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File: 26d6e393b0523e7⋯.png (17.83 KB, 478x325, 478:325, NISA localization.png)

ab57f4  No.16487836

Nippon Ichi Software Reportedly In Financial Hot Water With Employees Unable To Be Paid

>the announcement itself, which states the total requested funds raised of 573,638,750 yen is for the cost of developing a game, including employee pay.

>The other big misstep in recent times is with Disgaea RPG, their mobile title which has failed to recoup invested costs.

>News has come from various Japanese news outlets that Nippon Ichi Software, the studio behind the Disgaea series and other titles like Destiny Connect, Yomawari, and more, is in financial trouble and allegedly need funding to pay employees.

>While Nippon Ichi Software recently did well with Labyrinth of Refrain and Disgaea 5 Complete, owing to overseas sales, as a whole their games have not been doing well

>The news is based off a recent announcement by the company via the JASDAQ stock exchange that Nippon Ichi was applying for an MS Warrant Stock, a move which is seen by traders as a last resort of sorts.

>Essentially, it’s a way of raising funds by selling stocks for cheaper used by companies who have become unable to borrow funds from the bank or investors.

>The downside is that it screws over investors by incurring losses as stocks are now worth less. While this move can be used several times to raise funds (and this is Nippon Ichi’s first, meaning Nippon Ichi isn’t going to just shut down tomorrow), it incurs loss of trust from investors.

>As for the allegations about not being able to pay employees, this is a deduction based on the announcement itself, which states the total requested funds raised of 573,638,750 yen is for the cost of developing a game, including employee pay. In the event that they don’t manage to raise the full amount, employee salaries will be prioritized.

>The other big misstep in recent times is with Disgaea RPG, their mobile title which has failed to recoup invested costs. The game entered maintenance hell since its March 19 launch, and ended up being pulled in April for further fixing, with at least three months needed to fix everything, which means further costs are being put into the project without any money earned back.

>Disgaea RPG also caused a stock plummet back in April.

Reminder that NISA is only kept alive because of "owing to overseas sales". NISA would die if it wasn't for the censorship-tolerant sycophants supporting these shrill jackasses, and if NISA died then NIS would die.

>tfw Falcom willingly bought into this

Good riddance

ab57f4  No.16487844

Link: https://archive.is/NvDfI

TL;DR NIS is made a mobile game which sucked so hard and was so broken it knee-capped them. They had decent sales in vidya but that was really just because of Westerners buying NISA trash. They had to file for some maneuver in the Japanese NASDAQ and it's tantamount to flipping the bird to current investors while gaping in public to sell your ass for food money. But don't worry, if things get worse they will prioritize employee paychecks which they can't really afford right now pls gib 574 Million yen so we don't die pls

TL;DR for the TL;DR NIS is on fire and asking for gibs in the moonrune stock market

0cafbf  No.16487850

>>16487844 (checked)


i for one am very happy about this, i hope they die in the dumpster fire they've created

5a5aee  No.16487857

Not really invested in the internal politics of NIS, why do we want to see them go other than their America branch being shit?

ad58b7  No.16487859

File: 14879aac33ae0e1⋯.gif (51.01 KB, 280x440, 7:11, Orin dance.gif)

File: 7c1aafcbe05a0d6⋯.gif (2.81 MB, 614x383, 614:383, Dancing cakes.gif)

File: ab7b3e77eed497a⋯.gif (660.96 KB, 846x600, 141:100, video_game_dance_v2.gif)

File: 2947d361e6379db⋯.gif (179.66 KB, 226x224, 113:112, dancy froggo.gif)

File: 17cef75aa1269bc⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 686x720, 343:360, Neko dance 1.gif)



d3648a  No.16487862

Already a thread about it. Unfortunately it will probably not kill NISA, possibly even making them localize more games from other developers.

85b817  No.16487870

>fuck over fans of games with censorship, shit localizations, and breaking the games

I hope they know how much they deserved this.

209c35  No.16487873

File: 22d0565d2a6eb19⋯.jpg (122.7 KB, 996x720, 83:60, confused louise.jpg)


>NISA would die if it wasn't for the censorship-tolerant sycophants supporting these shrill jackasses

I thought it was the French who were cucking out, since NISA games were the only weebshit they get or something to that effect. I remember reading about that during the Ys thread at least.

95096d  No.16487897


Let me tell you about Ys 8s PC port.

The PC port was shat out in a terrible, godawful state. The game ran like ass. The blur effect that accompanies meaty attacks or monster roars tanked the framerate even harder. You could not exit the game without alt-F4'ing. Certain bosses and effects would outright crash the game. That's not even getting into the giant trashfire that was the translation, going from getting Sahad's hair color wrong in text, to translating "chasm" to "big hole", to eventually giving up by the midway point of the game and forgetting to use punctuation marks and correct grammar, and eventually just being so lazy to double check which character is supposed to say what, so you have someone like Hummel, who is a quiet professional who's kind of ironically edgy but not really, ends up saying something like "DUDE GHOSTS SCARE ME GAHAHAHA " which is another shittier character.

c43ed7  No.16487901


Are the French localizations as fucked as the English ones? I would have to assume so, but I'm hoping there's an anon with experience there. Surely they still have to deal with the same game breaking, console melting programmers, even if they have a better class of translator.

Also OP you might want to copy out your posts considering there was already a NIS is burning thread >>16480782 and both OPs provide good information. Hopefully vols don't do anything retarded to your thread but you never know.

1c1791  No.16488027

File: 1f9f5bc01202f6f⋯.jpg (190.04 KB, 789x741, 263:247, 86ff1ef528910daeeb5896fe22….jpg)


>maintenance hell since its March 19 launch, and ended up being pulled in April for further fixing

Jesus fucking Christ.

Their lazy ass, bugged as hell developing credo actually finally caught up to them.

Wonder how NISshills will defend this.

It's actually a shame too, though, since I played a good chunk of their games and enjoyed them and now they're gonna fade away like this.

c9ed40  No.16488028

File: 8ca1681f884bc3a⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 8ca1681f884bc3aa5528b6c6a8….jpg)

I am getting a feeling that something is wrong here. Namely I think murica branches of nip companies are planning takeover of sorts as with Soyny. It goes like this:

>Nip companies are bound by nip laws that they cannot sell over half their share to gaijin so filthy gaijin cannot creep into nip

>But the law does not prohibit opening gaijin branches

>Fucking (((rats))) plan an inverse takeover by gaslighting through social media and political pressure on the main branches to get the nip to make horrible decisions

>Sales plummets, main branch kneecapped

>It is time for main branch to close and the gaijin branch to take all the assets, IPs, and make all decisions

>Circumvented the law entirely, as expected of (((them))), centuries of nepotism, usury, and mad rule lawyering makes them pretty much devils in the flesh

Someone need to contact our sister board on 2ch and warn them and get them to warn the main branches in nipland, but the thing is gaijin cannot post there and I do not know if VPN can work there either. We need to get the message across somehow.

580357  No.16488036

File: 0e1cab444607aad⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 635x636, 635:636, 0e1cab444607aadbbc84f2322f….jpg)


Let it all burn, if they are not smart enough to see through the obvious ruse than they deserve to become gaijin puppets.

ab57f4  No.16488047

File: 02efce3766b1dad⋯.png (532.96 KB, 1040x508, 260:127, gbprk.png)


Anon has a point

c9ed40  No.16488061


>if they are not smart enough to see through the obvious ruse

Because people are not thinking of how to screw each other over for shekel like (((rats))) and waste time on social media all the time like leftist fucktards and SJW so they are none the wiser to the "internet movement" does not make them dumb, though it does makes them naive af. As innocent as doves and as wise as serpents, truly words to live by.

0e6b42  No.16488077


I can confirm. French localisations are actually good, since they stray away from the English ones and base themselves off the Japanese ones.

That's the same translation quality that saved Fire Emblem since Awakening, since French localisators were basically fitting as many of the Japanese content into the American mold. And while it's harder when the game is actually modified for the American release (which happened with Fates), French releases either kept most of the Japanese text or revamp the text to fit the spirit of the original one while crushing any meme-worthy content. Except in some cases like Pokémon, where they just add new ones, like a fucking reference to the Gen 1 fossils meme in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

471762  No.16488081

File: 3716020f953d849⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, itsok.jpg)


>It's actually a shame too, though, since I played a good chunk of their games and enjoyed them and now they're gonna fade away like this.

I know that feel.

Bastards didn't even port Witch and the Hundred Knight to pc.

af9737  No.16488088

File: d34fd9707e9a4dc⋯.png (23.19 KB, 618x502, 309:251, free-falling.png)

3493e3  No.16488092

I hope CS3 is shit and falcom burns down for having picked them for translation. Fuck that gay shitty company

af9737  No.16488094


CS3 is actually the only really good CS game. 4 might unleash a shitstorm.

3493e3  No.16488095


Let me clarify that, i hope the way NISA releases it is shit so that people throw a shitstorm over it and only worsens the future of NIS in general

ab57f4  No.16488098

File: d25ad9a6985600a⋯.png (244.7 KB, 466x702, 233:351, thousand mile stare.png)


There's no way that's real

af9737  No.16488099


I'm not sure anon. Kisekifags seem to be happy to get the game in English. A lot of fans loved the google translations for the Crossbell games, despite having lines such as cousins being delicious to eat and other shit.


Just google the name of the company + stocks.

74a0b6  No.16488100


Japs have been (((american))) gaijin puppets for decades anyway.

2ecf5c  No.16488104

So if NiS collapses then they will just move their assets to NiSA and close shop in Japan? I wonder which indie SJW clique will get which IP?

3493e3  No.16488105


Im not hopeful by any means, but i certainly hope things get worse for them. Id laugh if CS4 never got released here and gaijin never got to see the ending. Im just looking forward to the shit show come fall

0b702a  No.16488111

File: e756ffafa7de9ba⋯.png (32.51 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Spook.png)

From the way it sounds, it seems like their pretty BONED.

af9737  No.16488113


NISA is taking its time with CS3, which is all good for the game, but knowing how cheap they are, the return might not be what they are looking for, "too much money and time for a game to sell like this". Sen 4 is going to be even worse since it will sell less. If they can see that happening, they might release sen 4 in a terrible state or just eat it up to avoid the wrath of Falcom.

Knowing how desperate NISA and NIS are for money after losing so many franchises and all those red numbers coming from NIS, it wouldn't surprise me.

1c1791  No.16488115


>Bastards didn't even port Witch and the Hundred Knight to pc.

Honestly it would have been a fucking miracle if the port would have been playable and didn't just make your pc explode after completing the tutorial.

3493e3  No.16488120


I dont believe for a second nisa is giving a shit how CS3 comes out. Itll be shit and ill hold this position until it releases. If they cant even do a light story game like ys8 properly, theyll never do cs3 right.

On another note, having read into this situation they certainly are in a bad spot financially. Maybe something good will happen and we'll actually see them become nothing.

0e6b42  No.16488129


Trips speak the truth.


They're cucked in other places. That decent translation is a remnant of the past, where translators were happy to have unlimited space for the text and began actually working hard on the translation's quality.

10e4ab  No.16488139

>NIS on the verge of bankruptcy

>Falcom buys and merge with them

>NisA now translates all Falcom games

>they all get bad rep for the ass job they will inevitably do

>Falcom get less and less sales and also go under

When are you americans start fucking purging those purple haired mamoths you guys have there?

2ecf5c  No.16488162


Wait, if Falcom buys NiS then would they clean house with NiSA or fire the competent?

af9737  No.16488165


>Falcom buys NISA

>Their sales go to shit in the west

What the fuck is this terrible fanfiction?

2ecf5c  No.16488167


Remember, we're in klown world.

10e4ab  No.16488169


I think it's already completely clear both NIS and Falcom have absolutely no idea how shitty NisA is, so they will just keep it like it is now, letting NisA destroy everything they touch as always.


Welcome to the power of virtue signaling and political correctness! it fucks everything.

4420d6  No.16488237


NIS knows NISA is garbage but they let them do as they please because they make them money. So, despite all the complaints, people are still buying.

0fa90a  No.16488243


That's not how stocks work you idiot

269c37  No.16488247


>Are the French localizations as fucked as the English ones? I would have to assume so, but I'm hoping there's an anon with experience there.

French translations in Nippon Ichi Software games only started with YS8 as it was a big success due of this. France is also the very best market for japanese goods even imports this japonism craze is over a century old, and anime were a huge hit in France since the 70s, so NISA did a sound logical business choice. Remember that for the average french weeb, knowing english was a long-time per-requite by default for vidya.

As for the quality of the translations, I have no idea honestly.

fa0c19  No.16488253



Not a baguette so I can't say for certain, but it might be worth considering which entries exactly it is that you're looking at for the French scripts. Just saying since NIS games up until the PS3/PSP were apparently handled by Koei in PAL, and I wouldn't be surprised if the PSP extended ports of 1, 2, and Phantom Brave for the most part might reuse Koei's prior work.


Should be worth noting that obviously quality is going to vary between companies regardless of where one is. Whoever 505 Games hired to do the French script in WA5 did a deliberately meme-tier script from what I hear, the sort not even the frogs were willing to put up with, and resulting in them just playing it with the English script instead (which I assume 505 would have simply bought the rights to from XSEED).

0fa90a  No.16488300


Anybody who isn't retarded wants NIS and NISA dead but only those who are more retarded think that image is proof of anything.

af9737  No.16488309


No one thinks they are going to die because of this no matter what, everyone is just happy to see them getting hurt. if this helps them die and they die, that's just a dream we are trying to enjoy.

0ec846  No.16488312

File: 8983fd471cc1c90⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 313x286, 313:286, 230423006912490350725199.jpg)


What happens to ColdSteel the Hedgehog 3 now? The evil penguin already poached the key translators for the series.

b5eba4  No.16488339

File: c2d4da1f03cfc5d⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I just wanted NISA to die. Not NIS. I like Disgaea, I just hated the American SJW's who would break the games when trying to "localize" them. Why is fate so cruel?

e788d4  No.16488351

File: 3092a3aa699f515⋯.png (290.21 KB, 607x477, 607:477, 1312512647118.png)

Good, hopefully when they eventually siphon money from NISA again like they did last time they ran out money that this time it hurts NISA enough that they get pulled under with NIS.


NIS is just as cancerous as NISA, there is a reason why 90% of their old staff fled the company years ago.

62a315  No.16488366

Reminder that it's okay to hate the French.

6cf975  No.16488369


They dropped harder in 2015 and nothing happened, you're a fucking idiot who doesn't know how this works just like the retard who keeps posting that cuckchan tier image.

Check December of 2018 stocks for EA, Activision and Ubisoft for a meaningful drop you brainless retard.

b5eba4  No.16488373


>anything just as cancerous as NISA

anon not even Nintendo treehouse is that cancerous. Are you even aware of how cancerous NISA is?

62a315  No.16488382


I think the old staff that fled made their own studios.

e788d4  No.16488402


NIS breaks just as many games as NISA does, hell all their shitty edgy but cute walking sims are filled with softlocks that never got patched. Plus they've fucked over their own employees so much that they left and now are filled with mostly fresh college graduates that are desperate for a job in the industry so they put up with the black company life. Instead of an incompetent company ruining other peoples work like NISA, they're a incompetent company that ruins their own work and ruins their own employees. That's not even going into NIS being the reason why NISA gets access to so many localizations, NIS is the reason why NISA got Falcom's licenses.


a big chunk of them now work happily at Idea Factory and Compile Heart

bf0c8b  No.16488425


They poached three but it was just to damage control. One was just to get the old voice actors back after they sent out a letter stating they would not work with NISA again after being poorly treated during Ys 8. Two have two years of work to fix and do in half a year, going from when NISA announced they got CS3 and when they actually got CS3 back in 2017. One left after her cat died. I dont know if she came back. The other two have to contend with the incompetent people at NISA who will most likely write over what they have judging by how they treated Durante's work.

CS3 will still, unfortunately, come out under NISA since i dont see that company dying by the end of the year.

62a315  No.16488430


>a big chunk of them now work happily at Idea Factory and Compile Heart

That's actually appropriate.

d4de80  No.16488451


>a big chunk of them now work happily at Idea Factory and Compile Heart

I wonder if that explains my love for games from those companys.

3d68c9  No.16488470

File: c056ecb0b62dd3a⋯.png (25.37 KB, 607x523, 607:523, ClipboardImage.png)



NIS stocks are actually on an upturn in the long term. Not that it matters – anons need to get it through their skulls that the stock value DOES NOT MATTER to the company itself. The company does not get any value from rising stock price (unless it's sitting on stocks that it plans to sell for extra capital, but that's not all that common). The stock value matters to the STOCKHOLDER, ie retards that know absolutely nothing about vidya but bought the stock because it looked "perspective". In theory, a drop in stock value could motivate the investors to call for a change in leadership of the company, only that shit just doesn't happen in vidya, because again, the investors don't know shit about the thing they invested in, and so they get bullshitted by company leadership blaming the losses on things outside of their control etc., with an extra sprinkling of concern trolling, all to make sure enough of the investors are mollified.

The stock value of a company doesn't mean shit as far as the compny itself is interested. What matters are its earnings.

10e4ab  No.16488484

File: 7424a8814f3da26⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 480x360, 4:3, strongest bait.jpg)


>Nissan medical industry

this is bait right? anon would not be that stupid.

5c9c31  No.16488488


Cuckchanners got the habit of posting those screencaps, cuckchan/reddit friendly jewtubers now do the same and some bring that shit here like it matters.

Stocks don't matter,a companies financial report does however and NIS financial report was desperate.

3d68c9  No.16488491

529815  No.16488513


True, the same way it's okay for niggers to hate whites :^)

2277f7  No.16488514

File: dd05672d97e70c3⋯.gif (768.65 KB, 449x393, 449:393, kektrode.gif)


> anon would not be that stupid.

ca4693  No.16488519


>Disgaea RPG, their mobile title which has failed to recoup invested costs.

Good. when will devs understand that the mobile market is full of low effort cashgrabs and that being succesful doesn't depend on popularity but people's stupidity?

5c9c31  No.16488563


Mobilefags are retards though and many are whales.

5c9c31  No.16488578


Go away niggerpill

ec72ec  No.16488649


Well, the french localization was also updated with the 'big retranslation patch'.

Keep in mind that after the patch, two similar accessories (but with different names) ended up with the same name. It's a poison resistance item, if I remember correctly.

Also, the Vita box left some 'lorem ipsum'-ish flavor text in the french portion…

3629da  No.16488711


>20% of the company's value in 2 days isn't a lot goyim

aa2323  No.16488721

File: 6aa879c56a29c07⋯.gif (781.2 KB, 235x277, 235:277, 1449200280137.gif)


>In the event that they don’t manage to raise the full amount, employee salaries will be prioritized.

>employee salaries will be prioritized.

and by that they mean the bosses salaries

ab57f4  No.16488752

File: 565cf4602824c56⋯.jpg (404.29 KB, 1058x1500, 529:750, first time kissing.jpg)


>NIS stocks are actually on an upturn

>that pic

Prime time.


>when will devs understand

when Berserk's hiatus ends.

ab57f4  No.16488786

File: aaaebabdd4e20c3⋯.png (179.75 KB, 856x620, 214:155, gasp.png)


It's no joke working so many jobs at once, anon. They deserve the paycheck.

>be CEO

>CEO Salary

>fix nameplate on your door before kissing the mezuzah

>Operations Salary

>check on one of your artists, tell him to "do it morer"

>Art Director Salary

>pick up one of the drawn pages and wipe off some eraser dust

>Artist Salary

>offer half a bagel to the cute intern who you caught looking at you

>Catering Salary

>throw out your paper plate

>Janitor Salary

>look around the hall while walking back to the office

>Security Salary

>decide to check your mail

>Secretary Salary

>start kvetching over how your company is deep in the red

>Financial Analyst Salary

>think up a patchwork solution

>Financial Consultant Salary

>tell everyone they will be taken care of no matter what, then mass fire them when convenient

>Human Resources Salary

>drive home in company car, get drunk, stumble fat-belly-down on kitchen floor


>Home Improvement Salary

b805f4  No.16489950


This is misinfo by a NISA shill to damage controll. NISA only got three people from xseed, and it was several months after they acquired and began work on CS3 and shortly before the publicly announced they got the game. So this should tell you NISA knew there would be backlash and as damage control hired these people at the last minute to use them as shields to deflect critisism. One of those three was a voice director to get the dub english VOs on board and she literally left a few weeka later because her cat died and other personal shit. This leaves two producers left from xseed.

415c71  No.16490059

The moment NIS dies I'll know justice still lingers in this world.

5a5aee  No.16490089


Wait, are they developers or just publishers?

a015d2  No.16490100

File: b6c3bbe4b7b383f⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 530x604, 265:302, Poodle tin foil hat.jpg)

>sony starts war on anime

>whips devs into submission

>some still resist

>NIS makes Disgaea Mobile

>cooperates with Forward Works in its development

>Forward Works is a new Sony subsidiary focused on "Playstation gaming" for mobile

My tinfoil senses are tingling… Are these fuckers actually directly sabotaging devs and ruining them so that weebshit stops being made altogether?

c95dc8  No.16490116

File: 22ef0a08979baee⋯.gif (584.54 KB, 496x624, 31:39, DEVELOPERS.gif)

File: 22ef0a08979baee⋯.gif (584.54 KB, 496x624, 31:39, DEVELOPERS.gif)

File: 22ef0a08979baee⋯.gif (584.54 KB, 496x624, 31:39, DEVELOPERS.gif)

File: 22ef0a08979baee⋯.gif (584.54 KB, 496x624, 31:39, DEVELOPERS.gif)

415c71  No.16490123


>run your own company into the ground to sabotage "anime games"

>forget that you don't exist in a vacuum and these devs can simply go elsewhere to have their games published

Real big brain moves. Honestly I don't know what the fuck is going on at Sony anymore.

e52dfa  No.16490317



what if we buy shares in NIS stock and become its new masters

we can have them make us whatever games we want with their IPs

af9737  No.16490337


Well. today their value is -6% already, might be a good time for that.

7c330e  No.16490340


How much can I buy with 20k?

af9737  No.16490345


Dollars, I assume?

1 USD = 110,07038 JPY

Right now their stocks are at +1200 yens.

Around 1800, I think?

468652  No.16490346


20k what

00eba1  No.16490349


Mexican pesos

971208  No.16490350

They didn't release Disgaea D2 on Steam, GOG, Xbox marketplace, or the Nintendo marketplace so they forged their own fate.

7c330e  No.16490385

File: c038e2cc0d9de42⋯.gif (176.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, z23_2.gif)


pretty tempting

00eba1  No.16490398

File: 0b8722b35c30740⋯.png (809.75 KB, 345x600, 23:40, Thief_DD2.png)

File: 637d60fa0fbd353⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 250x453, 250:453, 250px-Hanako_Big_(Disgaea_….jpg)

Hey geniuses

Owning stock doesn't mean you will have the funds to make more games.

b5eba4  No.16490453

File: 85294336f1c4590⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 23.58 KB, 644x524, 161:131, ClipboardImage.png)


I mean it could be worst. Hopefully this means they kill off NISA.

b2c7bd  No.16490467

Already a NIS thread here >>16480782

b5eba4  No.16490684

File: 99be4e14569dc8c⋯.jpg (111.59 KB, 901x1107, 901:1107, fun_allowed.jpg)


Everyone knows and don't care. This thread was more fun.

9d4734  No.16490756

File: 398af5581f22d1e⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 960x867, 320:289, 398af5581f22d1e524988401dd….jpg)


The real horror is how accurate those statements are.

af9737  No.16491320

File: cbdbe6cae3b4115⋯.png (20.31 KB, 608x494, 16:13, lol.png)

File: 43c8fd1253e4e4f⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 291x265, 291:265, 43c8fd1253e4e4f73eb51210d5….jpg)

Well, they did just register -7,18% today. Also


>It was only yesterday that we covered the news that Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) is struggling […]

>However, all is still not right and staff are affected, including in the subsidiary Nippon Ichi Software America (NISA). A source, who will remain anonymous, has told Wccftech that layoffs have occurred at NISA, indicating that the subsidiary is also at risk and scaling back. As a result of the sources anonymity I cannot state this as a fact and would ask that you take this as a rumour. I haves reached out to NISA directly in at attempt to confirm these statements.

>As Nathan stated in his recent piece, the company has seen a number of issues recently.

>NIS has struggled lately, with no new core entry in their bread-and-butter Disgaea series since 2015 and attempts at new IP like chibi horror game Yomawari, dungeon crawler Labyrinth of Refrain, and ambitious 3D RPG Destiny Connect not connecting beyond a very niche audience. NIS’ attempt to bring their signature strategy series to mobile devices with Disgaea RPG has also been a disaster, as the publisher had to pull the game back in April in order to fix its rampant bugs.



10e4ab  No.16491323


Yeah, they fired the programmers so they can keep the green haired mammoths still spewing their poison over everything they touch.

d67cbb  No.16491345


t. commie

c76f86  No.16491355

i hope the go under and atlus takes over everything; being objectively the best localization company.

or just hire 1 guy to translate the fucking game. i dont even understand how these companies exist. how did they convince anyone that anyone actually wants their service?

fa7ec1  No.16491357


the thread is about nis not nisa

fa7ec1  No.16491359


they made some of my favourite games of all time, disgaea being the best autism simulator i've played. Fug

fa7ec1  No.16491370

File: 99faf3bb14746f0⋯.jpg (51.85 KB, 331x960, 331:960, 6cd43683e8977bafec6418ad12….jpg)


oh yes it was forward works.

Can anyone who knows how to filter business moves related information look this up and see if anything fishy was going on?

fa7ec1  No.16491376


Not all is bad news

b5eba4  No.16491415

File: 3cf11d19974a276⋯.png (829.6 KB, 775x694, 775:694, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8fee62723b5e09a⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7b746eccabf013a⋯.png (1015.31 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Your right, which is why Nintendo Switch sales are killing Sony in Japan.

b5eba4  No.16491417


5c9c31  No.16491485





Nintendo will be just as bad at one point

b5eba4  No.16491492

22e0e0  No.16491508

File: 003c2465e5ee0e0⋯.gif (50.4 KB, 280x440, 7:11, orindancefast.gif)

32d07b  No.16491525


>Nintendo will be just as bad at one point

Hubris can lead to one's own downfall.

ef9376  No.16491529

File: 221ebae5febbaee⋯.jpg (15.02 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 221ebae5febbaee6aa095851be….jpg)


>weeb garbage dies

>only quality Jap games remain

I wish.

b5eba4  No.16491531

File: 6b462d8bd162275⋯.webm (5.27 MB, 352x480, 11:15, dancecatdance.webm)



dance party

fd21cc  No.16491561

File: de66dd40b458a29⋯.png (262.39 KB, 597x540, 199:180, 1470194122865.png)


>tfw NIS will probably pull the same shit they pulled awhile back and take a bunch of money from NISA to stay afloat

>tfw Trump china tariff goes through and fucks over NISA's shitty limited editions

>tfw both of those will cause even more damage to an already struggling NISA that it forces them to cancel projects

>tfw NISA is forced to cancel Coldsteel III

bf0c8b  No.16491569

File: 71d6b81dfcec0f1⋯.gif (509.7 KB, 346x367, 346:367, Dance.gif)

File: 444fe1072662314⋯.gif (985.86 KB, 500x658, 250:329, Thread.gif)




529815  No.16491576

File: a4d67b021b4f9da⋯.gif (545.21 KB, 320x796, 80:199, cat unicorn.gif)


>Yomawari gets saddled to the backlash against NISA

>Doesn't do well

>Nobody talks about it

>Even if NIS did gangbusters they likely wouldn't have been pursued the IP further in the first place

>They are not doing gangbusters

I don't give a fuck about any other shit of theirs at least

1739d3  No.16491588

File: 4443c3549b89397⋯.mp4 (1.75 MB, 852x480, 71:40, 4443c3549b893978cf6c813684….mp4)

File: 53d42e59124f9ba⋯.mp4 (945.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Russian_Aid_in_Syria.mp4)

File: 615871a32f27856⋯.webm (4.37 MB, 750x480, 25:16, World_Peace_-_Gulch_Skit_….webm)

A cause of celebration.

1187ec  No.16491601


>Nintendo will be this bad at one point

I sorta doubt it since last time they went huge on SJW shit it turned the Wii U from a Niche Console that was slowly gaining ground, to fucking terminal and had to be replaced years before plan

fd21cc  No.16491667


The Yomawari games were fucking trash just like A Rose in the Twilight, The Firefly Diary and The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

335125  No.16491757

File: a216d0cc8a81526⋯.mp4 (4.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ED2.mp4)

File: cea7580399ba9d8⋯.webm (7.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Naga_laugh.webm)

529815  No.16491760

File: abeb4a46cb73f7b⋯.jpg (115.12 KB, 750x727, 750:727, abeb4a46cb73f7b799fb24fcd8….jpg)


Those are trash indeed but the Yomawaris are top notch. I'm not stupid enough to try and convince anyone in a happening thread though.

b81fb6  No.16491769


I don't know about the second one, but if you just watched a longplay of the first game, you'd get everything there is to get out of it, which really shouldn't be the case with a good game.

88c414  No.16491771



fd21cc  No.16491795


If you think Yomawaris is good, then I bet you love Gone Home.

d3648a  No.16491802


Since when has technical incompetence ever stopped NISA from releasing a "product"?

4420d6  No.16492151

File: c0a587a9e0f8f39⋯.png (283.54 KB, 756x634, 378:317, c0a587a9e0f8f3915533860e3e….png)


The WiiU's failure had nothing to do with that. It was the massive lack of third party IPs, barely any ports (that would be inferior anyway) from other platforms, bad advertising to the point where people thought the WiiU was simply a tablet for the Wii, and it didn't even have any system sellers past Smash and 1 Mario game. NoA shit localizations was simply icing on the cake.

29a6bd  No.16492321


>NIS is getting bullied

Not hard enough.

Not fast enough.


ce9a6f  No.16493404


I honestly hope they die, i hope cs3 is shit, and i hope whoever gave TLoH series to nisa hangs themself

bb8373  No.16493410


>i hope cs3 is shit

It's the best out of all Coldsteel games. Whatever that means to you.

ce9a6f  No.16493451


It may be, i just want nisa to fuck up translation as badly as possible and maybe introduce game breaking bugs

9d94de  No.16493581


Even better than 4?

a1822a  No.16493615


Haven't really paid any attention to NIS since Hundred Knight was such a buggy mess it was unbeatable. Seems like they've just been getting worse.

000000  No.16493686


Hopefully, everything goes wrong at NISA and they all die.

142ce9  No.16493833


Issuing stock is literally for raising capital, actual market valuation notwithstanding. I'm not sure who this statement is aimed at.

b84dc0  No.16493911


Of course, maybe rom sites would stop getting taken down then. faggot

bf0c8b  No.16493914


You're fucking retarded for trying to use that analogy. Both companies are shit and deserve to go down in flames. Nintendo has its problems, don't get me wrong, but it's not as egregious as how bad NIS and NISA both are.

78566a  No.16493949


6c67b5  No.16493951


NIS deserves to die for allowing NISA to die and allowing them to get their hands into falcomshit. Cry some more faggot. Maybe you can mail NIS a check to stop them from going down. It won't.

7de70c  No.16493953


Letting NISA die sounds pretty good to me.

6c67b5  No.16493955


Forgive my retardation It was supposed yo be allowing NISA to exist. The tears of NISfags and NISAfags must have me drunk.

269c37  No.16494491


>>Your right, which is why Nintendo Switch sales are killing Sony in Japan.

>Nintendo always dominated Sony in handheld sales in Japan, home consoles were either a hit or miss

>The Switch is basically merging the markets of handheld and home console into a single device

>PS4 had terrible sales in Japan since it was released, barely beating the Vita lifetime sales there when MHW was released

>and yet the majority of PS4 versions of 3rd-party games still continue to sell in greater numbers (often twice the amount) than the Switch counterparts in late-2018 and 2019

>Omega Labyrinth Life which was originally a Switch exclusive since its reveal on early September 2018, still went to the PS4 mid-way into development despite being a glowing target in the dark with the touch gimmicks and near-porn content

The trend may change when the PS5 will be released, but the current japanese userbases are pretty much established for now.

bf0c8b  No.16494991


We get you're a huge fucking faggot who can't discern a good game from a bad one and you pleading for some random dude on the internet to suck your dick just makes you look even more like a fucking retarded ass faggot. You're so damn desperate it's hilarious. Stick your dick in a God damned blender you NIS apologist. Good on you for knowing moon but that doesnt change shit in reality. NIS is a shit company. NISA is a shit company. Both need to die.

ab51bb  No.16495020

grinding min max turn base billions of numbers disgaea games are gonna get killed cause of stupid.

maybe some jap studio like square can buy up the disgaea ip and throw in bunch more square shit into ontop of its absurd concept like two tactic games combined with massive job trees/subclasses and more items then you could ever want.

b84dc0  No.16495033


>future games

Who the fuck cares about those. Nintendo is dead.

2cef91  No.16495205

ab57f4  No.16495252

File: 8f684002f5bf6fc⋯.jpg (52.99 KB, 500x561, 500:561, miura need more idol maste….jpg)

File: 11770ff1f06e5be⋯.jpg (48.81 KB, 490x723, 490:723, never ever over.jpg)



Never trust it, anon.


4cd5cd  No.16497219

File: a0297c20fc9d92f⋯.png (64.8 KB, 813x513, 271:171, cuckchannel flood.png)


>Cuckchan meme


>Cuckchan speak


>Looks at calendar

Yep, it's summer time

f56377  No.16497292


dude, most of the users nowdays were redditors recruited during the elections

4cd5cd  No.16497310

File: 9104bfe2d53969c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.26 KB, 275x325, 11:13, 9285797.jpg)

89be7f  No.16497425

File: ab490bbad1cffde⋯.png (9.54 KB, 224x290, 112:145, pleasantly surprised.png)


Ah sweet someone used my OC.

Thanks anon.

af9737  No.16497906

File: 7bc5643869ea56f⋯.png (22.94 KB, 634x590, 317:295, nisdown.png)

Today's results

b5eba4  No.16497945

File: 0c6e2bdb9ae7fa1⋯.png (1.54 MB, 800x1131, 800:1131, ClipboardImage.png)

Remember when NIA was good? :^(


One of the main reason WiiU failed because the overpriced touchscreen Gamepad was fucking retarded. I'd say the SJWism of Nintendo of America was the second biggest factor especially because it hurt Fire Emblem. But the main reason was because not enough of the first party Nintendo titles where actually that appealing. Nobody really buy's Nintendo for Third party developers. Most people just want more good (challenging) Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metriod titles. What is killing Nintendo are the casual titles like Yoshi Story and Captain Toad and the flood of "Indie" Shovelware. Skyward Sword and Other M being awful and Mario 3D world being middling was just the nail in the coffin. If Metriod and Zelda was good the WiiU would have sold better. Hell Bayonetta 2 was almost a system seller alone but none of the other games aside from Tropical Freeze and Mario 3D looked remotely fun.

The switches biggest problem atm is that it also is lacking competent first party titles. It started strong with Odyssey, Xenoblade 2 and BoTW but its falling off fast with ports and hyper casual games like Yoshi, Animal Crossing and Kirby. The fact that Switch is handheld is the strongest factor.


nice (((aut-kike))) meme you blackpilling cryto-leftist faggot-ass'd federal agent. >>>/ovens/

bf0c8b  No.16498107


>If Other M and Skyward Sword were good the Wii U would have sold better

Those only came out on the Wii. I don't see how they would even affect the Wii U's sales.

b5eba4  No.16498274


IIRC Skyward Sword was also on Wii U, and I made a mistake about Other M. I never owned a Wii or Wii U. But I think the core of my position is largely actuate. I mean the WiiU only had maybe 5 or 6 titles worth owning. Mario Maker, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart and Mario 3D World.

272293  No.16498342

File: b613cd336fdebd3⋯.png (43.96 KB, 271x283, 271:283, whatmanga.png)


>The company with the top-selling console of 8th Gen is dead

9d6236  No.16498351


Maybe he meant in a creative and ingenious way? Because Nintendo has been dead in those two categories for quite some time.

e5cdd2  No.16498362

File: 3e5a05773be80f0⋯.jpg (15.63 KB, 640x396, 160:99, this goblin faced fucktard.jpg)


>Switch fastest selling console ever.

>Switch has some of the best selling games of recent years.

>More Switchs in Japan than PS4s.

>Anon thinks they are dead.

I dislike consoles but Anon your full of crap.

903694  No.16498575

File: 2b8e45d6267de0a⋯.png (113.77 KB, 211x329, 211:329, Dong Killer.png)


>the dino has a pussy cleft

15fdf2  No.16498588

File: 4513a26b059d5db⋯.jpg (75.69 KB, 680x680, 1:1, d3c.jpg)


Dino pussy

9e8bcb  No.16502286


So they're recovering?

fae976  No.16502341

File: 24deec001c2edb4⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 300x249, 100:83, 66c03db1eae6b65fa1a08b339a….jpg)


>Niggers keep posting these 1 day graphs without even knowing how stocks work

a53b5d  No.16502829

A pal of mine bought the good goy edition of snk heroines from the nisa store this week, how fucked is he? Should I rub it in his face, or offer condolences?

d881fd  No.16502894


Tell him his credit card info has a huge risk of being stolen since he went through that store and tell him the truth that the store does not have good security. Its had several breaches in the past.

93d9cf  No.16502923


You should kill him for supporting NISA.

af9737  No.16503410

File: 9fe9a4b74b825ae⋯.jpg (108.22 KB, 594x549, 66:61, 1468330366696-3.jpg)


>stockfags keep whining and crying because we don't do shit exactly the way we want

>how dare we post daily updates just for the sake of curiosity

a53b5d  No.16503536


If we don't post daily stock updates, how is any one to gain an understanding of how fucked nis is?


Condescending laughter is is then.

a74ade  No.16503638

File: d93ba13712d4371⋯.gif (31.54 KB, 154x218, 77:109, 1561566546547.gif)

File: ef159a4abecfe77⋯.gif (390.73 KB, 405x426, 135:142, 1351546476212.gif)

File: 7712a37cb91866f⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 200x133, 200:133, 1328071777283.gif)

File: f6a2f77f840a893⋯.gif (205.45 KB, 446x186, 223:93, 15415374354.gif)

File: 43fa3e71fc3d437⋯.gif (470.81 KB, 512x160, 16:5, 45647657465.gif)


Condescending laughter, followed by promises to dance on his financial grave.

042a5d  No.16503765

>no more disgaea, coven


000000  No.16503883

8afc97  No.16504072

I hope they recover. I live NIS games so I'd be sad if they went under.

335125  No.16504550

File: 6b5c80ebdbeb8f5⋯.jpg (185.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 6b5.jpg)

000000  No.16504622


I will rejoice from your sadness.

All of NIS and NISA deserve literally death.

d2d66a  No.16504803


>hiding your id

Opinion discarded.


NIS has made many great games. Coven was fucking amazing.

d881fd  No.16504963


>being a NIS whore

Opinion thrown into the fucking incinerator where you belong

000000  No.16504981

How will dsfargegfags ever recover?

b64957  No.16505096


Stfu retard.

4a0f9e  No.16505509


>secret club fag


d881fd  No.16505581


Keep defending a shit company.

168081  No.16505597


>Coven was fucking amazing.

Coven was a mediocre dungeon crawler that got a free pass because of edgy writing and the lead artist

e93cf9  No.16505823

File: 4459dcf1d824056⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1504x1910, 752:955, __etna_flonne_laharl_and_p….png)


>lead artist

Fucking exactly. That's a major reason anyone gives a fuck about NIShit in the first place. NIS needs him, not the other way around. When NIS goes down Harada won't have any trouble at all finding some other place.

000000  No.16506709



>this butthurt for being exposed as corporate shill

Your company is dying. There is nothing that you can do about it.

I rejoice in all of it. And there is also nothing that you can do about it.


/v/ is /pol/.

bb8373  No.16506730


A whole fucking lot of mediocre dungeon crawlers get a pass nowadays, cutesy anime art or not. At least Coven tried with its atmosphere, even if the gameplay was almost mobage-tier with how much autobattling you ended up doing.

473758  No.16512710

File: 6e5b34eeb0f4ebf⋯.jpg (211.34 KB, 1200x1176, 50:49, 10476040_psyduckscream.jpg)

>Buy killer7 on Steam

>Game stutters a lot on Windows 7

>Try it on Windows 10

>It just werks

>Try all suggestions to fix the stuttering on Steam discussion and nothing fucking works

>Last update was in January and only added English subtitles and fixed no other issues such as the jittery movement of the cursor when maxing out the mouse sensitivity or being unable to manually set the resolution

>Refund it

I only wanted to play this game with mouselook without giving my computer AIDS. Though I wonder what this news means for all of the Suda51 games published by NISA.

af9737  No.16520175

File: 067b0881fa01f21⋯.png (16.96 KB, 216x292, 54:73, 1432665369804.png)

I've found out this is what's going on

>NIS is selling Daiwa Securities 3750 stock options at 837 yen/option to obtain later up to 375,000 shares of NIS stock at 90% of the then current value. NIS gets immediate cash 3,138,750 yen, but NIS are devaluing their shares by allowing someone to buy at a discount.

>The newly issued shares available on 6/3 will provide NIS possibly with up to ¥573,638,750 depending on how many of the options Daiwa Securities exercises and when.

>It actually just states that they will use the money to develop games, and although not needing to raise capital like this would be great, it doesn't seem to warrant this kind of alarm. The mention of dev pay is just as part of the cost to develop games.

>Say NIS isn't doing well and their stock becomes ¥1100/share. With options, Daiwa Securities can still buy shares at ¥990/share (lower limit) and immediately sell. Theoretically netting ¥41,250,000. Realistically the net will be a lot lower since the sell price will be lower.

af9737  No.16520190


>The bottom exercise price of the warrants to be issued by NIS is 920 yen. If the share price drops under 920 yens, the warrant bears no intrinsic value. In such a case, anyone who acquires the warrant would lose money.

>Of course, that doesn't mean the stock price can't or won't recover later. IT media also confirmed that NIS had 2 billion yen in cash and equivalents on its balance sheet, dated March 30th. The severe drop in the stock exchange is a serious alert but again we have yet to see actual evidence that the company is in immediate danger.

81622b  No.16520804


Good to see they're recovering.

3bb2a2  No.16520875



They're devaluing their own stocks for quick cash, kind of like a nigger selling his ebt card for a quick fix.

db8c0e  No.16520946

File: b0daa42b1c1ce4f⋯.jpg (328.75 KB, 960x540, 16:9, akihabara_08.jpg)



>>It actually just states that they will use the money to develop games, and although not needing to raise capital like this would be great, it doesn't seem to warrant this kind of alarm. The mention of dev pay is just as part of the cost to develop games.

They're using it for "new and existing IPs"


i.e. To get the Disgaea mobile game actually running, and for that new PS4/Switch game they have coming out next month.

Unfortunately Disgaea RPG is pretty much guaranteed to be a flop after all the bad press, and the new game looks… not very good.

2aa27a  No.16521298


But [repeating-digits]-man, you're now thinking of the hiatus Hagiwara and Bastard!!! have since we have gone back to Griffith's sexual adventures one again. Oh wait, you're actually talking about Guts and his potato waifu, nevermind

b5eba4  No.16521332

File: 1a9b18ff24a899e⋯.png (209.87 KB, 401x371, 401:371, ulillillia02.png)



Disgaea was legitimately a good game series. It's just a shame the latter games got casualized by adding the Cheat Shop. But you are right Disgaea also needs Takehito Harada. Harada dose not need Disgaea.

81622b  No.16521586


A Japanese friend told me the tik tok game was pretty bad too. Likely it flopped as well as a result.

a53b5d  No.16523052


Now those are some dead eyes if I've ever seen them. You're right on both accounts regarding disgaea: it absolutely needs Harada to retain it's distinction and fans, as well as the series being wounded by unwanted additions like the cheat shop.

d3648a  No.16523174



Having only played D5, I know that the cheat shop is what makes the endgame grind unbearable. Once you get to the postgame they start bloating stats on enemies to the point where you barely tickle them while they oneshot you without grinding. Was this something they did because the game had the cheat shop, or is this one of those cases where people complain because games no longer force you to grind for hours?

On a somewhat related note, D5 really suffers from how you're supposed to grind up one character to be absurdly strong in the postgame, at the expense of the whole strategy RPG thing.

>chara world grinding, which if course only applies to one character

>gear, which you want to be the highest rarity so you can't just buy or find it like in another SRPG, you have to find it while winning the lottery

>item world once you have the gear

>have to focus on stat growths so you can't even put them in the exp squad to get a bit of exp for the others

>grind weapon masteries and skill levels

>grind every class for one character so that you can reincarnate and level up again except with ridiculously boosted stats

It's all fucking grinding. It takes hours upon hours to do this shit for one character, so all the other units become completely pointless. You have to go through all the grinding to use them for anything but building combos so that your one superunit can oneshot the enemy harder. The enemy that, when you first unlocked it, was literally a million times stronger than your units combined. Why would they take away the entire unit variety unless you spend hours grinding each one up to a usable power level? In any other SRPG or JRPG I've played you rarely have to grind anything other than a unit's level, and even then it's a relatively small difference in power that might allow you to use the unit even if it's a few levels behind. As opposed to enemy stats being so bloated that each unit and every tiny aspect of that unit and its gear needing to be ground on its own. Based on what I've heard from an older Disgaea fan this was a flaw in the old games too, so it can't be entirely because of the cheat shop.

bf0c8b  No.16523194


They're just NIS shitters with Stockholm Syndrome and shit taste.

3f392d  No.16523196


Not dead, just severely autistic

633645  No.16523203


<the game where you are forced to grind in order to win against the next boss is a good game

Get gud

269c37  No.16523308


>>the game where you are forced to grind in order to win against the next boss is a good game


>could just request from the dark council weaker enemies instead

That would imply you played the game however instead of shitposting

633645  No.16523332


Getto guddu

e97dc0  No.16523351


I mean I've unironically spent thousands of hours in various Disgaea games (most recently around 500 in D5C) but pretending the games aren't entirely about grinding is fucking stupid.

Most post-game content works in such a way as to mandate a whole fucking lot of grinding just to get the tools to challenge super bosses and stages because their numbers are so bloated strategy is pretty much fucking useless below a certain treshold your units have to be in. It's not a game like Tactics Ogre where grinding is not only NOT recommended, but excessive amounts of it are entirely discouraged to the point they can make the game harder and engagements are balanced in such a way as to scale with your current party level and demand more strategy from the player's part than just infinitely growing numbers. You HAVE to grind in Disgaea, that's the entire point of the games.

af9737  No.16533909

File: 707846c3a2d07e7⋯.gif (999.33 KB, 280x210, 4:3, 707846c3a2d07e78a8d36c6ff3….gif)

Did something happen today? They are at -13% at the moment. What's with this sudden drop?

3affa0  No.16533937


Disgaea is all about grinding. I know most people here seem to hate the concept of grinding, but as far as a game made out of grinding as the core gameplay element Disgaea is about the best it could be. It's interesting because there are so many different details and ways to grind and how absurdly powerful you can become if you understand how to put it all together and put the time into it.

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