better as an enemy or an ally that matters. Westridge explicitly lays all this out at the start of the game, or as close as he can without looking right into the camera and explaining the mechanics to you.

Giving an outline of the exact dialogue wouldn't work as-is. Conversations can be so dense that it would necessitate the removal of the timed element, which is part of the challenge.

c7709a  No.16490741

File: 304ee84b84ae84c⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 386x479, 386:479, FNV_box_art_(US).jpg)

File: 9fb2c59ef0ecba9⋯.jpg (120.9 KB, 601x601, 1:1, House ISHYGDDT.jpg)

There is only one RPG that you need to own, if you want to play it over and over again

74e378  No.16491465

File: e1752bbc7ec413a⋯.jpeg (75 KB, 668x960, 167:240, d878c9fb99338ba8c84ab2910….jpeg)

File: 1b0eef37cc65e76⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1330x1650, 133:165, 1503251578042.jpg)

367ecd  No.16491473

>4kanker filename

Gothic 2 and fuck off.

94032c  No.16491494


cRPGs are really hit or miss, mostly miss, specially the types that obese longhaired "metal" fans prefer

49b435  No.16496830


This might not be exactly what you meant, but Neverwinter Nights is very replayable because of all the modules people have made for it. As for the main game, most people don't care for its original campaign, but Shadows of Undrentide is okay and Hordes of the Underdark is good.

48bba1  No.16497299


What a terrible list, replay-wise.

654510  No.16497322


>Chrono Trigger

Not really. The game is so shallow that it honestly has hardly any replay value at all. Every playthrough is mostly the same.

654510  No.16497325


In what way? How do you define replayability?

46f4f9  No.16497329

If autistic depth, number crunching, and party lineup is your thing, you can try 2hu Labyrinth 1 and 2. Dungeon crawler RPG with a buttload of distinct characters and almost anything goes. Very fun!

48bba1  No.16497363

File: c2092cf15833f56⋯.jpg (566.27 KB, 651x700, 93:100, c93b811292a0da0e33f4ec2a32….jpg)


1.) No cutscenes you have to constantly skip, or the cutscenes are all very different if you replay it a certain way. Being able to disable cutscenes is a point in the games favour for replayability.

2.) No being forced to replay the game to get all the scenes you wanted, ala Persona.

3.) Game does not become piss easy or has a new difficulty and new bosses/enemies that make the game harder in light of new abilities.

4.) New content upon replaying. This alone is the reason bethesdashit is not remotely replayable because you're doing all the same shit you did before.

Growlanser IV and M&B are really good examples of very replayable games because of all the different shit you can do.

Also, I don't care how a dictionary defines it, fuck the dictionary.

b804d5  No.16497380


Final Fantasy 5. Roll one or two random jobs for each of your characters and stick to them the entire game. Infinite replay value.

654510  No.16497391


1. Agreed completely, the more unskippable exposition a game has the less its replayability.

2. Is this an argument that you can't get 100% of shit on a single playthrough? That seems like an argument in favor of replayability. That means your next playthrough is going to be different, giving an incentive to replay the game.

3. I can only surmise this comment is directed at Tales of Symphonia, which does in fact introduce a new difficulty mode that makes the game harder in light of new game+ options. But you can abstain from new game+ entirely and it also has excellent replayability.

4. You won't find a proper definition of replayability in a dictionary because hack video game reviewers conflate it with extra content all the time. Replayability is literally whether or not it's enjoyable to play the same game over again. New content has nothing to do with it.

Okay now tell me how most of what you said doesn't apply to games like Dragon Quest III, the Exile series, and Phantasy Star Online.

48bba1  No.16497411


I'll admit I saw Mario RPG and thought the guy who posted it was a retard. PSO is kind of eh on the replayability factor because classes aren't that much different from eachother. I think the be all end all of replayabliity beyond all the shit I said is how different gameplay is each time you go through it. If it's the same it's not replayable if it's a different experience it's replayable. Also don't get me wrong I like most of those games but they aren't that replayable. Symphonia mostly because of the fucking elf dungeons.

349feb  No.16497432

File: 3c0139d811a4727⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 245x251, 245:251, intredasting.jpg)


>playing a role in a game

>is not playing an rpg

48bba1  No.16497440

File: 30e0885e94b6d18⋯.jpg (41.94 KB, 737x723, 737:723, 30e0885e94b6d18b1fdbdbf8b6….jpg)


Don't ever post this bait again

2140e4  No.16497448

File: 0ae62bd8d23d226⋯.jpg (65.48 KB, 940x492, 235:123, obligatory ff7 meme.jpg)

imagine playing ff7…AGAIN

654510  No.16497449


The replayability in Symphonia and most other Tales of games comes from playing as different characters through different playthroughs. Radically changes up how battles are fought each time. The games also have excellent new game+ features, such as options to make experience points based entirely on comboing ability. Totally changes the way the games are played.

654510  No.16497462


I'll admit SMRPG is maybe iffy, but unlike a lot of other Squaresoft RPGs with lots of depth but trivial difficulty, SMRPG actually is fun and interesting to replay through at a low level.

PSO you better believe each of the three main character classes plays radically differently. And the four subclasses within each as well. Playing a HUcast is an utterly different experience from a HUnewearl despite them both being in the overall Hunter class. What PSO lacks in effective content it makes up for in class variability leading to high replayability.

1d7a47  No.16497919


It is too expensive to buy and other sources are too untrustworthy.

62b873  No.16497971

File: 5921cd81ce12e18⋯.jpg (270.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shining force 2 cover.jpg)

Shiren the Wanderer series is really good for replaying. Try the psp/vita versions.

I'm going to try the old Fire Emblem (Gba) games and Shining Force, they sound like they have some replayability.

25c4e4  No.16498018


>If a game doesn't let me LARP as a Tranny then its not a RPG

Get a grip kiddo Ys series are amazing JRPG's.

1a1f50  No.16498082

File: 9aac2f5b7eba6de⋯.jpg (84.63 KB, 953x953, 1:1, deus_ex.jpg)


>Deus Ex

People seem to forget it does count as a sort of RPG.

77fb88  No.16498093


I'm currently slowly plugging through the first Shining Force game now. It seems that every team set-up is equally viable. Just some end up being more OP than others. So you can totally replay the game with a totally different SHINING FORCE!

Also I agree with >>16485187 Alpha Protocol has lots of replayability. Also you need to play full-suave at least once. It's basically playing as Sterling Archer. Every character things you're a fucking moron. I went pistols when I first played, but I think something less tactical would probably be a better match for the personality.

48bba1  No.16498192


Why not just say they're good games you dumb cunt, what difference does it make.

25c4e4  No.16498206


>Why are you making fun of my tendency to wear Drag?!

because (You) have autism.

48bba1  No.16498383


Whole lot of projecting going on here

989820  No.16498438


J"RPG" fans can't help but mutter "rpg" whenever they try to describe a video game that's not a straight up shooter. I belive they're trying to casualize the word so that their favorite game that's clearly not about roleplay doesn't stand out as much.

Next he's going to say that they copy Wizardry and therefore are roleplaying video games, when Wizardry is clearly a dungeon crawl.

25c4e4  No.16498472

File: e3765e5e96318c6⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 781x669, 781:669, Feed_salt.gif)


>projection cry's the drag queen


(You) are funny

0910c7  No.16498504

File: 412ca66fe219241⋯.png (94.69 KB, 1539x496, 1539:496, 1.png)

File: 2fd1a3d7827ba1d⋯.png (128.37 KB, 877x429, 877:429, 2.png)

File: 686a3dbc6e461b7⋯.png (676.65 KB, 1809x719, 1809:719, 3.png)

File: 6046da66c932795⋯.png (595.59 KB, 717x1556, 717:1556, 4.png)

File: a3949fcb37c772d⋯.jpg (230.18 KB, 718x1000, 359:500, ptg cuck irl.jpg)


>(((/ptg/ meme)))

Looks like this is what people meant calling this place "/v/eddit"

055872  No.16511242


Arcanum. The Witcher 2.

698777  No.16511626


>No western RPG's have any play value

Kotor 1 and 2 are both great games with a lot of replay-ness. If it weren't for the atrocious amount of bugs and the absolute requirement of patches it would definitely be one of the best. Also this meme that no game in the west is worth it needs to die already, there are plenty of good games you just need to look harder.


>Deus Ex

This would probably be OP's best bet for now, it's a great game but I've always felt it took a bit of getting used too when you haven't played it in a while, everything about it feels so fucking weird but then you play it for a few hours and it all works perfectly fine.

5cd514  No.16511634

File: 37a31ad060de235⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 940f04805f3e840f251d4bfb57….jpg)


I have absolutely no idea what the fuck this post is trying to say

698777  No.16511638


He's upset you used an Awoo meme, which is basically the equivalent of someone from leftypol using an image a lot and then you using it makes you a commie. in other words, filter and ignore

fdc0a0  No.16511639




d99525  No.16512048

File: 66e1979f6d122e4⋯.jpg (251.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ランス10_20190527_205651.jpg)

Rance X

c63929  No.16512076

File: 86b1f721548f6e5⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 619x444, 619:444, 352316201a0d406b40b8912df2….jpg)



Lefty POL isn't send their best it seems.


Shame the multiplayer is dead, that game had one of the best online communities I have ever seen in my whole life.

588b10  No.16512100

File: 49a764fbd95c4bd⋯.png (528.48 KB, 599x617, 599:617, persona.png)


Which version should I play?

PSP or does the JP PS1 version have a fan patch?

5b8217  No.16512106


>I know, I've played the game and the dialogue system was god awful.

Did you though? Seems like you skipped everything regarding dialog in the tutorial especially where Westridge says Thornton is recruited not because he's good with people, but because he's good at manipulating them.

>Just what the fuck is suave supposed to mean?

Suave/Professional/Aggressive is what they had to call it for copyright reasons but in every fucking interview any of the devs ever gave they say they based their responses off the 3 b's

Suave is James Bond

Professional is Jason Bourne

Aggressive is Jack Bauer

79facd  No.16512109


If you like SMT, learn Japanese and play the original PS1 version.

If you like P3-and-on Persona, play the PSP version.

There is no English version of one of the P2 games so you'll either have to go with option 1 or skip it.

e407d0  No.16512172


The original SMT has a fan translation.

615820  No.16512340

File: f8d9d98d9aed7b6⋯.jpg (89.03 KB, 900x600, 3:2, OwO.jpg)


try pillars of eternity series

it has replay value just like new vegas

12b01e  No.16512419


Actually you're wrong. Innocent Sin never made it to the PS1 but was released in English on the PSP. Eternal Punishment was the reverse, released on the PS1 but not on the psp.

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